Time to debunk some rumors on the Iraqi Dinar

Good morning dinar investors!

Today is going to be a special edition of my weekly updates! Those of you who know me probably know I’ve been invested for over 7 years. Over the last few years, I have been reporting, speculating, and sharing information on the Iraqi Dinar with anyone who cares to hear… the group has grown into the tens of thousands.

I must say it’s been a heck of a ride so far!!!

In the beginning I focused on sharing the news, until it occurred to me that all of this “information” and “news” won’t do me or my family any good after a significant revaluation of the Dinar… so I changed my focus.

I studied for and passed the Series 65 (Registered Investment Adviser exam, arguably the hardest financial exam out there).

I have developed relationships with major companies in the US, Iraq, Singapore, and really all over the world that will allow my VIP group, my family, and I to take advantage of Post RV Investments.

Some of those will benefit us by deferring taxes, some will benefit by producing long term guaranteed income, and some will benefit us simply by using the Iraqi Dinar RV as a springboard to triple our gains!

If that’s something you’re interested in – Join VIP. There’s no better way to maximize your investment than this, and that’s the bottom line. (See benefits of VIP here.)

Taking all this time to prepare for AFTER the RV has been all-encompassing for a lengthy amount of time and I suddenly have another realization… I’ve neglected to address the current rumors.

Friends, please forgive me for that mistake. My reason is simple: I am invested in the Dinar long term, whether that means another day, week, month, or year. I believe the Dinar to be a great investment even though I don’t read about bank execs trading, Donald Trump buying, or President Obama speaking. I believe the Dinar will rise in value even though I don’t visit the much loved (and much hated) Rumors section. Even though my “intel” doesn’t come from someone in a chat room that uses letters or a made-up screen name, I still believe the fundamentals of the Iraqi Dinar investment are solid.

I am going to address a large portion of the rumors right here, right now! Let’s get started.

Read the whole article here: http://iqd.me/l/83

Rumor 1: The Iraqi Dinar is a scam.

Truth: No, it’s not. If you paid for counterfeit dinar – you got scammed. If you were guaranteed that the Dinar would RV immediately and/or you paid more than you should have – you got scammed. If you invested based on reason and fact, with a healthy dose of realism… then you did not get scammed and the Dinar is not a scam!

The Iraqi Dinar is a real currency that has the potential to rise in value. The Iraqi Dinar is NOT a scam.

Rumor 2: The Dinar has ReValued, we’re just waiting to hear it.

Truth: If you’ve been invested as long as I have, you’ve heard this one 12, 24, 48, maybe even 100 times. “The announcement will be made on Monday, that’s when we can cash in!” is something that comes from newbies – if you didn’t get the email from me, then it didn’t happen. (Sign up here for that email.)

Freinds, when people say “the RV has happened and we will see it on”… you should say “I’ll believe it when I see it”.

Rumor 3: Iraq has been accepted into the GCC

Answer: Unless I’ve sent you that email, no Iraq has not been accepted. Baghdad is about 8 hours ahead of us here. I pay Iraqi’s to collect information for me. I have flown around the world to meet some of these people and establish the relationships I have… and I guarantee I will get an email or a phone call in the middle of the night when this happens. You will be the next to know… but it has not happened yet.

When Iraq is officially accepted into the GCC, we should be extremely close to the day we’re waiting for! Another key element is Chapter 7, which brings us to:

Rumor 4: Iraq has been released from Chapter 7.

Truth: Iraq has been released from almost all of Chapter 7. If you’ve read my book RV Intel, you know Chapter 7 isn’t about bankruptcy. Chapter 7 of the United Nations sanctions prevents Iraq from operating as a fully independent country. At this time there are only a few remaining screws holding Iraq back, and you will be the first to know – through my newsletter or the VIP email/text message – when this is complete. At this time it has not been fully lifted.

Rumor 5: Iraq is accepted into the WTO.

Truth: This is in progress, but they are not accepted either officially or unofficially. I will email you when it happens, because this is huge news for the Iraqi Dinar!

Rumor 6: The RV key is now in the hands of (insert person, country, etc)

Truth: There is not one single government, agency, or person that can single-handedly make all the above happen. At least 2 of the first 5 rumors need to become fact before the RV can really fall in place.

Rumor 7: The RV will be announced on XX date.

