Best news to happen to the Iraqi Dinar in years!

Fellow Dinar Investors!

Yesterday was a MAJOR breakthrough in the progress of Iraq, and therefore, also the progress of the Revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar. I was told that we should expect to see two major sanctions lifted yesterday and we might expect the value of the Iraqi Dinar to change on the 15th.

Well, it didn’t happen on the 15th, and my “Intel” (a.k.a. “sources”) were wrong on the two major sanctions being lifted.

For those of you fresh to the Iraqi Dinar scene, here’s the scenario.

In 2003 Iraq was shook from its roots to its branches when Saddam Hussein was stripped from power. Iraq was thrown into what it is currently removing itself from – the aftermath of an evil dictator. The United Nations put incredible restrictions on the entire country, restricting it’s freedom to act as an independent entity, forcing Iraq to bow to the every request of the outside world, and imposing an unrelenting debt on it, owed to Kuwait for every Iraqi’s involvement in the mass murders committed under the rule of Saddam Hussein.

The value of the Iraqi Dinar fell from over $3 to less than $0.0001.

Since 1993, the Iraqi people have fought and lived through things most of us will never see. Many soldiers, both Iraqi, US, and other countries soldiers, died in the struggle to right the sinking ship of a once powerful country.

Since the fall of the country and the plummet of the value of their currency, the country has made leaps and bounds towards reinstating their position in the world. They have come from under the dark shadow of nearly complete terrorist occupation to an almost complete government and a land safe enough to vote for a president. The currency has doubled since their darkest hour, and yesterday…

Iraq was praised in a United Nations Security Council meeting.

Yesterday was probably the biggest day in Dinar News since I’ve been an investor – and I’ve been invested a long time. Yesterday signified a major turning point in the saga we are living in. Yesterday was a real turning point for the country of Iraq that nobody can deny…

You see, my source was wrong. Two major sanctions against Iraq were not lifted yesterday.

Yesterday, THREE of the remaining Chapter 7 sanctions against Iraq were released!

Read the entire article here:

So, what’s left?


Quote: Welcoming the progress made by the Governments of Iraq and Kuwait towards the resolution of the outstanding issues between both countries, and encouraging their further cooperation, the Security Council calls on Iraq to quickly fulfill its remaining obligations under the relevant Chapter VII Security Council resolutions pertaining to the situation between Iraq and Kuwait.

Read more:

The bottom line to Dinar Investors is this:

Kuwait doesn’t want Iraq out of Chapter 7 before the currency rises. The country of Kuwait basically holds “stock” in Iraq, as a result of the reparations owed to Kuwait. If Iraq gains in power while Kuwait still has “stock” in Iraq, then Kuwait makes even more money as their “stock” goes up in value.

Obviously Iraq doesn’t want this to happen, because they are in a sense paying “dividends” to Kuwait if that happens! They don’t want that to happen… they want to “call” in those “stocks” at the lowest price possible, which means they want out from under Kuwait’s influence before the value of the Dinar rises.

That brings us to the current situation. Kuwait is trying to keep Chapter 7 restrictions on Iraq as long as possible, to force the ReValue of the Iraqi Currency to happen while they still hold stock. Iraq is holding out as long as possible, because their assets aren’t going anywhere… but their cash reserves will quickly drain if they revalue the dinar and THEN have to pay Kuwait!

While that may be complicated, what is clear and simple is the direction our investment is headed… and it’s clearly good.

The UN has made it clear that they are supporting Iraq.

The world can easily see that Kuwait is losing the stranglehold they have held for so long.

Iraq is winning this battle, and just the same – the investors in Iraq are also winning the battle.

Hang in there, friends! The end is near, and that is a good thing for once.


– Adam Montana

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  1. optimistic says:

    Adam: There is just one misleading comment in your news bulletin: When the value of the IQD fell in 1993 – it was a “local” event as the value was artificially set to over $3.00 by Saddam – but it was NEVER traded globally! That makes a huge difference in interpreting what happened then and why it really didn’t have any impact on international FX. Some FX experts continue to believe that any RV now will again be an “internal” event that “may” raise the value of the IQD inside Iraq ONLY to its former value of $3.00.

  2. Darryl says:

    Thanks Adam for the update!

    Go RV!!

  3. terry says:

