Live TV announcement this Friday, Dinar Revaluation news

Hey Dinar Speculators!

Ok, ok – I give! After several hundred emails from faithful readers of, it’s no longer possible to put this off – you win. I’ll do an update!

(I’ve been running around the world, researching and doing what I do best – finding stuff out! If you’re on the newsletter, you’ll know that I have a VIP conference call scheduled soon to discuss this in depth. I’m going to fill you in on some quick points.)

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More details later, but for now let’s talk about the current goings on in Iraq.

The biggest item on our plates right now is the upcoming televised meeting this Friday. The dinar investor population is running wild with rumors of an upcoming RV, and there’s a bit of potential here… but I’m hearing from my Iraqi sources that this definitely isn’t the right time. Here is what the TV broadcast will be about (and be sure to keep reading, because I want you to know why this is a good thing!)

Iraq’s Central Bank set up a new strategic project in 2007 under the name of “Iraqi Currency revaluation” under the recommendation of the Supreme Economic Committee related to the Ministerial Council with the support of Iraq’s Finances Ministry. The project aims to re-denominate the national currency by removing zeros from the currency. This week’s episode of Bi Tarikh Al Ghad will tackle the following issues: Is Iraq’s economy prepared for such a change? What is the effect of removing zeros from the currency? Will removing zeros from the currency cause fluctuations in the Iraqi market? Is the project aimed to improve Iraqi payments system? What is the effect of removing zeros on bonds market? How is the process of removing zeros progressing? Will removing zeros add up to the purchase value? What are the gains of such a project?


“Is Iraq’s economy ready for such a change?” That is a huge question, and all of our answers lie within it!

I’ve said for years, and in my book, that in order for the RV to be successful the Iraqi people will need education. They can’t simply change the rate or the currency and expect everyone to figure it out. Also, they can’t simply hand everyone a piece of paper with instructions:

One in five Iraqis aged 10 to 49 cannot read or write, with large discrepancies in literacy levels between men and women, a report by the United Nations has found.

Obviously this will improve when the Iraqi economy goes up and the people have more money to stick into things like education and quality of life, but the current Iraq requires verbal education… which is what we’re seeing right now.

I personally see 97% of the news right now as positive. We all have to understand that you can’t believe the news you read if it comes from Iraq – in the event of an RV, they are going to be releasing disinformation left and right! The louder they yell about a lop, the closer we are to the RV. Since we aren’t hearing a lot about a lop, I have to guess that we’re still at least a couple weeks away – but the possibility that Iraqis are getting the education necessary to support a revaluation of the Dinar is highly encouraging.

My friends, as always – I’m here to give it to you straight and not to “pump” up dinar sales. While the current events are positive for us – it’s not going to RV this weekend, so don’t spend any more on Dinar than you can afford to stick in your underwear drawer and continue waiting.

(And get on the newsletter! When it DOES RV, you don’t want to be the last to know – I’m sending out an email immediately after the announcement. Join here.)

Current news:

Hassan Osman: The new government will be formed at the beginning of next year

He said the Kurdish coalition member Hassan Osman statements by some officials that the new government will be formed within the next two weeks that words are not unconstitutional and that the new government will not be formed only at the beginning of next year.

Earlier, statements of some members of the coalition of the rule of law has pointed out that the period of the next two weeks will witness the birth of the new government.

Read more:

Iraq Government delays possible – Maliki being undermined by new alliance

Iraq: New Alliance Takes Shape Against Maliki-Sadr Bloc

One week after Iraq’s Prime Minister Maliki announced an alliance with Muqtada al-Sadr, the fiercely anti-American cleric who leads the Mahdi Army militia, a new coalition is taking shape to undermine the Maliki-Sadr bloc. The new alliance may have the backing of Turkey, Syria, and Saudi Arabia, and the tacit support of the United States.

