A great summary of RV information

This was posted on the forum, and I’m officially nominating it for one of the best posts of the year already. I have not personally verified all of the information, but it’s obvious that people are paying attention!

Link: (http://dinarvets.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6200)

1. We know from Maliki’s letter to the UN dated 13 Dec 2009 that it is his intention to bring Iraq into the “international financial community” during 2010.
2. We know that his letter stated originally 2009 or 2010 and it is dated 13 Dec 2009. Therefore this would seem to indicate a degree of imminence in itself since he included 2009 with only 17 days left in that year!
3. From this letter then we know now a time frame and a FACT that the RV will occur by his use of the phrase to “bring Iraq into the international financial community.”
4. This was echoed by the UN in July when we found a document in which was buried on about the 50th page the statement that the UN intended to revalue the currency of Iraq as well.
5. The programmed rate of 1170 IQD to the dollar is set to expire on January 12, today. This needs to be verified because I did not provide the link proving this. However,
6. The Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) is scheduled to come into affect for Iraq on the 12th, the same day that the programmed rate expires.
7. The purpose of the ERM is to stabilize a given currency among several currencies that participate in the ERM so that large fluctuations are avoided. The goal of the ERM, as was the case in Europe, is to bring the currency group into “parity” and then eventually create a single currency for all of the countries in the group.
8. The fact that Iraq is participating in an ERM indicates that there is a plan, as yet not announced publicly, for a group of countries to form a unified currency in the ME.
9. The GCC has already indicated its desire to form a single currency and has in fact already invited and accepted Iraq into the GCC as a “fully fledged member”. This occurred in July.
10. For Iraq to become a fully fledged member, however, it has to have an internationally recognized currency. It’s entry therefore is another indication that the plan is in the works for an RV of the dinar.
11. The average current level of currencies in the GCC is about $3.45. It is therefore reasonable to suspect that the IQD will be RVd either at that rate or at a lower rate and then be allowed to rise to that rate prior to the creation of the single ME currency.
12. The ERM allows for a fixed rate platform, a managed float platform, and a free float platform.
13. We have heard rumors that the RV would include a short time frame for exchanging dinars. Periods from 30 days to 45 days seem to predominate. None has projected less than 30 days that I am aware of.
14. Presumably and logically the cash-in “window” would be used to draw in all notes of 1,000 dinar or larger. My assumption is that these would eventually be destroyed and then the IQD would have notes similar to the US dollar (1, 5, 20, 50, and 100) plus coinage as we do. All of this has already been planned for and I have read that the bills have been produced.
15. The final key to our analysis is to attempt to put a narrower time frame on the RV. This begins with March 17 as the farthest out possible date. The reasoning is as follows:
16. The IMF has announced that it is lending 7 trillion dinar to Iraq to support its budget. First payment on that loan is due on March 17. This number seems enormous on the surface and would lead us to believe that

17. The loan cannot be repaid with the current valuation of the dinar. However at $1 or $3 for the value of the dinar (instead of $.0008) the loan becomes somewhere between $2.5 billion and $7 billion.

18. Given the fact that the Iraqi budget, based on $60 per barrel oil, is going to be less than $100 billion, then the loan represents somewhere between 2.5% and 7% of the budget, which is reasonable. However,
19. It is ONLY reasonable if the IQD is revalued. And in order to pay its first payment the RV would have to occur BEFORE the first payment is due. This is all consistent with Maliki’s statement in his letter to the UN.
20. I have read that the IMF has rules that insist that Iraq be prepared to make its payments from 30 to 45 days PRIOR to the payment date, and that it much show proof to the IMF. This needs to be verified by our group but is reasonable. In any case, however, the IMF clearly would NOT have announced the loan unless it KNEW that Iraq would be able to pay it back. This is a secondary confirmation that an RV is close.
21. The election takes place on March 7. Clearly Maliki intends to be re-elected. Clearly also it is in his best interest to get the RV done prior to the election so that he can benefit from that event.
22. Election laws prohibit certain major expenses and changes in expense structures 30 days prior to the election (this is to prevent fraud and “buying” of an election). I have read this and should be able to provide a link, or someone else should post it for us so we have it in writing. This means that Maliki has until February 7 to get the RV done; otherwise he will have violated Iraqi law and placed a cloud on his re-election chances.
23. Finally, the new budget obviously has to be in affect shortly, and clearly very soon since the first payment from the IMF is due on March 17. We learned yesterday that the budget is conditionally approved with only 2 small elements to be worked out. I posted some more on this this morning, as did Hangtime.
24. We can be confident that the budget will be finalized this week, IMO.
25. We can therefore now state with a good degree of confidence that the RV must occur sometime between now and February 7. The sooner it is done the better for Maliki and his election prospects, in my opinion, since he has more time for the impact of the RV to be felt by the people.
26. It is likely that the coup attempt was made yesterday with the foreknowledge that Maliki has this “rabbit in the hat” and that once the RV is announced there will be no stopping his re-election.

