$1.49 Reval on the Iraqi Dinar

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On to the $1.49 Dinar RV rumor…
So – what’s up with the $1.49 Iraqi Dinar RV?

A couple nights ago, many of our phones began ringing – off the hook. Mine rang so much I eventually changed my voicemail to state my answers and I turned it off. The next morning, my voicemail was full, and everyone wanted the same answers – IS IT TRUE?!

To date, we still don’t know exactly why more than 4 currency exchange and information sites were showing a rate of $1.49 USD for every one Iraqi Dinar. Everyone has an opinion, and my official statement is this – the dinar exchange rate was a result of simple human error.

But why did it show up on FOUR major sites?!

I hate to be a nay-sayer, but all 4 sites people are using as examples are not “major”. In fact, only one has a heavy presence on the internet, and it appears to be pulling data from the same place all the other sites were pulling from. This means that when one site accidentally plugged the wrong number in for it’s conversion values… every site pulling data from it instantly showed the same human error. Unfortunately, when the information got changed, it wasn’t effected instantly across the web. Google still shows cached pages reflecting a $1.49 rate on the Iraqi Dinar, and I know one site hasn’t even bothered to pull the $1.49 rate as of right now, even though it is obviously not an official exchange rate for the Iraqi Dinar.

So – are you saying the Iraqi Dinar won’t Revalue?!

Absolutely not! In fact, I’m seeing a lot of very positive news coming from news sources AND personal contacts in key positions in Iraq and the US. I don’t personally believe it’s going to bust out at $3.00, or even $1.49. It’s a lot easier to believe it would revalue at $.0.10 to draw out some of the currency, and then raise over time to a more realistic value of $2.00. Think about it – if you could buy a house for $20, would you pay $100? Heck no! And that’s the position Iraq is in if they revalue the Iraqi Dinar – they’re bidding on their own currency, and they will be “buying” it back from investors.

Looking forward to the comments, stay tuned for another article on the UN support and a few other key announcements. Also – see you in dinar chat tomorrow.

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  1. Marilyn Buckland says:

    Thank you for the letter, Adam. I have experience the dinar vets forum. Ican read the posts and post myself but I cannot access the chat room because I have webtv by MSN- it is a receiver only and does not hace enough FLASH to access some sites and I cannot download more because it is controlled by MSN. Very frustrating ome times. Some day I will get a laptop but this is nice because my television is used as the monitor and I have a 36″ screen so it will be very hard to give that up. There are a lot of commercial sites I cannot access and until more get that way, I will probably put up with this Webtv. Thank you so much for yourletter and I am enoying posting on the forum.
    My son is in Iraq an we have invested in the dinar and just waiting for the RV.
    Can you tell me if there will be any problem,if I have to ly to exchange dinar, taking the dinar through airport security? I would appreciate an answer to that. Som people on the forum are probably wondring the same thing. Maybe you could post that part. Would be nice. Thanks so much. Marilyn Buckland (TexasRedRose)

  2. Marilyn Buckland says:

    Thank you

  3. Craig says:

    Thanks for your comments Adam. I am not really sure what you mean by drawing out currency, but if you mean people cashing in their currency, I don’t know one investor in my large group that would cash in one dinar at that rate especially when the know it will go up. We have all waited this long why not wait a little longer.

  4. Larry Wruck says:

    Adam I called GID associates at 9:30am and got a vocie message which said won’t be opening until 1:00pm EST.they always open at 9:00am something is going on.

  5. CaptainJack says:

    I’ve been thinking $0.20 – $.30, but the drawing out theory makes perfect sense.


    I agree Craig, They will try to get all the large currency out of circulation, and then probley raise the rate with only the smaller denominations left to convert. People become greedy or tire of waiting and will take any amount offered, good or bad. But anything is good if you really want and need the money. cash in 1/2 and save the rest for a better value rate.
    have a great day!

  7. bigfoot says:

    thanks for info appreciate it.

  8. Will says:

    I appreciate your conservative approach to this. However, this is not about us as investors and never has been. This is about Iraq and its people. I don’t see any benefit of a .10 RV. We are just fortunate to be able to be included in this process. I just think this should not only be looked at through an investment perspective. Any increase and we still profit. Thanks.

  9. WDMCB says:

    OK…setting the value of the dinar low is quite understandable. My question is: Does anyone know of any meetings taking place at the present time that has to do with making the decision to RV and setting the price? Anxiety is producing rumors and speculations. Let’s get some news that is accurate and real! We are all learning to be patient and have a plan ready.

