Sharing is Caring, and that goes for Dinar News too!

Hey all, thanks for being part of the community here. The crowd is fantastic and I’m constantly amazed by the emails and comments we get from the visitors. I’d like to make the site better, if possible. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

My question is this: What would you like to see on this site that we don’t already have?

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Speaking of sharing, it just got easier to share articles on Dinar Speculation. At the bottom of every article there is a new image. Simply put your mouse over it, choose the method you want to use, and click!


This should work for everyone, please leave comments below if you have problems or need help. Looking forward to your feedback.

-Adam Montana

26 Responses to “Sharing is Caring, and that goes for Dinar News too!”

  1. Les says:

    Thanks Adam for the invite tonite with sonny1. Info is power.

  2. Chuckey says:

    I love and appreciate the post. I will be online tonight for the chat.

  3. Wanda Ball says:

    Thank you for the info. Always appreciate being informed.

  4. Marilyn Pierce says:

    Thanx for asking and making it easy to comment. Looking forward to tonite. I hope we will all be quiet and let Sonny and Adam tell us the GOOD News. I never invested in anything besides my home. I’m a Realton and know the value of land. The Dinar investment was truly a GOD thing. It may sound crazy to some, but will NOT to others. The timing, availability of cash to buy dinars and how it came to me was miraculous. Also, most people laughed….truly spiritual ones did NOT and jumped in. This happened in March this year. I don’t post but love to hear Adam and some others who do research. After I am a millionaire I will invest more if God leads. I want to be on the list to meet in Bahamas or wherever so I can meet and hug all you guys!

  5. snprVET says:

    Thanks Adam, the more news and info we can get, the better off we all are. This site is a perfect place for everyone to share info.

  6. Bullett says:

    Thanks for the invite always appreciate any info I can get! I work unusual hours but will try to catch the chat tonite The other features mentionned earlier seem like a great idea. Bullett

  7. JoAnn says:

    Thanks for the email I will be there tonight. As for the chat room I wish that the was a way for you to fix it so that everytime someone logged in it wouldn’t interupt the on going chat. Love the info you share and would like to see it uninterrupted. Thanks again.

  8. Peggy says:

    Thank you Adam for inviting me to the chat tonite.Dinar vets is a great website. I have learned alot!

  9. John Wahl says:

    I would like to see your FAQ’s. Your answers to questions you have received about the RV by email, pm,dinarvets forum or on dinarvets chat. It may stop some of the repeat questions from newbies on chat. They won’t shut up and give you he floor so we all miss out. I would also like to be able to ask you questions here that I was unable to get into chat. Thank you for all you do for the forum, I hope you are rewarded soon.

  10. loneranger says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to share in the data your site works hard to retrieve. It makes our job,as an investor, so much easier.I appreciate the emails as well. Keep up the good work. See you on the other side of this investment.

  11. steveh12 says:

    Thanks for the Invite.
    Is the Dinar going up?
    or are We being led astray again?

  12. rabidrex says:

    Love this thing you are doing…good job!

    Many of us wish to engage in the ISX but we are ignorant of knowing things we must about how to read the charts showing price per trade..the number of shares, etc., not sure what it is called. Information that we will need to commence and understand once we are hooked up.
    Many of us have never traded in the stock market in the U.S., let alone Iraq. Something that addresses this in detail would be a great help.


  13. Tom says:

    May I suggest that a sumary of the call be posted for those of us who can’t be there tonight. Thanks.

  14. Larry says:

    Adam you guys go a great job. I like the fact that you let us know when soemthing of importance is going to be discussed. Also, it appears most people of this site have jobs so 8pm works out great for us. Also, I hope the site stays up after the Dinar RV’s. I hope it turns into an investment sight specializing in investing in Iraq. Thanks again for all you guys do for us.

  15. jake says:


    I am out here in Iraq and we are 7-8 hours ahead of you all. Is there anyway the information can be posted on this site? Thanks for all the info-sharing you do.

  16. jake says:

    couldn’t figure out how to copy the page to this site.. it’s from if you are interested..

    Iraq: Open for Business

    By Steven Lee Myers
    WASHINGTON — A milestone in the war in Iraq passed this week largely unnoticed here in a capital consumed more recently by Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran, not to mention the economy or health care.

    Hundreds of Iraqi officials — said to be the largest delegation from Iraq ever to visit the United States — gathered in a hotel near Capitol Hill on Tuesday and Wednesday to discuss neither security nor American troop levels. Rather they came to promote something that was once, and might still be, more of a hope than a reality: investment.