    CBI Adviser: Dinar Will Rise Against the Dollar in the Coming Period
    07 December 2010 ( Currency News Hound )
    An official source in the Iraqi Central Bank to witness a remarkable rise of the dinar against other currencies especially the dollar .. Be denied that the budget deficit next fiscal something negative, saying at the same time that most of the public budgets deficit begins and ends with a surplus of Mali is Mdaorth ..
    The Chancellor and the economic expert for the appearance of Mohammed’s (morning): The budget deficit is similar to the deficit in the economic structure in general, what calls for attention to processes such as how things can reflect negatively on the economic process in Iraq completely,
    The Cabinet has recently approved the general budget for Iraq for next year 2011, amounting to $ 83 billion, depending on the value of export of oil amounting to 2.25 million barrels per day and at a price of $ 73 per barrel, but the experts and specialists in the economic forecast to suffer the next budget a deficit of $ 18 billion, which commented upon in favor by saying: not a question of negative to suffer the budget financial deficit, but to see the budget at the end of each year a financial surplus due to non-completion of many plans and projects, and also said: Every time you start the budget deficit , and ending with a surplus …
    In return, expect the benefit to see the Iraqi dinar remarkable rise against other currencies especially the dollar, explaining that the size of financial returns to the oil, which rose dramatically during the past period compared to past years, as well as the situation called for Palmtdeda [compared] to the dollar in world markets, which can be to contribute according to the Chancellor to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar ..
    The central bank’s long been the deletion of three zeros from Iraqi dinar, in a move designed, according to those concerned to reduce the value of inflation in Iraq, to equality dinar to the dollar, as well as reducing the cluster enormous cash from the Iraqi currency to its lowest limit, however, observers have criticized the move by Galo it is not effective at this time, indicating that the deletion of three zeros from Iraqi dinar will not work to reduce prices or improve quality of life, but it is a switch of the currency only, can not see prices drop because of it as far as saying ..
    Saleh said the CBI has a lot of policies drawn through auctions currency held by the continuously at the moment, adding that the auction and a means of indirect monetary policy and seeks to achieve three important objectives is to control the levels of liquidity to the Iraqi dinar and also is a means to control the dinar exchange rate against the dollar, as well as being an incubator is important for the financing of private traders who rely on the support of their projects financially through these auctions .. and Abizaid valid reference to that post the most prominent of the currency auction is to achieve economic stability, particularly the reduction of inflation rates, indicating that in addition to for exchange rate stability achieved by the exchange auctions, it is an important means able to achieve substantial financial reserves of Iraq amounted to $ 50 bi
    Iraq Oil Exports to Increase With New Offshore Facilities in Persian Gulf
    07 December 2010 ( Bloomberg )
    By Kadhim Ajrash and Nayla Razzouk
    Iraq’s oil exports will increase next year when two new offshore mooring facilities for tankers are completed and the country’s Kurdish region resumes shipments of crude, Oil Minister Hussain Shahristani said.
    Shahristani also told reporters in Baghdad today that a $12.5 billion agreement between Iraq, Royal Dutch Shell Plc and Mitsubishi Corp. for the capture of flared-off natural gas will not be ready this week.
    Lawyers representing the companies and the government will meet tomorrow to discuss the final draft of the agreement, which still requires approval from Iraq’s Council of Ministers, he said.
    While Iraq generates most of its revenue from oil sales, the government is seeking to produce gas as fuel for power plants and for export. The country awarded licenses in October in its first auction of gas concessions since the U.S.-led invasion that ousted Saddam Hussein in 2003.
    Iraq has the world’s fifth-largest oil reserves, excluding oil in its semi-autonomous northern Kurdish territory, and its gas reserves rank fifth in size in the Middle East, according to data from BP Plc.
    The Kurdistan Regional Government told the central government that it was ready to export 150,000 barrels of oil a day in 2011 through a pipeline to Turkey, Shahristani said. Kurdistan’s oil exports will be handled by the State Oil Marketing Organization.
    Repaying Expenses
    Iraq’s central government may reimburse some of the expenses of companies that have signed contracts with Kurdish authorities, with ownership of those assets transferring over to the government in Baghdad, he said.
    “The companies can present invoices for costs on equipment or drilled wells in Iraq, and if they are reasonable, like the ones signed by the Oil Ministry with other companies, the costs will be paid and the ownership will be transferred to Iraq,” Shahristani said.
    Oil supplies from the Kurdish region of northern Iraq halted a year ago after it failed to agree with the central government about how to pay operators including DNO International ASA and Addax Petroleum Corp.
    “Iraq’s oil production is rising steadily, but our export facilities are still not up to the required capacity to absorb production levels,” he said. “There are four offshore moorings under construction in southern Iraq, and when two of them start working next year, crude exports will rise.”
    Doubling Capacity
    Iraq plans to start work in mid-December on offshore oil facilities in the south, where export capacity is due to more than double by mid-2012, the head of the state-owned South Oil Co. said on Nov. 26. Export capacity will increase to 4.5 million barrels a day by mid-2012 from the current 1.8 million barrels a day, Director General Dhia Jaafar al-Musawi said.
    The country plans to build two offshore “megapipelines” and three single-buoy moorings where tankers can load crude in the Persian Gulf. Each mooring will add some 900,000 barrels a day in offshore loading capacity. Half of the surveying and the clearing away of unexploded munitions required for this expansion has been done, al-Musawi said.
    Iraq exported 58.7 million barrels, or about 1.89 million barrels a day, in October, the State Oil Marketing Organization said. The exports generated the highest revenue this year with $4.526 billion.
    Pipeline to Syria
    Iraq and Syria have completed technical talks about a planned pipeline for transporting Iraqi oil to Mediterranean ports, AlWatan daily reported, citing an official speaking with the Kurdistan Independent News Agency. The results of the talks were positive, and Iraqi officials will report on the discussions within three days, the Damascus-based newspaper reported, citing comments by an adviser to the Iraqi government, Salam Al-Quraishi, talking to AKNEWS, the Kurdish news agency. across Syria to the Mediterranean Sea and have an export capacity of about 1.7 million barrels of oil a day, he said.
    A pipeline with a capacity of 600,000 barrels a day already links Iraq’s northern oil fields in Kirkuk to the Mediterranean port of Ceyhan, Turkey.
    To contact the reporter on this story: Nayla Razzouk in Amman at
    To contact the editor responsible for this story: Stephen Voss at
    Iraq Oil Minister Gives Kurds Green Light to Pump Oil for Export
    Erbil, 07 December 2010 ( AK News )
