Iraqi Dinar Revaluation – RV news 2010

Hey everyone, Happy New Year! It’s now 2010 and we’re closer than ever to some major news. I hope you all had a fantastic break over the holidays – I know I did!

There’s a TON of information that needs to be broken down right now regarding the Iraqi Dinar and the current status of a 2010 RV on the Iraqi Dinar. After reading this article, please use the comments section to present rumors you may have heard – I will debunk or verify each dinar rumor as they are presented.

On with the 2010 Dinar RV news.

January 4, 2010: CBI (Central Bank of Iraq) did auction dinars. Here are the results:

Announcement No.(1564)

The 1564 daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq day Monday

4-1-2010 so the results were as follows :


Number of banks


Auction price selling dinar / US $


Auction price buying dinar / US $


Amount sold at auction price (US $)


Amount purchased at Auction price (US $)


Total offers for buying (US $)


Total offers for selling (US $)


Dollar’s exchange rates / in Baghdad markets

Exchange Rates

242 million USD worth of IQD sold at the dinar price of 1170 per 1 USD. Here’s an interesting fact: The last time we saw an auction of this size (USD Bought) was the first auction of 2009, on January 5 2009. At that time the auction price for the Iraqi Dinar was 1171, where it had climbed over the year from about 1215 in early 2008…. less than two weeks later, the price moved ever so slightly to the rate we now see at every auction, 1170.

Now today we have a huge auction, which happens to be the first auction of the year, and it is once again a huge auction.

Coincidence? Maybe!

Other factors involved? Yes, I agree!

1171 to 1170 dinar rate is a tiny difference, you say? You bet! Huge at the same time? When you consider that the price was 1170 dinars every single day for the rest of 2009 – heck yes, that’s a big deal! The Iraqi Dinar is probably the most stable currency out there when you look at the exchange rate and how long the dinar currency has been at that rate.

No. Movement. At. All. For the entire year of 2009.

THAT is stability.That shows that Iraq CAN move forward. And I’m telling you that Iraq WILL move forward.

I’m betting on it.

So, lets hear it from the readers.

  1. Do you think we’ll see a movement in the Auction price of the Dinar shortly, based on what I just presented or any other info you have?
  2. Speaking of other info you may have, let’s hear your latest intel… and I’ll verify or debunk one at a time in true Dinar Speculation style.

Use the comments section, that’s what it’s here for!

Happy New Year, and best wishes to you all,

-Adam Montana

P.S. I know, I know… there’s a lot more to discuss and I have a lot of catching up to do after I took the holiday off. Never fear! I will be getting to it soon, I’m back to work full time and my favorite hobby is Dinar Speculation. Thanks for visiting, and thanks for not chewing my head off for missing two weeks of dinar news!

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  1. Chris Hart says:

    Happy New Year, Adam!

    What do you feel are the Top Three milestone events coming up that might allow a RV to happen?

    • Adam Montana says:

      Chris, is that a loaded question? LOL!
      The answer is extremely complicated, but I’ll summarize – I don’t see a top three events. Consider this:
      When the dinar RVs, it could push the ISX to go live international.
      When the ISX goes international, it could push the Dinar to the FOREX.
      When the Dinar goes on the FOREX, it could prompt an RV, or a plain old rapid increase in value.
      When Iraq is out of Chapter 7, they could RV on their own.
      When IMF decides to pull the trigger and force Iraq to act, the currency value can change whether Iraq likes it or not.
      See? That’s the tip of the iceberg, and I just named 6 things that are equally explosive and may trigger the dinar movement.

  2. miguel says:

    Good day to everyone, My name is Miguel and i have been fallowing this investment for the past 2 years now and i have seen a significally change on the currency but not as big as to say when the RV is going to be or be health, something is for sure that they have to do something soon about this because they are dealing with a currency that had no value, they have to RV Soon… I am just hoping that is SOOON not latter but SOOON what is holding them back i wish i know i s alot of expeculations but no thruth to any once we figure this out then we can see when is going to happend have a nice day and God Bless all of you !!!!

  3. Graham says:

    So there is a lot of “facts” going around to support the idea that we are going to see an RV in the next 3 months. A drastic one. Is this true? And if so without giving dates/rates, why do you believe this to be true?

  4. Frankie says:

    I heard the banks and stock market are closed today in preperation for the revalue. Is it true they are closed today?

  5. Fullpint says:

    Adam thanks for postIng. What have you heard about the ISX going international and the need for a tradeable currency before that happens?

    I have heard much about a revaluing of the GCC currencies over Christmas break. Most in the range of 10% increase. Has this really happened?


    • Adam Montana says:

      Fullpint (2 quarts!), the ISX is on track to go international, the date is the big question. Regarding the GCC currencies, there was some movement but no verifiable 10% RV. If anyone has a link to disprove that, please leave it here.

  6. Harrison says:

    I am now sure if you are still in Dubai or not. If you are I need a favor. The name and contact number of several heavy equipment dealers (used). I am told that they do not use there equipment for more than one job. I have a golf project planed in Bulgaria and the shipping would be less from there than the USA.
    Thank you Harrison

    • Adam Montana says:

      Harrison, thanks for the offer. I’m back in the US but planning a trip to Iraq soon, working on the logistics now.
      Can you get me a bulldozer in Iraq. I might go plow through some red tape. 😀

  7. Peace B Still says:

    Adam, you mentioned the next time you would communicate in your email you would mention how the I.M.F. might influence the pegging of the dinar in a positive manner. Please expound?

    • Adam Montana says:

      Peace B Still, that’s a great question that is going to require a lot more time than I can put into a single comment.
      Summary: The IMF is the International Monetary Fund. They do a lot of things, including setting rates and terms for loans to countries in many circumstances. Iraq has several deals in place with the IMF, and similar to the way your Credit Card company can change your terms at any time – IMF has that same power over Iraq.
      Shorter Summary: Stay tuned. :)

  8. Greg Lindstrom says:

    Have any gains been made in forgiving Iraq’s debt?Establishing fiscal and monetary stability and a stable currency will be virtually impossible if Iraq has no realistic prospect of paying down the debt to manageable levels in the near future. The Iraqi government has made virtually no debt-service payments since 1991. With its huge debt burden, Iraq will have extreme difficultly in attracting substantial foreign direct investment, and this will further limit economic growth.

  9. hawkman says:

    If the RV were imminenet, why would they auction off so much IQd to only have investors cash in at a revalued rate. Although I’m hoping for an RV soon, a big auction may be an indicator that we are not as close as we hope. Thoughts??

  10. steve says:

    Adam it is good to see you on here and I hope you had a good christmas with your family. Do you think that the election will have any efect on the dinar?

  11. terr says:

    Adam , good to hear from you, Happy New Year, do you still have a CBI source or did that turn out to be unfounded? Also, do you feel an RV is close, like close this week or just before elections?

  12. Dianne says:

    Hi Adam,
    Welcome back. I believe we all needed a break..We had a family death December 18 so I haven’t been on too much.
    What do you know about the Vietnam Dong, in regards to an RV?

  13. Gankans says:


    I have noticed one thing about wealthy people…

    They are very patient. Since being on this website and other websites, I have noticed some people who are trading their currency back in, scared to buy Iraqi dinar, or have nothing realistic or positive to say. We all forget the signs like the six you just listed above telling us that something has to occur (RV). But no matter how much evidence you give the dreamer, they will ultimately destroy the dream of winning (becoming wealthier than they have ever imagined) and go back to their own comfortable reality.
    It is sad to see but everyone reading this know it to be true.

    A rich man once told me, that in order to be rich, you have to think like the rich. Rich people don’t take sucker bets, they are patient, and they educate themselves about investing. I think that is why the investors on this website enjoy this challenge so much. They and you are doing a great amount of research, but they have to continue to think like the rich and have patience to ride out the storms. Nobody ever said investing would be fast and easy! So, calm down or not. Take a deep breath and continue investing and educating yourself and your families in a conservative approach and you will be fine. If you are stopping your life to pursue this dinar dream, then most likely you have not put much thought into your goals to become rich. You are trying to win the lottery, which is what most people (not rich people) are trying to do.