  10. Steven says:

    I’m still sort of new to the investment almost a year so far. Are we looking at weeks or months or possibly longer. I’m just trying to get a handle on the situation. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks again Adam for the up to date information as you get it. It has been a big help to everyone.

  11. Dan says:

    Iraq has to revaule its currency at a rate consistant with other countries in the reigon, otherwise other countries would be able to consume large quantities of Iraq goods and services for next to nothing. Futhermore the Iraqi people would be unable to travel into neighboring countries and would not have value to there own currency to purchase goods and services let alone a loaf of bread for a 10k Dinar note.

  12. Eric B says:


  13. Richard says:

    If rv is at 0.10 and some cash in to get rid of the larger bills. will that mean teh larger bills won’t be excepted later? I personally am in no hurry to cash in at such a small rate if it is going to go up….

  14. Jeremy says:

    Other than drawing out the money, what other benefit is there to setting the RV at .10? On the other hand what benefit is there to setting it at 3.00? I am new to all this so any information or incite will be appreciated.

  15. Colorado Pinecrone says:

    I cannot find your contact us box, Adam. Your site a forward to me….
    I wouldn’t mind registering for “News” e messages and FYI when RV is a reality this life…
    but I will not agree to any fees… I have been burned…
    you understand…right? Your offer of “By the way…etc” is free, no scams to grab up penny income for yourself or others directly or indirectly…. ?! I would consider..offer of free sign up for the NEWS bits.

    totally free and you are not in relationship with “other” online
    companies or firms or desk top publisher (s) wanna be’s, in dryer straights..for quick chumming… recurring income.

    So guarantee, if you would respond to this message,…and additionally, If you would be so kind, give YOUR email address for contact….cool?

  16. Sherri says:

    Thank you for this information, I am believing and trusting God that it will happen very, very soon especially for more than $2+. and I do know people who have been waiting on this for over 4years. Everyone please keep the faith.

  17. Garry Nordell says:

    Thank You very much Adam for keeping us posted.

  18. Norm says:

    I would think that revaluing at a lower rate would increase the amount of speculators. People think dinar are at a junk price at the moment. If they low ball everyone under the sun will take notice.

    Fundamentally, Irag is good investment. It may not happen soon, but the RV will happen in time.

  19. nellie says:

    hmmm ? One is starting to wonder about all this.
    I mean really, how many times can all these last minute excuses come up ? I can understand one or two maybe three I’ll even extend four, but every single time, come on ! I sit here wondering and asking the question/s and keep going over all this so call ” INTEL ” and rumors which I totally understand the rumor part. But are we all getting smoked and mirrored here ? are we all so focused on the main event of the RV happening and with in doing so, we have all lost sight of the websites / people behind this dinar thing. I guess some of the daily thought proces is, are these websites making a ton of money off all of us, each and every event that is put in place for this RV to happen, each and every mention of ” INTEL ” that is laid out there makes a high percentage of people turn around and go buy more. I would think some of the invested don’t, but I do wonder how many that have through all this, especially the last two weeks of these dates being mentioned, even though the Intel and or/ rumors are just that. It does hit one a little funny how it always seems to be the same pattern. One would think all these websites / and the people who are behind the info, and how they relay all this insight on what is going on, would sooner or later, even by mistake hit it on the head ! The percentages has to be on their side. Sorry for being long winded here, but seriously do we all need to maybe start looking what’s behind the scenes instead of having our blinders on trying to figure out when this will ever happen ?

  20. Chris says:

    I’m having fun reading all the news! Good and not so good. It will happen then we’re all going to be day trading mad men! Trust me… It will be exciting! Mom always said go gambling for the excitement, not for the potential profit or winnings! HAVE FUN with this game!!

    Houston, TX.

  21. Bobbie says:

    Something more plausible (possibility): UN has agreed to all issues with al-Maliki and al-Talabini, docs to be signed tomorrow morning (Iraq time). The bid is 3.86-9. To revalue at .10 cents… well it is someones possibility as there are others. Best of luck to all.

  22. Robert says:

    Maybe the brokers selling Dinar are startig the rumors!!!!!!!

  23. Hi I’m new to this site but will be back for more.I found something I thought I should share.


    I hope this helps.To me it looks like the RV will be after Xmas.It sure would be nice before Xmas.
    Thanks Joe

  24. Speed says:

    Kuwait= $3.50
    Saudies= $3.50
    Iran= $2.50?