Thanks for you wonderful accolades. It’s nice to know that we all respect each other and appreciate each other’s efforts. Needless to say, this analysis was not done in a vacuum. It is based on posts provided by others in our group over the last several months and really just clarifies what is already in our posts.

I did this once before and was wrong, quite honestly. However the last time I did this I didn’t have anywhere near as much solid evidence as we have now. The tide is definitely in our favor and I personally can see no way that the RV wouldn’t happen in 2010, as Maliki himself has promised and the UN has indicated needs to happen. Furthermore, I see no reason why speed should not be of the essence in getting this done from the viewpoint of the Maliki government. Therefore, and in conclusion, I look for an RV from $1 to $3.50 before February 7 and most like within the next 10 days.

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  1. Jeff Harry says:

    Thanks very much..this is uplifting/i really love this information..please email us..when it RV..because…i am really desprate for it to happen.thanks once again

  2. Roy says:

    Adam-Did your Contact at Dubai-bring up the IMF loan as proof of a possible RV?-Thanks

  3. Adam Montana says:

    We did speak about the IMF at length, but I am unable to comment on that question specifically.

  4. Stephen says:

    Hi Adam

    Cracking news & the work you put in is very, very much appreciated.

    Just one question & its probably on a lot of minds.

    When the rv happens i will be in the UK, how & were will i be able to exchange physical banknotes up.

    I just have this burning sensation that its somehow going to go all wrong for the exchange in such a short time, surely it cant be that easy to walk into, lets say my bank Natwest & ask the cashier “can you please cash this in for me”

    I just dont think the banks in the UK dont even know or have staff trained for such a mass influx of this.

    I would appreciate your reply if you can before the RV (just a little joke)

    All the best for the future

    Kind regards


  5. Adam Montana says:

    Stephen, if you can exchange your Kuwaiti Dinars at a major bank, you should have no problem with your Iraqi Dinars.

  6. karl says:

    ADAM ; thank you very much for your clear and precise explanation of what is happening in dinar world. I appreciate it very much, at least i think i might not loose my house now.

  7. Lars Rosenstam says:

    Hallo Adam and please to met you on this site!

    Now we are all waiting for the RW in very soon

    time.I hope it vill happen before the 7 of feb.Thank you !

  8. jesse whitfield says:

    How will I be able to trade in my 25000 dinar notes when the rv occurs and the window opens?

  9. Roy says:

    What good is our future if there’s no hope for tomorow? Thank you for the insight.

  10. Roy says:

    Concerning tax is the date for proof of purchase that neccesary to determine capital gain tax or any other tax, thank. You for the respond.

  11. Adam Montana says:

    Roy, that’s a matter of debate. Some say you will not have to pay taxes and some say you will need to show proof of purchase to determine if you are in short term or long term bracket.
    Best bet is going to be to pay a professional at the time.

  12. Adam Montana says:

    Joseph, before you post any of your long articles on here, please email me at dinarnews @ gmail.com please.

  13. DJ says:

    Thank you Adam for this info we have been waiting for this for some time puts things in far greater understanding, once again thank you.

  14. Fosterific says:

    Depending on the timing of the RV and the amount of “gains” will determine how you are taxed.
    In most cases, the gains will be taxed as regular income… please be ready for the RV and don’t just leave your “new money” in the bank — there are unique tax shelters (govt bonds, annuities, SEPS, life insurance, etc) that can help you preserve your loot! See your CPA and financial advisor for more on this BEFORE the RV!

  15. MS says:

    What are the chances of a LOP of 3 Zeros? Has anyone looked into this? Just curious. It seems reasonable that they may retire the large notes by lopping 3 zeros and allowing people to cash in these old notes for lower denomination notes. They would have to do the same for bank accounts before issuing the lower demoninations as well. Emotions aside, does anyone know?

  16. Adam Montana says:

    MS, that’s a very detailed question… I’d buy the book. :)

  17. Starlie Buchan says:

    Star says,Our familys are in such need right now and this is a true Blessing from up above. I Pray that every thing goes smoothly. and many Thanks to Adam and his Family for keeping our spirits up there and keeping us posted. I am so Happy that this is finally here. Thank You, Thank you, Thank you. Star

  18. Rachael says:

    First let me thank you for your latest posting but As I was reading I realized that number 17 is missing??? AND #16 is not complete.

  19. Adam Montana says:

    thanks Rachael, fixed.

  20. kam says:

    Hi, stephen THE ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND now buy/sell the iraqi dinar, they also own natwest. I have bought and sold dinar with the rbs just to try them out and have had no problem. Feel free to go in and ask them, or try their website RBS.COM and go to their currency page.I was shocked when i asked them about dinar and they said they would take ANY AMOUNT of me…

  21. PERLA P. says:

    HI, Adam and Dinar Family!!! Thank you very much Adam for the great info. We all need to hear this. GOD our HEAVENLY PARENT DOES WORKS IN A MISTERIOUS WAYS!!! May we all feel GOD`S love in every situation we`re in. May we all feel gratitude and compassion in every way.
    MAY GOD BLESS US ALL contineously! Sorry for mispelling.

