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With the year end approaching, it’s important to know that many times major decisions are put in place at this time of year. Huge changes in the way societies work are rarely successful if they happen all at once – but gradual change over a longer period of time is more likely to work, if things are explained well and done methodically.

It’s also important to note that although Iraq is it’s own country, the events of the surrounding countries and even the United States have influence on Iraq. That makes our November 2 elections here in the U.S. worth paying attention to.

Things to look for:

1. A significant change in the Iraqi government.

At the current time, we see a bunch of the same stuff going back and forth. The former leaders aren’t quite ready to step aside, and new power hasn’t been firmly cemented. In order for “new” power to be cemented, we need to know who the “new” power is! Is it the new guy? The old guy? Another guy we haven’t heard of yet?

Many people are looking for a HUGE BLAST of news, when what we should all do is patiently watch and be encouraged by incremental gains. (One play touchdowns are great, but it usually takes a series of downs to get to the end zone!) As you read the news below, you should notice forward progress, which as always is a positive sign.

2. A major change in restrictions against Iraq

Iraq has several key roadblocks to overcome in the near future. Two in particular can pave the way for a significant movement of their economy, freedom to do business, and ultimately – the value of the Iraqi dinar. Two of these items are the Chapter 7 sanctions and the HCL (Hydro Carbon Law) resolution.

After Saddam was removed from power in 2003, Iraq was slapped with some serious restrictions – better known as Chapter 7. These restrictions prevent Iraq from functioning as a normal country – they are basically on “probation”. The HCL presents to the country of Iraq a way to support an increased value of the Iraqi Dinar in many ways.

As soon as we see movement in either of these items, we are in the red zone.

Now for the latest Iraqi News:

We hope to see major movement in the Iraqi Government on November 7th or 8th.

Kurds deciding their position on the alliances on November 7th

Announced a coalition Kurdish blocs that heย decided to resolve the position of alliances on the form the next government on November 7 next during a recent meeting of the parties to the coalition, urged the Kurdish regionalPresident Massoud Iraqi factions to respond to the paper, the Kurdish official, and through responses signed by the fact that the paper contained the demands of the people do not list or political entity.

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Al-Iraqiya delegation arrived in Erbil

Erbil, Oct. 26 (AKnews)- Shortly ago a group of leaders from al-Iraqiya arrived in Erbil to meet with the Kurdistan president for talks over the formation of the new Iraqi government.

In an earlier report, Haydar Mula, al-Iraqiya’s spokesman said the delegation comprises Ayad Allawi, the former prime minister and the head of al-Iraqiya, Osama Nujaifi, Jamal Karrubi, and Salih Mutlag.

The support of the Kurdish deputies for any of the prime ministerial candidates may end the seven-month delay in new government formation. Allawi, the outgoing PM Nouri al-Maliki and the Iraqi vice president, Adel Abdul-Mahdi are the three PM candidates.

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Al-Iraqiya leaders to discuss alliance with Barzani

Erbil, Oct. 26 (AKnews) โ€“ A lawmaker from al-Iraqiya said Tuesday the top leaders of his bloc will meet with Kurdistan president, Massoud Barzani today to deliver the bloc’s response to the Kurdish coalition terms.

Haydar Mula, the spokesman of the front-runner al-Iraqiya bloc said in the team are Ayad Allawi, the former prime minister and the head of al-Iraqiya, Tariq Hashemi, Osama Nujaifi, Jamal Karrubi, and Salih Mutlag. The team will also discuss the solutions for government formation crisis.

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A leading in a state of law, confirms the Kurds support the nomination of Al-Maliki

Leader confirmed in a coalition of the rule of law that the coalition of Kurdish Blocs expressed full support to the National Alliance candidate, nouri Al-Maliki, after the two sides reached an agreement on a large number of the demands of the Kurds.

Kamal Al Saidi, the deputy said that ” the next few days will witness the beginning to initiate the formation of the government in the parliament will be meeting in the middle of next week.” Adding that ” coalition of the rule of law is that its leader nouri Al-Maliki would be the party’s candidate for prime minister.”

