RV Intel Revaluation of the Currency conference call

Hey all,

I’m doing a question and answer tonight. Live on the phone! The details are being sent out shortly by email, so hopefully you are on the newsletter.

Please post your questions in response to this article (Click here and scroll down to leave your question. PLEASE make sure it wasn’t asked already by READING the previous comments!!!)

See you tonight!


P.S. The call is free, I’m not selling anything, as usual. I’m also not going to tell you there’s a $3 RV coming in the next 24 hours – I’ll let the other clowns throw that bag-of-bull around. I’m not doing it. 😀

119 Responses to “RV Intel Revaluation of the Currency conference call”

  1. Inahurry says:

    What exactly is new from the last conference call or rumour section on dinarvets board that would warrant me to spend my time on this call?

  2. Justin berry says:

    Adam so worst case senerio, what do you think taxes will be on this investment. I’m hearing many different percents but I would really like to know what your thought on a percent range would be. Thankyou for all you do.

  3. Stan says:

    What is the likelyhood that Iraq will stay with their current currency? Is there any indication there would be a change to get into international markets sooner?

  4. Ken Gould says:


    Weeks ago, you mentioned that your contact said there would be a better rate for cashout with certain groups and you said Dinarvets was one of those groups. what happened with that plan? Also, is the rate dwindling from what was originally thought? ie 1.40 to 2.00+


  5. Sheila Howard says:

    I am not good with technology so I don’t get on the chat. I feel really out of touch. How will I know when the time is right to exchange my dinars to dollars?

  6. Andre Melendez says:

    I know this is a high risk investment, but do you relly think is going to happen?

  7. Jossie says:

    My question is:

    The Dinar is an Investment that will give you a Capital Gain, we allways pay a 10% of C.G. in PR or 15% in USA.
    Please indicate if this investment will be taxed as an Income or as a Capital Gain. Thanks.

  8. Miss Dawn says:

    Hi Adam,
    I can truly say you are a God bless person who takes others like myself at heart and not only think about yourself alone. Thanks again.

    Can you explain as to how much is expected after the RV to be payed from a $25000 IQD exchange in terms of tax?

  9. Randy says:

    Thanks Adam: If I have an off shore acctount established, can I take the Dinars, deposit them into a safe deposit box where the account is, before the re-value takes place?

  10. Tim Sirmer says:


    I’ve heard from investors who have contacts at Chase Bank that the RV value is probably going to be about $0.80…..what are your sources telling you?

    Also, I think you believe the RV will be sometime during the coming summer….is that still your opinion? Based on what intel? Doesn’t Iraq have payments coming due to the IMF before that? Don’t they need the RV to happen before they can pay down thier loans to the IMF?


  11. Denis says:

    Adam, do you still believe we will see a RV by mid-summer? Or will Iraq delay further?

  12. LeeChicago says:

    What is your best strategy for turning dinars into dollars post-RV/RI? Do you believe it is feasible to take dinars to offshore banks for conversion into dollars? Do you have a solid offshore banking resource in Costa Rica? Thx for all you do. L/

  13. Nicole says:

    Adam, When I set up an off shore Corp, can we set up different (family members) accounts under the umbrella of that same Corp?

    Thanks for all you do.

  14. Debbie Beckman says:

    It is my thought we will not see an RI until they have a government in place…your thoughts, please

  15. T Price says:

    Adam- We all know who would prosper from the RV but my question is , Who would not not benefit and is that a reason for the hold up? From the outside looking in I can not see a reason on any level that would not support the RV.

  16. Patrick White says:

    On a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most probable, what is the probability of IRAQ just lopping off the “three zeros” on our currency?

    That deal doesnt hurt us, it just doesnt make any of us any money. I think its a probability of “9”. What do you and your sources think?

  17. Randy says:

    If I have an off-shore account, is there a problem depositing the Dinars into a safe deposit box where the account is before revalue?