  22. Jack says:

    Hi Adam,

    I appreciate your indepth knowledge and understanding not only of the Dinar, but of business. I plan on buying your book! I do appreciate all you have done, and will continue to do in behalf of all of us who follow your forum, and direction. Thanks Much

  23. Bluewaters2u says:

    Hi Adam. So when can we exspect the hard copy? Congrads on your book, i have a good idea on just how good it may be. You seem to put a lot of effort in most of your adventures. these are indeed exciting times now watching our investment unfold before our very eyes. not sure on 10 days exit, but i do feel we are very close. watch the Oil productions and the last bids to go out!!! Blue

  24. B Schooley says:

    Hi, Adam

    This memo of yours s quite a revelation!! All I can say as of this moment is “WOW”.. Look forward to receipt of your book. Thanks so very much, Adam!

  25. Scot says:

    Hi Adam,

    All of this info is encouraging but an RV doesn’t do us any good unless the Iraqi dinar is on the FOREX, right? Did I miss something ?

  26. Teresa says:

    With so much talk of a “single currency” amongst groups of countries (ie: Euro for the Eurozone, and now all this “manipulation” (one country forgive this debt etc.) that must take place currently for the RV of the Dinar for Irag onward to a “single currency” for the Gulfzone, causes me to ponder on into the future when all these “zones” have their “single currency”….what will it take THEN amongst all these “single currencies” amongst ZONES until we as a WORLD only have “one single currency” PERIOD. As I watch the “scientific” manipulations which “increase” value of one currency over another…I wonder when the Dollar will be RI out of existence” as we move toward GLOBALIZATION aka One World Government thusly needing a One World SINGLE Currency. Is this the beginning of the End for American Sovereignty? (Things that make you go ummm.)

  27. Carla says:

    Adam 5. The programmed rate of 1170 IQD to the dollar is set to expire on January 12, today. This needs to be verified because I did not provide the link proving this. However,
    6. The Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) is scheduled to come into affect for Iraq on the 12th, the same day that the programmed rate expires. Today is the 14th. Has this already happened? Thanks Adam for all you keep doing!

  28. TERRY says:



  29. Mark Tx says:

    I NEVER thought another man would give me goose bumps…. Job well done…

  30. Esmeralda says:

    My husband and I have BIG hopes, we are just waiting for the RV and planning a Lot of things. Thank’s for the information, you are indeed very helpful.

  31. Mike says:

    So the only way you will tell us which is the best way to cash in our dinar is if we buy your book? Also, how would it help us if the dinar rv’s before your book is finished?

  32. Trent says:

    Could someone please explain #5 & #6 in Carla’s post? Has this happend yet and why did the dinar sell today at 1170 to 1USD at the CBI if so? Is the ERM in place or not? That was two days ago. Thanks Joe for the forex link.

  33. paul says:

    When rv happens, where do you go to exchange for U.S. dollar. I have called HSBC and Wells Fargo and both have said they do not have dinar on list to exchange. Do we have to open account with CBI

  34. Stephen says:

    Heads a spinning now.

    if its showing on a trading forex chart then its tradable, if it were not showing then i would understand but this link from joe doesnt make sense


  35. Trent says:

    Okay I’m not that familiar with forex, could someone copy and tamper with that web site or is that the offical site? Again is the ERM in place right now? I can’t find anything on it.

  36. Stephen says:

    Not sure about this site as for 1 it doesnt have a security certificate & properties reveal it was created today, so not sure, have tried other forex charts but nothing doing with the dinar
    Wierd 24 hours ahead

  37. paul says:

    I want this as bad as anyone and do believe in it, I was told from someone that works inside the White House of a rv, but cashing it in cant find the place to do it. Have a friend who works for the World Bank in washington checking, but if anyone finds out in research please inform….

  38. Fesoj says:

    Hey i right clicked on the site that was given by Stephen and checked the properties and it said it was created today and modified today however….if you do the same to this site you will get the same answer and on other sites as well so it doesnt really have any significance. It could have been created today or a while ago. Hope this helps.

  39. Carla says:

    Adam Where are thou????

  40. Trent says:

    Fesoj Is the Forex a FAKE???

  41. Trent says:

    Excuse me is the Forex site a fake?

  42. Trent says:

    I’m not trying to rain on anyones party but I can’t get in the chat room. What is going on?
    no one is posting here? Whats the word???