    By Karl Allen
    The latest Reuters reports indicate that the dispute between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) over the legitimacy of international oil contracts signed by the Kurds appears to be over.
    The Iraqi Oil Minister, Hussain al-Shahristani said today in Baghdad that the region could start pumping oil for export early next year.
    Baghdad’s dispute with Kurdistan froze oil exports from the region last year.
    Asked if the dispute between the two Iraqi powers had been resolved, Shahristani told reporters that it “is supposed to be resolved and the region will start handing over the oil at the beginning of next year.”
    “The region informed us that they could produce 150,000 barrels (per day) next year,” he added.
    On November 25, Kurdistan’s Oil Minister told Reuters that the Kurds anticipated recognition of its contracts from the new federal government.
    Until now, Baghdad has held tight to its right to control all Iraqi energy resources including those in the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region.
    Shahristan had described the contracts already signed by the Kurds were “illegal”.
    Today however, the Iraqi Oil Minister said he was “not concerned with the contracts.”
    Broker Roundup: Gulf Keystone, Dominion Petroleum, Green Dragon Gas, Desire Petroleum, Rockhopper
    07 December 2010 ( )
    Fox-Davies analyst Lionel Therond commented on Gulf Keystone’s (LON:GKP) latest update from the Akri-Bijeel oil discovery in northern Iraq.
    Akri-Bijeel’s operator MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas has now submitted a ‘discovery report’ to the Kurdistan Ministry of Natural Resources.
    The report set Akri-Bijeel’s estimated oil-initially-in-place at 2.4 billion barrels (P50).
    Therond said the update represented a good result, in confirming the resources potential of the Akri Bijeel block.
    The analyst noted that he has already been assuming a 2.4 billion barrel oil-in-place estimate, along with a 25 percent recovery factor, for his risked valuation.
    “We feel our risked valuation and target price are still very well underpinned,” Therond said.
    Therond rates Gulf Keystone as a ‘buy’ with a 200 pence target.
    Ambrian Capital re-iterated a ‘buy’ recommendation for Dominion Petroleum (LON:DPL) with the broker stressing that the ‘dry’ Kianika-1 well in Tanzania was a non-core project.
    Dominion has a 10 percent interest in the Mandawa PSA in Tanzania, after it farmed out the project to Maurel et Prom.
    The broker attributes a practically insignificant value for the prospect – less than 0.0 pence per share – due to the low gas resources assumed at the well and Dominion’s low interest in the PSA.
    Ambrian said that the Mandawa disappointment has made it likely that the company will relinquish the remaining stake, allowing it to concentrate on its more highly prospective acreage offshore Tanzania.
    The broker believes that these prospects, where 3D seismic is currently being processed over Block 7, could “offer significant potential value for shareholders”.
    “Moreover, we see further upside from its extensive 2D seismic programme at the Lake Edward Basin in the Democratic Republic of Congo/Uganda planned for 1Q11,” said Ambrian.
    Green Dragon Gas (LON:GDG) is funding growth throughout the gas value chain, according to Evolution Securities analyst Keith Morris.
    The Chinese coal bed methane (CBM) producer announced a US$103 million institutional fundraising on Friday, placing 8.8 million new shares, the equivalent to 7.3 per cent of its equity base, at US$11.68 each.
    GDG now plans to accelerate its drill programme in the Shizhuang South block in China. To do this, it is buying an additional 25 drilling rigs, to complement the existing seven, with delivery set for the end of next year.
    “This increase in the drilling fleet is to deliver on the previously announced strategic goals with a production exit rate of 18 mmcfd (gross) at end 2011 compared to 1bcf gross at end 2010,” Morris said.
    “This follows the recent midstream and downstream acquisitions designed to provide outlets for the produced upstream CBM gas to extract the maximum returns in the gas value chain from well head to consumer.”
    He adds: “We would expect the revised reserve report to be provided on the basis of year end data in conjunction with the proposed Hong Kong listing in 1Q11 to produce an increase in the recoverable 2P and 3P reserves, with consequent increase in NAV per share.”
    Morris rates the stock as a ‘buy’ and this morning he upped his target from US$18 to US$19.
    Elsewhere analysts were focused on the dramatic news that Desire Petroleum’s (LON:DES) new discovery in the Falklands was in fact water bearing and the well would be plugged and abandoned.
    Among analysts the overriding message is one of disappointment, however some believe that the selling has gone too far and all may not be lost for Desire.
    In a note to clients Westhouse Securities analyst David Hart leaned on the positives.
    “Today’s announcement represents a dramatic turn of events for Desire,” Hart said.
    “The positives that can be taken are the thick sands that have been encountered, as well as oil that has passed through,
    “Discovering where this oil has migrated to is clearly the challenge for Desire and other operators in the basin.”
    According to Hart, this morning’s sharp sell-off appears to be overdone.
    The analyst maintained his ‘accumulate’ rating for Desire but cut his target from 142 to 96 pence per share. He also keeps a ‘buy’ rating for Rockhopper and reduced his target by 7 pence to 489.
    Fox-Davies analyst Lionel Therond also sees the sell-off as an over reaction and a buying opportunity. He does however cut his risked valuation of Desire to 150 pence, due to increased risk.
    “This is obviously a disastrous blow to the stock and beyond that to the whole of the North Falkland Basin exploration potential,” Therond said.
    “Stratigraphic traps are notoriously more difficult to find as they rely on subtle changes of rock properties that can seldom be ascertained from available data pre-drill,
    “We should expect the chance of success to be markedly lower than initially anticipated, increasing the risk and depressing valuations.”
    He adds: “Nevertheless, the positives are that good sands are present and oil transited through those sands, finding its final destination along possible migration paths is now the name of the game.”
    “Desire is still well funded and needs to plan the next moves carefully.”
    Evolution analyst David Farrell was less optimistic as he downgraded the stock to ‘reduce’ and slashed his target from 180 to 50 pence.
    “This is a major blow to Desire and the prospectivity of the North Falkland Basin,” Farrell said.
    “Desire has two wells left to drill in this campaign and while the Dawn/Jacinta well is to be drilled next, the company will hope that Rockhopper will take the rig subsequently to give (it) time to interpret its recent drilling results before drilling its last funded well.”
    He adds: “Desire is drilling the Dawn/Jacinta well next but this is extremely high risk (6-8% CoS) and we value the company based upon its residual well in the North Falkland Basin,” Farrell added.
    Charlie Sharp, head of oil & gas research at Matrix, said it the turnaround was extremely disappointing. The analyst believes that the basin needs more discoveries.
    “We continue to think that commerciality in the basin will depend on finding more reserves than Sea Lion looks likely to deliver at the moment, and that some diversification of development risk will be beneficial,” Sharp said in a note to clients.