    God Bless you all whether you stick it out or not.

  14. 351 windsor says:

    Glad to hear had a nice holiday maybe in 2010 people will ease up and not be so rude i would like to apologize for all the rude people on site small majority the rest of use appreciate your intel because it seems to be honest every body likes hope even if some times it’s false because with out some kind of hope in life what do we have everbody has some kind of hope and any body with some sort of reality doesnt take every thing to heart that’s said on this site but even if dinar doesnt rv you should be proud you gave some people hope and people just come to this site to enjoy there self im not a die hard like some people but i do enjoy it and i like to see people happy so i thank you and keep it up in 2010 and ignore the idiots better yet kick them off no body wants negativity in there life and if you need my help with any thing let me know cant wait to hear your info in 2010 and once again dont let idiots ruin it for you and the ones who enjoy it also people would like to chat with you also dont need info just come on and chat and enjoy our work you have done here im done babaling i think you under stand what im saying {GO RV 2010 } and once again thank you [SORRY MY GRAMMER SUCKS]

  15. Adam Montana says:

    Gankans, great post.
    Diane, I hope the Dong RVs before I get the chance to work on sharing my intel on it… for now, though, I don’t think there’s as much potential as the Iraqi Dinar.
    I do hold some Vietnamese Dong, but not nearly as much as I hold Dinar.

  16. Adam Montana says:

    terr: yes
    steve: yes
    Greg Lindstrom, Iraq has made and been affected by several different events that impacted their overall debt. I would highly recommend you doing some research into “Iraq debt forgiveness”. You’ll learn a lot that will give you great hope.
    Hawkman: I don’t think it’s a bad sign, they didn’t buy enough to destroy RV potential.

  17. Welcome back Adam. Good to hear from you again.

  18. abenadij says:

    Adam I saw this post on another web site and would like your take on it. Thanks.

    Something I just found out from my Chase bank today as I was looking for a set percentage on how they figure their exchange rate when someone comes in to exchange currency. First off I was told that banks do not do direct exchanges themselves as it is illegal. (Chase sends their exchange money to Bank of America) and (Well Fargo sends their exchanges to Citi Bank) and vise versa. Those are the only ones that they told me about. Then on the rate, they do not have any set rate. But is determined by any particular currency and also by how much currency is being traded during the time you want to exchange. I understand NOT the amount that you wish to exchange but rather based on the amount of that currency that is currently being exchanged. She used the euro as an example and said because so much euro is being exhanged right now the spread is very low. So consequently when the Dinar starts trading and being exchanged we should be able to look for a very low spread if alot of Dinar are traded. More traded lower spread. Less traded higher spread. That is the way I understand it to be. But I am definitely a novist on this and would appreciate anyone having more accurate information on this as it will be a concern of mine and others once this RV’s.

  19. Connie Adams says:

    When are they thinking the iraq dinars will flip and allow people to get rich off this investment. I was told that it would happen by march of this year is that a reliable information or not?

  20. Mark says:

    Do you think it will RV this year..2009 has been a good ride but where’s the finish line…

  21. Mike Green says:

    Hi Adam,

    I sent you a pm a couple of weeks ago but appreciate that you are very busy plus xmas hols.
    You stated after your meeting in Dubai that you did not think that it would r.v. until after the new year which has proved correct, without giving a date do you think that the time for r.v. is in the short or long term or maybe not even 2010. Without given any details as to your contact is he or she just a CBI employee or someone high up and why were they in Dubai. Finally there seemed to be many rumours as to a r.v. today, quite good reasons, what is your take on that.

  22. dvatten says:

    Just curious if you heard anything else from your contact at the CBI that you met in Dubai

  23. Stephen says:

    Hi Adam

    Welcome back hope your as well as you sound.

    I have been in this horse race for over 5 years & keep my eyes open were possible but i just dont get what the CBI is trying to do.

    The link below is a very good read for the few who can understand it (dont mean to offend anyone)

    Page 12 & 13

    My question is, why is there such a massive ammount of high denoms out rather than the small ones?, My guess is it would be far easier to not rv then recall the large doms in, this would be fine if you had a Iraq bank account, if not bad luck youve lost out unless you find away of changing them up, best bit there for Iraq is a load of purchased Dinar that is simply writen off.

    Why is there so much dinar in non banking sectors, is this a massive ammount that Iraq has no idea where it is?

    Surely to RV now with such vast ammount out in the open would be financal suicide.

    I would appreciate so responce if any from anyone.

    I just feel that to sale something for say 1pence now & to buy back for say 6pence in 3 months time just doesnt make sense to anyone on this planet.

    Kind regards


  24. Courtney says:

    I think it is VERY significant in the amount of dinar that was bought back at the auction. Do you think that this might push the RV forward? My thinking is that it quite possibly could…they now have more dinar in their possession and would therefore not have to pay out as much after the rv. Does this make sense? Also, there is a woman who works for the US Stock Exchange who has said they have gotten word that 2 more currencies are about to rv and that each time they are given this news it usually occurs within 7 days of receiving it. What is your take?

  25. Fosterific says:

    From some of the intel from the mainstream media, I am encouraged by the positive news out of Iraq. The elections, the transfer of security & the troop withdrawal in 2010, just to name a few. I will agree with you that if and when it happens it’ll be a slower than expected RV. My prediction is that it’ll climb to about $.10 on the dollar right around the date of the National Elections.
    Go RV!

  26. DC1 says:

    Adam – will there need to be an ammendment to the US Treasury Currency Rate List before dinar can be taken to US banks and converted to USD?

    Thank you.


  27. dave plank says:

    keep up the work it is very interesting thanks
    dave plank

  28. Abu says:

    when will the revalue take place.

  29. Ben says:


    Just a few questions…….

    1. Can you just deposit your currency directly in to your current account?

    2. Will the bank want to have supporting documentation for the history of funds? What if you don’t have any?

    3. I have 500,000 but generally speaking people I know have but 1,000,000 plus. Is there still time to buy more and if so where from?



  30. crawford says:

    Hi Happy new to all and good luck to me and all

  31. TERRY says:


  32. MS says:

    What are the chances of a LOP of 3 Zeros in your opinion?

  33. MS says:

    Btw, thank you for your time and help!

  34. TrishaMarie says:

    No question… I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I very much appreciate your input, and the time it takes to do this. I hope we are all very prosperous in 2010!

  35. Trent says:

    Stephen my understanding is that most of the dinar held outside of Iraq is held by foreign governments. Maybe Adam will clear this up.

  36. Adam montana says:

    Happy new yer Adam thank you for all your hard work.I do believe something good will hapen with dinar

  37. Rod says:

    First time comment here. I just heard Bob Chapman interview who is publisher of International Forecaster predict the US Dollar will devalue further this year due to continuation of Q.E. by Federal Reserve. He claims USD will go to 40 to 60 range which is considerablly lower from present level of 75. My point is if this happens, then it seems pressure will be on CBI to depeg the Dinar from USD as it would cause harm to Iraqi eccomomy. This would be the time for revaulation in my oppinion.

  38. Scott says:

    Don’t you guys get it?! The Dinar is already revalued! It is what it is. In fact, if they don’t reduce supply by 99% (there are 36 Trillion Dinar) out there, you may see the IQD lose value against the $.

  39. Amy says:

    Simple question for which I hope there is a simple answer. “When” this happens, if the exchange rate is low, what keeps us from holding onto our dinar in hopes that the rate goes up?