Truth: There isn’t one person online who can nail this down to a date. Anyone who gives you a definite date for the RV is setting themselves up for a fall… I guess that’s why people pay attention to the “rate and date” gurus, right? Sometimes it’s funny watching people fall. (Why else would AFV still be on after 20+ years? Haha! :D)

Rumor 8: The Dinar will come out at XX rate based on the (Kuwaiti Dinar, GCC, etc)

Truth: In the event of a ReValuation, the value will be determined based on the sustainable rate. When you get your home appraised, your neighbors home carries a little weight… but if you have a dump next to a mansion, your value is still going to be lower than your neighbors! It is impossible to predict “exactly XX lower than the KWD” or “equal to the Euro” because that particular number might be 20% too high or 30% too low!

Think of a home appraisal. The appraiser comes into your home, looks at your foundation, appliances, potential, etc. He takes into consideration the neighbors, but does not give you the same value as your neighbor – your value is unique to your home.

This takes us to the root of this investment: we are the “appraisers”, and we think the Dinar is worth more than it currently sells for. We think it must eventually reflect it’s true value. As owners of this “property”, when the Iraqi Dinar is ReEvaluated we will see the gain. (Not when a chat guru shares “intel”!)

Understand that last part, friends! You see that in no way, shape, or form did I mention a date, intel, or anything of that nature. Forget the rumors – if you think this is a good investment, your time is better spent determining how to best protect the gains you receive… and not worrying about what HillBillyBob* said in XXXXX chat room or on YYYY conference call.

That’s all for now, I’ll be in our Dinar Chat next Wednesday at 9PM Central time. Hope to see you there!

Warmest RV Regards,

– Adam Montana

*No offense to HillBillyBob. 😉


219 Responses to “Time to debunk some rumors on the Iraqi Dinar”

  1. angelsunaware says:

    Adam, Thank you for your concern and for taking your most valuable time to rebut all of the stupidity out there… HOWEVER… I consider myself a newbie since I have been invested for a little under a year now, and I learned early on in this investment, after a few of these… “high up in California hotel ready to cash in”… my uncle’s friends sister works for xxx and said, or went to a bank and was told… it’s all lies. I don’t believe a thing unless it comes from someone reputable, such as yourself. I think the sooner newbies learn this, the more sane their life will be!

  2. Steve Birlew says:

    I am fairly new at this but think it it very sad when adult people make up so many lies that can really hurt people(PTR)(OKIE)and others as well.No where in any of the GOI news does it say the Dinar is going to do anything but remain stable and slowly increase with the economy.

  3. Ken says:

    Thank you for the intell i liked it very much

  4. Larry says:

    I agree with everyone else
    you are a greedy joker only interest in your own personal self

  5. Emily Payne says:

    Thanks Adam, Rumors of any kind are damaging, usually from people that don’t have anything else to do!!!

  6. MLM says:

    Thanks for your focus on truth and not rumors.

  7. Jack says:

    As alwasy, you nailed the Rumors, or better stated, squashed them. I do not read or study these rumors, anyway. I get me information, almost entirely from you Adam, and know I am getting the truthful, and upfront answers to the latest RV information. I support you, and know of your integrity, as I have been invested in the IQD for 6 plus years now. Thanks Much, Jack

  8. Sid Baskin says:

    Thanks, this is the only sight I trust! I will wait for your final announcement!


  9. jeremy says:

    Adam – great way to put everyone (hopefully) back into perspective. I just had a financial advisor tell me I was crazy for my dinar investment. I just smiled, thinking of his “schoolbook” investing mentality. Sure, I’ll let him keep his 4% gains… :) Thanks!

  10. chuck ray says:

    one of the craziest weeks ever–constant barrage of the ” RV is done stories “

  11. Sarah Jorgenson says:

    Adam, I think the real scam is the people that posts false information. Not just once but over & over. Hopefully the Lord has delivered me from some websites. I continue to pray and believe the Lord is at work.

  12. Mike says:

    I stopped reading the rumors when I came to trusting you.
    Thanks for your leadership and help.

  13. Joan Spengler says:

    Thanks will wait for more information from you

  14. Adam you are completely right
    Iriquis are not totaly united
    still have a ways to go but its
    coming slowly. May God Bless You GO RV/RI

  15. Matt says:

    Great job! This really puts this into some perspective, problem is a lot of people dont want to hear the truth. I too have been in this for a long time and just joined up with the forums recently and its been an emotional rollercoaster.

  16. bobFCP says:

    Thanks Adam for keeping everyone grounded. I think the Iraq government still has to learn to get along with each other and do what they need to accomplish what is expected of them from the world. They have got to learn to stand on there on two feet and stop expecting the world to take care of them.I hope before long they can do this and the people over there will not have to suffer any longer. Bob

  17. mary says:

    All i do is wait for the when i will be told to make an appointment to cash in.