  4. Jett Black says:


    I was on pins and needles while watching the webcast yesterday, it was all good. I was so glad for the Iraqi people. As for us investors in the New Iraq… It made me thankful to be a part of this significant movement of progress.

    Adam, we’re in this for the long haul… Awesome update. Thanks as always.

    Lets Go RV!!!

  5. Patti says:

    Thank you Adam for all the
    information for the past two
    years. May God bless you.

  6. Diego de Leon says:

    So how long until they don’t hold stocks anymore?
    What has to be done or Kuwait to get out of the picture? Bear with me im only 15

  7. Tim Sirmer says:

    Ok Adam….got all that. And I can see that it is a very good thing, very positive direction. However, how long do you “think” this stare down contest between iraq and Kuiwait will last? If neuither side wants to budge because of the HUGE money involved, what’s the incentive for either side to get this thing over? We’ve already seen that Kiuwait appears to have the patence of a rock…..?

  8. Derrell says:

    wow! you never have good news! this is a first.

  9. mamadukes says:

    Thanks Adam for the wealth of information you provide!!

  10. Abay says:

    Thank you Adam for your info.
    I hope the RV take place very soooon!!!!

  11. St says:

    thanks Adam, all is appreciated. God bless and have a wonderful holidays…

  12. Steve says:

    Just to add a little more credibility to Adam’s forecast of RV: the currency conversion website has a note on the IQD stating that “IQD may be redenominated by the end of 2010″. More info can be obtained from their website.

  13. Happy to read that everyone thinks it’s good news, it feels good!
    How will we know when RV happens?
    Thanks for a reply!

  14. Matt says:

    Great news!! A couple of quick questions…1st/ I’m considering buying more dinar, your thoughts? 2nd/If you don’t see a downside to that would you recommend Tampa Dinar??


    • Adam Montana says:

      Matt, I’m a big proponent of two things:

      1. Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose, this is a speculative investment.
      2. Diversify! If you already have cash, consider Warka and the ISX.

      With that said, I’ve had good experiences with Tampa Dinar. Best wishes!

  15. Chape says:

    Thank You Adam..
    And just let me say that both my husband and I are very grateful for your forth
    -rightness and honesty.
    Not only do we deeply appreciate your hard work, but for the very first time I can finally believe in someone who is willing to take us to the next level.
    When everything goes to plan, it will indeed be a happy day for everyone.


  16. James says:

    If Iraq can sell oil in Dinars forcing the rest of the world to buy dinars to buy anything in Iraq, oil, food, land, they have it made. If they sell oil in in dollars there won’t be much demand for Dinars except to buy items sold in Dinars.

  17. Nancy Whitten says:

    Hello Adam-I am still trying to figure out where to cash in……at Ali’s sight it is required to fill out a FinCEN 104 form which asks for your social security number. Although it seems as if that is going to be the best deal/rate…..I am not convinced that I am ok with giving out that info to a virtual group of strangers. What are anyone’s thoughts??? Thanks!

  18. BOBBY ROMERO says:


  19. Anthony says:

    Keep in mind. Iraq will be announcing their cabinet to the world sometime next week. This will complete their government. I would think once the government is officially formed, RV is just around the corner. 2011 will be our year

  20. kevin says:

    i have a question. If the dinar drops three zeros, and the RV is 1 USD = 1 IQD, does that mean my 1000 note would only be worth 1 USD?

  21. Mark says:

    So what exactly are “the remaining obligations to Kuwait” which the UNSC is calling on Iraq to fulfill?

    How about Iraq just get a short term (one week) loan from the US, or the IMF, or the World Bank – and simply pay off Kuwait in full while the IQD is static/low. Then RV the next day, use the windfall “profit” to pay off their short term note, and create a new cash reserve with the remainder?

  22. David says:

    I looked at the XE website on Iraqi Dinar and read the following:

    The Central Bank of Iraq has announced their plans to redenominate the Iraqi Dinar to ease cash transactions. By the end of 2010, they intend to drop three zeros from the nominal value of bank notes. It should be noted that the actual value of the dinar will remain unchanged. That means that 1,000 IQD (pre-redenomination) and 1 dinar (post-redenomination) will both be worth the same amount in US Dollars. As stated by the Central Bank of Iraq, their mandate is to “ensure domestic price stability and foster a stable competitive market based financial system.” For more information about the redenomination, read “Iraq Planning Currency Redenomination.”

    That looks to me like a 25,000 Dinar note is now a 25 Dinar note. Explain to me where I maybe wrong. Instead of millions, that would only mean thousands. I hope I have this all wrong.

  23. Fred Brooks says:

    Thanks Adam for the up date. Hope they do not take off three zeros. Do you think it could RV by the end of the year. Fred

  24. mark says:

    Hmmm, was just listening to Democracy Now where they mentioned sanctions Etc. wouldn’t be in full effect until 2014.
    I’m sure you’s know that the elite’s want a cashless society.
    In any case, a coronal mass ejection or something similar may make all this moot. All those underground bases and seed Arks around the world aren’t just works of art.
    This stuff is cyclic and we are about due – as the builders of these things know. All funded by us of course.

  25. mark says:

    Yes Dave, sounds like they got us. I’ll finish that line, when it happens, with the word fools. Seems to me they’d be fools not to do this unfortunately.
    Hope we’re both wrong, as to fools.

  26. Joop Liefaard says:

    I think the LOP of three zero´s is from the current exchange rate 0,0008. So the rate will be 0,8. But I am not completely sure.
    Anyway, what happened this week is excellent news for Iraq and hopefully also for me.