  40. Stan says:

    Hello Adam glad you and yours had a merry christmas and a happy new year.Thanks for the email
    and the strait answers.Glad you had a safe and Good trip.Sunday chat was great

  41. Joseph says:

    2010 Iraqi Dinar News: Republic of Iraq Monetary Summit Briefing
    The Republic of Iraq National Government, United States of America and its coalition allies are in the midst of confirming the 18 December 2009 date to discuss monetary terms concerning our globalization of the New Iraqi Dinar. Confirmations have been established by 13 of the 22 parties needed to proceed with these dealings (15 are needed to validate hearings). In a recent summit, finance minister Adel Abdul Mahdi wrote the following: We feel strongly that these summit hearings will result in a complete globalization of our national currency and that we shall soon see a dramatic increase in the value of our legal tender.Our abundance of natural resources has positioned us to take full advantage of the current international economic crisis. I strongly believe the New Iraqi Dinar will soon be a respected currency within the global marketplace. National Iraqi Alliance mainly composed of Shi’ite Islamist Arab parties, has recently expressed approval of the forthcoming Iraqi Monetary Summit and also anticipate the future currency stabilization to result in national unity and internal strengthening. The Saed Al Shuhada Islamic Movement appears to be the only national organization that opposes the Monetary Summit. Salam al-Maliki has stated that he disagrees with the summit meeting due to what he calls, the current condition of national unrest and the ever changing stability of the Iraqi national climate. His concerns were well documented during the recent hearings of the Iraqi National Dialogue Council. His concerns have not affected President Jalal Talabani’s decision to hold the hearings.Trade minister Abdel-Karim Mahoud al-Mohammedawi and finance minister Ali Adbul-Amir Allawi have recently issued this speculative briefing which was sent to all members of the governing council: “ We feel through a series of strong and productive hearings, we could come to realize a globally unified currency. The affects of international trading of the New Iraqi Dinar, could see the value of our currency be assessed as high as $1.85 as compared to $1 USD. This is purely speculative but our country’s strong foundation of renewable resources along with a sturdy history of agricultural exportation supports this speculative estimate. Conversely, we feel as though the floor price could possibly be as low as $1.10 as compared to $1 USD, given a substantial decrease in the 2006 calculation of our gross domestic product evaluations”. Does it prove that The RV will come true sooner early 2010 , doesn’t it.

  42. Joseph says:

    A poll conducted by the Electronic Iraq on its website recently That 74.3% of the readers of the site, Reject participate in the upcoming Iraqi elections – March – 2010, and formed the proportion of people who want to participate in the elections 7.3%.
    According to the results of the vote which was adopted by Iraq (the first voters had made voice: Sunday, October 25th, 2009 12:23, with the voting closed on Monday, Jan 04, 2010 03:27), Expected lower turnout in elections in March 2010 with more votes than the (6436) is not willing to participate in the upcoming elections, in what was seen (730) should be involved and its importance, and went a number of participants in the referendum by (2.1%) advising others after participating in the elections. The referendum had been involved in it (8668) voters and lasted for a period of time gave voters the opportunity to participate and to identify itself with sufficient moral responsibility. Iraq plans to establish an Iraqi election that will compete in which dozens of candidates for parliamentary seats in the seventh of March. The following are results of the referendum as the website:

    Will you take part in the forthcoming elections 6436 74.3%

    I advise others not to participate 730 8.4%
    Is not important to participate 683 7.9%
    Yes, I join 637 7.3%
    I advise others to participate as effective 182 2.1%
    Number of votes: 8668

    First vote: Sunday, October 25th, 2009 12:23

    Last Vote: Monday, 04 2010 03:27

  43. Attakhalil says:

    Can someone explain me as to why Iraq has to revalue its currency ? Who planted the story of US and CHINA holding Trillions of Dinars and what is the legitimacy of such arguments ?. Iraqi Dinar is a stabilized currency right now and what is the need for it to go for an artificial revaluation ? The only logic that can be applied here is that it will appreciate gradually as economy improves and at a certain stage, the bigger bills will be replaced with smaller ones. I dont see any reason for Iraq to revaluate its currency just because so many people outside iraq is dreaming to become millionaires…or to support the argument of inproving the buying power of Iraqis. All this never makes sense.

  44. Patrick says:

    Great website for seeing daily Iraqi Dinar pricing.

  45. Budlight says:

    Hello Adam! Thanks so much for your blog I do enjoy all the info. My question is in regards to CH7. Is it possible while Iraq is under CH7 for a the Dinar to become an internationally recognized currency? Traded, exchanged and so forth.(Of course you already know were I am going with this)And if it is international recognized while under CH7 (hypothetically)would there become a possibility to begin cashing out our holdings of the Dinar? (Banks,other currency exchangers and such) I just have read a lot of conflicting information about that and RV is not possible as long as they are held in CH7.
    Thanks so much

  46. matthew says:

    adam, what can you tell us about these iraqi monetary summit briefings?

  47. Matthew says:

    Hey Joseph,
    Newbie really to the site but dinar holder since 04-05. Where in God or Allahs name did you get that wonderfully made up article?? So based on what you state Iraqi officials are now talking to newsapers and TV and issuing an estimate of an RV amount…..I don’t think so. Please in the future even if this is a rumor site attach a link of these wonderful exciting stories. What’s really funny is back in 06 I read something that was just about the same.

  48. Joe says:

    This is for everone.Live your life as if it will never happen.If you think it will happen anytime now it will through your life out of wack.Stash your dinar and stay on your grind.I was told it was going to happen any day now when I bought mine.That was almost 5 years ago.

  49. julian renatta says:

    dear adam. i am sort of following,,,but i am a ‘firstimer’. can somone please tell me how this works so that i too can invest in dinars?? : )

  50. Trent says:

    way to call matthew, i’m tired of this crap!

  51. Joseph says:

    Chap 7 discussed – pros and cons – good stuff !!
    In August 1990 Saddam Hussein ordered his troops into Kuwait, claiming the small Gulf emirate as Iraq’s 19th province. The occupation of Kuwait lasted only seven months but, almost 20 years on, the Iraqi people are still paying the price. Iraq remains obligated to pay war reparations to Kuwait under the terms of Chapter 7 of the UN charter. Baghdad must set aside 5 per cent of its oil revenues for these payments. Iraq has paid Kuwait over $13 billion in war damages, yet there is still a long way to go before the debt is settled. Iraqi MPs have called for the remaining debt of around $25 billion to be waived, arguing that the country needs the money to pay for its own post-war reconstruction. The Kuwaitis have rejected this, insisting that the payments continue until issues including border demarcation and compensation for Kuwaiti property lost or damaged during the 1990 invasion are resolved. Very interesting indeed. Jessshhhhhh… it is no wonder they all want to blow each other up. They can’t even talk without practically blowing their lids. Passionate people I guess.

  52. Joseph says:

    Iraq’s cabinet has ratified deals with foreign energy firms to develop four oilfields, the government spokesman said on Tuesday.”The Cabinet has ratified four oilfields: Majnoon, Gharaf, and in Nineveh province Qayara and al-Najmah,”.Last month, groups including Royal Dutch Shell and Malaysia’s Petronas initialed deals for the fields, which include supergiant Majnoon.According to the Oil Ministry, the firms must now sign final deals before they can begin work.The deals represent part of Iraq’s ambitions to transform its underperforming oil sector and bring output capacity to 12 million barrels per day (bpd), a huge increase from today’s output of around 2.5 million bpd.The deals ratified on Tuesday were offered to foreign firms at a Dec. 11-12 energy auction, Iraq’s second this year.Royal Dutch Shell, Europe’s largest oil company, and Petronas won the rights to Majnoon, a major field near the southern oil hub of Basra.Majnoon has reserves of 12.6 billion barrels, making it one of the world’s largest untapped oilfields.Gharaf, a smaller oilfield with 900 million in reserves, was won by Petronas and the Japan Petroleum Exploration Co (Japex).Qayara and Najmah, located in Iraq’s restive Nineveh province, were both won by Angolan state oil firm Sonangol.The 800-million-barrel Qayara field is south of the provincial capital Mosul, while nearby Najmah has around 900 million barrels.
    After the deals were initialled, the government said it was seeking a number of technical or operational amendments to the contracts.
    HCL has nothing to do with Maliki , Maliki’s party ( Dawa party ) only has 15 seats in the parliament , this leaves 260 MPs responsible and IMO , the HCL has bee bypassed after the contracts were signed ( under Maliki’s supervision. Where’s the security ? American forces are stationed at their bases and we don’t see the 100+ corpses in Baghdad morgues and this is firm evidence that Maliki has succeeded in the security issue , despite bombings which happened even in developed and “secure “countries like ( USA , UK , Spain ) . The problem is that everyone think of Maliki as a man with extraordinary power while the reality is he heads a “Government of national unity” , this means that he didn’t choose the ministers , all major parties and sects have ministers in his government and decision making in this government is by majority vote ( his party does not have ministers in the government ) ..You may consider selling ÿour dinars as Maliki will most likely get re-elected although nothing is guaranteed in Iraqi politics ..

