Iraqi Dinar re-evaluation… coming soon to a bank near YOU!!!!

Here’s a new tune coming from the Prime Minister!

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said on Sunday that the process to re-evaluate the Iraqi dinar has to do with economic conditions that have to be strengthened.

I don’t recall ever hearing Maliki mention any kind of revaluation in the past, do you? It appears that we have official confirmation that the CBI is participating in a study to determine how to raise the value on the Dinar.

Maybe he finally subscribed to my newsletter. ;)   Here’s the link to the article:

I do have some more stuff coming later. Stay tuned!

-Adam Montana

P.S. “If Adam Montana said it… it’s on this site.”

And if someone says I said it, but it’s not on this site… then they are either lying or passing around lies that people told them.

Listen, friends – people love to say “Oh Adam Montana said THIS! And it wasn’t true!” blah blah… are you kidding me? If you want to know what I said or didn’t say, look on this website, If it’s here, then I said it. If not – well, I seem to be a popular guy, so there must be a reason people like to make stuff up about me. ;)

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67 Responses to “Iraqi Dinar re-evaluation… coming soon to a bank near YOU!!!!”

  1. avatar Lana says:

    Adam, As much as I love adrenalin, it is starting to wear. Can you tell us your take? In your opinion? Do you see it happening this week? You are the one with the contacts and all that stuff. Anyhoo, appreciate your work.

  2. avatar Joe says:

    This is a first..It’s so good to see the RV word in a legit article coming out of Iraq.I did see a nother article today saying that the CBI said that the exchange rate of 1170 is reasonalbe and that it will be free floating.So if it doesn’t RV right away it will increase over time like it was before they froze it at 1170 last year.I am still hopeful for a quick RV.I need a new house so I gots to keep the faith I love to hear the good news there is so much of it these days.

  3. avatar Roy says:

    Maliki said “Coming soon”–Soon in the iraqi gov’t could be a while they way things have been over the past 5 years or so…Or Maliki needs it b4 the election..notice how he covered himself putting it all on the CBI…soon? only time will tell..Thanks Adam for creating dinarvets and this site!

  4. avatar JS says:

    Thanks, Adam. So what about the CBI’s reported statement this morning … how do the two fit?
    BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: The governor of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) on Monday said that the current exchange rate (1,170 Iraqi dinars per dollar) is reasonable, adding that the bank has enough foreign reserves to defend the exchange rate.

    “The CBI is adopting a managed floating policy of exchange rate, through which a reasonable exchange rate is fixed,” Sanan al-Shubibi told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
    “The current exchange rate is reasonable and stable and can be defended by our vast foreign reserves, totaling $43 billion U.S. dollars at the moment,” Shubibi explained.


  5. avatar audrey pruett says:

    On am on the Imf mailing list for iraq.This is what they sent.Read the part about Iraq asking the imf to lift the restrictions on the exchange rate.

    Directors supported the central bank’s objective of aiming monetary and exchange rate policies at keeping core inflation in single digits. They called on the authorities to remove the remaining exchange restrictions under Fund jurisdiction. Directors also encouraged the central bank to fully implement the recommendations of the previous safeguards assessment and looked forward to its update. The need to preserve central bank independence was particularly emphasized. Further steps are necessary to strengthen reserve management, banking supervision and prudential regulations, and the AML/CFT framework.

  6. avatar Boob says:

    1170 is the wholesale price on what we have bought at retail. This doesn’t even get our money back. If this is as it is going to be, this is the pits. Comment ??

  7. avatar James says:

    Iraqi Dinar re-evaluation… coming soon to a bank near YOU!!!!
    Adam, if my international bank is either HSBC or Standard Chartered and I heard Iraq has HSBC as well, can I use HSBC or Standard Chartered to exchange my revalued IQD with whatever foreign currencies I like?

  8. avatar chang says:

    May The Lord GodAmighty’s will be done.

  9. avatar TrishaMarie says:

    Adam, I was so happy to read Maliki’s statement yesterday, then this morning I was not so happy to read Shabibbi’s statement “…BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: The governor of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) on Monday said that the current exchange rate (1,170 Iraqi dinars per dollar) is reasonable, adding that the bank has enough foreign reserves to defend the exchange rate…” What is your take on Shab’s entire statement?

  10. avatar Connie says:

    Thanks for all you do Adam

  11. avatar chang says:

    Adam, I still have faith with you on this RV. When 2 together and agreed on touching anything, it shall be done unto them. I still believeth it shall RV, in Jesus name, Amen!!