  18. ma sherman says:

    So Adam- what you are saying is that we will get an email from you telling us that it has definitely RV’d.
    right? & unless we hear from YOU just ignore everything else we read, correct?

  19. Ed (Old Guy) Harvey says:

    Thanks Adam, I was ready to hear some well anchored logic, so tired of the rumor mills MALE BOVINE EXCREMENT, At first I enjoyed reading all the posts, but lately they start off friendly, but soon turn into URINATING COMPETITIONS, so utterly juvenile. Mods have their hands full keeping peace, I, for one appreciate them and you for your patience. Good Things To All ! Ed

  20. Ken McConnell says:

    Jusr for fun I sent in a question to one of those rumor mills asking if the RV was about to happen why then was SafeDinar still selling them for 1170 per US dollar. You guessed it. No reponse

  21. Jonna Warner says:

    My husband and I invested back in 2003, things like this take time. I have been so patient because I know it will eventually happen. We have a friend that served in Desert Storm, he invested in that currency and was pleasantly surprised 6 years later when his investment RVed. I use this website to merely just keep me posted. My advice to all, be patient, don’t listen to rumors, they will drive you nuts! Thanks Adam!

  22. Adam,
    it is so nice to read some solid information…thank you for all you do. on one note the rumors are fun to read but i can see how people can get lost in what is real..Malachi 3:10…”bring all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and PROVE me now in this, says the Lord, if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing,that there shall not be room enough ti receive it. !

  23. Lots2Learn says:

    Thanks for the update. I don’t have time to chase the rumor mill, and I appreciate the edification that comes with your explanations. I was expecting it to RV shortly after I started investing in 2009. Now I wait for emails (and especially the text) from you. Thanks for all your work!

  24. Markie Labovitz says:

    Please keep this confidential, but I want to thank you for your post. What you wrote is the most logical and honest thing I heard all month. These rumors have hurt and disappointed my friends and I’m glad to see that you are on top of things. Thank you again.

  25. Rita says:

    Adam, as I mentioned before, I only believe what you tell us.
    There is always rumors in everything and everywhere, so right now, I will stick to what you have to say, no one else put it better than you do.
    thank you and take care

  26. Cat Kelly says:

    I have been following your info. for a few weeks now and am very thankful for you.
    I am planning to join your VIP’s, getting the well deserved cash together today.
    Can’t wait to get your book and be prepared!!!

  27. Gracie Garcia says:

    I read every other day information regarding the dinar I dont read rumors anymore. I stop that two Christmas ago, I have suffered alittle with this dam economy and have no time for fairy tells. My dinar are burried away and when it comes it comes. I knew,this was long term and living paycheck to paycheck, at this point I live in the real world and think about today. Maybe when it does hit I can take a week off and educate my self on wnag to do. Thank you fof the emails

  28. tony says:

    I’ll hang in there as long as it takes. I got 800.00 dollars of iraqi money put away, just waiting. I spent more then that just one nihjt at AC, DUD

  29. darleneR says:

    Thank You, for your extended effort, keeping us informed with facts and educated us on the information. I truely am thankful of your hard work and effort in supplying us with TRUTH as you see it! Go AM I am with you on this journey.

  30. Svend Knudsen says:

    Hi, Thanks Adam for all you do . How can one plan post rv when the date is anywere from one day to one year? the whole big picture can change in that time .How can one plan post RV when the rate could come in between .10 and 6.18. This is a big spred. So I feel it best to keep an ear to the ground and stop spinning our wheels until we know were we are. Go RV!!

  31. Chris Holzer says:


  32. Markie Labovitz says:

    Hi Adam, I have a question. I got an e-mail with a new CBI website that is not operative. Is that for real, or did someone just make up the website to cover their tracks? Thank you again for keeping me informed. I have e-mailed your post to some of my frieds.

  33. Clint H says:

    Thanks for posting this. A little common sense could remedy/debunk these rumors. But the rumor section,IMO, should have an ‘entertainment purposes only’ disclaimer. And thank you Adam for providing these forums for us to not only entertain ourselves, but be kept up to speed on what is going on in Iraq. Chao.