  18. Stan says:

    On the left hand side of the Warka Bank site there is a list of Account Services that starts with “Account Oprerations” and proceeds down to “Maintain Beneficiaries.” I have added a Beneficiary to my account list. I noticed that I do not have E-Remittance catergory on the screen. Can you tell me hown I am missing it. Keep up the good work and thanks for the help.

  19. Vickie says:

    Adam,I realize everyone has to make a profit, but is there a better place or way to purchase “safe” dinar.IF purchased direct it cost 85.62 for a 100k, but Dianr Trade is at $140 + SH.

    IF the 3 zeros are removed, where do we go to trade ours in for the new? Or do we?

  20. Dan Corley says:

    Adam, my main concern is How is Irag going to pay everyone off who has the Dinars. My worry is that if there is a few trillion dollars out there in Dinars and the dinar is goes to a Dime say. That could be a Huge run on the banks if everyone tries to cash them in and destroy the Country with all the money leaving the country.

  21. Randy says:

    Will the taxes be due right after redemption or do we have
    until next year to pay, like regular income tax? Thanks much.

  22. Vickie says:

    Do I need an Iraq bank account in order to purchase stock in their stock market? Where do I go to purchase the stock?

    How will having an Iraq bank account save us on Federal and/or State taxes?

  23. kevin says:

    What are the key issues that your contact see’s that need to take place in order for a reval to even be considered by the government.

  24. Alfred Alder says:

    Adam, Still a lot of killing going on in Iraq!! Over 90 killed in Basra. Is this going to delay the RV?
    Just Wondering.

  25. Debbie Beckman says:

    Adam, this is not for the broadcast…this is for your info only. I will be working in Ali’s Dinar Trade office in Fort Smith, AR. I have a good communication relationship with Ali. Sometimes you give incorrect info. I don’t know where you get it, but it is not true. I don’t want to correct you when you speak it in front of your membership, but be sure of things about his offices when you state it. Thanks for your effort. debbiebeckman

  26. Bill B says:

    How do you explain all the “for certains” of an imminent RV offered by US bankers, high up in the food chain, no less, than nothing happens?

  27. SuperFlyJr says:

    I’d like to hear your post-RV strategy and any thing we should be considering now in terms of setting up offshore accounts, LLCs, trusts, etc.

  28. Henry says:

    Can you explain in detail how the LOP will work (if it happens) and what the end result will be to the investors should it happen.

    Also, will any bank that has a de la rue machine be able to handle the conversions once the RV happens.

  29. Do you see the potential of Sadr rising in power, perhaps even capturing the PM post? If so do you see a potential imact on RV?

  30. Felicia says:

    What are your recommendations for the best industries to purchase stock on ISX? Thank you for all that you and your team do.

  31. David says:

    Adam, Loop question if three zeros may be removed from my current bills should I trade/convert all my 25,000 bills into 50s and 100s? Or will the loop effect the smaller bills and will the loop effect my Warka Bank account balance? Thank You for your time.

  32. Jack says:

    Where do we cash in when the RV hits?
    There is a person claiming he has info the RV will be above 3.1. He says it will post soon within twenty four hours. Is this hype? Could it be valid news? Is this generated just to promote more Dinar sales?

  33. audrey Williams says:

    First off i want to thank you for all your efforts on our part…..why do you feel that warka is a safe bet…being in a war torn country like iraq…whose to say it won’t get blown up….any fears on your part or is this just part of the gamble.

  34. Dominick says:

    Do u see 2010 as the year for RV? So much miss information and negative stuff out there, what do u think? What about DONG? 2010 the year for that also?

  35. Ilyas says:

    what do you think this really mean????
    United Nations Treasury to revise rates
    Click on link below to view the actual article at the U.S. Treasury website

    Quote ⇒ 2010 Operational Rates of Exchange Last updated 29 Apr. 2010 for the effective date of 01 May 2010 and thereafter until further notice.