  53. Joseph says:

    Iraqi security forces have launched a wide campaign in Sunni Muslim-dominated neighborhoods of Baghdad and towns and cities to the north and west of the capital.
    The campaign is said to be the widest by the government in years and has led to an exodus of people to the Kurdish north.The campaign comes as the country gears for national elections in March.The summary arrests have fuelled anger in these areas and raised fears of popular unrest at a time the government finds it extremely hard to reinstate law and order.In Baghdad most of the arrests have taken place in the restive township of Abu Ghraib, home to the notorious Iraqi prison bearing the same name.Parents and relatives said they have no idea where the security forces are keeping their beloved ones. They said officials told them all those arrested will remain behind bars until after the elections.Officials speaking on condition of anonymity said hundreds of young people have been taken away from Tikrit, Anbar and Mosul.They said popular discontent was apparent in the restive city of Mosul where rebels fighting U.S. and government troops are quite active. Meanwhile, there has been a separate sweep against members of the so-called Awakening Council, Sunni militiamen who had joined U.S. troops in fighting al-Qaeda.Ten militiamen were reported to have been assassinated in Baghdad in addition to scores of arrests.
    Up to 200,000 Sunni tribesmen were armed by U.S. troops to help them fight al-Qaeda.The Muslim Shiite-dominated government now sees many of them as a threat.
    By Karim Zair It is suspected this is Maliki’s SNEAKY way of MANIPULATING the numbers in his favor PRIOR to the BIG VOTE !!!!!

  54. Joseph says:

    Central banks in the Gulf and other countries could alter a long-standing policy and expand their powers to control asset prices as part of post-crisis changes in the monetary and banking practice.The global financial distress, which has jolted major industrial powers and other nations, could also prompt those powers to end turmoil they triggered about the role of sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) before the eruption of the crisis. Manai said he anticipates post-crisis radical changes in the worldwide economic, financial, banking and monetary system, adding that reforms in the banking sector could be the quickest and most serious.”As part of those changes, I believe there could be a revision of the role of the Central Banks in determining asset prices, mainly real estate and stocks… before the eruption of the crisis, their role was confined to achieving price stability by controlling inflation and did not include any intervention in the fluctuations in real estate and stock prices,”.”Following the crisis and the serious bubble it caused in the stocks and real estate sector, I think the situation will be different after the crisis and any revisions in the banking sector will include central banks’ role in asset prices,” he said.he also expected a revision in central bank policies towards capital adequacy of banks on the grounds international adequacy standards enforced before the crisis proved ineffective.He said world central bank governors had discussed such a problem but had not yet reached agreement on any new adequacy criteria.”I believe there is a pressing need to tackle the phenomenon of procyclicality in a way that will ensure an increase in capital adequacy requirements during an economic boom and a decline during a downturn,”.”In such a situation, any solution must be enforced on a selective basis, which means that the same adequacy requirements should not be applied to all banks”. IMHO, M2 would NOT need to be lowered substantially before any massive upward move on the part of the CBI to revalue the currency, since most of that would be debt anyway. If The dollar is backed by the faith and assets, why cant Iraq do the same with the dinar? There is a disturbing trend here as Maliki spoke about a public and private sector merger and we see massive govt takeovers of the private sector in the US. The CBI was created by the IMF and World Bank which are of themselves Super Central Banks, with the goal of controlling economies through their national loans. Now we know Wolfowitz planned the invasion of Iraq and as such its eventual reconstruction. So the premise put forth about the Plutocrats being the main beneficiaries of the ISX is certainly plausible. Also is it coincidental that Obama is proposing to allow our Central Bank (FR) to oversee all the financial institutions under the guise of preventing the very events that they engineered through toxic mtgs and derivative investment. It occurs to me that the CBI and the PTB are setting up the economy in Iraq that they would also like to see in the US. Is it a good news or a bad news?

  55. Joe says:

    Joseph that sounds like good news I think.I like the part (massive upward move on the part of the CBI to revalue the currency) that sounds good right?

  56. Joe says:

    Where did you find these info Joseph?

  57. Joseph says:

    Is foreign investment the answer to Iraq’s banking needs?
    Great potential: the use of credit cards in Iraq is on the rise. A muscular banking sector will make or break whether Iraq is to rebuild and prosper. And while there are increasing levels of capital inflow into the region, local banking infrastructure remains limited, leaving the sector wide open for foreign investment. Rebuilding a war-torn country, reshaping a former state-run economy and creating a private sector out of thin air are challenging enough. Doing so in the absence of a robust financial infrastructure to underpin it all is nigh on impossible. All three objectives hinge upon the creation of a banking system ready and willing to help consumers purchase goods, to assist companies in buying capital equipment and to fund expansions.Iraq’s financial architecture to support a growing, privatised economy is a bottom-up operation. The country remains a cash economy with a thriving black market. Private banks are thin on the ground, lending is sparse and there is no ingrained credit culture. State-owned banks hold 80% of deposits. Earning assets as a share of total deposits is on average less than 5%. Credit to the economy as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) is a mere 3.7%, among the lowest in the world. Iraqi business owners and entrepreneurs tend to rely on retained profits, their own wealth, or loans from friends and family.
    Local focus : In terms of commercial banking in the country, the landscape is principally local Iraqi banks and joint-venture banks. Products offered are in four main areas: remittances/cash transfers and some foreign exchange; trade finance; commercial lending; and securities and stockmarket trading. Activity in all of these areas is fairly limited.In the trade finance arena, letters of credit (LCs) are available. The public-sector Trade Bank of Iraq has been active in trade finance and in issuing LCs. The sticking point remains that for LCs the Iraqi private banks have very limited access to clean lines of credit from international banks. Private sector importers typically have to deposit the full amount of the LC as cash collateral. Meanwhile the exporter, if an international firm, will require a confirmation by a reputable bank. Many of the private-sector banks in Iraq have established correspondent banking relationships with major global banks, but few of them have yet to receive clean lines of credit.
    Lending potential: Iraqi banks do very little lending overall, including commercial lending, preferring instead to invest customer deposits in treasury bills issued by the Central Bank of Iraq, which for quite some time was earning them more than 18% a year and was deemed a safer bet than providing loans. That may begin to change given that the central bank has lowered the interest rate to just under 7%, but it remains to be seen whether the loss of that attractive arbitrage will incentivise the banks to lend commercially and whether the shareholders of the banks, having seen the returns plummet, will put pressure on the bank management or support the management to begin lending.Private banks that do lend to companies typically do so for a term of up to one year maximum, and only if real estate is put up as collateral (which they value very conservatively); charges can be upwards of 20% a year. Commercial lending, in any case, is a loose term in Iraq as commercial, corporate and private banking tend to be intertwined. Public-sector organisations are trying to plug the gaps. The government agency USAID’s Tijara Provincial Economic Growth Programme, designed to support improved access to finance and business development services in the micro and small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sectors, says that since its inception less than two years ago, the level of microfinance and bank financing has more than doubled from the baselines set by Tijara’s predecessor, the Izdihar project, and innovative financing mechanisms – such as SME-focused lending units in a few private banks – are helping expand financial services offerings where they never existed before. A progress report published in September 2009 says that under Tijara, cumulative small, medium and micro enterprise loan disbursements have reached $344m. SME lending units in nine private banks affiliated with the Iraqi Company for Bank Guarantees have been launched in 34 branches in 16 provinces, shelling out for more than $16m in loans. Meanwhile, the Iraqi Company for Financing SMEs came into being this summer and in its first two months of operation made 200 loans totalling $3.5m.But clearly there is wide scope for foreign financial institutions to move in and serve this under-banked market.
    Opportunity knocks: Since 1992, 37 private banks have been established in Iraq: 30 commercial banks and seven Islamic organisations. Three foreign banks have representative offices: Standard Chartered Bank (in Erbil), Arab Banking Corp and TC Ziraat Bank (both in Baghdad). The central bank has given preliminary approval to other foreign banks – including Bank Melli Iran, Commercial Bank of Kuwait, Arab Bank of Jordan, Housing Bank for Trade & Finance Jordan and Ahli United Bank of Bahrain – but it is not thought likely that these would open ‘independent’ operations in Iraq in the immediate future. It was recently announced that the government of Syria is also working on a joint-venture bank in Iraq. Lebanon’s Byblos Bank and Bank Audi have presences in Kurdistan.”The opportunities are endless to run a profitable countrywide banking and financial services network,” says Dijlah & Furat Bank for Development and Investment in a market report on Iraq. “The need for real and proper financial intermediation is omnipresent, ie, to attract savings and time deposits and lend funds to the creditworthy enterprises, expediting trade and economic development.”Dijlah & Furat – which started operations in 2006 and states as its mission “to become Iraq’s premier Islamic bank” – has two branches in Baghdad, one branch each in Sulaymaniyah, Karbala and Erbil, and will soon have operations in Basrah, Anbar, Samarra and Dahuk.”The private banks that succeed will be the ones which develop market-driven liability and asset products and market them efficiently to all classes of customers. This will be backed up with trained bankers, modern systems and technology, and an extensive branch network,” the bank concludes.Islamic finance is indeed a growing area in Iraq. A half-dozen Islamic banks have established in the past five years. “Islamic banks are coming in and they are being relatively aggressive in their lending,” says Hussain Ali Qaragholi, senior vice-president and Iraq business head for one of those banks, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank.
    Foreign-Iraqi joint-venture banks Making a play: Given the high level of investor interest in Iraq and the increasing levels of capital inflows, an influx of banking players and the introduction of new financial products in a range of areas is a near certainty. The stock market is attracting growing regional interest and investors are seeking ways to enter the equity market through the Iraqi Stock Exchange, which now trades in 39 listed companies in banking, insurance, investment, manufacturing, industrial, hotel and service sectors.”Politico-economic trends are moving in a positive direction for business in Iraq,”. “On the political front we have had democratic elections and on the economic front we have had major announcements from international and regional companies concerning planned investments in Iraq.
    “We have had announcements from the Iraqi government on infrastructure projects – ports, railways, power stations, housing – and there is a lot of appetite for more projects from strategic and financial investors. Funding will be critical for the success of these projects.”From a bank’s perspective, we are positive that there are significant first-mover advantages in getting involved in asset-based commercial lending and project finance in Iraq.
    Is it a good or bad news?