  12. avatar Miss Dawn says:

    Thank you Adam for these good news. I do hope that this will really happen soon.
    Good luck

  13. avatar joe says:

    Adam.. I’ve held my breath before and I almost died… so now patience is a virtue plus it builds character

  14. avatar Robin says:


    Have you heard from your CBI contact over the past few days? Is everything still positive? Thanks for all your info.

  15. avatar Joyce says:

    Keep the faith dear ones- CBI/the Rothchilds live for greed! They want their money & it will RV/RI. We are riding their coattails and we will be blessed by their greed, not ours. Our blessing will be to do as much good as the Lord directs us to do ! ” The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous.” Our Father keeps His promises!

  16. avatar james says:

    Lana, I agree adrenalin is bad. I was listening to someone else who would say the revaluation was going to happen every week. Having had a bunch of let downs I decided to not get my hopes up, nor get mad or anything. You don’t need to ride this thing like a skate board. It’s more like riding an iceberg in the middle of the ocean. Just sit back, and enjoy the ride. Go about your business. Keep an eye out on information, but basically you’ll know when it hits an island after it happens, even if your eyes are shut.

  17. avatar chang says:

    Do you sit around all day and everyday most of the time and no 9-5? Why I ask, because I thought we can hang out together. I’m not too far from you. How about you and I go to Iraq once and for all, my treat. Thanks, ~Chang

  18. avatar steve says:

    thank you for the information and i tell anyone who says that you gave a date or rate that they are wrong because you don,t do that. I like you hope it does happen soon.

  19. avatar Arleigh says:

    Adam, when I check my e-mail, I’m always excited when I see your name. I am an elderly widow and it’s been a few years since I invested. I’m so excited that maybe it is finally going to rv. It will be such a blessing to me. Thank you for keeping us up to date and all your good information.

  20. avatar Fred Brooks says:

    If the Economic Conditions have to be strengthened and they say the current rate of 1,170 is reasonable you think they are working to RV it higher than the 1,170 and you feel that we are on a Red Alert. Just asking and trying to understand. Thanks Again Fred

  21. avatar nate says:

    Funny how the CBI keeps talking about reserves and defending the current rate.”bank has enough foreign reserves” I try to keep a level head but this to me is also good, the dinar is worth TP right now and the CBI is talking like it’s worth a lot more.
    Also People please stop using the Lord, Jesus, or whomever your god’s name is here. People are starving and dying around the world and I don’t think “Jesus” needs to help us get rich, using the lord’s name for greed is disturbing.

  22. avatar Lars Rosenstam says:

    Halo Adam! and thanks for all. Now its going to happen ! We do all hope! We soon se the RW .And it going to be 2.50 dollar .

  23. avatar Steven says:

    I’m really hoping this thing dopes RV like many people believe it will…and I hope it’s substantial. I just bought my first investment property this past week and would love to buy more. I’m not holding my breath, but if something good turns out of my investment then it would dramatically improve my wealth building potential throughout the years through my rentals providing cash flow. Don’t go out and blow your money like some crack pot lottery winner that is broke one year later people. Be wise. Go Dinar!

  24. avatar Squaredaway says:

    Reading the news item this morning about re-evaluating the RV of the dinar was very shocking and disturbing. March 1 was supposed to be the date of the announcement of an RV of between 1.47 and 3.00+. Instead, we get a news item, out of the blue on what was supposed to be the big date, proclaiming that Iraq doesn’t need to reval the dinar, but instead to let it float to an internationally realistic level.
    It sounds to me as though Iraq has been cashing in all of the global overlords’ investments and can only now afford to leave the value at what it’s been for the last several years – for us peons to float away with the currently valued dinar. Cynical, maybe, but how could you possibly not think that the overlords of the world have had big money in on this “program” from the get-go and have been given the opportunity to cash in at a rate the rest of us little people were all anticipating.
    Also, isn’t it feasible that by issuing debit cards instead of cash to the Iraqi people to use instead of cash, that they may have a “better” rate, too, and that all non-Iraqis have been given debit cards at the current “nothing” rate?
    What a disappointing shift from what was being built up over the last month, eh?
    Not everybody has a “9-5″ but have been hanging onto this expected reval to be able to survive, let alone prosper.

    • avatar Adam Montana says:

      Squaredaway “I only have time to address the first part of your comment.

      I’m not sure who told you March 1 would be the date and $1.47 would be the rate, but I’d suggest you stop listening to those people. Nobody truly knows when or how much this currency will change, and anyone who claims to have “the best intel” or an exact date and rate is either delusional or lying.