    Note: Due to the current fluctuation of Euro in the currency market, it is likely that we will revise the operational rates of major currencies including currencies linked to major currencies on 12 May for the effective date of 14 May 2010. Please be sure to check the mid-month revisions. ⇐ unquote

    [Find this quote below within the photo in the last two paragraphs below]


  36. Eric says:

    my ? is like Davids, if a 3 “0” lop happened would a 100 be the biggest, or would they then retire all the old currency and come out with new making all our bills toilet paper? Also, our Warka accounts would outside Iraq account holders be treated different from in iraq holders as far as the Rv if no lop occured. I read your book and did not see any thing really on this. Thank you

  37. Stephen Schmidt says:

    I have enjoyed your website for sometme now. I have invested in the offshore account but wonder what is going to happen if this RV happens tomorrow? One, how do I get my Dinar out of country, into Belize legally. would it be wise to deposit it into the Nevada Corp Account and then transfer it to Belize or what. My wife and I are very new at this and want to do things legally and upfront.
    Two, is June still a good month to look at?

  38. Dianne says:

    If the Vietnam Dong RV before the IRD, where would we exchange it? Will the Dinar trade sites be open for this alone?


  39. Mike says:

    My understanding is that if you purchased the Dinar (like I did) in 07 it is considered a long term investment when you cash it in. Is that true? Also, doesn’t the U.S. have an agreement with most if not all of the offshore banks so that they can get your info and if you don’t report it for what it is couldn’t that cost you m ore in taxes in the long run?

  40. glenn says:

    Adam you’re doing a awesome job. As a minnow (on a good day) do you have any safe investments for us?

  41. Teamology says:

    Hello, I would like to know how and where would I cash in my dinar that I have in a shoe box?

    Thanks for all that you!

  42. Michelle says:

    Adam, Thanks for all you do and all the time you put into this for all of us. If you dont have a warka account and your just holding the funds in USA in safe deposit box.. will there be a problem cashing in the money when it RV’s? I’ve given my info 2 times to the Warka bank and never gotten a account info sent to me. Thanks

  43. Ftworth says:

    Who makes the finally decesion on when the IQD will be placed on the open market? Is it someone in the CBI or IMF ? Has your CBI connection explained how this process works and how the new rate is decided on and by who ?Please explain. Thanks

  44. Freddy Foreman says:

    Hello Adam i was wondering. I got a million dinars if they drop the three zeros off there curancy will i still have a million dinars?Thank you an God Bless.

  45. Laurie says:

    Hi Adam. My question relates to a comment you made a couple of months ago. I’m an older widow (71) with no income except S.S. and NEED more income. Would you PLEASE answer this question? My very existence depends on more income and this would be perfect for me. I have tried several times to reach you, but apparently you have a huge screening process and do not receive the questions directly. Your comment was that you make a good living doing something on the Internet. You said, if we wrote you, you would share what you do to make money on the Internet. I have tried reaching you several times. Adam, I would very, very much like to know the name of the company and what you do so I could work at home. Thank you so much!
    I also very much appreciate the Dinar info. If/when that ever takes place, it will certainly be a Godsend to me!
    Thanks again for all you do!

  46. Robert Boots says:

    Adam, Do we know for sure who has the final authority on the timing and rate of the RV. It seems that certain members of the IMF have every incentive to do this asap at as high a rate as is reasonable. But is it really their call? Or is it CBI, or the new gov’t., or ???

  47. CRAIG GIRAS says:


  48. Joe says:

    What is the latest from your CBI contact?

  49. Brian says:

    First thanks for all you do to inform us as investors on the happenings with the RV.. I am unclear on the proof of Dinar sales receipts needed to cash in. I have bought my dinar from different sources along this journey and all receipts are uncounted for..will receipts be required to cash in??

  50. RONNA says:

    why is this not considered a money exchange? For example Iam going on vacation to Vietnam I exchange my already taxed dollars for their currency go on the trip come back and exchange the money back to U.S. dollars is this not the same as the Dinars?


    US DOLLARS IS $10,000.