  58. Joseph says:

    service contracts resulting from the first oil licensing rounds and the second «is the appropriate option to raise state revenues and thus contribute to spending on
    reconstruction requirements estimated at $ 187 billion at least». It is predicted in a statement to increase the per capita share of oil revenues of 1543 USD 2010 to 3361 in 2015 and 9488 in 2020. And expectation for decades, is likely to increase the capacity of oil production to more than 11 million barrels per day over the next six years, to promote the expenses of the federal budget to $ 132 billion in 2015 and to 265 billion dollars in 2020, and improve the investment allocations, and the cumulative total of 138 billion dollars between 2010 and 2015 and 496 billion dollars between 2010 and 2020. The granting of optical size of service contracts announced by the Iraqi Oil Ministry to harness this requires contracts to build national capacities in the sector and the economic file management style is characterized by a highly professional manner to increase the efficiency of the rationalization of spending, and called for an integrated economic strategy to invest in financial returns in different sectors.the sharing of posts at various degrees of sectarian and politically and regionally, saying «that it was very bad job-sharing such as the studies of specialized advisory plans for the future of Iraq. It is called on the regulatory institutions to issue instructions and strict measures to this approach and not only direct financial fight against corruption.Announced yesterday the Iraqi Oil Ministry that oil export revenues in 2009 amounted to about $ 41 billion, less than 34 per cent of revenues in 2008. According to a ministry statement that «fiscal revenue from oil exports in 2009 amounted to more than 41 billion dollars. The volume of revenue stood at 62 billion dollars in 2008.And managed to Iraq during the two rounds of bids last year contract with a major international oil companies to develop fields. Iraq’s economy depends mainly on crude oil revenues, which constitute nearly 85 percent of the country’s resources. in addition to the Turkish port of Ceyhan. Iraq tops the world’s third largest after Saudi Arabia and Iran in terms of proven oil reserves at the rate of 115 billion barrels. Iraq currently produces 2.4 million barrels per day, with exports of 1.85 million barrels in particular from the fields near Basra. The oil revenues, the backbone of the state revenues of hard currency, more than 90 percent of gross domestic product, while the contribution of the agricultural and industrial sectors 7.1 and 1.5 percent respectively. Good!!! ~20 – 25% of Iraq is below the ~ $800 poverty line at a income of $66 a month.A improvement in quality of living is needed if Iraq is to succeed as a emerging economy.$9488 per capita income by 2020 will be a remarkable achievement.

  59. Joseph says:

    Iraq approves oil deals, paves way for massive investment: Iraq has approved all pending deals with foreign energy firms over oil fields auctioned last year, paving the way for more than 100 billion dollars in investment, the oil ministry said Wednesday.
    The nine contracts, which will be officially signed soon, will dramatically ramp up Iraq’s oil output in the coming seven years and could make it one of the world’s biggest crude producers, providing much-needed revenue for a country in dire need of rebuilding.”All of the contracts have been agreed by the cabinet,”.”More than 100 billion dollars will be invested by these companies.”he described as minor legal amendments to the contracts, but declined to specify what changes had been made.
    the oil ministry had received official documents from Anglo-Dutch giant Shell, Malaysia’s Petronas, Japex of Japan and Angola’s Sonangol giving their assent to the changes.Once the ministry receives similar documents from firms working on three other fields, “we will set a date to hold a ceremony for all the companies to put down their final signatures.”the latter group of companies, which include Russia’s Lukoil and Gazprom and China’s CNPC, had already voiced their approval over the telephone.”It (the ceremony) will be soon, and the companies will start work immediately after signing,”.”The companies want to start work as quickly as possible. They are very enthusiastic.” Iraq awarded seven contracts in a December 11-12 auction of oil fields, including the rights to extract crude from the massive Majnoon and West Qurna-2 reservoirs.Those were in addition to three contracts handed out at an earlier auction in June. Two of those contracts have yet to be officially signed, however.The successful companies will be paid a fixed fee per additional barrel of oil extracted, and not a share of the profits.The deals could increase Iraq’s projected oil output to 12 million barrels of oil per day from current production of around 2.5 million bpd, providing a cash influx to a country that relies on oil sales for 85 percent of government income.But security and dilapidated infrastructure remain key obstacles to Baghdad achieving that target.Iraq has the world’s third-largest oil reserves — behind only Saudi Arabia and Iran — with an estimated 115 billion barrels. 100 BILLION in investment to the oil sector. HOLY SHNIKIE!!!!!! “MORE THAN” 100 Billion…..this should happen without hitch within the “Parliament”……greed makes speed. If this does actually get the green light what inflationary pressure will be put on the dinar. Will it be enough to kick start a forward move of any sorts towards the 1000 marker (or better) or can this over burden the dinar because everyone moves in to buy up more of it and therefore the government has to LOP because it will never be able to pay off investors as there is to much dinar out of Iraq in foreign hands.Well that would mean Iraq had better RV before these is actually in play. To avoid a run on dinar. This is exactly the kick in the pants the Iraqi economy needs. A hugh inflow of capital along with jobs. Finally we may see something happen. There should be inflationary pressure with all the jobs created. I think there is 22% unemployment in Iraq presently, if that drops to about 3 to 4 percent inflation will be a problem. Their dinar is stable at the present unemployment rate so with more people working there should be some upward pressure on the dinar. Bombings should drop too. IMO – The Rothschilds, plutocrats and bankers will KEEP 99.9% (estimate) of the dinar in their coffers OUT of circulation pending future NID RATE increase — the balance will remain IN circulation with NO adverse affect on NID rate or money supply — No LOP. The NID was kept low (1170) to allow big oil to get Iraq’s oil for “pennies on the dollar” — any lop or gimmicks will bring attention to this SCHEME employed by plutocrats-bankers, etc. NO LOP FORWARD — just chill — we’re just “peanuts” compared to what the BIG BOYS are making on this NID scheme. They are definitely the big movers behind the scenes on this Iraqi venture. You know they will get their money one way or another, what we are hoping is that we will be riding on the coattails of the people who designed this whole thing. However, they are very good at making themselves rich and cutting everyone else out. ….any lop or gimmicks will bring attention to this SCHEME employed by plutocrats-bankers, etc. NO LOP FORWARD — just chill — we’re just “peanuts” compared to what the BIG BOYS are making on this NID scheme. Most american NID investors will CONVERT dinar to USD. That’s when the plutocrats will WIN — after conversion — the USD will collapse. They hold your converted dinar and RIDE IT UP. The trick here is DO NOT CONVERT your dinar to USD. If you must convert — keep holdings in Euros OR Dinars then convert to USD as needed — NOT ALL AT ONCE. After all — the dinar will be APPRECIATING while SOME currencies (except Euros) will be tanking. Removal of inflationary zeroes will be financial SUICIDE to the BIG BOYS who hold dinar. They will NEVER let that happen. The TPTB will keep 99.9% (estimated) of dinar “OUT” of circulation in their coffers pending INCREASE in value. The remaining balance will be IN circulation with NO ADVERSE affect on dinar rate or money supply.