  34. I am a VIP member and I believe only what I hear from your posts
    in the VIP section and your articles.

  35. Jr Stoots says:

    I agree with this article completely. I have been following the daily posts and rumors and have noticed a pattern. Intel builds during the week, usually starting on Tuesday. Dates are set anywhere from Friday to Monday. Sunday afternoon is when they start stepping back and saying things like “Be careful of the rumors”. Monday is the day that the explanations come to justify the RV not occuring, that their intel was right, but there was another glitch due to Shabibi or Shabibi’s dog. Then the entire process begins again. I have been told that the Presidential order 13303 will end soon and I am beginning to wonder if some are pumping to sell more dinar before the purchasing window is closed. (I may be misinformed on this.) Either way, I feel this is a good investment and agree that it will happen at a moments notice when we least expect. I wish that those who give dates and rates would stop speculating and realize that their are many people invested in order to pull themselves out of a dire financial situations and that this rollercoaster ride is taking it’s toll on their families, their marriages, their health and their faith. People are being hurt more than most can realize each time this projected RV does not occur. Thank you Adam for remaining grounded and keeping this investment as an investment rather than a forum to gain recognition as a Dinar Guru.

  36. Debbie says:

    I greatly appreciated you taking the time to debunk some of the rumors. I know that if I don’t get an e-mail from you – it hasn’t happened! I also appreciate all the time you spend trying (and trying some more) to keep all of us informed. Carry on, soldier!

  37. Glen says:

    Adam, Thank you for this posting! It is real, it will happen, we all need to stay grounded! You’ve helped remind me of that today!!!
    Thanks for what you do!

  38. wovsak says:

    My biggest concern is the number of dinars outstanding. The mor there are outstanding, the less the value. The US dollar is getting to be just that. Just how much is there out there? The good that comes from this is that the Iraq people will see an increase in their purchasing power…

  39. Centex says:

    What is the GCC and WTO?
    Thank you.

  40. Minotaur says:

    Thanks for that little “common sense” reminder. Sometimes we tend to slide down into the speculation swamp. It helps to be reminded to focus on things we might be able to control.


  41. Donna Fling says:

    Keep up the good work. It is way too much for the average person to handle as you do. You are doing a great job.

    People who spread rumors don’t know what they are talking about.

    Thanks for all your hard work

  42. Bobwire says:

    Thanks for the headsup !

  43. Jeffrey Mills says:

    Thanks for the straight poop….I still can’t wait however!!

  44. john rash says:

    Thanks for the clarification. I was hoping you would elaborate on the LOP Rumor? You know the 25,000 dinar being made worth less? Could they really do that, and how to protect againist it?

  45. David Dahl says:

    Adam; thank you again for keeping us grounded and informed during this incredible time in our Dinar investment. Once again, truth and common sense prevail. I look forward to being able to “thank you” in person in Belize!

  46. shunshine says:

    Thanks Adam
    I don’t follow the rumor section
    or allot on the site, Cause all seems to be options of this one or that one. I will just sit back and wait for the call or e-mail. Its gonna be what its gonna be. When it happens. Thank you, and happy Uncle day to you.

  47. Tezka says:

    It is sobering to come down to earth and abandon the “I FOUND IT” eureka mode. I have been disappointed so many times in my long life. But I cannot afford to be unrealistic and I appreciate having your offerings. I have joined the VIP sdtatus, but lost track of when my status expires. I don’t receive any communications, or acknowledgment so maybe I’m no longer in it. The huge, rambling mass of linn
    ks often leaves me totally unaware of how I got to whatever I’m reading; my monitor has gone to no appreciable contrast and I would just love to be able to get a new one, as in RV is done! stop pinching pennies. Quit searching for income source(s).

    Anyway, thanks for your well grounded position.

    To those who endlessly persist in the “it’s done! It’s done – – -” stuff, please go back and read your stuff from the last few months. How can you keep it up? You probably mean well, but the resulting pain from your busting bubble assertions is real; and destructive.

    No offense. And thanks Adam.

  48. Richard says:

    Thanks for the update. I have owned dinars since 2005. Bought mine in Kuwait from the local money merchants over a 6 month period while flying with the MAC.
    Except for making sure the serial numbers were all different, I have no other way to determine if they are counterfeit. That, plus the severe penalty imposed upon scam artists in Kuwait, hopefully will show my dinars are genuine.
    I do enjoy your updates and again thank you for keeping me informed.

  49. T Kelly says:

    Thank you for this great info and all you do. Great site-have really enjoyed your efforts. This is really clear and concise. Am looking for this series of events to occur. By the way, could you speed it up a little bit?!!