  43. Joe says:

    No it’s not fake I could do that if I tried.I found it a month or 2 ago and added it to my favorites. I really don’t think it’s fake,it’s been active for a while.It go up and down a little sometimes but always ends the same.The real place to watch is http://www.cbi.iq

  44. Joe says:

    Sorry I couldn’t fake that site.I not savvy like that.

  45. Fesoj says:

    To be honest i dont know i have compared every aspect that i could to my site and it all matches up fairly well. But umm…can anyone get on the http://www.dinarvets.com site?

  46. Joseph says:

    Denmark shall hide the debt of Iraq by 100 percent : Finance Ministry announced that Iraq will sign an agreement with the Danish side, which is put out of debt on Iraq by 100 percent.
    A statement from the Ministry of Finance
    said: “The signing of the Convention will take place on Sunday in Baghdad.” Oh my god, would this be a good news to the iraq’s side, wouldn’t it. what do you think everyone……

  47. Stephen says:

    Fesoj & Trent

    I can get on to dinarvets with no problem



  48. Joseph says:

    United Nations Treasury: The United Nations Operational Rates of Exchange
    Warning: The Operational rates of exchange listed herein are intended only for the internal record-keeping of the United Nations. No warranty of accuracy can be given and the United Nations shall not assume any responsibility in connection with the present publication of these rates. Generally, the rates are updated monthly, based on market conditions. Adjustments are also made following official government devaluations or revaluations. 2010 Operational Rates of Exchange Last updated 06 Jan 2010 for the effective date of 08 January 2010 and thereafter until further notice. Please note that Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) redenominated its currency 100:1. After the redenomination, the currency, KPW, depreciated significantly and the new U.N. Operational Rates of Exchange is 99.8 per USD effective 08 Jan 2010. Please note that there is no-mid month revision for 15 Jan 10.
    The time table for the scheduled updates for 2010 will be posted shortly. I just wonder WILL UNITED NATIONS TREASURE ANNOUNCE A NOTICE, LIKE THIS LIKE THE REVALUATION OF THE NORTH KOREA, WHEN IRAQ IS ALREADY RV ONE DAY. So, at least everyone around the world can see the rate of iraq revaluation. everyone has some opinions…

  49. Trent says:

    Was the ERM put in place on Jan. 12 as Adam said? I can not find anything on it.
    What exactly does it mean if the Iraqi dinar is being traded on Forex? Gone global?

  50. Joe says:

    I haven’t seen anything more on the ERM and yes the forex thing is very important.That means anyone can get online and see it’s value.

  51. matthew says:

    the dinardaddy blog is reporting that corporate banks in the united states have been notified to watch for an exchange rate change in the iraqi dinar this weekend. sounds like this might be the rv. anyone else heard anything about this?

  52. Stephen says:


    If any one hasent noticed the rate has fell of the scale in the last 5 days.

    best place to view the chart is.


    You know how to enter the ammounts then you get a green up down chart middle of the page, looked ok until the 11th but since all this hype its dropped right down.

    Any one know why??

  53. Stephen says:

    Warka bank are displaying this on web site???

    Dear Warka Clients,

    Due to the temporary curfew our bank will be closed today and will re-open tomorrow offering its full services.

    Best regards,

    Warka Bank for Investment and Finance

    why is this seems strange

  54. Trent says:

    You are correct sir…..the link shows the statement.
    I see 1 USD = 1132 IQD. And yes, why were they closed today?

  55. Trent says:

    Stephen i can’t answer that…..what the heck is going on??? CitiBank still doesn’t show the Iraq Dinar as a traded currency. DinarDaddy folk thought it might go down this afternoon…….apparently not?

  56. taff says:

    ok i have no idea whats happening now,
    im wondering why Adam hasnt had an imput latley.
    It just seems noone seems to know whats happening. me included ……

  57. Scot says:

    UPI.com reports that the curfew is due to a bombing on Jan 13

  58. John says:

    So, if the value of DInar increase (RV or big %), is sure that I can exchange in European Bank, without the danger, that Iraq Governament change the notes, launched in 2003? Thank to all person that reply me

  59. dc1 says:


    Have you ever issued an RV prediction before?

    I ask this as a relative newcomer.

    I also must repeat my prior question – Will it be necessary for the US Treasury to amend it’s currency exchange list for the banks in the US to trade in dinar at the RV rate?

    Thank you – would appreciate reply.


  60. Joe says:

    It only matters what the rate at CBI says.It doesn’t matter what it says anywhere else it not really til CBI says so.


  61. Joseph says:

    Adam, what happens to the ERM?you said that the ERM will take a place after jan 12. Today it is already 18 and is it already RV or not?anybody knows about ERM here…..