  60. Joseph says:

    We will decide on certain days of the vote on the resolutions to ensure the presence of Representatives: “The presidency of the Council will determine certain days of the vote on the resolutions of the discussion is completed to ensure the presence of Representatives.”Some of the congressmen and their statements during the press have called the Presidency of the Council to take appropriate measures against absent from meetings of the Council. He “was meeting Tuesday with heads of political blocs have asked them to invite Congress to attend their parties and a commitment to meetings of the Council, referring to the existence of some laws that need to be a quorum for approval.”House of Representatives was unable to hold any meeting since Sunday due to lack of quorum, which led to the delay in approval of several important laws placed on the agenda, the most prominent of the current year budget.”It was agreed to set certain days in the future to vote in the House of Representatives is busy with consideration campaigning.”
    It is due to end its acts of parliament before the current month to hold parliamentary elections scheduled in the seventh of March this year 2010. is it a good or bad news for the elections to come?

  61. someone thats tired of your says:

    Joseph knock it off freak. You’re taking up too much text space. You should be kicked for non-sense………You’re probably some al-quesa idiot. So shut up you retard.

  62. Trent says:

    Thats alot of information to digest. Where does it come from.

  63. steve says:

    i have put all my dinars up. if it happens great if it doesn’t ,who gives a shiit. hope it happens but i can’t quit my job and dream.. adam love all the good info keep it up !!!!

  64. Joe says:

    Joseph do you have some links for us?

  65. Matthew says:

    Nice post someone that’s tired of yours!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please remember you can buy all the dinar you need from Joseph apparently.

  66. Stephen says:

    Now now children stop fighting.

    Anyone got some info about this i found online?????

    Conscious / Baghdad / p. X

    5/1/2010 5/1/2010 6:50pm 6:50 pm

    The Attorney-Sabah al-Saadi on the mass of virtue that not approving the budget means to give the opportunity for the Government to find the exchange rate mechanism, especially in the twelfth of this month for the maintenance work of the ministries and government institutions.

    Saadi said in a telephone conversation with (the Iraqi Media News Agency / conscious) that “the linkage between the law of the Federal budget for 2010 and the Electoral Code of Conduct is not just for the fact that the financial budget. Aims to support the wheel of the state of Iraq in building, construction, investment, either the Electoral Code of Conduct which regulates the work of actors in the political, governmental mechanisms for the disbursement of state funds in order not to allow them to exploit the money for their campaigns.
    He added that “the Iraqi parliament work of great importance, namely the ratification of the federal budget for the continuity of work in government ministries, as we reflect on the end of the legislative term of life of the parliament completed the budget law and to ratify it.As well as “completion of the electoral code of conduct because this law will determine the exchange rate mechanism, political entities so that there is not financial corruption by the state to finance election campaigns and also to stop Power of some parties at the expense of some of the entities participating in the upcoming parliamentary elections ” Adding “in the absence of ratification of the budget during these days Vstljo government to exchange rate mechanism, legal”. With a view to continuing the performance of ministries and government institutions and service productivity. ”

    Found this on

  67. Stephen says:

    Wow is that joseph block think hes some profesy sent from above, perhaps the name he has is going to his head.
    Try to keep it real mate this is a blog not the parlimentry debate

  68. Trent says:

    I went to the link. Is the Conscious / Baghdad a legitimate news site? What is it exactly?

  69. elisa says:

    I have a friend who works for a large bank and an investor wanted to buy dinar. the bank did research and said this was all a scam. to change the money you have to go to the us treasury in san francisco on a certain day that is not published. I have not invested yet as I have very little money but am trying to read what I can when my computer works. what comapnies are actually reputable and how does the money get changed?

  70. uniquesing says:

    I read an article that states that there is no real value in investing in the Irqi dinar. The author goes on to explain that it is unrealistic to think that Iraqi currency is in the same position the Kuwaiti currency was in years ago. Then he went on to say that the Iraqi dinar, if it were to rise in value at all would be very little and that for those of us that own the higher dinomination bills would find little use for them because it is ridiculous to think one can actually use a bill such as the 2,500 bill. What are your thoughts on that?

  71. Stephen says:


    If a bank has to do research into the Iraq Dinar then the Bank isnt worth going into, secondly any bank on this planet & including mars can validate any currency in a heart beat without research.

    Either bad staff, bad training or just cant be bothered attitued that has found the banks & financial institutetes in such a sick mess around the globe


  72. Joseph says:

    The channel “Eastern” satellite broadcast, on Thursday evening, said news that a group of Iraqi army coming from the area of Abu Ghraib, has whipped a hundred million dollars worth of British bank HSBC in the area of Jadriya in Baghdad, in a process described as “the biggest robbery in the history of Iraq.” A spokesman for the Baghdad operations command Maj. Gen. Qassim Atta, said in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, in the early hour of Friday evening. The Baghdad have been seen last major robbery on a bank branch Azwaip Iraq in the Karada district, where the robbers managed to kill eight of the guards and steal the bank the equivalent of five million U.S. dollars. And the Interior Ministry disclosed days after the operation that involved three in the robbery were officers in the Iraqi army, and tried to exploit some political involvement of these political gains after it emerged that one of them was a captain in the regiment’s presidential. Wow, everyone that’s sent money to Iraq Stand a chance of being robbed ISX, ect…. What the people gonna think? Send it back to the US ? OH MY GOD, Everyone should be more careful when sending money to Iraq.

  73. Joseph says:

    Iran ex-deputy oil minister proposes strategy to avert “oil migration” to Iraq: The former deputy oil minister has warned about the possibility of oil migration from Iran joint oil fields to Iraq in the coming years and has proposed a new strategy for asking compensation for Iran-Iraq war through the smooth development of the two countries’ oil fields. In an interview with Mehr news agency expressed concern about the recent oil contracts by the Iraqi government and said: One of the main reasons for concern about signing the oil contracts by the Iraqi government is that some of these oil and gas fields between Iraq and Iran are joint and by the implementation of these projects, the daily oil production in Iraq will increase up to 1.5m barrels in three-four years.
    While pointing out that so far, 20 oil and gas fields have been discovered on Iran-Iraq border, most of which are joint, the former deputy oil minister said: It is unlikely that there is exact data on resources of these oil and gas fields, but most of parts these are definitely within the Iran’s largest fields. He went on to say: To prevent the Iran’s oil migration to Iraq, the two countries should simultaneously start the exploitation of the joint fields.