    It looks like Iraq will have to start higher
    than $0.20


  25. Billy says:

    Larry Wruck, I have been calling to check on a 1.125 mill order and I cannot get in touch either. I sent them a email suggesting that they call me or email me about my order before I show up on their doorstep.

  26. SOS says:

    The fundamental question would be: did you spend your lottery money on the dinar or some investment capital? The current exchange rate is of course a product of a dysfunctional Iraqi economy. It is in rehab now and whether it receives a jump start through an artificial reval in the short term or a natural reval through it’s strategic economic growth over the next 5-15 years, the investment strategy is the same, buy low sell high. Pick your selling point but the opportunity is when you buy and your personal strategy will determine when you sell. For those believing that it is not worthwhile to reval at .10, please advise me of your other investments that have enjoyed a 1000% return, short term or long term??? Stay connected to the information stream but stop watching the fireplace for Santa to appear and go to bed. Remember that for those who do not yet have a tax exempt strategy for their millions, it would be better if it fell under long term rather than short term investment proceeds. Peace

  27. cdldewitt says:

    Hey nellie…me and the group (8 total) have been wondering the same…we think there is some money being made behind the scenes on this INTEL and i think we’ll just start watching the US Treasary report, which will tell when it may or if ever be official and let that bone, were chasing, go right by…

  28. Li says:

    Hi. Is Iraq using the Euro and converting the USD into Euros to use in their country?

  29. James says:

    I believe Iraqi Government won’t want to compromise its chances of winning more votes in the coming general election day by revaluing Iraqi currency at 10 or 20 US cents = 1 IQD. The potential voters want it to be revalued above US3.00 = 1 IQD to be on a par with Libyan Dinar and Kuwaiti Dinar to gain better buying power for all Iraqi voters and to implement future system of CPF I have suggested to the Iraqi government last week. With Iraq oil reserves as no: 3 in the oil business world against Libya oil reserves as no: 9 in the oil business world, what kind of insult IMF must create against a pro-American PM Maliki? Iraq has no time for 10 or 20 US cents business to compete with fast-moving economic developments of its neighbouring countries like Dubai which is a good example. I hope my message would urgently reach the opposition political parties of PM Maliki to tell him to stop procrastinating against economic success since the day he stepped in as PM in 2003. Can anyone send this urgent message by email to potential voters in Iraq to fight for their human rights to gain better buying power and to have better values in their currency to rebuild their economy fast? With 10 or 20 US cents, how to do it fast?

  30. Moolay says:

    I think were in for a long haul, remember were talking about politics here, it take forever to get something done unless their going to war!

  31. James says:

    It is likely PM Maliki may lose more seats in the parliament on January 2010 if he does not want to revalue Iraqi currency or if he revalues it so cheaply just enough to buy one more bread for each Iraqi voters each day. With 10 or 20 US cents, how would a poor Iraqi worker manage to buy a bicycle to work. To date, can you imagine 25% of Iraqi population below poverty line is currently calculated by some reliable sources on world demography and more unemployment in Iraq may increase the percentage even higher next year?

  32. Duce says:

    you are correct about the KWD at $3.50, but incorrect about Iran and Saudi. Iran is only $.0001 and Suadi is $.266. But I do agree that the IQD should be higher than $.10-.20 USD.

  33. Atta Khalil says:

    I think most of the posters knowingly avoild common sense. Listen, Iraq does not have foreign currency reserves to buy back all its Held up Dinar even at the rate of 0.10 cents. It need so many years of oil revenue collection to consider such a revaluation rate. Please…dont confuse things with Kuwait Dinar revaluation. Kuwait had sufficient FCR to buy back it currencies. It is really frustrating to see the posts which is beyond imagination of economic realities.

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  35. Something I found on another site.I thought you might want to see.

  36. BILL KIRKSEY says:

    U.S. fears Iraq projects will go to waste
    Officials cite lack of expertise — and of money — to maintain facilities
    An Iraqi worker at a new water treatment plant in Baghdad’s Sadr City. The $65 million plant is meant to provide water for 200,000 people — just a tenth of the population of the vast slum on Baghdad’s eastern ouskirts.
    View related photos …[THIS DON’T LOOK GOOD]
    Erik De Castro / REUTERS

    More from NYTimes.com
    New Consensus Sees Stimulus Package as Worthy Step
    U.S. Fears Iraqis Will Not Keep Up Rebuilt Projects
    Hacked E-Mail Is New Fodder for Climate Dispute
    Pedicabs Will Now Be Inspected and Licensed
    Tips for the Admissions Test … to Kindergarten
    External links


    updated 10:12 p.m. PT, Fri., Nov . 20, 2009
    BAGHDAD – In its largest reconstruction effort since the Marshall Plan, the United States government has spent $53 billion for relief and reconstruction in Iraq since the 2003 invasion, building tens of thousands of hospitals, water treatment plants, electricity substations, schools and bridges.

