Visa cards, the future of the Iraqi Dinar

This is what I consider an AWESOME step forward in our investment:

Economists call for activating the Visa card

Tuesday, March 22

Baghdad (news), the report of Al safa/. Specialists called for economists to activate the Iraqi banks by offering (Visa card, وكردت card), which is still very few Iraq, which helps to increase investment and economic reality, which will promote trade exchange between the Iraqi markets and global as well as the steps necessary to expand and develop Iraq’s banking sector.

Read the article:

I am excited about this for a few very major reasons. We should all understand that in order for the Iraqi Dinar to RV, several challenges need to be overcome. One of which is cashing in!

The Iraqi financial market has to support it, it has to handle IRAQI CITIZENS cashing in, in addition to all other investors. The government infrastructure has to support it…

…and there must be a mechanism for handling all of these transactions.

Imagine if hundreds of thousands of Iraqi’s went to the bank on RV day and wanted to exchange big bills for little – it would be impossible! The only way to handle this is to have a system in place to handle the changeover… and ATMs and Visa Cards is definitely part of it.

You can read my chat on it from this morning here:

This is a good sign, friends! I’d love to hear your feedback, leave it below this post.

Best regards, and WARMEST RV wishes!

– Adam Montana

P.S. If you have any questions on how you will Cash In, I would strongly suggest reading the Cash In Guide – it is revised as of 3-22. Leave comments below!

124 Responses to “Visa cards, the future of the Iraqi Dinar”

  1. Carl says:

    Great news, need all the positive we can get. Thanks for the info. Go RV

  2. Mike says:


    No doubt the restoration of value to the Iraqi dinar cannot and will not be completed until such time that the infrastructure for exchange is completed. And certainly, having debit cards in the hands of all Iraqis’ is critical, and along with Visa, it will play a part for sure, but the debit card system is the most important along with having a large network of ATM’s in place first. When will this all happens, as usual, no one knows for sure. lol

    Success to all,

  3. Johnny Maddox says:

    This would be the finger that pulls the trigger.

  4. John Battles says:

    Just another piece of the puzzle. I smell an RV!

  5. Marion says:

    Way to go Adam drive this baby home Thanks again for allthe hard work

  6. mohammed says:

    Hi Adam,
    Indeed you have been doing a great job to benefit the people where your lust is nothing. As far as VISA Cards issuance is concerned i think there is no direct impact to revalue dinar but iraqi’s define policy may only bring the dinar on line.

  7. jett says:

    The only problem when you put it on a visa card.You cant cash it in and put it in an account.

    • Rishi says:

      Yeah, it’s called a credit card cash advance you moron

    • SAMUEL T HOUSE says:

      and you do not pay tax on it if it is in visa I thinking right?

    • Diller says:

      Jett you are on to something though, if they have the credit cards they IMHO won’t be complaining about having to carry a ton of small bills around just to pay for the basic things.
      The down side is this, they don’t have to RV now because the people will not be complaining about the currency issue. If the RV does indeed happen it will be for other reasons. So saying that, I now have mixed feelings about the credit cards.

      Think about it, how many of you carry cards so you won’
      t have to carry cash in your pockets? you see now where I am going with this?

  8. David Hall says:

    Thanks Adam
    I’m really starting to get excited with all the things that’s happening – GO RV !!!
    I’ve convinced some of my coworkers in investing into the DINAR and they too can see this begining to happen.
    Thank you !

  9. Karen says:

    Makes good sense to me

  10. Darrel says:

    Great article and something that makes complete sense. You probably won’t answer this but I’ll try: If you have “friends” who work at the CBI, are there restrictions on what information you can share? ie laws and regulations. I know the SEC has insider trading laws, but I am sort of unfamiliar with the currency world. I don’t have contacts and surely dislike relying on another individual’s information (no offense I appreciate your contribution). We have been “close” for over a year (I believe, Adam, you have even said this) and I have a hard time believing that your “contact” would not know a general timeline.

  11. Darrel says:

    Actually I apologize for pushing a date question. I am curious about your knowledge on currency trading laws.

  12. Steve H says:

    This is GREAT NEWS!!!!
    In order for the people of Iraq to play with the big boys they have to be able to obtain debt. This is one more step in the LONG journey that has come to the door step of reality. Even better news is their currency will have 15 TRILLION in assets behind it. Not like the $.
    Black Gold in them der hills. I mean sand dunes
    Thank you once again Adam.
    Steve H.