  62. John says:

    So, nobody can reply me? Thank a lot. I rewrite my post: Hi guys! Is it better cash or open an account on Warka? If I decide for cash, and if the value of DInar increase (RV or big %), is sure that I can exchange in European Bank, without the danger, that Iraq Governament change the notes, launched in 2003? Thank to all person that reply me

  63. Will says:

    I also heard the world was coming to an end on January 16, 2010…Still waiting

  64. ted jacobs says:

    the warka is a scam the warka is not a bank its an investment co.the warka bank web site is what u need to visit you must live in iraq to open an account or have perm work ect to open account. just go to warka bank web site

  65. John says:

    So let’s cash. So for you is better cash, that is what I have. So if the RV appears, what I tell to my bank about the origin of the notes? I have many notes with the value of 25000 dinar. Now the value is about 15€, but after, it would increase of many zero. Are there banks that pay a lot of money for a notes, without take some measures?

    And it is possible that in 20 days (first days of February), Dinars enter in International Exchange, and increase the value, in a such little period? For me, this changement is possible, but not in this short period, maybe in 2010, but not in 20 days. There are both operations that requires a great domand of time. What do you think guys?

  66. Trent says:

    John, Iraq banks are not insured, they do not have a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, FDIC. It is not a scam but you invest through Warka at your own risk. That is my understanding.

  67. jeff says:

    hey today as i was watching the morning news i saw to comercials for florex.com, they would not put those up if they knew something was not about to happen. go dinar!!

  68. Susanna.Howlett says:

    Can anyone help us. We have been active looking for a source in Ontario Canada that deal in Dinar’s. We would like this information for when we are interested in changing over the Dinar’s into our currency. So far we haven’t found one. Even some close enough to us.

    Can anyone help us.

  69. rick says:

    does anyone know if you can go to chase bank and exchange when this does really hit?

  70. Ryan says:

    I work for a large US Bank. As of Monday, Jan 18th we were still selling the Dinar to customers at the same exchange rate we have for over a year. 1M Dinar = $1080 (obviously we make a cut on the exchange rate). If it was truly going to happen in the next few days and banks were notified ahead of time, I dont think we would still be selling it, especially at that rate.

  71. Stephen says:


    I seen a comercial break my self today for levi jeans but doesnt mean were all going to turn into cowboys.

    Predictions i reckon are way out for rv in the next 10 days, i dont even beleive it will happen before the elections, el presidenty will keep that trump card until after the elections when he fills the time is right not when everone else tells him to.
    My gues is win the election then wait a couple of years until you see a big rise in oil productions, then play the trump card for the next term of voiting.

    It aint about the dinar or rv its all politics

  72. Matthew says:

    I agree with you Stephen. I believe the RV plays no role in the election. I’ve held since 2004 and used to be like everyone else and check on the rv daily. Like it wasn’t going to Rv unless I wasted 5 hours a day disecting the information that I received. This will RV when Iraq has a much sronger infrastructure, when their exports can come close to their imports, and when there is a stronger confidence in their over all economy. I believe still what I believed 2 years ago, THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN FOR AT LEAST TWO MORE YEARS….sorry to burst a lot of bubbles but they are just not ready.

  73. paul says:

    Kam, sorry to rain on your parade, if you made the phone call lately to RBS bank they do not exchange the Iraqi dinar. Just called today the 800# and its not recognized like every bank in this country I have called. Still looking and waiting for someone to give that info. Dont think it will happen till you can trade it.

  74. wizard says:

    For Ontario check out Scotiabank

  75. Joe says:

    It’s on the forex site already and has been for weeks.And no it’s not fake.


  76. Trent says:

    Joe why does it not show at Citibank as one of their currencies then?

  77. kam says:

    paul, it is on the website in black and white, and i have been into the branch to exchange dinars.i am talking about a uk bank the RBS.This is a fact not fiction, In the uk its exchangable at banks, no matter what paul tells us..

  78. Stephen says:

    Hi All

    Cheers Mathew a man living in the real world.
    I personally purchased my dinars in 2004 & I was advised by a stock brokers son that was luck enough to have gained from afghan war.
    His advice from him handed down from his dad & I quote

    Don’t invest if you need to use the money within the next 10 years.

    This I believe is the time scale you will all have to wait until you see any returns, 2012 earliest, 2014 latest, after this use them to chuck at the queen of England as ticker tape next time she waves at you out of her flash car.

    As my dad would say.

    “Never push your granny when she’s shaving”

    What that means I haven’t got a clue but it seemed to work for many years LOL

    Chins up don’t give up



  79. Gary says:

    I saw the site that you had on you posted. Not sure why the rate has fallen on it. The Official Central Bank of Iraq is still at 1168 and 1170???
    Does anyone know why the difference? It can not be both?????

  80. Trent says:

    Paul whats the word from your friend in Washington at the World Bank?
    Kam you’re saying you live in the UK and all UK banks are trading dinar? Is that right???
    this is getting crazy…..

  81. Trent says:

    Joe i went to the Forex site and played around, the usdiqd does show up, when you click on the usdiqd symbol though is doesn’t give a graph chart, you get error message but it is on forex.
    What does that mean anyone?

