Dinar News – RV Intel Conference call tonight

This is your one notice, friends. We’re doing a free conference call tonight for the Dinar News network. (Dinar News = RV Intel Book Club, DinarVets.com message board, DinarSpeculation newsletter… well, you get the idea. :))

We’ve been doing some conference calls in the VIP, and quite frankly – they have been amazing to say the least! Unfortunately, whenever we start something… other sites follow suit, and sometimes it’s not to share information or to help. It’s for one purpose – to take advantage of you.

We’re doing a couple of things tonight.

1. I’m going to give you some tips on what to look out for. I’ve been doing this website, email newsletter, and online thing for a long time. I give my time freely, and as a result the Dinar News network has over 30,000 loyal followers… it didn’t happen on accident. It happened because I’m honest and have integrity.

2. We’re going to break down some current news. How close are we? What’s the GCC’s take on the situation? What about the WTO? Upping the revenues tenfold – how will that affect our investment? And more.

3. Finally, we’ll take some more questions in chat after the call.

ANYONE can dial in, but we only have 1500 seats available – so get in early! Details are to be posted at >>>THIS LINK<<<. VIP members, post your questions at >>>THIS LINK<<<.

See you tonight!

37 Responses to “Dinar News – RV Intel Conference call tonight”

  1. Kay says:

    Will there be a recording available if we can’t make the call?

  2. Bob says:

    What is the phone # for tonight’s all?

  3. Bruce Miller says:

    Adam, somehow I guess I missed out on the VIP membership– How do I get into that group?

    I just want to let you know how much I appreciate ALL you have done for the many Dinar purchasers who wouldn’t have a clue what is going on If it wasn’t for your Faithful work in this matter–Once again from me and the majority of your readers THANK YOU AND MAY GOD BLESS ALL YOUR HARD WORK

    Bruce Miller

  4. Ramona says:

    Thanks for sharing the info you do, I truly appreciate it. This has been 1 crazy ride, hopefully it will be over soon.


  5. sue says:

    how do I join the conference call?

  6. Keith says:

    Will the call be recorded for those that cannot make it or get shut out! Thank you.


  7. Henry says:

    Where is the phone number?

  8. Zita Scott says:

    How do we join the call. What is the phone number. Is this a joke or not thought through before you post this stuff.

  9. can-can says:

    How long will the conference last?

  10. Adam Montana says:

    can-can, we’re going to keep it to under a half hour if possible.

    The rest of you asking how to call in – read the article again. I left specific details.

  11. can-can says:

    Thanks Adam

  12. Adam Montana says:


    That’s where the details will be posted.

    FYI – this went out to 14,000 people. If I gave the number out right now, the lines would be shut down before we got started.

    SO, go to that link, after 7 CST, and get the call in codes. THEN you can call in.

    Pretty simple. :)

    We only have 1500 slots and this email is already being forwarded, so don’t be late!

  13. Jade says:

    what’s the call # for conference tonight?

  14. K L Lim says:

    I am unable to join in but will appreciate info from the conference. Thank you.

  15. Anel says:

    Thank you

  16. miguel tapia says:

    adam you are tha men brother thanks for everything beautiful work i speak for all of us we will miss you when all this is over.

  17. bumper says:

    thanks Adam….bumper (Larry)

  18. Sister Rose says:

    Adam: THe access code is incorrect…requires SIX (6) digits…you only have 5 and I can’t get in. Thanks

  19. Greg Lindstrom says:

    I see the Jim Cramer video is still available. I wish Neil Cavuto would chime in. I also consider myself honest and have integrity. Yet I feel more neutrality, about RV. I expect a smaller RV, something affordable for the Iraq economy. My guess is that many people don’t want to hear anything but big,big earnings. The whole thing has begun to feel a bit carnival. I now wouldn’t recommend buying more Dinar. I would say, if you did purchase, wait to see if the media has anything positive to report. Expect a mechanism of prudence to emerge, from the money managers. I know our country has printed a lot of money out of thin air, but don’t expect others to follow suit.

  20. Miss Dawn says:

    Hi Adam … I have tried to put in the conference code but it won’t go through because they are asking for the 6 digit conference code and you only gave us 5 digits.
    Please see if you can adjust that for us.
    Thanks again and God bless you.

  21. greggyd says:

    Went back and checked one last time and the 6th digit magically appeared. Thank you to whomever updated the info. Looking forward to the call.

  22. gretchen says:

    Did you record the call???
    I have a 1 1/2 year old. I made every attempt to get on the call but was too late… UGH!!!
    Would love to get the minutes/notes if there is anyway to do that.
    thanks in advance.

  23. Loftin Lee says:

    Hello everyone, I started buying Dinars & Vietnam new polymer Dong Sept 07, with the idea that one could set themself up for life, I made the commitment to my self I would stop buying if I reached $50,000. outof pocket, I,m close. Ive learned to be paitent. Ive had thoughts that Ive got alot of expensive wall paper. yet its been stay the course, I,m not sorry weather they revalu or not. Its gave me new dreams, Im now chasing after other new ideas, that gives my life a new perspective, I had become stagnant in my thinking, after working from 1963 thru 2010, I have renewed interest thats came from the constant search for more money to invest. Its been a big challenge & i,m thankful, I,ve shared the info with alot of people and the wide range of attitude is amazing. The possbility one could become wealthy, or is it a scam to hows my toilet paper collection coming, the surprise is yet to come?? Good Luck to all of us, Loftin

  24. Lena says:

    I don’t understand why we need to subscribe to your newsletter. Is there a reason that you cannot post it right here?

  25. lorette weaver says:

    I called the number and I read everything over and over again.There was no code and could not get in. I do not understand what to do when the Dinar is valued. I tried to buy your book but it is not available. I am almost 70, a widow and I would love to call you so I can understand more of what I am doing…Is that possible?
    God Bless you,
    Lorette Weaver

  26. Kuper says:

    Dang I missed it!

  27. Nelson says:

    Adam,I only got 5 digits.They were calling for 6

  28. Please send the conference, to be able to attend the next call.

  29. when will the next conference call be live? be please send conference number and access code


  30. popsy says:

    could’t get througth the conference, hope we can get a note of it or a recording some like that. thanks Adam

  31. rra says:

    Adam…Thank you for the conference call last evening. I was able to dial in and followed the conference, even when there was a glitch and the call was interrupted. I was immediately reconnected. Thank you again…….

  32. WINO says:


  33. Donna says:

    Sorry I missed the conference call Adam and thanks again for the initation. I was working that night and could not get on line. Again thanks for everything you do and hopefully the wait is almost over

  34. Scott says:

    Hey, thanks: I called Dinar Trade today and was told that the Dinar did NOT RV on Sat as told or indicated. I was told the value is still the same there?

  35. Joshua says:

    Hey I am very new and pop in and out of this website a lot. I want to ask a question that is already probably been asked.
    Where after an RV takes place can I turn in my Dinar? I am a veteran and got it for free when I was in Falluja in 2004. And also will there be some type of capital gains tax or something once converting after an RV?

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