  50. Heidi says:

    Thanks for this article Adam. I really needed this timely, common sense reminder.
    The last month or so I have fallen into the “Dinar Rumour Mill” and all it cost me was a lot of pain , anxiety and mainly, disappointment.

    RV will happen when it happens!
    Everything else is set and ready to go.
    I’ll be waiting for your “midnight” call !!!!

  51. Dottie says:

    Hi, Adam,
    I am with you and look forward to all your updates. I do not have time to bother with rumors or gossip.
    Thank you for everything in the past that you have accomplished. The future will unfold when the time is right.

  52. Darrell Groves says:

    Adam I appreciate the amount work you have put into this investment. I appreciate your time in helping others understand also. My sincere Thanks. Hope to meet you in the near future.

  53. jopanu says:

    Adam, Thank you for your research and weekly summaries. A Rumor for more than a year has been “redenomination” at the same value instead of revaluation of the same denominations, which seems a practical and plausible alternative. E.G., see from 06Feb2010 ~ http://www.rferl.org/content/Iraq_Planning_Currency_Redenomination/1950504.html

    Also, many actions often cited as tied to any RV announcement remain incomplete – in planning and implementation stages. I would assume RV would not occur until all is in place, tested, and operational.

    Finally, no one has mentioned the influence of the Shiite and Sunni ayatollahs on such an important national decision in terms of scope and, especially, auspicious timing.

    Please comment?

  54. Ron Weller says:

    Thanks Adam for bringing us back to earth. Good stuff!! Ron

  55. FloridaChick says:

    Hmmm ~ Very nice Adam. Solid info as usual ~ Thanks for the update…

  56. Marq says:

    Have you seen me play the game with writing bullshit?? I didn’t think so, let me know when we are to meet, so we can invest seriously. I read all that crap for entertainment purposes only, better than comedy central sometimes..Marq

  57. Malaika Angela says:

    I don’t understand why Iraq is not a member of the WTO.
    Iraq sits on top of billions of barrels of sweet and crude oil. It also has an enormous untapped reserve of natural gas.
    What is the POLITICAL reason behind Iraq not being a member of the WTO? Can you explain/expound on this please +thanks. Malaika Angela

  58. Sheila says:

    Thanks for your hard work and your level head. We need that sometimes. I want to become a VIP but have been having trouble signing up. I’m older and fairly challenged from a technological standpoint. Help.

  59. David Harreld says:

    I believe that the IQD will revalue when it fits the purpose of the Most High God.

  60. Rebecca says:

    Adam, thank you for taking time to address these rumors. I think people get more confused when they start jumping from one site to another. Everyone has a right too do so if that is what they choose to do. I joined Dinarvet, became a VIP member and trust that when something happens, you will take care of the members of DinarVet. I believe when one starts listening to everyone’s 1000 opinions, the more confused one gets. It also saves time when one doesn’t have to jump all over the computer to keep up with all the different rumors.Thanks for all that you do.

  61. Doug Barber says:

    Thank you very much for all the info you send us.Belive you me it is greatly appreciated.
    I am fairly new at all of this as I have only been investing in the Dinar for about 8 months now, and sometimes it is hard not to listen to these romors, but one thing I have learned is to pay more attention to you instead of the rest of the other people.
    I realy enjoy getting your e-mails and reading your posts. I don’t past anything normaly as you are the expert not me.
    So keep up your great work it is realy appreciated by most of us.
    Thank you and may God Bless
    Doug B

  62. the real bill williams says:

    Adam – excellence again. Though i thought the LOP would make the list. My tenure on this planet has led to an interesting insight. Some people start rumors to cause the effect they what to happen. Rumor has it that the sun will come up tomorrow. See ya in the sun shine.

  63. I want to join the VIP GROUP let me know how and where when

  64. geary dowdy says:

    Thank you!! Very grounded!
    Very correct!

  65. Dan D'Alessandro says:

    Thank you Adam,
    It is refreshing to know I can listen to the rumors from “they are giving the money away in Irag” to “it will RV at 3.81″ and know I can come to you for real answers. At this point I believe nothing till I have heard it from you. Thanks for all your work!

  66. John M jake 68 says:

    From the begnning yo have said we would bee the first to know, so I have held that philosophy. Thaks for the words and advice. Well Done!!!

  67. I have been invested in the dinars for 6 years. Have some in the warka bank in Iraq. Some here in the states I was in Iraq for 6 years. I have been following you since 2004. Thank very much have enjoyed all your info.We wait

  68. Adam Montana says:

    Anyone having problems joining VIP, read this:

    First: you may go to the following link to bypass the automatic


    Then email VIP@dinarvets.com to confirm your payment.