  27. Cassidy says:

    I may be wrong but it was explained to me like this… Much like the US $1000 its not in print but if you still have one any bank will accept it.. Can you imagine walking in a store to but a loaf of bread with $25,000? No it isnt fesible, this is the reason for droping the zeros..The large notes will be cashed in and pulled from circulation in favor of the smaller notes..I can be wrong, butthis what I understand

  28. Kip says:

    This morning I read in Spokane paper UN lifted most sanctions opening the way for iraq to get back into the world market. see the Spokane paper on page 3A

  29. Pierre St. Arnault says:

    Again, many thanks for your outstanding honesty in what has been coming down the pike.
    I’m in it for the long haul. Go RV

  30. Kip says:

    Additional info- The Spokane paoer is the Spokesman-review and top right side is searh box type in iraq

  31. Alan says:

    The key question is simply what will our current dinars be worth, via specific example.
    If “zeros are dropped” — then would our investment be worth 1000 Times LESS than we have been expecting? No one has addressed that with any true clarity,agree? It has all been “double-talk” — and confusion. On purpose?
    With the gazillion dinars now held… is hard to believe they will be worth 1000 x what they are now.. not enough dollars in Iraq to cover it…so, we may have virtually nothing in our hands???

    Adam.. can you answer that?

    • Adam Montana says:

      Alan, there is a chance that the 0’s will lop and your money will be worth what you paid for it. Now that you have your answer, decide if this is for you or not. If not, find another investment. If it is for you, stop harassing people about it! lol

  32. Rubber Chicken says:

    Hey Adam. Awesome Post. I have taken your advice and submitten an application to open a Warka account in order to diversify my investment. However, it has been 7 days now, and I have not gotten a response from Warka. I heard that they were closed until the 21st. Is there any truth to that?

  33. frank1717 says:

    if three zeros are dropped what happens to small bills? 25,000 to 25 i can understand, but what about the 250 and the 50, does that drop them to .25 cents and .05 cents.

  34. frank1717 says:

    has anyone bought stock through adam, are you a client of theres or anyone else? trying to get some info about company and if legit

  35. Christiana Akoma says:

    Adam,lots of commendations to you for your untiring efforts at extricating and putting these updates together. The anxiety that lurked deep in my mind as i invest in iraqi dinar seem to slowly melt away in the face of recent developments. The possibility of near- future RV of the dinar is the best chrismas gift that I have had! By the way, I bought some more Dinar yesterday with a higher confidence threshhold! Merry chrismas friends.

  36. molasses says:

    Adam, thanks for sharing!
    since nothing happened yet, I would like to increase my dinar holdings;is now a good time to make this move?
    Also, before the rv actually happens, I would like to have the offshore corp/account set up but, why can’t the same thing happen… let’s say in the caymans or the bahamas for e.g.?
    Your thoughts please!

    warm regards,


  37. cary Bracken says:

    Thank you Adam as always factional and informaive you’re sharing is commendable God Bless You

  38. FloridaChick says:

    Thank you Adam for your dedication and faithfulness to the DV group.

    Hope we have a very Merry Christmas & an EXTREMELY EXCITING & Happy New Year ! Sipping umbrella drinks perhaps somewhere over the rainbow ~

    Blessings Everyone!

  39. benjira says:

    Thanks Adam for you work hard for the update for of us, you ahve merry Christ and have a Happy New Year to you

  40. Mark Gabel says:

    There is correct, if we have 25,000 dinars, you only got 25 dollars, just enough to recovery our initial investment made 4 years ago, time when we purchase our new dinars. good luck everyone.

  41. David says:

    I hope I am wrong on what I read, as that would also make the local Iraqi’s mad. It sure would me if all of a sudden my $10 bill was worth only 10 cents.

  42. EGP says:


    Thank you for your CLEARLY communicated update! Greatly appreciated.

    I’m hoping for the best by the end of this year/early next year. It’s really interesting to keep up with all of this on a daily basis. I bought a small amount of dinars in September.

    Happy holidays!

  43. Alfred Alder says:

    Very good information Adam.
    Keep up the good work. It’s getting exciting!!

  44. Vinny Q. says:

    We are closer and closer each day. Stay positive and believe that it will happen. If you don’t believe, you can sell your worthless Dinars to me.

  45. JEC says:

    First off thank you very much for all the hard work you have put into this site, and for all the information.

    I am however very confused…back in April 2010 you had made a comment saying that the Iraqi Dinar would not LOP; here on 12/17/10, you are saying that there is a chance now that it will happen. Has something occurred that has changed your thinking?

    Thank you

    • Adam Montana says:

      JEC I have never said it wouldn’t lop, there is always that chance. I personally don’t think it will, but that’s just an opinion – the fact is nobody knows for sure which way this will go.

  46. James says:

    If they lop 3 zeroes off the dinar then 1000 Dinar will become 1 Dinar and 1 new Dinar will be worth 0.83 cents at the current rate (same as what1000 Dinar is worth.) If the Dinar then climbs up to the old value of $3 we still have a chance of making 3x our money but that’s as much as I would see for upside return in that case, which would be bad for us. People have said stories about a lop are disinformation to keep people from buying dinar, let’s hope that’s true even though the statements look official statements. That’s the recap.

  47. James says:

    Good answer above Adam Montana.

  48. Lorne Marr says:

    Saddam Hussein used these sanctions as a propaganda showing various pictures of starving children on TV while building lavish palaces for his companions. Now the people of Iraq deserve the support of the international community to continue in building democracy in their country.

  49. Kate says:

    I am new to this site but not new to following the dinar RV and I have enjoyed readin these comments and am wondering is it possible that the dinar will actually revalue in the next few months..Some Pundits say by 2013…Am interested in hearing the true positives

  50. cajanso says:

    Please inform me:

    Here is a scenario for you: Could you give me as much feedback as
    possible on this:


    1. So a person has invested in the Dinar.

    2. When Dinar RV’s, does a person have to bring it into the country
    OR CAN a person put it in an OVERSEAS TRUST BEFORE bringing it into

    I have read that USA citizens/taxpayers are taxed on THEIR WORLDWIDE
    INCOME. I am not a citizen but I am certainly a taxpayer.

    I am not keen on going to jail for anything.