  13. Mary Ross Gawlas says:

    Wow think of all the interest rates the banks will rake in on the cards!

  14. Alfred Alder says:

    Yes, Visa IMHO would be the definate answer. Digital is the answer!

  15. Denny says:

    This is great news, and I wonder if we shouldn’t look into VISA cards for ourselves. Might be something worth thinking about. I think there is ways of moving money around in VISA accounts especially VISA cash card accounts. If it would be faster I would be all for it. I guess like I said it is something to think about and guess I will check into this. Thanks again for the great news.

    • Diller says:

      Denny, the Warka accounts also give you a Visa debit card that you can use anywhere Visa is used. Think about it.

  16. icebat22 says:

    Seriously…how many months are we talking to get a critical mass of visa card machines in place at all types of commercial businesses in Iraq, and subscribed to by the majority of the population? I can see the banks being fairly expeditious. Even though none of them are cited as moving ahead with the idea by a specific date, they would be the lead institution. But before expectations run wild here, let’s remember how long we’ve been mentioning things like – HCL, Chapter 7, GOI…

  17. john rash says:

    So what does this mean for us who are holding all our dinar in 25,000 denominations? Will this Visa thing help us get ALL the cash reward from an RV for taking all this risk? It really would be unfair to get less than half a loaf.

  18. Bopll says:

    Adam you usually don’t post unless you have something positive to say. I am taking this to be a good sign along with other positive recent Dinar Bankers new policies,no reserve buying, no more IRA contributions and recent treasury guidelines.

  19. Debbie says:

    Nice post. It looks like things are moving along quickly. I rec’d my passport yesterday. Looking forward to traveling when this is all over. :) In the meantime, I wish the Iraqi people many blessings for their future.

  20. Capt. Scott says:

    I believe this is the only way to ensure the speedy cash-in for the citizens of Iraq.Plus it will cut down on the possible crime during this time,But, this needs to be a cash-card situation and the merchants need the capability to use the card.Will the mom and pop stores be able to do this? Hummm,that is the only way it will work,Thank Adam

  21. Grannyaz(Nancy) says:

    This could be the trigger that pulls the finger, LOL !
    Seriously, are you talking about an Iraqi Visa or US Visa ? I already have 3 Visas with Wells Fargo. I could spread the RV money between them ? Or did I miss the whole message ?
    Sincerely, Grannyaz ( Nancy)

  22. 24601 says:

    I met a member of the US Army on Saturday (3-19-2011). He said that he and 3,000 others were being deployed to Iraq on last minute notice. Their specialty is technical support and training. It gave me a good sign that there is a transition in place, and I think it’s more to help keep order as their country adjusts to the new value of their currency.

  23. James Francis says:

    Love it to know

  24. 24601 says:

    P.S. They shipped out this morning. (3-22-3011)

  25. Steve says:

    Adam, I just want to thank you for all your hard work. You are a very special person. May God reward you well. God Bless you and take care.


  26. THUMPER says:

    So far, all comments have been favorable for VISA. Now, more positive excitement is noticeable in the comments. I’m new to this RV subject. I gather it’s been eminent for a long time. Why, only now when everyone expected RV to happen soon, does the idea of VISA excite you all so much? Where have all the brilliant minds been? why wasn’t VISA implemented a long,long time ago for this purpose? You know it will take considerable time to get VISA ready for circulation for RV. Seems to me this is just another delay even if it is necessary as “THE SOLUTION”. or NOT.

  27. Jac says:

    Great information. It looks certin that the Iraqi People are being walked into the modern world of cc use for a variety of money transacitons. It certainly answers the questions regarding how Iraq could handle a countrywide revaluation of their currency as well as an international currency hike in its value without running out of cash.
    Thank you.

  28. BOBBY ROMERO says:

    great news fo sho…thanks adam

  29. ENP says:

    Let’s hope the RV happens soon. It’s gotta be done. If there’s talk about a Visa card, that’s a good sign!

  30. Mike M says:

    I am wondering if they will wait to RV before they get cards. If they wait… it can take a while to implement them.