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Talal al zub’i: Iraqi alliance with the Kurds is imminent Haidar Ali Jawad

Said deputy of the Iraqi list Talal Al zub’i that ” the Kurds are the closest to Iraqi)) due to the geographical and demographic overlap in governorates and regions, who are represented by the two sides, and that our alliance with the Kurds has become imminent.”

He said in a statement today: “That there are links between the two Kurds and Arabs in governorates and regions common between the two sides to be added to the political, historical ties among the Kurdish list, Iyad Allawi,” he said.

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Iraq will top oil producing countries in Middle East

Baghdad, Oct. 27 (AKnews) – The Iraqi Oil Ministry stated on Wednesday that Iraq will top the oil production in the Middle East during the next five years where it will export 12 million barrels per day, assuring that this process will take place after activating the performance of national oil companies.
Abdul Karim Luaibi, Deputy Oil Minister, told AKnews that the first, second and third licensing rounds are returning the oil pipeline between Iraq and Syria, in addition to signing an agreements to keep the pipeline of Ceyhan for another 15 years, will make Iraq the first oil exporting country to the world during the next five years.

“Iraq has the capabilities to be the first oil producer in the region after receiving assurances from the member states of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) with respect to increasing its oil exports with foreign companies that won the three licensing rounds.”

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Political blocs support Maliki for PM, Sanid

State of Law Coalition official Hassan Al Sanid said that the National Coalition got written approvals submitted by the majority of political blocs uttering support to the Alliance candidate to Premiership Nouri Al Maliki during the parliament session expected to be held after two weeks.

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National Alliance confirms the presence of the political blocs to a meeting tomorrow in order to effectuate the initiative

(Alsumaria News) BAGHDAD – The National Alliance, on Tuesday, he would send a negotiating team to attend a meeting of the political blocs is expected on Wednesday, the home of a member of a coalition Kurdish blocs Rose Nuri Shaways, which comes in activation of the initiative Massoud Barzani, as he emphasized that the continued absence of the Islamic Supreme Council of the meetings do not mean separation from the National Alliance.

A statement by the National Alliance issued after the end of the meeting of members held at the home of leader Ibrahim al-Jaafari, and received a copy of “Alsumaria News”, “The Alliance will send a delegation represented at the meeting of the political blocs to be held at the home of the President of the Kurdish delegation negotiating Rose Nuri Shaways in Baghdad, to activate the initiative Iraqi Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani to sit down at a round table for dialogue. ”

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Thief steals one billion and 800 million dinars from the Rafidain bank branch of the (official)

Baghdad/UR News

Although the Al Anbar police to strengthen security measures on banks and banking civil all of the governorate’s cities to limit of armed robberies, but that did not prevent the thieves to devise new methods to rob does not give rise to suspicions the security forces.

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That’s it for now – stay tuned for another email later this week.

Warmest RV regards!

– Adam Montana

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  1. monica says:

    GREAT Information Adam. Thank you very much for all your hard work. AS far as the revaluation goes – one step at a time – we`re getting there.
    I also hear the the Saudis are going to be talking to Iraq to help break the political stalemate. This could be another step in the right direction??

  2. autoracing says:

    outstanding info, may be e-mail of the year.

  3. Raushanah says:

    Thanks again Adam for the great information.

  4. FloridaChick says:

    Adam… Great synopsis of the Iraqi Drama!

    Thanks for condensing the info. Things are progressing ~ Unfortunately us Americans have a microwave mentality at times :)

    All will come together soon ~ I hope…

  5. Lou says:

    Thanks for the update. This is a positive note.

  6. tony says:

    i think we are still pretty far away but it will happen.

  7. dune says:

    I think that there will be a lop. So let’s say you have 500,000 dinars. They will lop 3 zeros making it 500 dinars, which you paid aprox 4-5 hundred dollars for. Eventually it will be 3/1 dinar to us dollard. You will have tripled your investment. Not too bad. Not a millionaire, but if it increased how everyone wants it to then Iraq would buy the USA and burn it down. There is way too much Dinar out there.

