8 April 2015 Iraq Dinar News

Happy Wednesday everyone!
This update will be short and sweet, and those are ALWAYS the best ones…
because it means the situation is speaking for itself and that makes my job
a whole lot easier!
If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been tagging my weekly updates with “Adam 
Montana Weekly“, so all you have to do is click that link and you can get a
quick list of my most recent updates.
And if you were to do that today, you’ll see that last week I made mention
of how the HCL has been suspiciously absent in the news feed… well, not
any more! The HCL is back on the table and it’s possible that we’ll see it
addressed in the next Parliament session.
This was just posted this morning: LINK

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Gooooooood morning and Happy Wednesday!

Here we are… another Wednesday chat, and I know what most of you

really want to know.

You don’t care about the HCL, the GOI or the CBI… heck, I’m there

with you.

The question is simple: DO I GET THE CHA-CHING THIS WEEK OR NOT?!

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Mid March dinar update

Good morning DV!
It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning with SPRING finally right around
the corner! The sun has been out more in March than the last 4 months,
and that makes me a happy camper! I hope you all had a fantastic St.
Patricks Day, complete with green beer or at least a shot of Baileys.
(I sure did! :D )
Let’s talk about dinar.

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March 12 Dinar Update

Good afternoon everyone!

I’ll just get to the point immediately – you know me well enough
by now to know that if I’m not here to waste anyone’s time!

We are, as we have for the past few weeks, on an HCL watch.

We had two potential scenarios – A: Parliament slammed it on
the books and we blazed right into an RV and we all scrambled.

B: They don’t do A.

Which did they do, and why?

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The latest! HCL and Budget on the way!

Good morning everyone!

Well, I had hoped to see something significant before today’s
chat, but as of right now the Budget is not official and we have
no HCL. That’s a little disappointing to many, but hey – we’ve
waited this long… what’s another day or week? Hang in there,

One thing is starting to stand out to me this week, and I have to
come right out and say I believe I was wrong when I was thinking
that the budget will come before the HCL.

I’m rethinking that… it’s possible it could be the exact opposite,
but still achieve the same end result.

For example, this article right here:

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21 January 2015 update

Budget being prepared based on 3.3 million b/d and $60 per barrel.

I don’t like the $60 per barrel price, BUT: Iraq exported 4 million b/d
in December (http://dinarvets.com…rd-oil-figures/ )
and they are looking to increase their production… seeing as how
Iraq has one of the largest reserves in the world, the HCL is sure to
be completed very soon, the Kurds and Baghdad are playing nice
(finally!!!), I believe the increased volume will easily make up for the
lower price of oil and Iraq will have no problems with the budget as
it is.

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Adam Montana weekly update 7th of January 2015

Morning everyone!
Things just keep getting better! The budget was read today, as planned. It’s
possible to have a decision as soon as tomorrow, but there is no official vote
scheduled that I know of… either way, when Iraq meets deadline after deadline
after deadline after a decade of postponements and delays, you know it’s time
to put on a smile!
We already know that we have an HCA, and they are already talking about making
that an HCL. Again, moving quickly and making solid progress.

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New Years Eve – Adam Montana dinar update

Happy New Years eve everyone!
Where to begin… well, first I’ll say things are looking extremely good. Abadi
continues to push Iraq in the right direction.
As we discussed last week, we have an HCA and an HCL looks to be VERY
Parliament is set to meet January 7, and Baghdad has already stated that
the KRG will no longer be withheld funds and the budget will reflect that –
this will continue to make the Kurds happy and move things forward.
^^^^ THAT right there is probably THE biggest budget news I’ve heard in the
entire time I’ve been involved in the Iraqi Dinar! :twothumbs:
Before I get into the Q&A, a quick announcement –

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No, my keyboard wasn’t hijacked by one of those illiterate
gurus out there that can’t find their way to the CAPS LOCK
The nitty-gritty:
We’re watching the most exciting event to EVER hit this forum
and possibly the entire financial WORLD right now – everything
I’ve ever said we need to watch for either HAS happened or IS
happening… and that’s just some amazing stuff!
For those of you that are new… let me give you some cliff notes
on why I’m here writing today. If you’ve been here for the “long
haul”, you’ll already know these details… I apologize in advance
if you get bored, but some of the readers are newbies and they
also deserve to have a good understanding.
1. 2003 or so, the Iraqi Dinar is trading at ~2000:1 down from a
much higher rate. Thank you, Saddam.
2. 2012 The Iraqi Dinar is trading at almost double that… to the
good side. Anyone that bought Dinar in 2004 has now doubled
their money.
3. Back in 2009 or so, I said we need to see a few major things
happen… GOI, HCL, CH7.
There’s your “cliff notes”, my friends… so where are we now?

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Iraqi Dinar HCL Budget and more!

Good morning Dinar Speculator visitors,
It’s HUMP DAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!  :bananacamel:
Good stuff happening right now – here’s the brief headlines:
1. Last week there was talk about jumping straight to the
2015 budget, and this week they are DOING it. BAM!
2. What’s Kurdistan’s biggest gripe been over the years? What
has stopped them from agreeing? MONEY. Under Maliki, Baghdad
screwed the Kurds every chance they got… and what’s changed
now that Abadi and the new GOI is in place? Things are moving,
and Kurdistan just got news they are getting paid. POW!!
3. Y’all know what the HCL holdup is, right?

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