      Stick with me, kid – I give you the details you need and the rational logic to decide what to do with that information if you should decide to invest. This is a good bet, but it’s not a sure thing. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking otherwise.

  25. avatar John says:

    Iraq has 43 billion U.S. from us idiots buying there worthless Dinar!
    I am personally sick of all the false hype. Sorry Adam.

  26. avatar john beard says:

    Taxes. Has anyone thought about the tax implications. Will the Capitol Gains Tax be what we are taxed on. Is that top rate still 15%?

  27. avatar KathyJB says:

    Hi all. Is this exciting or what? I live in Texas, west of Houston. Can anyone give me some help on where to go cash in once this happens? What do I need to write in a search engine?

  28. avatar Sally says:

    I agree with Nate’s comments and I would like to thank Adam for all of his hard work in researching this for us all and it is refreshing to read his posts knowing that we can trust what he is telling us.

  29. avatar Emily Jones says:

    NATE! Thank you for saying that! I agree… using your higher power’s name to make you rich is disturbing. I just hope this happens so I can help those who need it.

  30. avatar James says:

    Hi Adam James here aka Mojo How come when i posted your e-mail on your site it gets deleted saying i was posting info from the VIP section and i don’t have VIP access i think you need to go over a few things with your mods Any way since im here what did i miss on the behind the doors meeting with the IRS , CBI and IMF just trying to get some feedback on this is all Thanks in advance

  31. avatar Robin4Iraq says:

    I am still in for the long haul. 3-5 years to see maximum profit, when Iraq truely reaches stability and economic growth. In the meantime, I am enjoying my 8.5 % interest on my CD in at Al-Warka.

  32. avatar cis says:

    1Thessalonians 5:18. In everything give thanks. For this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. Thank God and praise God for all dinars He’s given out to me. Maybe not some of you, it just happen to be a man of God came to me one day about 3 years ago told me about this dinars. God confirm many times to him already and its coming, RV that is. Thank GOD.

  33. avatar Greg Lindstrom says:

    What happened to the loping of zeros. Three wasn’t it. So why the prolonged interest? Just about any exchange rate will be a higher value. It was a fun ride, but now it’s over.

  34. avatar Jay Lee says:

    We will not know in advance of the RV. Only when it happens.

  35. avatar Sandra Kaye says:

    Hi Mr. Montana and thank you for being the messenger.For those who chose to use God continue to do so because you all understand that he is truly the source of all things. Greed isn’t the focus for all.

  36. avatar Radenf54 says:

    I always pray to Allah day and night may the RV happens as soon as possible and strenghten the economic of Iraq and their population. Amiin

  37. avatar Radenf54 says:

    Hello Nate!

    The way u expressed your words it’s look so arrogant. Sorry to said that!. One day u will realize who gave u life, wealth and healthy living.

  38. avatar Lynn says:


    If you had to list a timeframe that you could see the RV happening – what would it be?

    Is this the closest you feel it has been to RV in the past couple years?

    We could only afford to invest $200 US in dinars. Do you feel this is an amount that we could easily exchange through a regular bank should the RV happen?

    Thanks for all you do!

  39. avatar JC says:

    So I am sitting back and patiently waiting. I am going to watch, wait and not ask, are we there yet? are we there yet? like a little kid in the backseat of daddies car on vacation.

    Thank you for the timely information Adam, and I appreciate your site.

    I do have one question. If I can afford it, should I purchase more currency? If the currency angle of investing in Irac is somewhat risky, then I may have enough. If it is the best way to take advantage of this situation if it all comes to pass, then why not buy more. Only if I can afford it of course. I am not selling my soul for this, but don’t want to wish I did more. If something RVs, then is the currency the best, or a medium or the poorer way to go? Thanks again.

  40. avatar josh says:

    today is already MARCH 01, 2010 and there is still 6 more days to the election. Then what happen to RV?Do we have to wait before the election for RV to happen or after the election date?Anyone here got news about RV lately please let me know if RV really already happen suddenly.

  41. avatar Violetqa Moya says:

    Good, good, good

  42. avatar tim52 says:


    • avatar Adam Montana says:

      Tim52, stay tuned and make sure you’re on the newsletter – those are questions that could be answered a couple of ways. When this happens, my answers will be on this blog and get sent to the email list ASAP!

  43. avatar RapidRabbit says:

    I’ve only been following Adam for about 6 months but I have never known him to lie or make stuff up! Like everyone else, I hope the Rv happens sooner than later. Adam, keep up the good work. I’m with ya’.