  82. Susanna.Howlett says:

    Thanks for the information, the only bank that I didn’t check out was the Scotia. I will contact them tomorrow to see if they will deal with the Dinar.
    We are very close to the U.S. boarder (Buffalo) what would be a good bank to contact there if the Canadian banks will not deal with the Dniar’s?


  83. Trent says:

    Bank of America said when the time came they would buy & sell Iraq Dinar, but the only thing i know for sure is…i don’t know anything for sure.

  84. Matthew says:

    Cheers to you Stephen,
    I personally see a Dec 21st 2012 Rv………God’s little joke on us ALL for being so greedy….You know Mayan Calendar and all.

  85. Frankie says:

    Mathew and Stephan if you think it won’t be until 2012 and it is a big joke whay are you bothering to be on this site seems to me you have your own agenda so please start your own 2012 site and let everyone else dream a little

  86. Matthew says:

    Please tell me what that agenda would be??? I hold Dinar. I’ve been invested pretty much since its inception. I want to see an RV as bad as anyone. People can tell me all they want about how long they’ve been invested and I always subtract about 4 years. I have checked a lot in the beginning and found that when it nears a New Year or the beginning of a New Year or Christmas or a U.S. election the rumors go crazy. There is more to this than hoping and National Holidays or elections. It’s as I stated above infrastructure, exports, inflation,etc. They have made good progress but not enough for it to happen within the rumor time frame of 2-6months. It’s just not feasable………Anyway I was talking to Stephen.

  87. Stephen says:

    Cricky Frankie no need for that, its better to know the facts before you go spending what you havent got.

    Me, Mathew & the few other sain people try to keep it real.

    Im sorry if what we have posted offends you, as do others that make up all the rumours of the rv in the next ten minutes offends me.

    It just isnt going to happen in ten days, ten months but will happen within 2 years



  88. kam says:

    Trent, yes i live in london and my bank buy/sell iraqi dinar. the bank is THE RBS, they sell at a high rate but at least we are getting close.If the dinar was not going anywhere then why have the uk banks got it in stock.. obvious its just a matter of time before rv..

  89. Jayson says:

    But yet that is just as much a rumor on it happening in two years. Point is, everything is rumor on the RV until you actually wake up one day and see that it has occurred. Until then, live you life as you have, and forget about it.

  90. Stephen says:

    Hi All

    This is why there will be no quick RV in iraq.

    Just 24 hours in iraq brings events like this that you or i should not now about, but the large investers waiting to invest will certainly now about.

    Its not safe to invest so yuo will not see rv anytime soon regaurless what they say on here.


    FACTBOX-Security developments in Iraq, Jan 20 20 Jan 2010 18:04:31 GMT
    Source: Reuters
    Jan 20 (Reuters) – Following are security developments in Iraq at 1730 GMT on Wednesday. *denotes a new or updated item.

    *BAGHDAD – Four gunmen robbed a jewelry store in the Binoog district of northern Baghdad, killing the owner and another man, police said.

    A gunfight erupted between the gunmen and Iraqi police in which a police officer was killed, and two of the gunmen and five civilians were wounded, police and Baghdad’s security spokesman said.

    MOSUL – A suicide bomber blew up a sport utility vehicle in an Iraqi army headquarters in Mosul, 390 km (240 miles) north of Baghdad, wounding 45 people, including 18 soldiers and five policemen, police said.

    MOSUL – A bomb attached to a car killed a policeman while he was heading to work in southern Mosul, police said.

    MOSUL – Gunmen entered a cafe and killed an off-duty policeman in central Mosul, police said.

    thats just 24 hours

  91. Stephen says:

    If that isnt good enough for you cop a load of this


    Regards All


  92. Stephen says:


    Please answer the question as to why with this one then.

    Try to explain it without saying its in the book or refering us all to dummies.

    Find it rather insulting to be asked to buy a book for dummies to be honest

    CBI’s dollar sales drop to 168m on Sunday
    Aswat Al Iraq – [1/17/2010]

    The Central Bank of Iraq’s (CBI) dollar sales fell to $168.902 million in its daily auction on Sunday, compared to $295.317 million during the previous session.

    “The demand hit $8.95 million in cash, covered at an exchange rate of 1,170 Iraqi dinars per dollar, and $159.952 million in foreign transfers outside the country, covered at an exchange rate of 1,173 Iraqi dinars per dollar,” according to a CBI news bulletin received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
    None of the 16 banks that participated in today’s session offered to sell dollars.

    The Central Bank of Iraq runs a daily auction from Sunday to Thursday.



