The RV Intel Dinar News Conference Call is UP!

The call is up!

I know a lot of people were denied access, so I’ve done a
couple of things that you should LOVE.

To access the call:

Simply click this link, enter your name and email, and you
get instant access to the call.



I’m also giving away FREE VIP memberships, for a VERY
limited time! Details in Part 1 of the call.

BONUS #2!!

The “Cash In Guide” is linked below the call as a free download.

BONUS #3!!!

I’m giving a LIMITED TIME discount of 75% on my best
selling Dinar book, “RV Intel”. The code is below the call on
the page.

Like I said – I apologize for the technical difficulties, but I hope
the bonuses here help make up for it.

As always, I’m forging ahead with more options than you can
shake a stick at. Talk to you soon!

Best regards,

Adam Montana

25 Responses to “The RV Intel Dinar News Conference Call is UP!”

  1. Endo says:

    The link to the Call isn’t working for me, anyone else?

    To access the call:


  2. Adam Montana says:

    Try it again, the server was getting hit HARD.

    It should be easing up soon.

  3. Rick Crose says:


    I currently reside in Germany and I would like to take advantage of the call and chance for the VIP membership but that is in the middle of the EARLY morning (like 2am) and I have to work the next day. Can I get the information later?

  4. meghays says:

    When are these things finally going to hit??? I am SOOOOOO ready!!!

  5. BOB says:

    Iraq proposed budget worth 86.4 billion dollars for next yearPosted: September 23, 2010 by Justhopin in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
    Tags: Iraq, Dinar, Currency, Revaluation, IQD, oil, middle east, Government, Iraqi government, Saudi Arabia, Economic, Iraq War, OPEC, iraq budget 0Bar News | 23-09-2010

    U.S. Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance Fadhil prophet to Iraq has proposed the initial draft budget for 2011 a value of 102 trillion dinars (86.4 billion dollars), assuming the global price of oil at 70 dollars per barrel. The Iraqi government is seeking to rebuild the country after years of war, sanctions and relies on oil revenues to finance about 95 percent of its budget.

    Iraq signed a member of OPEC agreements with international oil companies could increase production capacity in as little as six to seven years to 12 million barrels per day from 2.5 million barrels per day at the present time, which may make it a rival to Saudi Arabia’s largest oil producer in the world. Will enable higher production capacity the Government to increase the budget.

    The Prophet told Reuters the minister said the budget now and that he would submit to the Council of Ministers next week. He did not say Prophet further details on the budget.

    The Parliament approved in January 2010 budget which amounted to 72.4 billion dollars deficit of 19.6 billion dollars, assuming an oil price of 62.50 dollars a barrel. Must be approved by first the government budget and the parliament.

    Iraqis elected a new parliament in March, but did not win any political bloc enough seats to control the majority of the governor. Politicians since then to form the new government did not attend parliament sessions held so far.

  6. marvin bohn says:

    Thanks for the audio from the conference the other night. Lots of good information. Looking forward to tonight. Also thanks for the discount on the book and audio.

  7. Thank You, I heard the entire dialog including the breakdown and and comeback!


  8. Thank You, I heard the entire dialog including breakdown and return of Service.

    Regards, William Poole

  9. Kathy says:

    do you think that the Dinar will ever revaluate I hope so tell me your feelings please I am a widow and it sure would help me and my children out if it does thank you Kathy

  10. elle says:

    is there a live call tonight
    what is tel ##

  11. elle says:

    when r the schedule calls and what times
    thank you

  12. molasses says:

    Hi Adam,
    thanks for the link. The info. is valuable.I gather from the conference call that: very few of the pre-requisites remain to be met. with that said, since we all expecting a “RV” soon, is it a good time to acquire a little more Dinar and could you suggest a few credible dinar dealers?

  13. Peggy says:

    Hello, I’m writing about Bonus #1 that said “I’m giving away FREE VIP memberships, for a VERY
    limited time! Details in Part 1 of the call.” I’ve tried to find the link for this and can’t. Can you help me please. Thanks, Peggy

  14. Phylis says:

    I’m also having no luck. I’ve tried Explorer ( which never works for this site for some reason) and Firefox – which said “incorrect handle” when I tried to download it. Any help will be much appreciated.
    Many Many thanks

  15. ru says:


  16. BOB says:

    Iraq vows to implement all UN resolutions, urges UNSC to help it exit


    Iraqi President Jalal Talabani said late Thursday that Iraq is “very serious” about closing all the pending files “this year” and that the new Government will “seriously” deal with the issues between Iraq and Kuwait, in an attempt to get out from under Chapter VII of the UN Charter.

    Addressing the General Assembly at its 65th session, Talabani said “the most important issue that Iraq is still facing at this stage is getting rid of the burden of resolutions adopted under Chapter VII of the UN Charter.” “By reviewing these resolutions, we are working very hard along with our friends and members of the Security Council in order to settle all of the issues concerning the situation in Iraq,” he said.