    We’ll get you in there!


  69. James Haukap says:

    Hey everybody, just anote to let everyone know that I am no longer working in Iraq. As far as the rumors go, I have a friend at the bank keeping a close eye out and the minute it fluctuates in either direction she will call me and then I will take action to verify or cash in. Until that time, stay away from what others say!!!

  70. Ched says:

    Adam, I appreciate every thing you do for us, and I pay close attention to everything you post. I believe I fall in the not to believe everything I read in the rumor catagory. I do not get excited unless I here from you.

  71. dflake says:

    I do not have the time nor patience to read the rumors or any other section on DV. As a general rule I center my attentions to the news articles, most of the time that is all the “rumor” I can stand. Adam, I do wish to thank you for the site you have provided for all of us to put our collective thoughts together and create a type of “support group”. To all of the rest of the DV members, stay grounded, stay out of the rumor mill, conference calls, “pumper” sites. Follow the news, stick to the facts, such as they are. Thanks again Adam.

  72. Patty B says:

    Thank you, Adam, for taking the time to put this together. I needed to have clarity on a few issues, and this helped me tremendously.

  73. Bopll says:

    I posted in a couple of the rumor threads has any one been notified by Adam? I have not received a notification.I joined VIP so I could rely on real intel not rumors. I do read the rumors for entertainment value but when I really want to see if “it’s done” is real I ck. my email.

  74. I am beginning to think this RV stuff is a hoax, If you have reason why not email me

  75. John Lehman says:

    Adam, Thank you for your time and effort. I have been invested for only 2 years and I appreciate your straght forward info and what your staff does on a daily basis. The Rumors do get to much to handle sometimes

    Best Regards

  76. jeff krieger says:

    Adam i thought i signed up for vip but tried to get on stuff & was not able to.Also i bought your book,on rv and audio tapes, & they dont work.I am hearing classical music.Any who let me know.

  77. jeff krieger says:

    am i vip, thought i was.and the vocal tape on rv book is playing classical music,
    thanks jeff

  78. As a newbie, I can appreciate your “cut to the chase” no non-sense info. thanks a million! I’ll keep patient, not quit my day job & stay prayed up!!!!!!

  79. Joslyn Daniels says:

    Thank you again for your information and keeping us up to date in reality, Adam. We appreciate your ability, agility, and sense of responsibility. God bless you.

  80. gangster says:

    Rumors and Hill billy bobs,I say. hell with that! .U are the shit in my book and you’re not only worry about your own personal self!keep up the good work. money coming

  81. Joslyn Daniels says:

    Adam, I have a question, not about the above article, but about an email I received from you a couple of weeks ago re the OSI and a form #7004. i read the email late and have no idea what it refers to. Would you please let me know what I’m supposed to do about this? It’s probably too late, but I would like to know what I should have done. Thanks.

  82. Rick Olson says:


    Good perspective, thanks. I must say I do enjoy the bs rumors as sport. It provides relief from the news about our government which I find most depressing. I do worry there is so little common sense in Washington. So bring on the rumors. Pure sport not to be taken seriously.

    Rick Olson

  83. Frank Jannotti says:

    I just want to let you know that my bank in Florida (TD Bank) is selling the Dinars and they told me, that they will cash them in, after the RV. I have opened an account at Warka thanks to the info that you have provided. Keep up the good work.

  84. Ronaldo Florentino says:

    Adam, thank you for keeping this site open for everyone who is invested in the IQD. After being invested for a while now, I figure that this is a long shot, and everyone is just waiting for it to happen – whenever that might be. As far the the rumor mill is concern, well, I look at it as such, just a rumor with no basis. Sometimes I do not understand why people do the things they do for whatever reasons they do it. To me it is just waste of time and effort, when there is really nothing to it. Perhaps someday one of this rumor may come through, but until then I, we just have to be patient. A Long time ago, my father’s friend asked him to invest in the Euro, but I guess my father was skeptic at the time and did no want to take such undertaking to invest. I guess the rest is history…
    Perhaps this time around I wont miss out like my Father did. This would be something that could turn things around for me. Until then noone really knows what the outcome will be in our investmen…