Read more:

Here’s a great clip posted by a mod in our Forum. The Iraqi Dinar is making news in places outside of our little investors world, like in this radio broadcast:

Iraq’s budget puts deficit at $18.6bn

2011 budget assumes oil exports of 2.4 m bpd

  • Reuters

Published Sunday, October 10, 2010 Iraq’s proposed 2011 budget runs a deficit of 22 trillion dinars ($18.6bn) and assumes oil exports of 2.4 m barrels per day, Deputy Finance Minister Fadhil Nabi said on Sunday.

The ministry last month proposed a budget of 102 trillion dinars ($86.4 billion) based on a world oil price of $70 a barrel.

Read more:

I’ll tell you what I love about that previous tidbit… the budget and the estimated production are both under what it should be based on a lot of the news we have seen lately. Regardless, even at a conservative numbers we would be able to see some very substantial growth of the Dinar with just a few tweaks to our situation, in particular: a seated GOI, the lifting of Chapter 7, or a successful HCL resolution. Any of these three are very possible, so let’s look for two things before we see an RV:

1. Education of the Iraqi people on how to use a currency with different value.

2. Resolution of either of those three items I just mentioned.

Hang in there, everyone. We’re close!

Older news (These were links I had saved from an older draft, they are old news but I’m going to post them here since I had the content written already):

Obama declares Iraq soveriegn and says war is ending.

Three days before the official end of the US combat mission in Iraq, US President Barack Obama said on Saturday that the war in the country was “ending” and called Iraq a “sovereign” nation free to determine its own destiny.

Read more:

Sadrist lawmaker supports Abdulmahdi’s call to hold parliament’s session

BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Sadrist Lawmaker Bahaa al-Aaraji on Thursday expressed support of the call made by Vice President Adel Abdulmahdi to hold a parliament’s session.

“Security and political developments highlight the need to hold a parliament’s session to tackle these developments and to find a solution for the current crisis,” al-Aaraji told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

Read more:

Former Iraqi premier Allawi says he fears major crisis over Iran

Berlin – The Arab world fears a major crisis is about to break out over Iran, former Iraqi prime minister Iyad Allawi has said in an interview with the German news magazine Der Spiegel.

‘I’m definitely not an advocate of Iran’s policies. In fact I’m sure they have a ban on me visiting there. But I do think the world should keep on talking with Iran to see and to feel what Iran is scared of.

Read more:

Lower inflation rate in Iraq

28.08.2010 Leila Ahmed Economists said that the decline in the inflation rate was due to the monetary and economic policies the successful followed by Iraq, which indicates the economic future more optimistic towards the التمية that stumbled a lot.
Read more:

As always, the Dinar Speculation Train rolls on.

Talk to you soon!

– Adam Montana

29 Responses to “Live TV announcement this Friday, Dinar Revaluation news”

  1. st says:

    thanks Adam, great news.
    thank you again for all the hard work, it will soon pay off. Have a bless day.

  2. Gregg says:


    As always, thank you for your diligence, effort and hard work for getting the intel and sharing it with us. Its great that things are moving forward for Iraq and “yes” this does provide us with more time to be proactive and get more things in order before RV. Thanks once again and God Bless… GO RV!!!

  3. Brian B says:

    I always enjoy your posts. You have a way of bringing a level-headed calm to the frenzy. Thank you!

  4. Vickie says:

    Thanks Adam. I appreciate you taking the time to get us caught up. While I didn’t think it would be this weekend, I did hope. ;0)
    I too feel that educating the people is a great sign of what will soon come to be.

  5. Humberto Perez says:

    Thanks Adam for all your updates. You always find news to keep us alive. GO RV!!!

  6. Frank61 says:

    Thanks Adam !!

  7. BOB says:

    Adam, the only thing i don’t agree with you on is that the Iraqi people don’t know this is going to happen, I think they know ..How hard is it to say the money you have is now going to make you rich!!! lol

  8. Aaron says:

    Does an RV announcement usually result in an immediate change in value? I realize that this would most likely not be the full RV change but does that stir some positive activity?