  52. Stephen Cash says:

    When the dinar RVs, will it increase all at once or will it increase a little at a time over time?
    Keep up the good work.

  53. bodeen says:

    what exactly will a lop do for all our investments? please, please, please explain…..

  54. sa$$afra$$ says:

    If Iraq wants to be part of the Gulf Dinar program, will the Iraqi Dinar need to reach a value close to the other countries’ currency values?

  55. Peter says:

    Adam i too have a Warka Account, and i am Also investing in the ISX .. Adam what documents will i need to fill when the time comes to sell my Shares(stocks).can you please advise.is there somwhere i can go and download the Documents ? God Bless you.

  56. Paula says:

    There is a lot of confusing information regarding the “3 zero? What is the real story? Is the information reported someone’s interpretation or is there a definitive answer and explaination? The referenced articles used to defend the answers are ambiguous and/or confusing. Thank you.

  57. Scarface31313 says:

    I wanted to if Iraq drops the 3 zeros will that affect the amount of money we will get back?
    Do you have any idea on how close we are to an RV if it will happen soon or do we still have a while?
    Thank you

  58. david says:


  59. wes says:

    Could you please explain the drop of three 000s. Does that mean my 25,000 is now worth 25 times the RV amount?

  60. Rodney says:


    If this were to happen, would it apply also to Dinar held in accounts??? Say you have 500,000 in Warka, would it becaume 500???? Why or Why not?


  61. Greg says:

    Maliki appears to have a death-grip on the election, yielding the results to nobody. He also appears to have the same on the dinar revaluation. Are we kidding ourselves about an over night revaluation as long as Maliki remains in power?

  62. Humberto says:

    Wow, this is getting very complicated. So many news and no RV. All i can say is hold down to your Dinars, because something good is about to happen. GO DINARS!!!!

  63. Vincent G says:

    What banks will be accepting Dinar once the RV takes place? I phoned 5/3 bank in Pittsburgh, they said “we don’t want anything to do with the Dinars. We are having a lot of problems with Dinars that are un-circulated” what ever that means. They said to check with a PNC Bank, I have not done that yet. Thank you very much for all your hard work.

  64. david says:

    what If, when the RV occurs, rather than cashing all dinar in and paying whatever tax amount is due at that time. I give a portion prior to cashing in to charitable agency or church? simply give them the dinar. can they cash in as a non profit & not pay capital gains on the dollars recieved after RV, etc?

  65. Paperseller / Albert says:

    Adam according to a doc posted iraq is up against a hard date to get it done june 8th i believe to seat a govt the doc says no extensions period and non compliance will put them back under chap 7 for the full term of the newly elected govt 4 years i believe im sure they wont let this happen to much at stake it would devistate them.
    Is that ture ?

  66. Mohamed Babiker says:

    What happened to your 90 day prediction that started around march?

  67. brookie says:

    Can we gift our dinar to our Nav.LLC and just pay the 12% profit tax upon RI/RV?

  68. ramondo says:

    Hi, Canadian chap here .. will any Canadian banks be coming in line once there is a Rv?
    Keeping it simple,, I hope or this there a need to invest in the Iraqi stock exchange?

  69. Bill says:

    It appears that the Chinese have won a large stake in the Rumaila oilfield and two other Chinese firms just closed a deal on a large oilfield in eastern Iraq. Do you think this is going to hasten the RV or could this lead to the dimise of the Iraq dinar??

  70. Eddie says:

    What is the Banks service charge range for exchanging Iraq Dinars to USD? I was informed many months ago that the range will be between 1% to 5%, maximum by law being 5%.
    Is this correct?

  71. sa$$afra$$ says:

    Oops. My previous question is missing info.

    What I mean is, will the Iraqi Dinar need to reach a value close to the other countries’ currency values before being considered as a Gulf Dinar candidate?

  72. Alan says:

    more violence in Iraq this week. Will that delay the govt forming, in your opinion.?
    And, are all projections as to WHEN a rv merely guesses at this point?