  44. avatar Steven says:

    My only hope is that this thing really does RV sometime soon, because the longer it takes and the more our government keeps producing our US currency out of thin air, the reval won’t really be worth much if we go into a hyperinflation (which sadly folks, I’m afraid we’re going the same route as the Romans…check your history). Hopefully my investments in silver will do well if that happens. I’m just hoping for an RV on the dinar soon so I can use that towards more commodities and real estate.

  45. avatar nate says:

    Radenf54, you say I sound arrogant and you are entitled to your opinion but you sound confused. I’m not denying god (or your god) but it just doesn’t sound right “prey to god to make me rich” We all sincerly want the Iraqi people to be freed from their living hell but lets face it, thats not why we are hear watching and waiting for the RV so don’t try to kid yourself into thinking you are a saint.

  46. avatar Lana says:

    Thank you James. I will heed your advice!!!

  47. avatar Dada9 says:

    cis, I would love to hear more about your story of why you got invested 3 years ago.

  48. avatar Gman says:

    I have a Warka account setup but my bank wont wire money because of US Sanctions against sending money to Iraq. Has anyone else run into this?

  49. avatar Erik Bradshaw says:

    I have read most of your post and it looks like you guys are some real troopers.I just bought in yesterday and talked my friend John into doing the same.I wanted to say that even if it took 2 more months and started @.5 and ended @ 2+ what a return that would be it would make up for not buying walmart stock in 1978.I just want to say hi and Thanks Adam

  50. avatar Rob Drobel says:

    No investment is a sure thing Adam. this is as good an opportunity as I have seen in my lifetime, and I am 62. There is no guarantee that I will wake up in the morning, either. But with all it’s factors, this is a better investment than my home in Phoenix Arizona. It is a better investment than any home in the USA, in the last 3 years, and as for mutual funds and IRAs and 401 Ks, well…I am in the best place, right here. Dying and paying taxes are sure bets, and the only ones that I know of. I sure do not want to invest a lot in either one.

  51. avatar STEVE YOUNG says:

    Dose Iraq even need to R.V before or after elections.Rumers are every where about this. Whats your best guess ADAM. Frank Medic and others think we are close.What if r.vs and irac dose not honer dinars in the U.S? i hope not but no gar.

  52. avatar TERRY says:


  53. avatar Jessica says:

    Let’s remember people, it’s all S-P-E-C-U-L-A-T-I-O-N! So, anything can happen anytime!

  54. avatar Matthew Crow says:

    I am an investor without a Warka account, I simply hold the new Dinar paper currency. Does anyone see this as problematic for the exchange when the RV happens? Also I hope I’m not the only one with the currency instead of account, or am I alone on that one??


  55. avatar Trent says:

    LEO my man, where are you? Remember way back in November you said for me to wait. Just wait and see on March 8th. That was four months ago, are you still saying March 8th?

  56. avatar Michele says:

    Hey all,
    This is an investment opportunity and like Adam has stated a million times no one knows the exact date. Adam informs us of the news that is going on in Iraq and not the date. Like Jessica said “it’s Speculation” therefore just sit back and wait. Complaining won’t make it come any faster. I hope that many of you did not go broke investing in this opportunity. Due to the current economy we all would like for it to happen asap, but it is what it is…so pump your brakes and make sure you are on the email list!

  57. avatar David says:

    Hi Adam, I was reading something on and had a few questions. It was posted back in February, so I apologize if it has already been discussed. The general message is that the CBI intends to cut three zero’s from the nominal value of the bank notes but that the exchange rate will remain unchanged. I know it is unlikely that they will do this without planning for an eventual revaluation, but what are your thoughts? Here are the two URL’s that I read information from:

  58. avatar nate says:

    IMO no RV before elections are done. I think it is illegal for Maliki to use an RV for political power, so what does he do? He comes out point blank and says the dinar is undervalued but worded very carefully. Translation= Vote for me and I will RV the dinar.
    Which I don’t think he has control over anyways but Maliki’s statement is by far the most encouraging thing I have seen yet.

  59. avatar Lana says:

    Mathew Crow….you are not alone, by far.

  60. avatar jenny says:

    Adam I am kind of confused here and have 2 questions for you:
    2.) Adam, IS IT TRUE THAT WE ARE 110 DAYS TO THE RV AND THE DATE OF RV WILL BE ON JUNE 23, 2010 AND THE RATE WILL BE IQD 1= US$ 1 & HIGHER?Adam, where do you get the sources about the date and rate exactly? cause noone exactly doesn’t it. SO SHOULD WE BUY MORE AND MORE DINAR IQD OR WHAT SHOULD WE DO?Thank’s adam for all you have done for all of us.Or anyone can answer them please…