    But there are growing concerns among American officials that Iraq will not be able to adequately maintain the facilities once the Americans have left, potentially wasting hundreds of millions of dollars and jeopardizing Iraq’s ability to provide basic services to its people.

    The projects run the gamut — from a cutting-edge, $270 million water treatment plant in Nasiriya that works at a fraction of its intended capacity because it is too sophisticated for Iraqi workers to operate, to a farmers’ market that farmers cannot decide how to share, to a large American hospital closed immediately after it was handed over to Iraq because the government was unable to supply it with equipment, a medical staff or electricity.

    Story continues below ↓

  37. BILL KIRKSEY says:

    Story continues below ↓
    advertisement | your ad here


    The concern about the sustainability of the projects comes as Iraq is preparing for pivotal national elections in January and as rebuilding has emerged as a political imperative in Iraq, eclipsing security in some parts of the country as the main anxiety of an electorate frustrated with the lack of social, economic and political progress. American forces are scheduled to begin withdrawing in large numbers next year.

    Refusing to accept transfers
    In hundreds of cases during the past two years, the Iraqi government has refused or delayed the transfer of American-built projects because they cannot staff or maintain them, Iraqi and American government officials say.

    Other facilities, including hospitals, schools and prisons built with American funds, have remained empty long after they were completed because there were not enough Iraqis trained to operate them.

    “As large-scale construction projects — power plants, water-treatment systems and oil facilities — have been completed, there has been concern regarding the ability of Iraqis to maintain and fund their operations once they are handed over to the Iraqi authorities,” said a recent analysis prepared for Congress by the Congressional Research Service.

    The Government Accountability Office and the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction have also issued reports in the past several months about the potential failure of American-financed projects once they are transferred to Iraq.

    ‘Regularly raised concerns’
    Stuart W. Bowen Jr., inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, said his watchdog agency had “regularly raised concerns about the potential waste of U.S. taxpayer money resulting from reconstruction projects that were poorly planned, badly transferred, or insufficiently sustained by the Iraqi government.”

    More world news from NYTimes.com
    As Afghans Resist Taliban, U.S. Spurs Rise of Militias
    Cleric Wields Religion to Challenge Iran’s Theocracy
    Survey of Pakistan’s Young Predicts ‘Disaster’ if Their Needs Aren’t Addressed
    In Turkey, Trial Casts Wide Net of Mistrust
    A Terror Suspect With Feet in East and West
    External links

    The blame is shared, officials said. While Iraq has often been guilty of poor management, American authorities have repeatedly failed to ask Iraqis what sort of projects they needed and have not followed up with adequate training. And whether or not the American-built health centers and power plants are ever used as intended, the American companies that won the lion’s share of rebuilding contracts from the federal government have been paid.

    The Iraqi government, prodded by American officials here, has pledged to begin spending more of its own money on reconstruction, but the country is facing a substantial budget deficit because of declines in international oil prices.

    Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki has insisted that reconstruction is the next task. What is not clear is where the $400 billion the government says it needs will come from.

    “We will use the revenue we have from oil, but the government feels it has to do more than that to rebuild,” said Ali al-Alak, an adviser to Mr. Maliki.

    CONTINUED : Americans take money, expertise with them
    1 | 2 | Next >

  38. BILL KIRKSEY says:


  39. marketralley says:

    THIS just in, Iraq formed a comittee to get out of Chapter 7

    Political first: a higher committee to work on extricating Iraq from Chapter VII

    Council of Ministers approved the strategy of poverty alleviation in the country

    BAGHDAD – morning

    The cabinet formed a higher committee to determine the immunity on Iraq funds and seeking to derail the country’s Chapter VII, at the time of acknowledging the national strategy for poverty alleviation. This was announced by government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh

