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Adam Montana here again. Things seem to be heating up again, and when things heat up… all kinds of rumors start flying around, people get excited, then mad, then excited, then anxious… and then people get confused and for some reason, they get mad at ME!

As silly as that might sound, it’s true!

So, in order to save myself a LOT of trouble… I’m going to start doing weekly chats. These will be either open Q&A session type chats or they will be simple update chats, depending on how much time I have free.

Location: The chat room, located here.

Time: 9PM CST, every Wednesday.

Now for the news! I always try to filter out the garbage… there’s 800 new articles about Iraq every day, and not all of them are relevant! That’s why I only post every couple days.

Particularly interesting this week: AECOM (NYSE: ACM) is hiring a temporary Customs Training Advisor.

WTO Customs Training Advisor

AECOM | Apply By 20 March 2011

Position: WTO Customs Training Advisor Location: Baghdad, Iraq Duration: Short Term (120 Days) Start Date: March 15, 2011 General Summary Overall, the objective of the Tijara – PEG activity is to grow the Iraqi economy by promoting private sector development by increasing access to finance.

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Iraqi parliament decides to extend current legislative term

Baghdad, March 8 (AKnews) – The Kurdistan bloc’s collation (KBC) revealed on

Tuesday that the Iraqi parliament decided during its 39 to extend its first

legislative term for one month to complete all the outstanding issues.

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The House of Representatives extends the current legislative chapter one month

The Iraqi parliament decided to extend the legislative chapter the current one

month to complete all pending issues.

According to a source in the parliament in an interview to ” Sumerian News,

said that the House of Representatives decided during the 39 meeting, held here

on Tuesday to extend the legislative chapter the current one month, indicating

that the chapter was extended to the fourteenth of next May, instead of the

fourteenth of the coming April.

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More than 200 laws on hold in parliament. – Iraqiya legislator

BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: A lawmaker from al-Iraqiya bloc said on Tuesday that

more than 200 draft laws are defunct inside the Iraqi parliament, calling for

accelerating the enactment of these drafts.

“The Iraqi people need genuine reforms for services, including the speeding up

of enacting defunct draft laws, estimated at 200, including the laws on

political parties, protection of journalists, oil & gas and corruption

fighting,” Othman al-Djeheishi told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

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Al-Maliki Nominates sherwan Al Waeli for national security, farouk Al-Araji for interior ministry

The website reported quoting sources close to nouri Al-Maliki that he has

decided to submit to the parliament Shirwan al Waili for the post of minister

of national security, and Farouk Al-Araji for interior minister

Farouk al aargi, holds the post of the director of the office of the

commander-in-chief of the armed forces, while the AL the Department of Homeland

Security in Al Maliki’s government in the past.

Al-Maliki Has refused to nominate a majority of the members of the National

Alliance of Dr. Ahmad Al-Jalabi

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Article 140 office in Kirkuk to distribute 3000 checks

Office of Implementation of Article 140 in the Iraqi Constitution in Kirkuk announced , Tuesday , that it will distribute 3000 checks on the immigrants in the province.

Head of the Office Babakr Sediq said:”172 billion Iraqi Dinars of 2011 Budget , allocated to carry out Article 140.”

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Kurdish representative: Barzani will visit Baghdad soon to solve the crisis of the National Council

Deputy expected a coalition of Kurdish Blocs-e-Sharif by the president of Kurdistan region, massoud Al-Barzani visited close to Baghdad to solve the crisis of the National Strategic Policy and the arbil.

Salman said in a press statement Wednesday: ” That the formation of the national strategic policy is one of the main items that have been agreed upon…”

He added that the president of Kurdistan region is one of the two engines of the political process is expected to be out a visit to Baghdad soon to resolve all problems and problems that hinder the political process, in particular the National Council of National Strategy .

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Mr. Furat al Sharaa: We started to review the oil and gas law

Confirmed Deputy of the Iraqi National Coalition and member of the Committee of energy and oil Furat Shara that the committee began to review the oil and gas law in detail.

Al Sharaa said in a press statement today, Tuesday, that: ” The purpose of the audit found on Closely and accurately, especially oil contracts from the second licensing, “he said, adding that” the committee had considered Act (84) on oil and the nature of the land there is much suffering from areas taken, could not its reconstruction and investment as a result of the rehabilitation with the decisions of the Ministry of Oil for the year (84) and to the restoration of residential and investment all the buildings on the ground where there is oil resources”.

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Member: The will hold a meeting shortly before Thursday’s session for the security posts

Said a member of the Iraqi list led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, on Tuesday … may hold a meeting shortly before a meeting next Thursday to get out to see unity over the security portfolios.

Said Nahda Al daeni In a press statement today That ” Iraqi list may hold a meeting of its members before next Thursday’s session for the security portfolios.”

Al daeni said that “the prime minister, Nouri Al-Maliki, will come with a number of candidates for the security portfolios to the House of Representatives because of the lack of political consensus between the blocs,” he said.

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Iraq Calls for Parliamentary Recess of Parliament Reduced From Two Months to 15 Days

Iraqi Parliament called on the list, to reduce holiday Monday, which will start in Parliament next month from two months to 15 or 20 days…

Aldaini suggested that “recess is reduced from two to 15 or 20 days after that gave Prime Minister, ministries and governorates only 100 days, after evaluating its achievements”.

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The rest will be in chat tonight. See you there if you can make it!

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  1. Darbsj29 says:

    Baghdad, INN- The 100 days demanded by Prime Minister Nouri Al Malki and his government team will be too short to resolve Iraq’s accumulated problems, Iraqi MP stated Sunday. The ministerial team will no be able to offer anything to the Iraqi citizen during this period, Wehdah al-Jumaili from al-Iraqiya Parliamentary bloc. Maliki has asked for a grace period of 100 days before judging his government performance. With regard to naming ministers of security portfolios, an issue that is irking government partners, Jumaili said the House of Parliament does now these names so far and it is the responsibility of the Prime Minister to announce these names.
    That dosen’t sound so good

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