  31. Keith Fisher says:

    This is very good news. It makes very good sense to put the money on a visa or debit card to the Iraqi citizens. Turning in the larger bills they hold now. For the rest of us, it does close the gap that much further to being complete.
    As a contractor working in Iraq now, I pray that the RV comes soon for the people of Iraq. I have no doubt that the RV will settle a lot of the unrest in the middle east. As it will have a ripple effect on the global economy.

  32. Mred63 says:

    Will any of the Visa cards be issued to anyone other than Iraqis?

  33. Rita says:

    Fantastic news Adam! Thank you for sharing it so quickly too. IMHO this is definitely one big step in the right direction! Thanks again for the news.

  34. Richard Deerfield says:

    Sounds logical. Has anyone brought up CHANGE (as in COINS?) I see only 25 and 100 dinar coins at present. We hear all sorts of possible RV rates, .86 on up to $5+. Even at .86 per dinar there needs to be a way to make change, who’s going to pay .86 for a pack of chewing gum, etc? Can’t just ’round off’ every item to the nearest dinar! Any mention of LD coins? Or paper? That would be strange, a .025 dinar bill?!!

  35. Debbie says:

    Thank God! It’s about time they got off the pot over there.

  36. Carl says:

    How do you think all of the unrest in the middle east will effect the potential of the dinar?

  37. April says:

    Sir, I in no way mean to sound unappriative of your dissection, and I ask this w/ utter respect; if we are speaking of apprehension on behalf of the Iraqi citizens with regard to releasing paper money, why on earth does a piece of plastic counter act the doubt? If I’m afraid to place my $ in a bank, I’m not seeing the connection between security and plastic, perhaps I missed something in the translation of article Woody found. Trust is surely not created short term in a people whose mere existence has depended on SELF-preservation…gosh I hope there’s no red buttons around.

  38. Viper37 says:

    If they issue a Visa card, is that a capital gain for tax purposes? A Visa transaction would be a data entry would it not? Only a question, does anyone have a viable response?

  39. ndowning says:

    I’m thinking they probably have to deposit their large bills in exchange for their Visa card (like a bank card). Surely they have set a “timeline” for this exchange to happen. Do you know how long?

  40. TennesseeCherokee says:

    Adam….Thanks for sending me this update. As an emergency services nurse for 23 years , I rely on facts…not supposition. I’ve never seen you pass along rumor or hearsay. I do believe that we are at the threshold of an RV in Iraq. God Bless !

  41. Priscilla says:

    Positive news…moving foward!!

  42. tw rascal says:

    great news if they see they don’t need a wheel barrow to carry their money they might accept new banking ways easier

  43. Rita says:

    this is great news and I am so glad that a friend recommended you , Adam, because the one that started me on this, have passed away since all this started and that why my wish is, that I will be able to see that cash before I die.
    Adam, you are great for all the work you do to keep us informed. If all it takes is a visa card, the more power to them…..Thank you

  44. TED says:


  45. Rebecca Cornelius says:

    Can you just imagine all the women in Iraq being given a Visa/Master card to shop with.They will have a ball getting all that “free stuff”

  46. Moneypenny says:

    It makes perfect sense, especially when you realize that they already have a system in place to take the ration cards: so why not enable it to take VISA as well?! Thanks, Adam!

  47. “Debit Card” springs to mind. Some are available with NO NAME and a capacity of delivering several thousand dollars a week at ATMs. Uruguay has a nice bank too, to accommodate privacy . . .

    Check out Nesara website.

    Lucky I will all day to settle down, I haven’t been sleeping too easily of late. I want to reestablish my VIP status and get my certificate. Any Problem?? Thanks a whole bunch, Adam.

  48. I was teaching English in China summer of 2001 when the country was officially joining the WTO. At that time their current banking systems were ” just being formed” and I witnessed many global players showing up to establish their financial presence. Regardless what any one says….this show will go on,
    history will repeat itself & those in power will control the wealth If there is going to be a” great transfer of wealth” as many have said…..then maybe the dinar RV is poised as the vehicle for this purpose? Those who follow that dream will control more than $…..They hold our hope for freedom! RV for the people.

  49. rj says:

    When you see the Plastics wanting to come in to play they know there is money to be made. Wait until Master Cards are finally sliding down, there will be champaign falling from the sky

  50. Rodger says:

    Without smaller denominations in common use, making small change after the RV may be an issue. Visa cards for Iraqis might encourage the RV by providing a way to let the locals buy things without worrying about getting the proper change.