    Best regards,


  85. Mike Hubbard says:

    I’ve been in this investment now for a year. And I still beleive in it. But something really bothers me. We’ve always been told from the beginning.
    1: it’s not a nationally recognized currency at this time and is not currently tradable.
    — however supposedly all these countries hold it and banks sell it. Plus with Dinar dealers and the auction in Iraq they are trading in it every day. ” we all traded US dollars for it.
    2: We’ve been told that we are waiting for it to show up on the Forex.
    —— it’s been on the Forex chart the whole time. People even talk about how moved or not moved everyday. It’s just at a really low value. Which I beleive has been kept that way on purpose. Because how unstable the country is.
    So what am I missing here? I think it’s already recognized, tradable, and on the Forex. Nothing says they have to revalue it. And it’s already on the world market. It’s going to go up in value I’m sure of it. Only gradually over years depending on world events and a STABLE growing free market Iraqi economy. Maybe one day double our money. Huge profits anytime soon? NO ! I’d bet the farm on it. Too bad some people already have.

    So what am I missing here?

  86. Steve says:

    Adam, it is so great of you to do all of this. I too have been invested in this since 2005 or 2006.It has been a roller coaster ride. I also new it could be a long term investment. Which it has turn out this way.Again, we can never repay you for all your hard work.

    Thank you so much,


  87. DOLORES says:


  88. Lynn says:

    Dear Adam,

    Excellent post, well put together and full of common sense. I quit listening to the “gurus” sometime ago and subscribe to your conservative approach. When it happens, it happens only because all of the correct pieces are in place. I know this is a good investment and stand by it. Thank you for all the hard work you do for all of us!


  89. Relo says:

    Good article. I’ve had my dinar for about 5 yrs. This is like a penny stock investment. You only buy it with money you don’t need and you buy it hoping to hit it big but understand that you may not. You also don’t pay any attention to the so called “insiders with boots on the ground”, who keep pumping the various sites with rumors. The only people who know when this will happen are the ones in charge of it and who will pull the trigger. For all we know, they may not be sure themselves.

  90. Joop Liefaard says:

    Thanks for the excellent post.

  91. gram06 (sue) says:

    Adam, We have only been in this for 1 short year, but in that year we have learned…. When you e-mail us and say it is done then we will believe it. We still read DV and watch the chat room alot. Thank you so much for all your research and input.

  92. Andre B says:

    Adam, all your statements are so true. I have trained Iraqis from mid 2006 and they do not know. As I stated before. I beleive it will happen, but no one knows on these sights. If it does not happen before or end of June, then I see 2012. Many of us that were able to walk into the Iraqi banks when in mission see sometime between now and 2013. Most of us at this time have over 70 to 100 million and will wait on matter how long. We all hope soonere then later. But when it comes will will be waiting.

  93. Taylor says:

    Since I was not on the last conference call, what was the bottom line on the possibilites of Iraq knocking off 1, 2 , 3 zeros. Which is the most probable?

  94. Many of the previous posts have a repeated lack of knowledge concerning the Re-val, however the one true constant is the faith we all share in Adam. Folks if you spent as much time researching the I. Dinar as you did reading unfounded rumors you’d see that Adam Montana is constantly working towards helping ALL understand what this investment means to all of us!! A dear friend of mine Victor A. Has invested his retirement in the Iraqi Dinar, and struggles every month to survive on his social Security, His investment was with the goal of having money to start a charity to help veterans have what they need in terms of housing and some sort of business so they can hold their heads up when the country and people they served are done with them and cast them aside. He gave all in hopes of the Revaluation of the dinar, for unselfish reasons and yes he keeps his faith in Adams updates. But he is not getting any younger and just hopes to live long enough to get his veterans foundation established and funded. I for one think that his goal is wonderful and pray that the revaluation comes soon. But Please everyone stay focused and Adam will keep us on the right track, Thanks Adam Bob

  95. Ron BrownW says:

    Finally, some realistic dinar information. I’m a newbie too and fell for the RV done rumor twice. Fool me once shame on you…fool me twice shame on me. I would love to see some more signs to watch for before the RV can even take place. I lack the knowledge to even begin to understand whatales this stuff happen. All the dumped remind me of the man on the corner with a sign saying the world will end next Thursday. The dumped are only good for one thing and that’s cranking out more dinar sales. I know of one guy in wrote a big check( hot) for a car believing that his 140 million dollar ship was about to RV. How dumb… How sad
    Ron B

  96. marciaj says:

    The rumors have caused me to believe this is not going to happen as each writer claims to have a date and rate that never comes true. However, since everyone claims to have talked to their bank with different results, I took my chance when I needed to talk to the bank manager about a check made out to me that had not cleared. Anyway I was told the IQD was a scam by the manager and the bank had been told by their higher ups to advise customers not to invest. When I asked couldn’t I get most of my money back even if it did not RV, she went into deep thought eventually saying “YES” if it is true dinar. I did not invest the house or my life on the dinar so I will not lose much if it does not RV. I must admit, I am a discouraged at this point, but I remain hopeful. I need to protect no one so I will say the bank was Keybank in Indianapolis at Fall Creek. This happened just last week.