  74. Joseph says:

    Al-Mutlaq accused the accountability and justice of giving in to Iran to prohibit the participation list in the next election. Accused member of parliament Saleh al-Mutlaq, on Friday, Iran of being behind the decision of the Accountability and Justice to ban the participation of the Iraqi Front for National Dialogue in the next parliamentary elections, while assuring his way to raise a suit against the Commission in the Federal Court of Iraq, ruled out withdrawing from the election. Mr Mutlaq, who heads the Iraqi Front for National Dialogue, told a press conference in front a building in Baghdad, on Friday afternoon, “Iran put pressure on the practice of accountability and justice for a decision to ban party’s participation in the forthcoming elections”, stating that “Iran believes that the LTTE is a threat their interests in Iraq, especially after the opposition made by the front in the field of loose change crisis, “as he put it.
    Mutlak was surprised at this decision of the “employee of the government as General Manager against the head of the bloc in the Iraqi parliament,” a reference to the Chief Justice and Accountability Ali Faisal, pointing out that “the resolution adopted by the accountability was without reference to the President of the Republic Jalal Talabani, and the members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives. ” The chairman of the accountability-Faisal said on Thursday in an interview with television station “Arab”, which broadcasts from Dubai, said that the accountability has decided to deny the Iraqi political Saleh al-Mutlaq and denying the political entity that Party, the Iraqi Front for National Dialogue, to participate in upcoming parliamentary elections. He justified the decision to ban Al-Faisal spoke of evidence and documents against the National Front for National Dialogue and its Al-Mutlaq, who stressed that preventive measures of the body covered by the accountability was therefore decided to prevent him from participating in accordance with article VII of the Iraqi Constitution. Article VII of the Iraqi constitution, “Prohibition of each entity or program that adopts racism, terrorism or ethnic cleansing or atonement, or incites, facilitates, glorifies, promotes, or justify it, especially the Baath Party, under any name whatsoever, shall not be within the political pluralism in Iraq. ” The leader of the Iraqi Front for National Dialogue, that the front “will file a lawsuit against the Board and the Chairman of the Federal Court of Iraq to demand to go back on this decision,” adding: “If no response to the Federal Court of Iraq for a call, we will turn to international courts,” as he put it. And exclude Mutlak decision to withdraw from the elections in the list of the Iraqi National Movement, led by Iyad Allawi, describing the accusations directed to the list of “Incorrect”. The President of the Iraqi Front for National Dialogue, Saleh al-Mutlaq had been questioned in a recent media statements the platform of the bloc of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, describing his “national and away from sectarianism election ploy designed to win the votes of the Iraqis.” The Mutlaq, one of the politicians influential among Sunni Arabs, entered the bloc, which holds 11 seats in parliament, most beautiful of the 275 seats in Parliament in coalition with the party of former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi to participate the next election, one list under the name of the Iraqi National Movement which was launched On 31 October last year. The chairman of the accountability-Faisal said on Thursday in an interview with television station “Arab”, which broadcasts from Dubai, said that “the accountability of Iraq decided to ban the political Saleh al-Mutlaq and denying the political entity that Party, the Iraqi Front for National Dialogue, to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections “. He justified the decision to ban Al-Faisal spoke of evidence and documents against the National Front for National Dialogue and its Al-Mutlaq, who confirmed that preventive action of the body covered by the accountability was therefore decided to prevent him from participating. The President of the Iraqi Front for National Dialogue, Saleh al-Mutlaq had been questioned in a recent media statements the platform of the bloc of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, describing his “national and away from sectarianism election ploy designed to win the votes of the Iraqis.” The Mutlaq, one of the politicians influential among Sunni Arabs, entered the bloc, which holds 11 seats in parliament, most beautiful of the 275 seats in Parliament in coalition with the party of former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi to participate the next election, one list under the name of the Iraqi National Movement which was launched On 31 October last year. Saleh Al-Mutlaq had attacked Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, calling the election message to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is based on the national and inclusive is not merely an election ploy aimed at winning the votes of Iraqis who are tired of mass sectarian in recent years. And he said in an interview, “We can not expect the secretary-general of al-Maliki of the Dawa party, or any other person, such as al-Maliki … has developed since its beginnings in a sectarian and decades before it suddenly turn into a national political party … and be the leader of a national project … will return the result to be a part of the project sectarian. ”
    And held the founding meeting of the Dawa party at the house of a Shiite religious leader in 1957. Transformation of the Dawa party and later to fight the regime of Saddam Hussein’s secular regime, which imposed tight control over the Shiite religious forces. Mutlak said, “will be affected (Maliki) the ideas of this party and Bchksyate around him, even though he personally was convinced that sectarianism is not the solution … is obliged to listen to the views of his party and the party’s commitment to a policy which is essentially a sectarian policy.” Mutlaq said the hope is his alliance with Iyad Allawi, a secular politician and another former prime minister support the Iraqis who are disillusioned with the religious parties that have dominated the political scene since US-led invasion in 2003. And so it should be for their movement, which describes itself Baltkdmip to open gaps in the national discourse adopted by non-sectarian Tktlan major Evodahma’s Dawa party, Maliki and his main rival, Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council. He said that the dominant parties failed Iraq since 2003 by filling out the ministries Bimat do not know, but obedience and security forces had some loyalty to the interests of the party and encourage the sectarian mentality that caused the bloodshed, Iraqis at the hands of Iraqis. After nearly seven years from the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, Iraq is not yet stable and prosperous image of former U.S. president George W. Bush. But complain that many Iraqis that their lives had worsened. Despite a marked improvement in the security situation in Iraq and the promise of prosperity of the oil sector is still much lower electricity demand and government corruption is widespread and jobs are scarce.
    And return some Iraqi refugees cautiously to Baghdad and other cities, but others are doing their best to permanent immigration from the country believe that their future is bleak. And several large explosions rocked the place in recent public confidence in the Iraqi police and army, and represented a major challenge to Maliki, who has won a victory in provincial elections last year, based on his claim that the good security situation in Iraq dramatically. Referring to the rule of law, a coalition led by al-Maliki Mutlaq said that the main problem in Iraq is that there is a government but there is no state or state institutions and that he should build a state of institutions and real state of law. And repeat Maliki has repeatedly concluded that the era of sectarianism in Iraq. But some year they blame for the failure to get government jobs and restraint with regard to welcome the return of those who were linked to the government of Saddam Hussein. Ali al-Adeeb, a leader of Dawa that the campaign of Prime Minister successful Shiite militias in 2008, which was a turning point for the status and prestige proof that he is not sectarian. He said, “Maliki’s speech is far from the national retrenchment and sectarian and bias for any component stems from convinced that the country needs a national policy away from any form of retrenchment and sectarianism.” He added: “Our conviction is that this policy is the only path to virtue Iraq during the next phase and not allow any component that is dominated by another component.” Despite the talk about inclusion Mutlak see a limited role for other minorities, especially the Kurds, who make up a fifth of Iraq’s population and aspire to expand the boundaries of their northern region and the influence of independent to a large extent. In the opinion of Al-Mutlaq said the president of Iraq and his foreign minister should be one of the Arabs. He complained that the time spent Hoshyar Zebari, a Kurd, is a senior Foreign Ministry since 2003, and Jalal Talabani, a Kurd, was elected president in 2005 in pursuit of the interests of the Kurds over time Imzianh thinking in the affairs of Iraq.

  75. Joseph says:

    Iraq has received a loan of $ 7 trillion dinars to cover the deficit : Alaa al-Sadoun said Deputy Chairperson of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives that the World Bank and IMF special drawing rights and made a loan to Iraq Bmlbg 7 trillion Iraqi dinars to bridge the fiscal deficit. Said Saadoun, a member of the Accordance Front, said: “The fiscal budget deficit of 21 trillion Iraqi dinars. Sntdark and recycled it through my existing budget of the past year. And the budget in 2010 was calculated on the basis that the price of a barrel of oil to $ 62,5, and the price The current oil is $ 73 a barrel. and this difference would reduce the fiscal deficit.” Saadoun predicted: “The vote is on the budget for the current year next week.” In this case, Something gotta give soon. And, The IMF could of just told then to RV! and the budget would not be affected.