    And… what is current story on the lop. ie, will our 25,000 notes go to only 25 dinars?

    thanks.. will listen to call and hope you get to these important questions.

    ALL OFFSHORE AND TAX QUESTIONS? I would avoid them if I were you. too risky. just let folks know to see their local tax attorneys on those matters… you do not want to get in trouble….

  73. Steven says:

    Thanks for sharing your intel with us on the IQD RV. I’m trying to wrap my head around this philosophically: Let’s say the RV happens at a rate of $1 USD–who pays for all the millionaires that are instantly created both in and outside Iraq? If I’m an Iraqi citzen and I’m paying 2000 IQD for bread and then tomorrow my bread only costs 3 IQD–how can that work in the marketplace?

  74. carl boliou says:

    Mr. Montana,
    Could you please answer this, my friends went to the address given for Ali. There is no dinar trades at that address? we also went to the address given for Alis boa, no boa at that address. Is he acam or what? It makes you feel like your being taken, please explain if you can. I contacted at ktfm, no response at all hmmm?
    Thank you Adam, appreciare your honesty

  75. Travis says:

    Adam, Can you ease the concerns that all of these dinar sites are fronts for the pumpers and are just getting paid to pump and promote…..and that this RV of the IDQ is not just a story to sell dinar and make the brokers rich? I understand the dinar is real, BUT I AM STARTING TO WONDER ABOUT THE RV STORY.

  76. Ray at Branson says:

    I have 10,000 & 25,000 dinars. Is this a losing situation when the 0’s are droped? Will I be able to exchange them for the different denominations? Will I be able to exchange what I now have when the RV happens?

  77. Jack says:

    Hi Adam,
    I appreciate all you do for us here in the Dinar Speculation Group. I was wondering what the tax would be on the RV, when it happens? I was also wondering if you suggest any particular bank we should patronize, to set up an account and exchange our IQR, when it RV’s? Thanks

  78. Jack says:

    Sorry for the typo, that is IQD? Thanks Jack

  79. Todd W says:


    What would be the main motivation for a nation like Iraq NOT to either LOP, trash their current currency, or do anything to get out of making a huge currency payout to countries they really owe nothing to? Who is the actual entity that controls this situation? I am a business owner and I am trying to figure out what would motivate me to pay out on an investment that had no strings attached. Help me make sense of this. Thanks for your time.

    Todd W

  80. 1latvian princess says:

    Maybe we should all just buy american made items like Donald Trump said this morning on the channel 11 news. I think he is changing his mind about international trade and buying out of state. Since the US economy is so bad.

  81. Stephen says:

    Hey Adam, lots of folks are talking about the Warka Accounts. In your opinion, is that safe? What advantages and disadvantages are there to opening an account, and how exactly do you go about doing so? Thanks! (I almost didn’t post, but figured if I don’t know, probably lots of others don’t as well…)

  82. Duane n says:

    Will this be recorded and posted?

  83. Elizabeth Lash says:

    Adam, Our prayers are with you, how you can keep up with this whole caious, but Thank you. My ? is just what kind of lawyer should we be looking to to handle taxes and trust, and investments. We talked to a couple attorneys and they don’t want to do anything until you have money in hand .So how can we really be ready for the RV. God Bless

  84. Caiphus says:

    What should I be doing with my Dinar, at the time i have it in a box in my home, should I put it in the bank until RV time?

  85. Scott says:

    Hey Adam, I called Dinartrade today and was told that the Dinar did NOT rv in Iraq as we were told or lead to believe. Can you advise me what you have heard. Thanks

  86. Reba Johnson says:

    FRom XE:::The Central Bank of Iraq has announced their plans to redenominate the Iraqi Dinar to ease cash transactions. By the end of 2010, they intend to drop three zeros from the nominal value of bank notes. It should be noted that the actual value of the dinar will remain unchanged. That means that 1,000 IQD (pre-redenomination) and 1 dinar (post-redenomination) will both be worth the same amount in US Dollars. As stated by the Central Bank of Iraq, their mandate is to “ensure domestic price stability and foster a stable competitive market based financial system.” For more information about the redenomination, read “Iraq plans to slice three zeros off currency notes.”