  93. Joseph says:

    OPEC seeks using euro in oil deals. Tuesday, January 19th 2010 7:39 AM. Tehran, Jan. 19 (AKnews) – Iran’s representative to OPEC says the group weighs replacing the dollar by the euro in crude oil pricing, adding that no decision has been made. “Members of OPEC are free (to use any currency) in their oil transactions,” said Mohammad Ali Khatibi on Sunday. He added that Iran receives 90 percent of its oil revenues in currencies other than the US dollar. Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ordered in September 2009 the replacement of the US dollar by the euro in the country’s foreign exchange accounts. Earlier, the Islamic Republic of Iran had announced that the euro would replace the greenback in the country’s oil transactions. Also, Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization announced in 2009 that it would completely exclude the US dollar from the country’s foreign revenues and reserves. Iran has recently asked Japan to replace the US dollar with the yen in oil deals it has with the Islamic Republic. The constantly declining value of the dollar and persisting economic crisis in the US has encouraged many countries to drop the currency in favor of a more stable one. Saudi Arabia, South Korea, China, Venezuela, Sudan and Russia have taken steps to replace the US dollar in their foreign exchange reserves. Earlier in November, the head of Iran’s Bank Melli (BMI) said Iran’s Central Bank and BMI have entered into negotiations with some countries and international banks regarding the use of the Iranian rial, the official currency of Iran, in international transactions and operations. Well in this case, will there be a possibility that Iraq will also use a EURO to replace the US Dollar, like what Iran did?Anyone here has better opinion…..Also, is there a possibility too that IQD will be RV using EURO to replace US Dollar one day?Anyone can help to answer it……

  94. Gary says:

    Stephen and Mathew know everything!!!!!!!!!!!1. Even if some of the info that you post is fact your not being very positive about the revalue.
    Everyone here is here for positive news not to hear you two bash on our hopes.
    I myself have been holding dinar since it was first available, alot longer than your four year time period. I personally have over 10 million dinar and am wanting any type of RV over a dollar so I can retire. SO I feel everyone elses frustrations when they say stop all the negative, We want to hear truethful but positive feedback. Just remember NONE of us know when it will happen but some of you think you know it all!

  95. Stephen says:


    It is nice having news of the rv but when you see post such as the very first one listed here it gives some people false hope.

    Like poor old post 17 (starlie)
    This does get me going as many are in a situation less fortunate than others, to give false hope as this is out of order & should be stopped

    From now on then i will only post positive news to give the impression all is well

    Sorry to offend anyone


  96. Gary says:

    Thanks for the answer.
    I think there is a fine line between false hopes and being negative, from the posts that I see it is not false hopes. Adam himself has posted that he thinks within the next 10 days from Jan 14th or before Feb. 7th. What do you think about this??? and is he basing his info on false hopes?
    By the way you did offend me at all, you just seem to know a lot and I cant see where you get your info.

  97. soonerorlater says:

    To both Stephen & Gary:
    I think we can all agree that “eventually” something is going to happen with the IQD. Some people want to hear positive news even if they find out later it’s not true. It’ simply doesn’t bother them to be riding this emotional roller coaster as long as they hear nothing negative. Then, there are some who want to hear nothing but truth……. no matter if it’s positive or not.
    There seems to be an abundance of both these items here on this as well as most of the other sites.

    One thing is for sure, “PROVIDED” the Iraqiis can find the will to live in peace with each other, it will grow into a economic power and perhaps “all” will benefit from this.

  98. Stephen says:

    Hi Gary

    Thanks for that.

    My info is fitered out from the rumour sites, reading between the lines & gathering facts.

    If you type in Dinar in any search engine you get stacks of results about buying it, selling it & so on.

    Try widening your search.

    Iraq security is a good start, dont use the normal run of the mill dinar.

    Then you will get a full info list of facts.

    All the best


  99. position trader says:

    If the iraqi dinar needs to be traded in due to participation in the ERM than how would those of us holding IQD in the united states go about doing that?

  100. jeff says:

    The Potential of the Dinar
    Prior to United Nations sanctions, the Iraqi dinar traded at 3.35 per U.S. dollar, and prior to the war in Iraq, the Iraqi dinar traded at .33 U.S. Dollars. During major combat operations, the Iraqi dinar declined to an all time low. However, after major combat operations, the value of the dinar increased 25%. Countries such as Germany (post WWII) and Kuwait (post Iraqi invasion) experienced a similar devaluation of their currency, but both countries recovered. Today, the dinar has increased from 3,500 against the dollar during the U.S. led invasion last year to 1,400 against the U.S. dollar. Imagine the growth potential of the Iraqi dinar once Iraq recovers and begins to enjoy the potential revenue of a country rich in oil and other natural resources.

  101. bryantsscott says:

    Iraq will bounce back sooner or later. You just need to look at the history of the region. There is a reason they call Iraq the “Bread basket of the middle east”. And they will continue to be what they are. Our economy here revolves around oil and the price of it. Iraq will be producing that oil soon enough, and in a large capacity. Why do you think our military went there in the first place, it’s all about the oil and whoever has it will prosper. Believe in the history, not just the recent history, after all, they were the founding fathers of modern mathematics.