    “Why invest in Iraq?” Sami al-Araji, the head of Iraq’s national investment commission, asked the gathering on Tuesday in a crowded conference room at the Hyatt Regency. “There has never been a better time to invest in Iraq. Iraq has emerged from the conflicts of the past with tremendous potential for investment from local, regional and global companies.”

    The war in Iraq has gone through many phases since it began more than six and a half years ago — invasion, occupation, insurgency, sectarian war, the “surge” and sovereignty. Now, with American troops retreating to major bases on their way out of the country all together, Iraq’s leaders hope to persuade a wary world a new phase has begun.

    “Iraq,” is, as one brochure declared, “Open for Business.” Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki came, underscoring the government’s commitment to the notion, or promotion. So did the ministers of oil, trade, finance and agriculture, and governors of the country’s provinces, all of whom promoted investment opportunities. Anbar, once the heart of the Sunni insurgency? “Hidden opportunities.”

    “Business and investors can work freely in any province they want,” Mr. Maliki said in an assertion, the veracity of which turns on one’s definition of the word “freely.” “There are no hot zones in Iraq.”

    One expects Mr. Maliki to make the pitch for his country, which remains a violent place by any definition. What was really striking at the conference was the extent to which economic boosterism has now become the primary mission of the country that led the invasion in 2003.

    President Obama’s national security adviser, James L. Jones, addressed the conference, as did Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who practically threatened investors not to tarry.

    “In the words of an Arab proverb, ‘Dawn does not come twice to awaken a man — or a woman,’” she said. “The world is watching for every opportunity to invest in Iraq, and companies that wait too long may discover they are too late.”

    Investment is beginning in Iraq, now that the worst of the bloodshed appears to have ended, but it’s hardly a flood yet.

    Few in the conference — even Mr. Araji, when confronted by one angry investor — were sanguine about the investment climate, especially off the public stage, where the schmoozing was taking place, or “matchmaking,” as the conference agenda put it.

    Security is not the only obstacle to turning Iraq into a free-market society in the heart of the Middle East. Bureaucracy, corruption, ossified state industries and central planning, distrust of foreigners and a lack of basic legal foundations — all have come into sharper focus now that the violence has subsided.

    “We’re a million miles behind,” said Mahdi Sajjad, the president of Gulfsands Petroleum, who has been trying, unsuccessfully, to win a contract to capture natural gas now simply burned off at oil fields in Iraq.

    And yet that is what gives Iraq great potential, according to Faisal al-Qaragholi, a businessman from Baghdad. “Iraq will be a gold mine for 50 years,” he said, rattling off the country’s vast need for housing, hotels, hospitals, roads, shopping centers and so on.

    All it takes, he added, are investors willing to take a risk. “They have to have courage.”

    Iraq: Open for Business – Source

    Iraqi Dinar News Article List

  17. Susan says:

    I am so happy I was invited to the chat but unfortunately I can not make it. Could someone please let me know by email what is happening I am so sorry I can’t be there.

  18. Malaika says:

    just want to let everyone know that there is a site where you can buy Iraqi Dinar with NO Minimum $$$ amout required. Unlike “Safe Dinar” which is a good site but you have to purchase a minimum of something like $5200 USD in Dinars. Hope this info helps.

  19. Thanks Adam! says:

    Thanks for all you do Adam. I look forward to your website and the factual information that you provide. I know IIF appreciate you.

    Keep the information coming! =D

  20. shaddie says:

    Cannot get on Ask me to register and when I do it tells me I am already registered. Can you help? Thanks.

  21. Adam Montana says:


    To retrieve your password:
    If your email address is not recognized, click this link to register:

  22. WDMCB says:

    No one knows, as yet, when the RV will take place. But when it does and the US Banks will again honor the exchange and we will have the US Dollars in our accounts, it would be to every investors advantage to consult with someone you can trust who has the expertise for planning and investing your money. It was easy for us who have been living from hand to mouth with incomes of a hundred thousand a year or less to manage, but, believe me, it’s another ballgame altogether when you have a million or more to play with. Let the word to the wise be sufficient. With all due respect: PLAN WELL or you will lose the game!

  23. Mike Green says:

    So what happened to the expected R.V. today it is said that the reason could have had something to do with the three days of mourning in place re the bomb on Saturday- if this is the case then why did the CBI hold an auction today. Adam have had any contact with Sonny or anybody else with an explanation.

  24. Curt Coyle says:

    How can I be invited to the Dinar webchat?

  25. TooTall says:

    When are the webchats?

    nightly, weekly??

  26. Colorado Pinecrone says:

    Adam, Pls do not send me any more of your ads…
    If something looks promising on your site…I’ll contact you.

    by the by, Adam…I’ve left two post, dude…Oh where can they be?


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