  51. steve says:

    This is huge. These cards will have to be backed with hard assets and this tells me something is going to happen, and it’s good. It’s
    simple logic and a great idea.

  52. jamie says:

    Adam, being in the financial services business for over 25 years. What this shows me is that this will help with creating stability for the banks as well as give the consumer more confidence in the Banks of Iraq.

  53. revvicman says:

    Tis is very good and we should have a very low rate with all the monies we deposit in their bank. That requires only a money transfer. Its good business.

  54. gram06 (sue) says:

    Thank you for all you do Adam, I can hardly wait for this ride to be over. Sounds pretty close now

  55. wayne gros says:

    while reading about visa card notice no info. on interest rates or annual fee. maybe I miss something.

  56. william fox says:

    Appreciate the info. Bill Fox

  57. Yabadado says:

    Issuance of Visa Cards…
    Will this be considered their ration cards?

    How soon will the Iraqi Banks actually be up and running to distribute these Visa Cards?

    As we are all aware that the banks have been working on their electronic system… projected time frame?

  58. Frank Sands says:

    Adam: Thank you for your low key candor; we are, as a famous American poet, E. A. Robinson, said in a foreword to a tone poem “I am sorry I have painted myself in such lugubrious colors, we are all bewildered infants trying to spell GOD with the wrong blocks.” May the “blocks” be easy on us in the next week!

  59. Richardk1256 says:

    Wonder how long this will take and if the Iraqi people don’t trust the banks, how will they convince them to use a Visa card? This news is huge and very strong nudge towards getting closer to the end of our journey.

    Thanks Adam

  60. rsskelton says:

    Adam, I hope these won’t be Visa debit cards. If they can’t remember any of the other things they said they were going to do, how could they ever remember their PIN#?

  61. Borivet says:

    Good News. I Think this is the only way the banks can handle so much cash a the same time.

  62. Stan says:

    Great news!

  63. iw walker says:

    make good sense and thanks for the encouragement. we as investors need it. God Bless you

  64. Rc says:

    Where in the ….. Is the rv

  65. derick says:

    I am trying to figure out when this breaks open am I going to be able to take my dinar currency to a bank and have them convert it to american money?

  66. Mike S says:

    Adam—Adam—Adam :)
    I have never posted anything , until now. I have listened and read. You are a certain kind of person, the kind that we have all come to respect.I want to thank you ,for everything. I bought my DINAR back in 2002. I just sat back and waited( for RV) not knowing that my only sister would be dying and need a liver transplant in 2011. I hope it RV’s soon for so I can help my sister get a new liver. LOVE YA BRO

  67. Susie says:

    I know all of us in the States are excited. If what I hear about the quality of life in Iraq
    is true, I am so very happy for those people. Now, they can Finally move forward.
    I hope for them, it comes soon.

  68. Mike W. Puckett says:

    Thanks Adam,

    Very much appreciated:your keeping up to date and hard work!

    I have a question and hope you read this:

    What will be the impact on the RV if,I repeat IF one of the major currencies goes belly up,ie: the USD as the reserve currency,or any other major currency. The UK,the YEN,the EURO,etc.many currencies are in trouble and we the USA looks the most vulnerable!

    Just a thought–hope you see this and respond!

    Thanks for everything,


  69. GrahamB says:

    Richard Deerfield questioned to existence of small denomination coins. If they are able to get an effective Credit Card system running, with or without ATMs (and bear in mind we in the west had credit cards long before we had ATMs) then the question of small value currency units becomes much less significant simply because you don’t need them at a Point Of Sale transaction.

  70. GrahamB says:

    The quesstions that intrigue me are:
    1. Do you need the CC (and any ATM-POS hardware) BEFORE you RV, or after?
    2. If the answer is ‘Before’ then what sort of time frame are we looking at?

  71. GrahamB says:

    Adam, a question I asked last week and didn’t manage to get an answer to is, I feel, related to thiss whole question:
    Is it your feeling that post-RV we will be looking at a fully floating currency, or will the Dinar still be a managed float?

  72. Carmen Vargas says:

    I am new at this just like alot of you, I have many hopes that we RV very soon, and if the cc is the way we will be getting our money. I have one question, how will this come into play. Will we have to also get a Visa Card, or will we have to give our Dinars to the Bank and they give us the credit card?
    If they give us a credit card, I find that this is a safer way to Cash in our Dinars, and I am all for it.