    At the forefront of these issues, he said, are the remaining restrictions on Iraq in the field of disarmament, the conclusion of the remaining contracts of the Oil-for-Food program and finding the right mechanism which would guarantee the protection of the Iraqi money to replace the Development Fund for Iraq and the International Advisory and Monitoring Board for Iraq.

    “Iraq is very serious about putting an end to these files this year. The new elected Iraqi Government will also deal seriously with the situation between Iraq and Kuwait and the related issues, such as the maintenance of border pillars, compensation and missing Kuwaiti persons and properties,” he vowed.

    “We will work together with our Kuwaiti brothers, other stakeholders and the United Nations in order to reach a settlement that satisfies all parties without prejudice to our obligations under Security Council resolutions to which we emphasize our respect and commitment,” he insisted.

    The situation in Iraq has changed as a result of immense positive developments that have taken place since the collapse of the former regime and the end of the dictatorship, he noted. It is drastically different than the situation at the time the Security Council adopted resolution 661 in 1990.

    “For this reason, we see that now is the right time for the Security Council to act, to review all resolutions adopted against Iraq under Chapter VII, starting with resolution 661 of 1990, in a way that would restore Iraq to its international position prior to the adoption of these resolutions,” Talabani urged.

    With regard to the Iranian nuclear issue, he said Iraq believes in the legitimate right of states to the uses of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, a right guaranteed by international conventions, including the NPT. “We stress the importance of reaching a peaceful solution in dealing with this issue, and that dialogue and diplomacy are the most successful means to achieve that goal. On the other hand, any escalation of the matter would hurt the interests of all parties and put the security of the region at risk,” he warned.

    The present political process in Iraq aims to build a federal, democratic, united Iraq, where citizens work within constitutional institutions and the rule of law, human rights are protected and in which all components of the Iraqi people are treated with full respect, he said.

    “We give huge importance to our capabilities and qualifications as a country rich with natural and human resources to achieve these objectives. However, at this important stage of our people’s life, we need political and economic support, as well as international cooperation in order to stand on a firm base, which will enable us to move towards a future in which we will be able, not only to promote our country and our people’s stability, progress and prosperity, but also to contribute fully to the achievement within the international community of peace, security and sustainable development for all nations,” he concluded.
    Posted by Kel at 9/24/2010 01:12:00 PM Labels: iraq chapter 7, Zebari and UN 2010

  17. mark says:

    I didn’t listen to the whole thing (on dialup). Perhaps PIF’s were mentioned. Private Foundations which are an alternative to IBC’s. There’s a chance that this kind of investment might not apply but once you cash in I don’t see why.
    Problem is once you set it up you are stuck with it. You will be charged again to close it. I’ve already been through this once.
    In any case, that first segment sounded like an ad.

    We are also wondering about liquidity or available sources to cash dinars in if and when the time comes.

  18. mark says:

    Forgot to mention the discretion needed in setting anything like this up.

  19. Angela says:

    I just want the RV to Happen!!! I have not bought any dinars over $5000 in denom. Because I think I might have too switch out the bigger bills before the RV, But I have only bought enough (fingers crossed) that if it RV’s to 3.20 Than it will be enough to help my household out of debt.

  20. Staci says:

    I have neighbors that are in the military and he’s being deploed again in December. They Have bought alot of Dinar over the last 5 years, he has told us that once the war is completly over in August according to OBAMA then it could be several years after that before we see an RV! Anybody else have any insite! I pray to GOD every day that it will happen soon atleast by the end of the year, but when i hear from people that are actually there and that are going back that say it could be several years after the withdraw then it makes me believe that it’s not almost over and we have several years left before we all cash in! Any insite????

  21. Angela says:

    I am hoping the tax rate will be only 59% I think that would be pretty good. What does anyone else think?

  22. RAWL says:


  23. KJ says:

    another way to cash in is to purchase an EXISTING foundation and set the date of the contract for the transfer (gift) of the dinar to the foundation at a date you want. So you must not purchase an IBC in advance, not knowing if you ever would need it. You just purchase if and when you need it (even after the RV)

  24. 2BFrank says:

    What do you all make of the new Federal Charter that came out on 09-13-10. I am having a hard time understanding section .203 which requires all out of country IQD be deposited into Blocked US Bank accounts. It does not require chattels or RE be sold and/or converted to US Banks. Anyone understand this?

  25. Matty9 says:

    Just because someone is over there doesn’t mean a thing. I can be outsde the doors of the NYSE (new york stock exchange)and would not be able to tell you what the price of Microsoft Stock was going to be.This is all speculation and currency traders are just like stock traders. They make an educated decision to move on something and hope the research pays off. Also, if people think they can tell you when an rv is going to happen (even Adam)they’re wrong. Do you honestly believe that information like this would leak out??? If people know when currency is going to change and to what dollar amount their families would never have to work again.

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