    Dinar Banker site promises to keep our “cash-in” in Eskrow until we
    can get an entity set up? How SAFE IS ESKROW and upon our entity being set
    up, are we likely to have any legal delays FROM ESKROW before we can
    get our money into that entity.

    • Adam Montana says:

      Cajanso, you are correct – no amount of money is worth going to jail over! That’s why you shouldn’t take free advice in most cases. I would recommend joining the VIP group on DinarVets, there is a LOT of valuable information in there that pertains to exactly what you are researching and will help you make an informed decision. Best wishes!

  51. Jack says:

    SFlorida, My Thanks to Adam for your time and consideration and the wealth of information you provide to everyone of us, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  52. Olly Owl says:

    Seems to me the more info we get on the rv the less our dinars will be worth. with the CBI auction of 1000 million dinars a week to overseas investors they wont have too many to exchange in house when it happens.most people have paid 1200 to 1300 for a million dinar so if they lop 000 most people will have less than what they paid.CBI laughing all way to their own bank

  53. Doug says:

    What do you mean when you say that Kuwait “basically” holds “stock” in Iraq? I, as well as a lot of the others here, know what stock is. So when you put quotation marks around it, you’re just telling me that you don’t really know what kind of interest Kuwait has in Iraq. If you do actually know, then just tell us!! Don’t patronize us.

    That said, I have heard from other sources that, in addition to a continuing border dispute between the two countries, Kuwait believes Iraq still owes it some $22 billion in war reparations.

    As far as your reasoning that Kuwait is trying to force Iraq to re-value, it doesn’t make any sense. If Iraq’s debt to Kuwait is stated in terms of DOLLARS, then it doesn’t matter to either country when the RV occurs. The question you need to address is whether the debt to Kuwait is payable in dinars. If so, then certainly Kuwait will certainly want to get paid before any RV, while Iraq would want to pay the debt after the RV takes place. I don’t know all the particulars, but the analysis of the situation has a lot of holes in it.

  54. Jean L Hyatt says:

    I paid for your book the Iraqi Dinar Cash In guide But my computer died on me While i was attempting to download. I stheir another opportunity to down load? thank You

  55. addin says:

    adam motana can i ask you something
    do you believe dinar iraq will drop to three zero…..?????????
    do you think when iraq dinar will rise again??????????/
    if dinar iraq want to drop three zero why he still sell his money???
    i hope u can reply fast i always pray the dinar not drop the three zero

  56. Courtney Hardy says:

    Thanks again Adam for all the work that you put in to keep us all abreast with the Dinar! I’m just going to sit back watch and wait patiently as the Dinar will one Revalue. We all know that good things come to those who wait!

  57. Dee/Ed says:

    Thanks Adam for all the hard work you do in keeping us up to date on the dinar. have a Happy Holiday. How do I join the VIP?

    • Adam Montana says:

      Dee and Ed:

      To Join VIP:

      First make sure you are registered on
      If you aren’t registered, go here:

      Once you are registered (be sure to click
      the activation link in your email! You may
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      Choose the length of membership and proceed!

      Once you make payment, your VIP should be
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      If you do not have a credit card, please send
      a check or money order to:

      World Money Portal LLC c/o VIP
      691 S Green Bay Rd #108
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      See you in VIP!

      – Adam

  58. Mark Miller says:

    We are all buying Iraqi Dinar. How is the value of the Dinar going to increase with so much Iraqi currency being purchased? How are we all going to get rich over this? It seems far fetched…

  59. Adam Montana says:

    Jean Hyatt, I am emailing your book to you now.

  60. C Johnson says:

    I hopping for a Happy Hoilday,
    And that everyone who has invested in dinnars,I am praying that soon it will happen and we can all live happyly ever after Take Care.

  61. Vickie says:

    Adam, wasn’t the MOP asking for 1.13 USD for 3 year fixed? I read where China is able to “fix” their rate. If Iraq has a fixed rate how will that affect: your note above indicating “”paying “dividends” to Kuwait if that happens! They don’t want that to happen… they want to “call” in those “stocks” at the lowest price possible, which means they want out from under Kuwait’s influence before the value of the Dinar rises.””

    It sounds as though they have the plan, hey just need to put it into place.
    Thank you for your post.

  62. JJ says:

    Shouldn’t this say he was stripped from power in 2003 not 1993?

  63. tnix says:

    Adam, what do you think about rumors of the cbi putting out 100,000 bills would’nt this set them up for a lop and aligning they’re dinar to the us dollar?

  64. Adam Montana says:

    JJ, thanks – I was getting Kuwait and Iraq confused. Fixed! :)

    tnix I don’t really pay attention to rumors… they are usually wrong anyway. I focus on facts.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  65. Terri Morris says:

    Adam, where are you??? There is major stuff going on and I we are waiting to hear your take on it…Maybe you are only talking to your paid VIP members.. now is the time to help all of your loyal followers through to the end.. Hope to see some comment soon… Best Regards and let’s hope it might be a very very Merry Christmas

    • Adam Montana says:

      Terri Morris.. thank you for your support.

      With all due respect, Let me explain this.

      Every time you visit the site it “pulls” bandwidth from the host, and the host sends me a bill.

      I’m gad you are a long time “visitor”, but the VIP members get my first attention… because they are the ones who pay the bills.

      If you want to show your support, please join VIP… visiting the site doesn’t pay the bills, it generates them.

      Best regards, to all of us Dinar Enthusiasts. :)

      To Join VIP:

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      See you in VIP!

      – Adam

  66. ashley says:

    the government has been approved.. whats going on now.??n can we expect to see more on the dinar.?. how come the dinar revalue wasnt announced in the government forum.? im more confused now than ever, thought today was the day we all have been waiting for!

  67. Angie says:

    Merry Christmas!!! Remember to say Happy Birthday to Jesus!!!
    God Bless!!

  68. hoping says:

    Its happening people!