  73. E.C. says:

    I don’t see that this article means anything except what it states.

    1. VISA card is already there in use, just not very many of them.
    2. Use of a VISA card will stop the need to carry around large bags of money. Keep in mind the Dinar is almost worthless and it takes a LOT of Dinar just to buy something worth a USA dollar.

    What do economist have to do with control of anything? Read the definition of an “economist”!

  74. eileen says:

    Adam thank you and pray that this will now be the final chapter! GO RV!

  75. DaveNC says:

    I think Bondlady and this news have hit on something. She was talking about S removing the HD from circulation and that all the people and store owners were not at all happy about the piles of LD that had to be handled. It would make it easier to do transactions electronically. Not to be a downer but this came from no were. It seems to be reaction.

  76. RV..hope it will been soon

  77. Goldminer says:

    Interesting that the IQD traders discontinued their reserve programs yesterday. Now this article appears. Great catch and thanks for the information. GM

  78. Dennis says:

    Adam, could not open the cashing in link…need to find the answer to the question of should we do more than just hold on to the paper Dinars.

  79. BRUCE says:



    25,000 IQD = 25 IQD
    25 IQD X R/V OF $3.87 = $ 96.75



  80. BRUCE says:

    HOPE ALL OF YOU BOUGHT $1,000,000,000.00

  81. Lou says:

    Well, this is good news.

    I have one question. Most of us knew that Iraq printed and has almost 30 trillion dinars in circulation, though, there are very rich in minerals; would this new Iraqi economy support all the dinars in circulation around the world coming back to be cashed against the country’s resources in a short amount of time? Would this break the back of growing economy?

  82. Dancin Ray says:

    In Iraq How much does a person pay for a bottle of beer? Or a can of beans. What are the Iraq people using for spending money as I write this note?

  83. stewart says:

    thanks for the infor you have already giving.but tell me how long do you think it will be before something happens.

  84. DD says:

    Listen all enough of all this bullshit talk about ideas and what might happen and how it will affect the RV! I have bought alot of Dinar and the only people that have made money out of the (NO RV) is the businesses selling the actual Dinar and people like this guy Adam Montana who are selling ideas to all of us who have purchased Dinar. I believe it will RV someday, but until then stop paying these people for useless information that means nothing and does nothing for our investment. STAY POSITIVE BUT BE SMART WITH YOUR MONEY!

  85. wayne gros says:

    one other thing about visa cards, they all your info concerning everything from the day u where born. I don’t think
    they care about u or anyone else, when it comes to money.
    This stinks worse than 10 day old fis left out in sun.

  86. Swp,Steve says:

    Hi Guys,
    Well it looks like a lot of you do not have a bank account in Iraq earning you 7% tax free in your IQD account, just how much have you made from your cash dinars in a box under your bed, I think naff all
    On your Warka account you can set up your home bank account as an external Beneficiary so you can transfer cash home anytime you wish to
    The Iraqi Bank Warka Bank for investment they have had cards for a good while so far with 134 ATMs and going up to 345 ATMs in the near future
    Check out Warka on,
    Also a list of the countries that have Embasseys in Iraq is,
    If you want news about Iraq then you need info from Iraq, now this site has many links to over 40 sites most in Iraq or the Middel East on,
    There is an Offshore Bank that is joining with the Warka Bank and you can get a C.C. from them, its a pre paid card you use your Warka online account to put money onto your card and just top it up as you go along, busy spending, plus in the meantime you are transfering from Warka small amounts of money so not as to get the Tax man or the IRS all over you like white on rice
    You can of course set up an account in an Offshore Bank here in the UK HSBC has a good one in the Channel Islands, something to look into some time soon, (I hope) LOL
    As for all the trouble in the Middel East at this moment in time, its all because they want what IRaq has, Demockracey
    they have come to their senses in that they want a share of the oil money and not just see it all go to, what was the leader of their tribe years ago when all the had was a goat heard and a few camels, then along come the oil comps and the leader of the tribe somehow ended up getting all the billions of $dollars from the oil, well they have wake up and they want their share
    Have a nice day

  87. Dave says:

    Im sorry, but what does issuing Visa cards have to do with cashing in? Adams logic that the reason for the cashing in for smaller denominations is too much, but if they are issued ATM cards (with the Visa backing) then the RV is possible and hence easier to manage?! Are you kidding?