  87. Edward Biley says:

    Hi Adam, In the scheme of things, where is the Dinar headed in your opinion? I mean with the oil disaster in the Gulf and the turmoil of the Greek bailout by the IMF, U.S., and other countries, something has to give and soon don’t you think?

  88. David K says:

    Is there anything that can happen in the country of Iraq that could potentially keep the Dinar from a RV regardless of the rich reserves of crude oil? It seems that speculators have been so sure of particular dates as of recent and low and behold, something always happens.

  89. bobby romero says:

    i think we are being spyed on in new dv chat

  90. RK says:

    Do we have to cash in where we bought our dinars or can we cash at any participating bank here in the US after RV

  91. Sekhmet says:

    Please review the Mute-unmute numbers for calls. some do not have mute buttons on their phones and have to use * whatever.
    This should be done at the beginning of each conference call to avoid confusion.
    RE : Nevada Corps. Doesn’t one have to be a resident of Nevada to legally have a Nevada Corp? How is Frank covering this through purchasing with him?
    Thanks so much

  92. Jim says:

    what effect do the recent violent attacks in Iraq have on the RV?

  93. Gina says:

    I want to know what the process will be once the dinar gets revalued and how do we go about exchanging it?

  94. jimmy p says:

    hey adam first of all how u doing,now my question,,,,,

    so u think we will rv in mid summer,,,also if u have $25000 dinars bills now what will happen if they delete 3 zeros,,,so do we lose money because now is less…thank you

  95. Donald Ward says:

    All the potential RV’s, and
    no one seems to understand
    that is the result of the
    Basel-III-Accord. Every
    signing Nation for the record
    has to back it’s currency
    with GOLD…Wouldn’t be
    surprise to see the USD fall
    big time. Real Intel..the US
    only has left..14,000 Metric
    Tons of Gold in Fort Know,

    Also…the US won in the
    HAGUE on April 14 nth..we
    are once again a Sovereign
    Nation free of FIAT Money
    Entanglements. Obama is now
    officially the President/CEO
    of a privately owned bankrupt
    company, called the United
    States of America. It’s
    Legal Jurisdiction is a
    radius of 10 Miles …It
    is now owned by the IMF.

    Want real Intel…let’s do
    it. DLW…ps there will
    never be an Amero, that
    all was killed last Weds
    Night. The USD will once
    again rule by mid summer!

    13 Nations want to see our
    Rogue Government Homeless,
    they will get their wish.

  96. Becky says:

    How can we understand what is going on over there when there are alot of untruths being told on here ..Who can you believe?

  97. 1latvian princess says:

    ok everyone why don’t we just rv the united states monies and dig here for oil and make everone rich her in the states with oil right in each state. And make the rest of the world buy oil from us and we can pay pennies for our gas. were are are smart business children of america we have great technology and smart kids what’s going on here. We need to change this up a little don’t you think so. We have great weather and allot of natural resources here.

  98. Zenmaster says:

    Adam, can you explain all the possible scenereo’s in reguards to the loop. It appears that the loop is imminent, however the way in which it can effect us according to the rumor mills can differ. Also do you have any intel on the PM situation and chpt 7. Cheers!

  99. Alice Pilcher says:

    I can’t get in. I called the number, it said to enter your 6-digit code, I did and nothing happened. I did this several times. What’s wrong? will keep trying, don’t know if others are having a problem.

  100. Catkin says:

    Dear Adam Montana,

    I appreciate you pointing out in your book the possible risks in holding Dinar cash notes:

    – recall of large denominations
    – time limits on exchanging
    -in-country RV
    -adoption of new currency.