  8. larry says:

    Can they all just get along already and get this done. omg they are acting like children over there. JUST VENTING go rv

  9. Julie says:

    If they take 3 zeros off the dinars, how does this affect the RV? I thought the
    predictions were that it would
    RV out at anywhere from 70-80% up, of the actual amount of the dinars that we have now. So what happens if they take off 3 zeros?

  10. Michael says:

    Taking three zeros off the currency will also take three zeros off the exchange, let’s see how….

    25,000 IQD = 21.25 USD (at todays 1160 to 1 rate, which is 0.00085)

    Take off the three zeros and we have

    25 IQD

    BUT the exchange adjusts accordingly by ‘lopping’ off three zeros as well….

    now it is .85 instead of .00085

    25 IQD X .85 = 21.25 USD

    the only reason for this to happen is when the market gets better, it will be easier to use and spend smaller denominations.

    If a gallon of milk cost 3000 IQD right now (about 3 USD), it will then cost 3 IQD for the same gallon. If the exchange didn’t compensate then one could purchase over 300 gallons with the same 3 USD. The new bills will be three times (3 zeros) smaller but will be worth 3 xs more, nothing changes for us investors profit wise.

  11. Matt says:

    Oh Boy, Here we go again with the “lopping” issue.

    Julie,IMHO, don’t worry about a LOP… Not gonna happen. A LOP is for countries with HIGH inflation. Iraq has NONE.

    To all you LOPsters…. Find something else to do with your time…. worry about 12-12-12 or something…. lol :)

    Thanks for the info Adam! See ya at DV!

  12. Sage449 says:

    Hey – hearing the following – anyone else hearing same:

    Sunday Morning in San Francisco….on FOX NEWS Channel…Nuri Al Maliki will keep his job as Prime Minister and the an agreement has been reached regarding the formation of the government…

    Parliament has a meeting tomorrow…hopefully to finalize the government officially…

    RV should happen shortly after that…hopefully this week…

  13. Brandy says:

    I have just been recently following the news that is going on with the Dinar value… when are they predicting that this will go up?

  14. Matty9 says:

    Hey Matt,
    It’s actually 12/21/2012. The Mayans believed this would be the end of time as we know it. That’s actually why I believe the RV will be on 12/20/2012. One day to live like the pigs we are.

  15. Staci says:

    That’s what i’ve been hearing as well!! Once Gov is formed should RV soon after! Can’t wait this ride is almost over! I thought Adam was going to post another email the end of last week?? There’s alot going on and he’s said nothing!

  16. john says:

    well I read today that they have there government now!

  17. MubhS says:

    Good News mr. Adam… Climb a step for RV….
    Go RVvvvvvvv………

  18. Grant Hardy says:

    Copied from an MSN article –

    Iraqi PM to stay on as political deadlock ends

    The Associated Press
    updated 1 hour 53 minutes ago 2010-11-11T05:27:17

    BAGHDAD โ€” Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki will return to power for another four-year term after Iraqi lawmakers working late into the night agreed on a tentative deal to form a new government, lawmakers said.

    The deal, struck late Wednesday, breaks an eight-month impasse that paralyzed the government, encouraged insurgent attacks and rattled potential foreign investors. The Sunni-backed secular coalition, which had vehemently opposed al-Maliki, finally resigned itself to serving in his government along with the other main political groups.

  19. john says:

    I am wondering where adam is we get news like this and he has no comment? nothing to say? he must have gotten enough book sales!

    • Adam Montana says:

      Latest post is up!

      I’ve been busy in the VIP room lately, and it’s impossible to respond to every post out here.

      That’s why there is a VIP section – to cut down on the “noise” and allow me to focus my time on those that support the Dinar News Network


      – Adam

  20. Adam Montana says:

    lol @ john – I post this information, give it to you for free, and you complain that I don’t post or comment ENOUGH for you… a freeloading bandwidth sucker.

    You’re one of those people that would complain if a free car was the wrong color, I bet. ๐Ÿ˜€

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