    He explained that the Council has adopted during the meeting (42) on the usual six important decisions. He said al-Dabbagh said the government had formed a committee headed by Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, the membership of representatives and the rank of Deputy Minister from the ministries of defense, finance, science and human rights, justice and oil, transportation and adviser to Prime Minister’s political and legal contexts, with a view to negotiating with the United Nations and China to study the plan of work to determine vulnerability to money and how to exit Iraq of Chapter VII of the future. and the government approved the national strategy for poverty alleviation in Iraq, recommended by the committee formed at the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation in collaboration with the World Bank also agreed to authorize the Ministry of Youth sports authority contracting with a company to accomplish (10) sports halls this year. Ali al-Dabbagh said in a statement received “morning,” a copy of it: The Council of Ministers approved the authorization of the Minister of Transport to negotiate and sign a draft agreement on air transportation between Iraq and Bahrain, as adopted by the Council of State while taking into account all the observations and the Finance Ministry and the Foreign Ministry to prepare and document the necessary authorization in accordance with the approved contexts. He said, “to grant conditional preliminary approval of Plum real estate company to build a city on the banks of the holy city of Karbala through investment and the authorization of the National Investment Commission to negotiate with the company mentioned to put the items detailed investment licenses and presented to the Council of Ministers in order to consider granting investment license according to the investment law that does not follow this agreement any financial or legal obligations to the government or the investment to the company. The Council of Ministers, “the Ministry of Finance to allocate more than one billion dinars from the contingency reserve accounts to the Office of the Prime Minister (social benefits) for the payment of this amount as grants and social benefits and compensation to the victims of an urgent terrorist operations in the region of Taza in the province of Kirkuk, and Sher Khan Tepe in Nineveh province, and victims of other terrorist operations


  40. rahi says:

    Millions of people of world who have invested by purchasing IQD to make Iraq first stable and then themselves.This is the responsibility of the ruling government of Iraq to establish country currency and make the Iraqi people lives smooth by evaluating it logically and then the investors be given an opportunity to get dividend for what the investors blindly have extended hands to support Iraqi people.

  41. bear says:

    Can anyone explain to me this re-val. Even if it re-values at 1.49 the 25,000 dinar would be worth $37,250 US dollars. Where would you spend this? The lowest denomination currency in circulation is the 50 dinar note. This means it would be worth $74.50 US dollars. How can you buy a can of coke? To those claiming a higher re-val level, how can this be.

  42. C.S. says:



  43. spicoli says:

    I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but here goes…the same time the 1.49 rate showed for the Dinar the Dong was showing .05, just an observation, comments?

  44. Aryam says:

    I heard just a minutes ago (1:30pm of Dec 03,2009) That the dinar was revaluated for $2.49 and as soon as Tuesday we can change its in us dollars. Please confirm or denied it.

  45. Trent says:

    What is your news source or is this more wishful thinking on someones part? I thought it had been established that no one would know the rv rate until it happened. Why would this information be leaked out.

  46. BILL says:

    Thanks for the update. I appreciate it.

  47. Speed says:

    Hi C.S.
    Ali doesn,t sell KWD. The KWD is probably maxed out. Even with the new IQ water contract. The Viet Dong is poised to move up [stablizing gov].
    There will never be another opportunity to make over 1000% return as with IQD. The rumor that Obama reduced long & short term cap. gains tax to 15% has not been confirmed. 39.5% will probably be the tax. Ali says he can delay the tax but not eliminate it. IQ needs a competive currency. Speed

  48. Ladnar says:

    Back to the real world. It will RV at a few cents and peak at about .35 cents. Still a good investment. Sorry

  49. Joe says:

    Back to work no RV for new years.

  50. Gunner says:

    Glad to hear all of you are going to do well on the Iraqi Dinars. God Bless.

  51. Dale Cooper says:

    Maybe this is why Donald Trump aquired $30 in Dinars? Donald Trumps Big Buy in Dinars is at [link removed] Good luck to us all!

  52. Adam Montana says:

    Dale, that link is bogus – it leads to a press release done by the dealer themselves. Not sure when “The Don” will get around to responding, but you might want to wait until you hear the news from a more reputable source than “blackhillsportal” or a dealer paying for ads. :)

  53. rah hide says:

    The rv is soon. Iraq will lose too much money that is on the table linked to the hydro carbon laws. Investors are aimlessly waiting on these laws. Before there in place watch the value at .10. The investor will leverage all the money the IMF HAS LOANED. iF iRAQ plays their cards right. Iraq is one of the riches countries on the globe today. Recources worth over 32 trillion. Invest in Iraq only. rah hide

  54. Tris says:

    Does anyone have any information on where small denominations can be purchased. 5,10,20,50,100 Dinar denominations?????

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