  102. Joseph says:

    HI EVERYONE HERE. i WANT TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE CBI SPECIAL IMPORTANT BULLETIN AT:http://www.cbi.iq/pdf/bulletin f.pdf Can everyone here tell me that does this CBI BULLETIN has something to do with the RV…….

  103. Stephen says:

    Joseph that link or address doesnt go anywere

    are you sure thats the correct link?

  104. donny says:


    You missed an underscore in your url. Although that pdf is from 2003. :(

  105. Matthew says:

    I said I bought since the inception which was NOT 4 years ago. I’ve held for over 6 years. I have seen the rumor mills since 04. Usually like I said around elections, holidays, and the beginning of a new year the rumors really start flying…..6 years in a row to be exact. As I stated I have held a lot of Dinar for a very long time and have done research with my friend Daniel who actually trades currency for a living. I didn’t just buy Dinar because someone told me to off the street. We did our research and concluded this could be a positive LONG term investment. So if people like yourself don’t want to hear what it ACTUALLY takes for an RV than don’t read my submisssion. I’m not saying that it’s a bad investment in the least, but if you only want to hear why it’s going to RV in a month or two. I think you are excluding actual FACT. I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble in no way do I want to do that. In fact for every positive item that comes in for RV is great news. But, please remember that there are just as many rumors to the contrary. Remember, there are people who actually have done their research and aren’t just relying on rumors, quips, and fabricated website articles. You say you want to hear the truth but with positive feedback???? What if the truth doesn’t have a positive twist?? I have spent many years on the education of myself on what it takes to actually RV and would love to share it with you but I believe you would be disappointed. I hope you do get to retire soon because that would mean I can too.

    Go Dinar!!

  106. Gary says:

    I agree…some of the facts I am not educated on. I was just hoping for a shorter term RV not another two or three years. I guess six years of waiting has been a little frustrating. It does seem that a possible RV is closer than it has ever been if that makes sense. when I started buying the dinar I expected it to take four or five years, now that we have passes that time I am hoping for a RV soon. Didnt mean to jump on you like that. Let just all hope for a profitable RV in the near future. :)

  107. Trent says:

    Matthew I would like to hear what it takes for an RV to actually happen instead of reading all these pipe dream blogs by so-called experts. Its always one more obstacle to overcome…..lay it on us bro.

  108. Joseph says:

    I know that this news was already happened last year in the summer, but have everyone already read this news. Firstly, Sorry I don’t mean to scare everyone about this news. This is from last summer, just come across it, sure someone would have posted it but personally not seen it before but may have been on one of many breaks!
    Interesting all the same. A coin eh? This brings up loadsa thoughts. A 25k dinar note is worth around $21. The smallest coin currently is 25 worth about $0.021.
    Conscious / Central Bank: The version of a coin soon
    مدير الموقع Site Manager
    حجم الخط: Font size: Decrease font Enlarge font
    واع/ بغداد /ح.ب Conscious / Baghdad / h. B
    29/8/2009 3:08pm 29/8/2009 3:08 pm

    أعلن مصدر مسؤول في البنك الم An official source at the Central Bank العراقي أن البنك سيصدر قريبا Iraqi that the bank will be issued soon العملة المعدنية للأسواق وبشكل أفضل بعد إصلاح نظام إدارة العملة إصلاحا شاملا . Coin of the markets and better after the reform of the currency management system overhaul. وأضاف المصدر لمراسل ( وكالة انباء الاعلام العراقي/واع ) ان”عملية إصدار العملة The source of the reporter (news agency, Iraqi Information / conscious) that “the process of issuing the currency المعدنية Mineral المدورة Recycled من السياسات النقدية Of monetary policy الجيدة سنعود إلى إصدارها قريبا بعد القضاء على بعض المعوقات إضافة إلى انه يجب Good will come back to be issued soon after the elimination of some constraints as well as it should أن تكون هناك بيئة اجتماعية That there will be a social environment اقتصادية مهيأة لتقبلها Ready to accept economic في السوق وهناك أمر آخر انه لابد من وجود In the market and there is something else that has to be a وسائل دفع لنظام المدفوعات Means of payment for the payments system العراقي Iraq الذي غاب عن السوق Who was absent from the market العراقي أكثر من 17عام ،مشيرا إلى ان المصارف العراقية غير مهيأة حاليا لاستقبالها لعدم Iraqi more than 17 years, pointing out that the Iraqi banks are currently not equipped to receive non – وجود أجهزة عد وفرز وتصنيف وخزن ،منوها إلى إن العراق بدأ يخطو نحو الأمام لإصدارها A counting device, sorting and classification and storage, noting that Iraq has started to take forward for publication ولكن لابد من أن نضع صورا كاملة لدى الجمهور But they have to put the pictures in full public عن هذا الإصدار “. From this version. ” Does anyone here has any opinion about this…..

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