  9. steve says:

    hello all, and many thanks for all the contributions, and adam for your hard work. Pardon me but while i see and believe in the track of this as a great investment; knowing too that the value is only held out based on the stability of the gov. issuing it; i ask myself why, if the RV and the subsequent appreciation is the eventuality not a possibility; why would’nt everyone be snapping up all they can? Apart from those who have invested already? At the cost vs range of future value it seems too obvious, too good?! What about developments like the latest zero drop debates? Could such changes or revisions impact the use/validity or future for actual bills held now? Lastly, Ive read of 25K notes are the denom to buy/ over the smaller bill amounts? Who to work with to double down my amounts? I’m thinking now is aas good as evr to buy… why wait? right??

    my thanks, with hope this reaches you all

  10. molasses says:

    I was not aware of a live conference tonight, is true? if so is it to late to join in.

  11. molasses says:

    What tv channel is the conference on?

  12. BOB says:

    according to the site they aired this on 10/8/2010..funny how they posted this week that it was going to air on 10/15/2010.So to me they are getting very close to the RV.

  13. Brian says:

    Any info on the live TV announcement?

  14. ru says:


  15. Michael J. Chaparro says:

    If we consider the actual developments in Iraq isn’t possible that in order for the RV to happen there has to be a complete “reintegration” of social, economic, political and religious reunion of the different factions in the country before we see it?. If that’s the case then the actual event would be farther than we expect, right?

  16. Keneile says:

    Folks, wake-up!!! the dinar era is OVER once the zeros are dropped your money is not going to worth the value you anticipate. A million might be worth a thousand dollars depending on what the RV comes out at. George Bush JR. plan just back-fired with the purchase of trillons of iraq dinar. The plan was to get the U.S. defict back on its feet when this money came out but iraq stuck it to the U.S. and now we are stuck with a defict, bad economy with no receovery in site for years. It looks like the U.S. is getting ready to play second fiddler to every country in the world asking for a handout. All I see is every country turning their back on us. People get ready because its going to be a rocky ride.

  17. Keneile says:

    Folk, wake-up and smell the coffee George Bushes plan for the U.S. has failed and Iraq has pretty threw us under the bus with the dropping of the zeros. All of you need to stop with the positve information consisting of the RV and stick to the facts. Your money has just devalued because of this. Basically a million dinars could end-up a thousand american dollars which the dollar is valued in todays market at almost nothing. People get ready for a downward ride because the only thing the U.S. had going was this dinar as far as taking care of our defict. Because of this decison the U.S. has nowhere to turn for help. OUR ECONOMY IS DOOMED. You keep believing in this dinar…. Folks it is over.

  18. Mark C. says:

    I am new to the Dinar craze, and have researched for hours. I see things that make sense, and yet a lot of hype. I have purchased my Dinar as a hedge. I want to believe this will happen. Heaven knows we could all use it as a result of this lousy economy. Here is my concern. I am afraid there won’t be a RV. yes, really. It is not uncommon for a currency to strengthen as the economy grows. IRAQ will grow, no doubt. Take a look at this link and then someone be kind enough to answer, as well as possible (ADAM) what you think, with facts not speculation… here are some questions..First, why RV instead of letting the currency grow naturally? Second, can the Government of Iraq handle an RV? That is do they have the funds? Third, what is the honest advantage to Iraq of an RV? Disadvantage? Fourth, what is the status on dropping zeros? Thanks for the thoughts and input.

  19. bob says:

    Any updates Adam ?? your way to quite!!!

  20. Chuck says:

    Thank you for your updates. One suggestion. You mentioned an announcement “this Friday”. Could you display the date you post your posting so we would know which “Friday” you are talking about. Thanks Again.