    I think it just allows Iraqis to purchase items easier instead of carrying around a barrel full of their low-valued dinars to go by groceries. This has nothing to do with the RV. Getting them off the Kuwaiti Radar and old U.N. resolutions squashed is the only way this will happen. Stick with that Adam like you used to back in the day.

  88. limzhiqiang says:

    if rv dinar iraq,all the world can exchange the dinar.

  89. glen says:

    I’ll keep hoping and praying for all of us, I sure would like to retire and buy a house boat and fish all day, keep up the good news Adam. Its nice to know we have someone like you on our side.

  90. Adam Montana says:

    Great comments on this post! Please don’t take it personal if I didn’t answer your comment directly, it’s almost impossible to keep up with this kind of response and still have time for my daily work. VIP members, be sure you post your needs in the VIP section, that is one place I always make time for. GO RV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. DALE W WOODS says:


  92. Paul says:

    Thanks Adam, it does seem this investment will teach me and many others patience. I appreciate your time.

  93. JOHN says:


  94. Adam:

    Of course great news. While I have not read all 94 comments left so far, two positive points come to mind regaqrding the issuance of visa cards. 1. It is an obvious great way to give essentially instant access to the revalued funds for the iraqi people. 2. It is a great way to pull an excess of IQD off the Iraqi financial market; thus increasing the value of the dinar that much more. IE, less paper chasing a finite sum of money, gold, oil, backing the IQD.

    Potentially great news for those of us who DO NOT plan on jumping on the very first ride to Ali’s nearest exchange center, or the nearest local commercial bank to cash in. I will likely wait perhaps 7 days after the r.v. myself.

    The visa cards alone would integrate the iraqi people into a modern localized, and worldwide banking system instantly. Positioning them to be a economic power house within their country and on the world stage. kowabunga dudes. Go R.V.

  95. Adam Montana says:

    Thanks for the nice words Mr Foohey!

    Note to the readers: I ***edited*** most of “JOHN”s post to remove the profanity, but I did not edit the word “moran”. I’m not sure what a “moran” is, but I’m sure it’s something nice and shows that JOHN was just joking. 😀

  96. Adam Montana says:

    Also, from the content of his post, it is obvious has is not and has never been in the VIP section. A few thousand VIP members could tell you the same.

    Anyone interested in VIP, or what the Dinar News Network can do for you, please see this page:

  97. Ed&Dee says:

    Thanks for the information Adam
    one day soon all your Hard work
    that you have done for us will pay off.Go.. RV

    God Bless you
    Ed & Dee

  98. Barbara says:

    Thanks Adam. When you get excited I get excited too.

  99. Androniko sh says:

    I’m sorry Adam, i really need more explanation about the other way of this invest couse i dont speak english very well, and i live in Indonesia, very limited information here, and my pc is coming from the “dinoage” =) so this the only site that i used to read couse it’s take to long to open your suggestion.TQ 4 the time and the answer.

  100. Eric says:

    This is a great article but without valid source. Looks like this is fabricated article. This article is just written but not in real circulation. Need reference. Please do not be blind, need investigation people.

  101. Min joyce carpenter says:

    We are just about there. God is good.

  102. Vickie says:

    I too feel this is a great sign. You need a negotiable currency and it needs to be worth something if you are going to use it outside the country. Great sign. As for the machines, they have been working on the ATM machines in Iraq for months. This could be another reason, besides the new dinar being released in lower denomination. Hope my spelling is correct. Thanks Adam for the news and updates. Always appreciated!

  103. Valerie says:

    Information is just that
    why do we lay such great expectation from someone who delivers news,Why wait for someone to spoon feed you. all the name calling how childish.Are you all Adults,
    Small wonder the world in in its present state

  104. Patricia says:

    Adam: This is all new to me and not sure what you all are talking about, but I have bought some dinars and when we go to cash in we will get a debit card instead of cash? I think this is what you are telling me. Sorry I am still learning on this investment. Reading you book.

  105. william Allen says:

    Iwould like to know what if you have less that a millon IQD to cash in would the rate be the same?

  106. Mike says:

    I consider this event as part of the positive economic trend in Iraq and for their citizens.