  76. Joseph says:

    ON MONDAY, JANUARY 11, 2010. IQD already rises from 1 US$=1170 IQD to US$ 1= 1111.1 IQD.
    1 US Dollar(s) = 1111.1 Iraqi Dinar(s)
    1 IQD = 0.000900009 USD
    1 USD = 1111.1 IQD
    We all hope in a week or a month ahead that it will rise and rise until at least US1=1 IQD.
    YOU CAN CHECK THE RATE AT: Please tell me if this rate isn’t true on this website.

  77. Joseph says:

    Hillary Clinton on Iraqi Dinars : Clinton urges US investment in Iraq. Clinton announced that the State Department was launching a US-Iraqi internship program in January 2010. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on encouraged US businesses to invest in Iraq, saying that country’s potential is “palpable”. Addressing the Iraq Investment and Business Conference in Washington, Clinton touted investment opportunities in Iraq. “Iraq sits at a global crossroads, and it is a country that, because of its religious and ethnic diversity, has a great potential for connecting up far beyond its own borders in terms of investments and other kinds of opportunities,” she told the business forum. The conference, organized by Washington, is aimed at facilitating contacts between US and Iraqi companies, businessmen and regional leaders from around Iraq. According to AFP, some 750 projects will be presented to potential investors.“For decades, Iraq has been disconnected from the global economy because of war and sanctions. Now we see the potential. And it is one that is based in broad economic growth, fueled by but not limited to oil production,” said Clinton. “And we believe strongly that economic development will go hand-in-hand with an increasing and very clear commitment to democracy,” she added. At the same time, Clinton underscored the importance of Iraq creating “safe and attractive conditions” for international investors. “That of course begins with holding national elections in January that are safe, free, and fair,” she told the conference, which was attended by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. She also said that a comprehensive hydrocarbon law was vital for regulating the oil sector. “As the Iraqi Government continues to make its reforms, I urge US businesses to really see all of the progress that has been made,” Clinton said, pointing to an improved security situation and stronger conditions for investment.
    “The world is watching for every opportunity to invest in Iraq, and companies that wait too long may discover they are too late,” she added. Clinton announced that the State Department was launching a US-Iraqi internship program in January, which will place young Iraqi in technology start-ups in the United States, exposing them to “an entrepreneurial spirit” and helping them develop skills to use at home. All American can invest in Iraq by buying Iraqi Dinars, it is legal and you can invest today. The historical value of the Dinar has been over $3.00, today is under a penny. By buying a 25,000 Dinar note today for $27 after the revalue it could be worth $75,000. The new Dinar notes, Printed in Britain, are designed with the most up-to-date anti-counterfeit features, which includes watermarks, raised letters, security thread, and an optical variable ink along with other variations to deter counterfeiters. Isn’t everyone happy to hear a good news?

  78. Ben says:

    Whoop Whoop I have finally opened myself a bank account in Iraq so no more holding on to paper money and will be far easier to sort out when the RV finally arrives.

  79. pride says:

    the u.s treasury states..1150 dinar =1usd

  80. pride says:

    Financial Management Service..A Bureau of the United States Department of Treasury..updates when there is a 10% change in currency around the globe last up date was Dec.30 2009..reported to them on Nov.30 ..1 U.S.D=1150 IQD..been that rate for months … news is where i find this imfo.U.S Treasury..
    right from the horses mouth..

  81. Joseph says:

    What happens to the ERM?Adam said that the ERM will take a place jan 12. Today it is already 18 and is it already RV or not? anybody knows about ERM here…..What is the rate today, anyone here knows….

  82. Joseph says:

    OPEC seeks using euro in oil deals. Tuesday, January 19th 2010 7:39 AM. Tehran, Jan. 19 (AKnews) – Iran’s representative to OPEC says the group weighs replacing the dollar by the euro in crude oil pricing, adding that no decision has been made. “Members of OPEC are free (to use any currency) in their oil transactions,” said Mohammad Ali Khatibi on Sunday. He added that Iran receives 90 percent of its oil revenues in currencies other than the US dollar. Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ordered in September 2009 the replacement of the US dollar by the euro in the country’s foreign exchange accounts. Earlier, the Islamic Republic of Iran had announced that the euro would replace the greenback in the country’s oil transactions. Also, Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization announced in 2009 that it would completely exclude the US dollar from the country’s foreign revenues and reserves. Iran has recently asked Japan to replace the US dollar with the yen in oil deals it has with the Islamic Republic. The constantly declining value of the dollar and persisting economic crisis in the US has encouraged many countries to drop the currency in favor of a more stable one. Saudi Arabia, South Korea, China, Venezuela, Sudan and Russia have taken steps to replace the US dollar in their foreign exchange reserves. Earlier in November, the head of Iran’s Bank Melli (BMI) said Iran’s Central Bank and BMI have entered into negotiations with some countries and international banks regarding the use of the Iranian rial, the official currency of Iran, in international transactions and operations. Well in this case, will there be a possibility that Iraq will also use a EURO to replace the US Dollar, like what Iran did?Anyone here has better opinion…..Also, is there a possibility too that IQD will be RV using EURO to replace US Dollar one day?Anyone can help to answer it……

  83. Samuel says:

    EU, Iraq Sign Energy Partnership Agreement

    BRUSSELS (Dow Jones)- 18/01/2010 @ 12:03

    The European Union and Iraq have signed an agreement to strengthen their energy cooperation in areas such as natural gas, energy security and renewables, the European Commission said Monday.

    The agreement “provides a political framework for reinforcing energy relations between Iraq and the EU,” the commission said in a statement.

    Iraq is considered an important potential source of natural gas for the EU, which is seeking to diversify its energy supply sources, mainly away from Russia, putting a strong emphasis on gas from the Caspian, Central Asia and the Middle East.

  84. Joseph says:

    HI EVERYONE HERE. i WANT TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE CBI SPECIAL IMPORTANT BULLETIN AT: f.pdf Can everyone here tell me that does this CBI BULLETIN has something to do with the RV…….

  85. Joseph says:

    This is from last summer, just come across it, sure someone would have posted it but personally not seen it before but may have been on one of many breaks!
    Interesting all the same. A coin eh? This brings up loadsa thoughts. A 25k dinar note is worth around $21. The smallest coin currently is 25 worth about $0.021.
    Conscious / Central Bank: The version of a coin soon
    مدير الموقع Site Manager
    حجم الخط: Font size: Decrease font Enlarge font
    واع/ بغداد /ح.ب Conscious / Baghdad / h. B
    29/8/2009 3:08pm 29/8/2009 3:08 pm

    أعلن مصدر مسؤول في البنك المركزي An official source at the Central Bank العراقي أن البنك سيصدر قريبا Iraqi that the bank will be issued soon العملة المعدنية للأسواق وبشكل أفضل بعد إصلاح نظام إدارة العملة إصلاحا شاملا . Coin of the markets and better after the reform of the currency management system overhaul. وأضاف المصدر لمراسل ( وكالة انباء الاعلام العراقي/واع ) ان”عملية إصدار العملة The source of the reporter (news agency, Iraqi Information / conscious) that “the process of issuing the currency المعدنية Mineral المدورة Recycled من السياسات النقدية Of monetary policy الجيدة سنعود إلى إصدارها قريبا بعد القضاء على بعض المعوقات إضافة إلى انه يجب Good will come back to be issued soon after the elimination of some constraints as well as it should أن تكون هناك بيئة اجتماعية That there will be a social environment اقتصادية مهيأة لتقبلها Ready to accept economic في السوق وهناك أمر آخر انه لابد من وجود In the market and there is something else that has to be a وسائل دفع لنظام المدفوعات Means of payment for the payments system العراقي Iraq الذي غاب عن السوق Who was absent from the market العراقي أكثر من 17عام ،مشيرا إلى ان المصارف العراقية غير مهيأة حاليا لاستقبالها لعدم Iraqi more than 17 years, pointing out that the Iraqi banks are currently not equipped to receive non – وجود أجهزة عد وفرز وتصنيف وخزن ،منوها إلى إن العراق بدأ يخطو نحو الأمام لإصدارها A counting device, sorting and classification and storage, noting that Iraq has started to take forward for publication ولكن لابد من أن نضع صورا كاملة لدى الجمهور But they have to put the pictures in full public عن هذا الإصدار “. From this version. “

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