Dinar News – Cash In Guide

Hey friends!

If you’re a member of the Dinar Forum you may already know, but I’m putting together a “Cash In” guide.

This is going to cover where, how, and when to cash in. I’m explaining “spread” and a few other things that are widely misunderstood.

I’m going to release it to the VIP members first, take questions from them on a conference call, and then release the recording and the guide to the public for free.

This guide is a SERIOUSLY NEEDED item, because I’m seeing a LOT of confusion about cashing in. I’m actually concerned about the misconceptions running rampant right now – many of you are going to get SCREWED if you don’t read this!

Keep an eye out over the next few days, I’ll be in touch with some extremely valuable information.

Best regards!

– Adam Montana

P.S. In the event the RV happens before I am able to properly release this, I’ll simply email it to the newsletter group. Make sure you’re signed up, this 9 page Guide is going to be an invaluable part of your investment!

Have a great weekend!

21 Responses to “Dinar News – Cash In Guide”

  1. Natalie0316 says:

    Thank you for compiling a cash in guide for all of us. I am taking this post in a positive way in regards to the RV. To me it seems that the RV might be around the corner for you to be giving us an cash in RV guide.

  2. Marc says:

    Adam, wondering if I am on dinar forum, I signed for dinar vets, but it always says , wrong password etc. Marc

  3. Kenny says:

    Thanks for hustling Adam!

  4. eagleclaw says:


    Will you post the information on the regular dinarspeculation.com website site for everyone to see or just on the VIP site? I’m not sure how to be a VIP member again?

  5. Donald Williams says:

    Adam, I ordered Iraqi Dinar Real RV Intel. My problem is I did something that caused it to be deleted. Unless you can help me I’ve lost $29.99. I’m new at using this computer. Your help would be appreciated.

  6. tgl1955 says:

    Do you have to cash in quickly or can you hold on to later?

  7. Vickie/Mammaw says:

    Great news Adam. Can’t wait to read it!

  8. jeremy otte says:

    Question: Is a real RV going to be feasible with the following scenario? Average Iraqis who are currently living in Iraq may have a couple million IQD in their bank account – which is currently only worth a fraction of a US penny. After the RV, the couple million they hold is now worth a heck of a lot more in US money. Won’t they simply convert to US dollars, get their green card and move to the US where they will now enjoy millionaire status? Sorry if this has been answered, it just doesn’t make sense to me. Thanks.

  9. Humberto Perez says:

    thanks Adam for all your intel.
    GO DINARS!!!!!

  10. jeremy otte says:

    just posted something but it is gone. anyone know why? Thanks.

  11. Jacqueline says:

    I thank you for the cash in guide info that will be provided to all of us . At the moment Im unemployed so VIP is not on my budget..Adam I will ask you, I live in Puerto Rico will there be a problem traveling to the US with my dinars do i need to inform the airline.. THANKS

  12. Heather says:

    When does anyone think the RV will happen?? I’m new to this, and it seems like it’s NEVER going to happen. I’m praying it does but when I research it, it seems like people thought it was going to happen last year and the year before that. I get VERY hopeful and then seem to tell myself it’s to good to be true =( it would for sure be life changing!! COME ON RV!!!!!!! =)

  13. BRETT says:


  14. Windfall Magic says:

    I listened to the conf call via recording and then downloaded the Cash in Guide. Great intel thanks…I am so confused with regards th RV or LOP.

    Can you provide us (me) with a link or (preferably) an explanation of how each would effect us as investors?
    Also, I have a substantial reserve (well in the seven figures) set aside for this play and would like to confer with you directly.

    Thanks In advance for your insite.



  15. Frank Wdowiak says:

    Will you be able to give more info on the ISX as far as picking stocks to buy and what to watch for and so on?

    Im invested in 20 companies with warka`s Isx program, but Im still a little unsure about what Im doing.



  16. Matt McLenithan says:

    I’ve been in this for 6 long years if that says anything

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