  21. Roger says:

    Steve…I find many people I talk to have no clue what a Dinar is…and others that do have monies invested else where…and some just don’t want to take the risk…but if we look at history and the folks that passed up investments… that look back and KICK themselves for not! I read an article that talked about removing 1 zero??? All talk…the reality is they WANT these oil companies and others to come in…The very Bottom line is thier money has GOT to have Value!!!
    And I might add how refreshing it is for someone like Adam that helps wheter you buy the 1st thing from or not!!!
    Thanks Adam

  22. Roy says:

    Adam-Can you ask your CBI contact why the station pulled the Currency Video last Friday? Thanks-Keep up the dilligent work!

  23. C. Diller says:

    All, I heard somewhere that when the RV does indeed happen, that because the country’s inflation is so low that it will further boost the value of the Dinar an additional $0.86! So for arguements sake lets say it came in at $1.00 USD to $1.00 IQD. Then because of the low inflation levels in Iraq, it could further boost it up anywhere close to $1.86 USD to $1.00 IQD. Adam do you have any info on this? Thanks.

  24. NICK says:

    Adam, I just found articles and I want to get some comments from adam whether it is a good or bad news. IS THIS ARTICLE TRUE THAT IRAQ ALREADY CHOSE PM AND THE WINNER IS MUQTADA OFFICIALLY?SO THIS MEANS THAT RV WILL COME IMMEDIATELY AFTER THIS OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FOR NEW PM. I am really getting a heart attack if this is true.

    Oct 20, 2010

    By Pepe Escobar

    Iraqi Premier Nuri al-Maliki hit Tehran this Monday. He was duly received by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and talked extensively to President Mahmud Ahmadinejad, still beaming after his rock-star tour of Lebanon last week. Maliki visited the holy city of Qom, described Iran-Iraq relations as “strategic” and called for even deeper Iran-Iraq cooperation. A good time was had by all – but certainly not the Armageddon-warning brigade in Washington. Now let’s shine some light over the broader context. Take this headline; “White House demands Maliki oust [Shi’ite cleric Muqtada al-]Sadr from coalition.” Anyone repressing uncontrollable rolls of laughter wins a sheesh kebab. All through these interminable seven months since the Iraq elections on March 7, the Barack Obama administration said it would “not interfere” in internal Iraqi politics. Even the ghosts of the whores of Babylon knew Washington wanted its own favored, slightly pro-Western “coalition” in power – a Maliki-Iyad Allawi “cohabitation”, as the French put it, with that Arab version of Tony Soprano, former Central Intelligence Agency asset and former “butcher of Fallujah” Allawi as prime minister. (See The new Saddam, without a moustache Asia Times Online, July 16, 2004.) Now it turns out Washington is involved in – guess what? – a whole lot of interfering. Maliki is set to actually remain in power – thanks to support by the Sadrist bloc. Allawi’s Iraqiya List had slightly more seats (91) than Maliki’s list (89), but not enough to form a government. At the same time, the Sadrists became predominant over the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council and the Iraqi National Alliance (10% of the 325 contested seats). Even said ghosts of the whores of Babylon also knew that after the elections the real kingmaker in Iraq would continue to be Muqtada.