  69. Mark Miller says:

    I was wondering when you will have another update on the Dinar?

  70. richard mcdaniel says:


  71. NICK says:

    Hi Adam. I just found an article and it shocks me when I read this article. Please tell me your opinion Adam if what is written this article is true or wrong.

    Please read before flaming me. I have been on these forums since the days of shotgunsusie, davedinar, royalbeluga. I know a lot about the dinar and just want to lay some facts onto way an RV the way people on this forum believe will never happen.

    First point: The largest note in circulation is the 500 Euro note. There is a reason why you the US does not print $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 currency notes. If they did fakes will be everywhere, a lot of countries who print currency will try to make some. There will never be a note worth $75,000, or even $5,000, its just not going to happen. Do you really think that they will RV and have your 25,000 dinar note, be worth $75,000. Sorry it’s illogical to believe that. If they did every criminal in the world will start printing them. If a note would be worth that much, other countries that have the resources will print them. With that high of a value it will be worth for someone to invest a couple million in printing presses and plates and start printing away. You will Never see a currency note be worth more than $1,000. If you can find one in circulation, please prove me wrong.

    Second: It does not matter what the dinar trades to the dollar. It does not make a difference at 1,170 to $1, or 5,000 to $1. Why you may ask? Well look at the history of other countries. A 100,000 Lira note from Italy was about $100.00 bucks before they moved to the euro. Many counties have high notes, and there government still runs, and there citizens are not starving in the streets. It makes no difference what the ratio to the dollar is, a loaf of bread will cost the same if they lopped three zeros off, or kept it the same.

    Third: I hear all this talk about the budget, how Iraq can’t function on a 68 billion dollar budget. Why can’t they. Iraq has a population of 32 million, California has a population of 36 million with a budget of 87 billion and is the 8th largest GDP in the world. Iraq GDP is 68th in the world. Now why do you think they would need an RV to sustain their budget. For a GDP of their size 68 Billion is about right, there is no need for them to RV to increase it.

    Fourth: You are being all fed lies. First off dinar trader who you all worship does not have any real offices. They are all virtual offices, every location of his is virtual, I REPEAT NONE OF HIS OFFICES ARE PHYSICAL. Don’t believe me look it up. Type his address in goggle with virtual office after that, you will see that the buildings he has are all virtual properties. All he does is rent one out for $25.00 a month.

    Fifth: All these rumors about banks in the US. Stop thinking that you in the us are the only suckers who got into this investment. The US banks have nothing to do with the dinar. If the dinar was to RV ever bank in the world would have to pay out. Do you really think that banks across the world will one day give out millions for some dinar. Why would they, who would they sell them too, there is no demand. The dinar will never be a major currency, there GDP is to low. There are five major currency’s in the world that banks trade, none of them are in the middle east, or ever will be, there is no demand.

    6th: All the intel on this site is BS. They are all pumpers and work for the traders. They don’t care about you, they are doing their job, and doing it well. Do you really believe that Ali has 8 billion in dinar. if he did and let’s say it RVs to 3 to 1 he will have 24 billion, and be half the worth of Bill gates. come on use some common sense, where will all that money come from.

    7th: I hear a lot of talk of how Iraq can not change their currency, because it will cause them to have egg on their face, and lose faith in the world. This is false 100%. just look at your wallet and look at the US$, in the past 20 years how many times has the US changed the layout of their currency. About every 10 years we get new design notes. This is done to combat counterfeits. Now you don’t think iraq would do the same. Let’s say i am wrong and it will RV, why won’t Iraq first change the design, to make sure all the fakes out there can’t be cashed in, and not have to worry about paying out all of you. Also there are rumors that the US holds billions of dinar, let’s say they do. They will not have physical currency, it would be electronic. There is not some vault in the US with a bunch of dinars sitting in. Come on think.

    8th: The world will never let Iraq RV to the rates you want. It will be to dangerous for the world. Why not just give every terrorist a couple of million bucks to buy guns and bombs and blow the crap out of us. There are too many notes out there and a lot are in the hands of the guys we are fighting. Do you think the US would want these guys to wake up one morning with unlimited amount of funds.

    Not there are many more reasons why it won’t, happen, but i am going to bed.

    The reason why i posted this, is because i want people not to lose their hard earned money. this is a dream, please come back to reality, don’t spend more than you can afford to lose. Don’t buy more based off these rumors this month, it is not going to happen. Please save your money, or lock into a savings account. i know most on here are tight on cash, and could use this, but you are better off saving your money and paying off your debt. I have faith in this country that the economy one day will turn around , and jobs will come back to the US. Things will get better out there, but the dinar will not be your ticket to finical freedom.

    I am here because, i am sick of seeing these pumpers lie to you. if all the gurus you believe in have real Intel why would they be telling it on a public forum. There is a reason why investments that double your money overnight are not known, it’s because once it gets out and the public jumps on it, the ride is over.

    These gurus you guys believe in, are doing this as their job. They work for sellers. Who in their right mind would spend all day here posting and chatting if there were not getting paid to do so. What none of these guys have jobs, but somehow they have contacts all over the world. Come on, they are leading you on.

    And also, the real reason why i am here, is because I found out this morning that my brother spent $5,000 grand on dinar. Money he did not have, and his wife called me up crying, because of it. He called me up and told me he was going to be rich on Monday. I don’t want a family to go through the same thing. I understand no one wants a debbie downer, but i do believe there needs to be two sides to this. You can’t just have all positive news. This is a risky investment, and all risks should be debated and explained not just deleted.

    Thank you for keeping it up.

    Please don’t delete this post, let people see the downside in this investment and choose for themselves. Sorry for all the typos.

  72. c johnson says:

    So now that the goverment is done. what happen next? I am so-o-o ready. Do you think it will happen this year or start this coming year 2011?