  107. Roger Quick says:

    Here is the thing, if these visa debit cards are offered to the general population of Iraq, how, and in what manner will overseas holders of Iraqi currency be entitled to join in on this lucrative option in gaining credit for their Iraqi dollars? And what system will the CBI have to enable overseas investors to recoup their investment once they decide to go toward with this credit card scheme? And how will the IRS become involved in their stake of financial windfall profits? This is all very good news, but I am skeptical with regards to a credit scheme in which with a single stoke of a key, a persons entire assets can be wiped out and no massive return on their investment? Please share your insites Adam, as I am still worried! I am
    Also hearing that several banking institutions have been announced here in the US which will be able to convert Iraqi Dinars, one of which is Wells Fargo, and Regions Bank! Can you confirm, or deny this rumor?

  108. Jack Heille says:

    I am excited that there is a a plan to cash these bills . The sooner the better

  109. smatel says:

    what this meant? what about someone having cash iraqi dinars?

  110. ajaz says:

    how many time will require for dinar to get power.I am waiting from last 12 years,have u any answer if yes then plz send me reply on my email or cell no which is 00923006202962,with thanks.ijaz

  111. Adam
    How are you. Thank for all your help I have been with you for long time.

  112. terry says:

    Iraq Economist Calls for GOI to Deal with Inflation
    31 March 2011 ( Currency News Hound )
    Demanding quick procedures such as deleting the zeros of the local currency
    •Central Bureau of Statistics: should the rationale for the introduction of the Central Bank forecast rise in inflation
    •Economic Committee of the Board of Baghdad’s (citizen): stable inflation since 2003
    Economists called for the government and the House of Representatives to deal with inflation in the country which is witnessing a significant increase between now and then the other, demanding procedures quick, such as deleting the zeros of the local currency and the reduction of prices in goods and services, stressing that the index rising inflation caused by the emergence of money laundering after 2003 as well as salaries and wages offered by the government to its employees, in addition to the presence of unemployment, real or disguised unemployment.
    He attributed the economic expert, Ali al-Kaabi causes of inflation in the country to rising real estate prices, salaries and fees, as well as political developments. Kaabi said to (the citizen) that the increase in prices and salaries, real estate and levies led to rising inflation index, at high rates. He (the appearance of money laundering after 2003 and spread widely thus leading to an increase in inflation), explained (if processors inflation can not be done without the intervention of the state itself by following the ways and means to reduce or stop the inflation at a certain point), and pointed out that the ( The first way that the State do is delete the zeros from the currency by changing the currency of the other free of zeros.) adding (increasing rates of inflation create economic problems in several of the country).
    As confirmed by the Economic Committee in the Baghdad Provincial Council Nawal Al Taqi (that the laws and powers of the Board is weak and a few that are not capable of little or reduction of inflation in the country). She’s (Citizen) (that the government and the House of Representatives, to address inflation, which is caused by the spread of unemployment), and pointed out that the (share of the provincial council during the current year from the current budget, and reached 645 billion, including proceeds of petrodollars, which includes taking a dollar for every province, producing oil for every barrel), and confirmed (that inflation in the country stable since 2003, and even this year because the price of the Iraqi dinar is stable against the dollar), and said (that the price of a barrel reached $ 100 as a result of the crisis that is currently taking place in Arab countries so it is supposed to increase rate of the dinar, but this did not happen until this time).
    For his part, the spokesman stressed the media to the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi (that indicators of inflation during this year rose relatively as a result of the adoption of pricing new power), said Hindawi’s (Citizen) (the Central Bureau of Statistics and Information Technology, the measurement of inflation for the month of February and that the rate of was 0.2 percent, less than one percent), and he (the device showed that this ratio based on field readings carried out by a large group of employees of the ministry in the whole of Iraq including Kurdistan), and Hindawi attention to (that they associate reading material prices food, electricity, fuel and lighting and rents), He (the central bank when it expected a rise in inflation has justifications to be taken into account).
    For his part, said Msdrakr in the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation (that rising inflation rates due to several reasons including the freedom part, some of the prices of goods and services as well as salaries and wages offered to employees and the existence of unemployment real Obtalp convincing), and listed the source for the (native) (that Iraq has rising inflation index, since the nineties of the last century as a result of sanctions imposed on him which caused the inability to export its natural resources, the cumulative price in 1995 the highest rates until they reached the rate of inflation to 386 percent, but quickly Maadt to decline the following year until it reached the rate of inflation to 16 percent, and the reason is due to the implementation of the deal – the food for oil -), added the source (that prices after 1996 took the stable until the year 2000, which caused a relative improvement in standard of living of the citizen, but soon Maartf again for up to 18 percent), and continued (after the events of 2003, inflation rose by a high due to high fuel prices, lighting, transport and Alemraslat, which has become an important part of spending the citizen, after these materials during 1996-2002 did not exceed 18 percent but rose to 17.6 percent compared to the general rate of inflation 30.8 percent) . He pointed out (that monetary policy at the forefront of policies that seek to provide opportunities for stability and reduce inflation and Mahafezpaly public confidence in the Iraqi dinar as a means of dealing and integrity of account and a key to keeping stocks of wealth).