    I am concerned after reading in your book that Warka Bank no longer accepts delivery of dinars for deposits. It appears this would also hinder the funding of an ISX stock trading account unless one were to sell their IDQ cash for dollars and then re-purchase dinar to open accounts in Iraq. (Since you made no stock recommendations, I must believe that early stock trading in ISX is extremely risky, perhaps losing considerable value before a RV happens.)

    QUESTION: Can you please discuss any new information on how best to protect dinar physical cash from the above hazards since Warka Bank no longer accepts dinar cash deliveries for deposits? Are there any international banks with branches in the U.S. that definitely accept dinar deposit accounts for later exchange to USD?

  101. stormingnorman says:

    from an american propective is canada considered offshore

  102. Adam Montana says:


    OK, everyone – comments closed. See you on the call!

  103. Helen says:

    I would to know what the process will be once the Dinar is revalued and how do we go about exchanging it?

    Read more: http://dinarspeculation.com/2010/05/11/rv-intel-revaluation-of-the-currency-conference-call/#respond#ixzz0nfrkCkOM

  104. Doris white says:

    HI Adam my question is will there be a problem in changing over the dinar to us moneys? please tell us the best places to go as for as our dinar is concerned after waiting this long the last thing that we need is problems thank you for your intel.

  105. Barry Prejean says:

    Hello Adam,I’m just getting started with the dinar.Will a rv occur in 2010? And what will the rate be approx? Thanks for all your help. B.P

  106. John Hancock says:

    QUESTION: Hi Adam, I’m brand new & tried to call in & was blocked out… WHY, PLEASE???

  107. splicer09 says:

    thanks for all the time and effort u put forth. my question is this. what do you think the positive motives are for the iqd rv? what do you know that supports these motives and what is likely to delay or even drastically hinder the rv….thanks and take care

  108. Keith says:

    Adam, I was able to listen to about 15 minutes of the Q & A tonight but want to listen to the balance. Will this be posted so I can get the full benefit of the call? Thanks

  109. Orlando says:

    what time dose it start ? is it today?

  110. jerry wheeler says:

    I have 3 million dinar. At .8 conversion rate according to Chase that would be $2.4. Please address taxes thoroughly and that probability of that happening.

  111. wess144 says:

    Hi Adam,

    I have heard so much in the past about ATM’s and smaller denominations being put into the ATM’s through out Iraq that they must be ready to RV soon? Is this really going on or just a lot of BS pumping.

    Also what about Smart Cards given to the Iraqi people that they can not use because of waiting for the RI/RV. I have not heard anymore on ATM’s and Smart Cards in quite sometime, what are your thoughts on all this??????

  112. easley says:

    i would like to know if we have twentyfive thousand dinars will we have to cash thiem in before the dinar rvs to get smaller bills.or will they honor what was sold to us.

  113. Matthew9 says:

    Dear Adam,
    How tall are you? I think that’s the only question that hasn’t been asked and I don’t have another question I can think of.

  114. AliBaba says:


  115. Matthew9 says:

    Ouch!!!! Alibaba that was out of nowhere. Do we have a little animosity? Are you a frustrated investor? Or are you just frustrated with Mr. Montana?

  116. Adam Montana says:

    AliBaba is one of those negative people that thinks I am personally responsible for his entire life and everything wrong in it.

    All I do is blog and give information, not sure why anyone would want to trash me – but people like AliBaba do.

    I just ignore it. :)

  117. Matt says:

    Alibaba, people like you amaze me to say the least. You, like everyone else, come to this site for FREE information that Adam discovers and investigates for us, yet u have the nerve to trash talk him. U my friend are pathetic and in desperate need of a life. If u don’t like and obviously appreciate the info Adam gives you for FREE…… Stay the hell off HIS site!!

    Sorry Adam for breaking the “respectful” rules, but this low life pissed me off. :)

  118. ronberta says:

    Adam has alwaws been positive and will continue to be.If you don’t believe then stay off,as we don’t need any negitiveity here.This will happen,just hang on.Thanks a $Million Adam Ron

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