  73. nate says:

    NICK, becuase you and your brother are morons doesn’t give you the right to spew diarrhea. Your brother is a clown if he spent money he didn’t have on dinars and you are a clown for coming here insulting all of us by calling of us dreamers and suckers. Your logic on all points you mentioned sound like they came from a 5th grader, doesn’t make sense at all.

    First point: If other governments print fake dinars just where exactly are they going to cash them in? and for what? So would Iran print fake dinars to trade in for Iranian currency? Yeah that makes a lot of sense.

    Second: The Iraqi people are suffering, maybe not starving but pretty dam close. At no other time in history has such a rich country been so poor.

    Third: YOu are a true idiot for comparing California and Iraq based on their population. I won’t waste my time trying to tell you the diferences.

    Fourth: I don’t worship dinartrade and I don’t care about physical offices.

    Fifth: We are not “suckers” maybe your brother is but we are not.
    For a moron you seem very confident about your misguided and completely wrong views on world economics. The dinar is not yet a tradeable currency but soon will be, again I wont waste my time explaining things you dont understand.

    6th:There are pumpers out there but most of us are not as dumb as your brother to believe everything we hear. DinarTrade is a registered dinar seller and it would be illegal for Ali to simply hold all the dinars and cash in for himself.

    7th: So what if Iraq changes thier currency, then we’ll simply exchange our current dinars for the new ones, but I doubt that will happen as there is no need to do so. One point your simple mind keeps missing is that this currency has to be turned in somewhere legit eventually and will be tracked. Thus the reason for the large bills, so lets say a terrorist by guns from a russian with 25K dinars, what is exactly is that russian going to do with those dinars? If he goes to ANY bank ANYWHERE the transaction will be recorded. Here in the US there is a form for transactions over $10,000 and all other countries have ways to track this sort of thing.

    8th: WRONG, the whole World needs this in a bad way, dude seriously what freaking planet do you live on?

    I’m sorry your brother is an idiot (I can see it’s a family flaw) but go somewhere else to vent your frustration about your brother’s lack of IQ. We are not dreamers we are speculative investors, most are here becuase word of mouth that started with military or US government friends and family. There’s always a downside to every investment and we are all aware of that but the crap you just dropped doesn’t even make sense

  74. steve says:

    Mark, thank you for your honest opinion and insight. I agree that people should not bet their mortgage payment on this opportunity, however each persons situation is different. I was on active duty with th US Army from 2003-2006. In 2003, I and 2 partners bought a business that turned out to be a SCAM. The owner that we bought from is a rich (approx. 100 million net worth) and powerful business developer from San Antonio TX. He used his influence to cause our business to fail and illegally foreclosed on us last year. Currently I am broke, my house is in tax foreclosure and the IRS is threatening us. Last year the IRS seized my tax refund that I was going to use to pay my property taxes! Currently I am searching for a lawyer familiar with the Soldiers, Sailors Relief Act in which this greedy *##!!/>##!! is in violation of. I am of the age that I am too young to collect SSI and I am too old to work (due to age discrimination) My plan for the future is to either win the Lotto or this dinar investment. Guess which one I’m betting on? Merry Xmas to all and GO RV!!!!!!!

  75. steve says:

    CORRECTION: This reply is to NICK not MARK. sorry

  76. Grant Hardy says:

    I dont mind reading what nick said, and I completly agree that there are people who will deliberatly spread disinformation and hype for gain, its common throughout the world. no surprise there.
    The trick is to try and filter out the garbage from the truth. And sure people are hyped up looking for anything that could be construed as action pointing toward some currency move. Ever since I have been involved with dinar investing there has been deception or hype but that does not disuade me from the investment. Its just sorting the wheat from the chaff. There does appear to be unrealistic greed being exibited from some dinar investors which unfortunalty has the negative effect of blinding reason and discrediting the investment. It also isnt polite to abuse people on this forum, it doesnt help and is unpleasnt to read.

    It is common knowledge that Iraq is on the verge of a coming oil boom. Contracts have been issued to major international consortium’s that will lead to a 400 to 500 % increase in oil production on Iraqi oil fields. Barring major catastrophes these contracts should come to fruition over a matter of years starting soon with lower levels of production and increasing to projected capacity. Considering that oil represents about 90% of Iraq’s export earnings it will make a huge impact on the economy and value of their currency. With these big contracts the large and expensive job of oil production does not rest with the Iraqis so they can argue and disagree as much as they like but it wont stop the oil feild developments. Iraq pays very little to have these feilds developed and pumped as it comes out of the oil production cost at only a few dollars per barrel. so most of it is profit.
    What would happen to any other country if it increased its exports 400 to 500% with a highly valuable and sought after commodity and most of it was pure profit that stayed in the country for development.

    Thats the issue people. Thats the key.

    Couple these oil field development contracts with sanctions being lifted and a real willingness from the UN to prosper Iraq it seems like a very sensible investment to me.

    Every investment has risk, getting up in the morning has risk, living has risk. Risk is part of life but lets look at Iraq very carefully as a nation that has great potential because it has huge wealth under its feet. forget all the RV banter and speculation it only serves to discredit the opportunity.

    I personally do not believe that Iraq will even Revalue the way it has been predicted but I do believe that the currency will gain considerable strength. It may have highs and lows as it floats as would be expected from a somewhat turbulent political environment . The rising Korean conflict could even effect proceedings but it doesn’t deter from the intent the Iraqis have to rebuild their country and harvest the oil under their feet. My advice is be patient and don’t get caught up in the hype that only serves to create disappointment. Re-frame the opportunity and thinking and enjoy the ride. And be nice

  77. tim says:

    “2011 will be our year”

    No, more like 2020

  78. Money4you101 says:

    @Grant Hardy- exactly…very well put…buy what you can afford to lose…put it some place safe and forget about it. Let Iraq build itself into a finacially stable and wealthy producing economy and if the dinar revalues or slowly rises either way it will benefit anyone holding IQD. Patience and not greed is the key.

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