    Research and Markets: Iraq Business Forecast Report Q2 2011
    Send to friend Print [-] Text [+] Dublin, 02 April 2011 ( Business Wire )
    Government Formation and Oil Output Gains Bode Well For The Economy
    Iraq continues to face significant challenges, but the country has made some significant strides in recent months. Most importantly, the country finally has a coalition government, after nine months of political gridlock, which will set the stage for passing key legislation. Another remarkable success is the 10% rise in oil output reported by several international energy companies at their respective fields in recent months, which bodes well for the fiscal budget and the economy overall. That said, the country continues to face major obstacles, including political wrangling within the cabinet, ongoing disagreements between Baghdad and Arbil (the capital of the Kurdistan region), and security concerns.

    Overall, though, our outlook on the country for 2011 has brightened since our last quarterly report, and we expect the economy to expand at a healthy rate in the medium term. Iraq achieved a major political milestone in December 2010 with the formation of a cabinet led by incumbent Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, though we expect political progress to remain slow and stability to remain fragile. Disagreements within the coalition were so great that candidates for three of the most important ministerial portfolios – interior, defence, and national security, could not be agreed upon. The premier decided to hold the positions temporarily until compromise candidates could be found.

    Furthermore, security risks have returned to the fore, as attacks on Iraqi security and police forces, religious groups, and politicians have become more prevalent in 2011. We expect Iraq’s economy to post healthy rates of growth over the medium term, expanding an average 6.3% per year through 2015. Returns on energy investment, healthy oil prices, and the promotion of non-hydrocarbon sectors of the economy are the primary factors underpinning our view. The telecommunications, industrial, construction, and power sectors are set to outperform, although for the time being we stress that the primary driver of growth will remain the hydrocarbon sector.

    Disputes between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) are far from over, which bodes poorly for foreign investment. The main differences surround the oil industry, as there is not yet a hydrocarbons law or revenue-sharing legislation that dictate how oil contracts and revenues should be dealt with. A disagreement regarding border demarcation of the Kurdistan region is also creating tensions, and a planned census, which was to resolve the border issue, appears to have been postponed indefinitely. A further issue involves disputes regarding the allocation of electricity between the northern provinces and the rest of Iraq, which led to Kirkuk’s refusal to send electricity to the national grid for a few days in January 2011.

    Key Topics Covered:

    Chapter 1: Political Outlook

    Chapter 2: Economic Outlook

    Chapter 3: 10-Year Forecast

    Chapter 4: Business Environment

    Chapter 5: BMI Global Assumptions

    For more information visit


    Research and Markets
    Laura Wood, Senior Manager,
    U.S. Fax: 646-607-1907
    Fax (outside U.S.): +353-1-481-1716

  113. Johnie says:

    This is all just more BS, from chat that doesn’t make since. For we purchased Dinar to cash in at a money exchange here in the USA at some-point. The Iraqi’s have Dinar their. The world bank need to RV the Dinar, then if people want Vise acc/cards, then so be it or Let it Be. This is all bull shit , thats to only to sell more Dinar. But the Middle East is in a mess now,falling apart worst the ever, so!! The only thing that would help is to have Obama out of office in 2 years now and a new US president elected, and he get behind the Iraq people & Goveernment to get the oil & ball rolling!!!!!!! Johnie DonaldII

  114. ATILA THE HUN says:


    • Adam Montana says:

      Atila, “RV” means revaluation. If you’re considering investing, I would advise you to spend your first $30 investing in my book RV Intel at

      Once you read that, you’ll have a much better understanding of the Dinar and you can decide yourself how much to invest or not.

      Best wishes!!!

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