    Oh, those were the days when “firebrand” Muqtada was the Pentagon’s top bogeyman – even bigger than Osama bin Laden, routinely described as “the most dangerous man in Iraq”. It was so much easier to try to take him out than to deal with his nationalist appeal. Today, only armchair “strategists” in Washington can actually believe that Maliki will tremble in his brogues and show Muqtada the door; for in that case Maliki would literally kiss his majority coalition goodbye.
    As much as the Obama administration wanted a Maliki-Allawi cohabitation, Tehran wanted a Maliki-Muqtada cohabitation. Guess who’s the winner – again; not only the regime in Tehran, but also the Shi’ite clerics in Iraq. With an important point to be considered; just because Muqtada himself is studying in Qom to become an ayatollah, that does not mean that Baghdad will be ruled from Tehran. Western media have often spun that Iran masterminded a sort of coup d’etat in Baghdad. It’s much more subtle than that. Tehran abundantly knew the many reasons why Muqtada would not ally the Sadrists with Maliki. So they set in motion a very skillful diplomatic chess game operating first via religious channels. Ayatollah Kazem al-Haeri, Muqtada’s spiritual adviser, asked him to give Maliki a try. Then last month, Maliki sent his chief of staff to Qom along with Abdul Halim al-Zuhairi from his Da’wa party to talk in person to Muqtada. Hezbollah’s Mohamed Kawtharani came from Beirut, and they were all joined by General Qassem Suleimani, the commander of the al-Quds Brigades of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. Then Ahmadinejad met Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus on his way to the United Nations in New York – Ahmadinejad did a tour de force to convince Assad that Maliki was OK. To top it all, Supreme Leader Khamenei – not to mention eminent Qom elders – and Hezbollah’s secretary general Hassan Nasrallah gave their final imprimatur to the Muqtada-Maliki cohabitation.
    No wonder an outmaneuvered Washington is now on overdrive warning once again of a “Shi’ite crescent” – that figment of the imagination of those wildly democratic heavens such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Kuwait. As for the Allawi camp, its spin mantra – very popular in US corporate media – is that Iran is taking over Iraq. In a late September interview to German weekly Der Spiegel, Allawi insisted fear prevailed everywhere and war could soon break out all across the Middle East. Obama may have declared the end of the Iraqi war to all those gullible enough to swallow it – but the fact remains that thousands of US troops will continue to be in Iraq even after the December 2011 withdrawal deadline, which in itself will be fought one Bradley vehicle at a time by the Pentagon. No one will know for quite a while what sort of military agreement will be struck by the – still – US occupiers and a theoretically sovereign Iraqi government. Needless to say that the Pentagon – religiously following the “full-spectrum dominance” doctrine – will pull out all stops to keep at least a handful of military bases inside Iraq. These latest developments anyway seem to be producing three inalterable facts.
    Number one. Baghdad will have a Tehran-friendly and Shi’ite-friendly government, with intertwined strategic interests. But that does not mean it will be ruled by Tehran. Sunnis will have to included; otherwise civil war will be back (not that it ever left; what General David “counter-insurgency or bust” Petraeus managed to do was to sell to a gullible US public opinion a “surge” as a fake victory).
    Number two. All that oil. Iraq’s proven oil reserves now stand at 143.1 billion barrels, up from 115 billion barrels. That makes them the third-largest in the world, above Iran, according to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Oil exports account for 95% of Baghdad’s revenue. And most of the new oil will be exploited by Chinese, Russian and Asian companies, not US Big Oil. So much for the neo-conservative dream of a US-controlled Iraq as “the new OPEC”.
    Number three. The final nail in the coffin of the neo-conservative fantasy of a Greater Middle East as an American lake. And to believe that these people still have a shot at being back at the helm of the US government by November 2012. Uncle Marx, we miss you so much; history does prefer to repeat itself as farce.LINK:

    Adam, Is it true that PM is already chosen and the winner is MUQTADA officially worldwide? Does this mean that there will be a revaluation immediately Adam?Adam please please give some comments.

  25. Jude says:

    Here we go again. Are they really going to lop off the zeros? Or are there smaller bills waiting in the wings to be released into circulation when the revaluation happens? According the the CBI website, there are a couple of denominations that are not in circulation, but none is small enough to make change (i.e. 1, 5, 10, etc.).

  26. Leizel says:

    I’m curious because I have mostly the large (25000) denominations if that is an unsafe thing to have. I’ve heard that they may be doing away with the large denomination. If true, what do I do with mine?

  27. Staci says:

    It says on on 9-8-2010 that they will not remove zeros so i don’t think they are going to LOP. Who knows i’m just ready for this ride to be over with!

  28. pride says:

    All I can say is get on the wagon or get off..keep the negativity to yourself ..we have the right to dream of future.monies.. thanks Adam ..Pride

  29. alhamik says:

    As we know so many member of parleman of iraq. why you don’t try to get their opinion regarding iqd rv? I think that is more valueble news!

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