  97. steve says:

    I bought my first Dinar’s in 2006 and I remember the comments from my dealer. “when we went into Japan we destroyed their economy and it took ten years for them to get it back. When we went into Germany we destroyed their economy and it took ten years to get it back. So the way I look at it, we have approximately four or five more years to wait until we can benefit from our investments, so the key word here is PATIENTS.

  98. jack sneed says:

    How can we tell if we have an authenic Dinar note? I bought my dinars from a “dealer” that resided in California…..and since getting my dinars, said dealer has “gone out of business!”

    Also, how will the dinar ever be worth more than the USA dollar? How will I get more for my dinar note than the dollar is worth?

  99. Pat Bottcher says:

    Adam; have been involved only the last 2 or 3 months, but helped several others invest too. So appreciate being able to rely on YOUR information and good advice. Looking forward to discussing investments, tax issues etc. with you when RV takes place! You have definitely made the right choice keeping family and everyday business priority in your life. A million thanks for being so faithful to those of us who wait to hear the truth about the Dinar & RV!

  100. Lee says:

    I have got tired of these people saying the RV has happened, or imminent, and on and on. I invested with the knowledge that this is speculation. It does seem that people are carried away with speculating.

  101. williedidit says:

    Adam, here is my comment you have asked for. I never was a person who had to have money to be happy when I was married for 25 years. Just my HD my little boat to go fishing and to see my children happy in their lives and be able to hold a decent paying job. I had all that until my divorce, she got the house I got the street. My brothers and I did around 3 grand of IQD. The only thing that I look for or listen to is for the RV of the dinar. I don’t need updates, don’t need to know who done what or said what. All I am interested in is when IT HAPPENS! Thank-you for your time in sending me those new pieces of intel. Have a blessed day. joe

  102. Darwin Beeman says:

    Hello Adam, I do not listen to rumors. I’m old enough where I know not to listen. But I want to thank you for all your hard work in the past and in the future.I’m currently unemployed since dec and could really use the extra funds. Having said that, I have to wait like everyone else. Like many others have said, it’ll happen when it happens and I firmly believe that. Again, thank you for all uour hard work. Darwin

  103. Pierre says:

    You’ve done it again. You have given us nothing but the entire truth as usual. Most everything else I hear is bunk. Looking forward to the RV but like you am patient. Keep up the tremendous effort in keeping us informed. If all you have is your word then in my book that’s all you need. Thanks again my friend.

  104. shelee says:

    Thanks for the intelligent intel. I will believe it when the money is in my bank or my hands.

  105. Dave Delacruz says:

    Hey Adam thanks for the Recap on all the rumors it is a perfect link with which to share this OpportunityWith friends and family Thanks I would love to join your VIP Org. But am currently unemployed and very short on funds. But I will keep it in mind Thanks again Dave

  106. Harry Thys says:

    As a relative newbi its refeshing to get some real intel not all the so-called intel from the rumur mongers. Thanks for all the work you do and so we wait.

  107. Deloris says:

    Thanks Adam for your most valued info. I do get e-mail from another source, but I never take it to heart because I wait to hear from you. Your info always seem to be on target, and so much more to the point. Today’s info has really enlightened me and I really appreciate the indepth analysis.

    Thanks again and I look forward, with anticipation, to the day that I receive the e-mail from you of the RV!!!!!!!

  108. Shirley Heisey says:

    I appreciate the common sense approach. I can tear myself away completely from all the rumors; one of these days someone will come up RIGHT for a change.

    Well, there are times when it COULD HAVE HAPPENED, but something changed, and the intel again was wrong. Like catching a slithery snake: Someone says, “I have him!–no I don’t; he got away from me.”

    This one has “gotten away from us time and again; it doesn’t mean that someone didn’t have a hold of “him” at one time or another! We can’t control it, just observe and wait for the world governments and IMF to finally corral this slithery investment.

  109. george says:

    sure Adam every one else is wrong and you are right

  110. nancy alvis says:

    you are so right on, we all invested in a currency that we know will at some time revalue
    no scam, everyone should take your advise and sit back and enjoy the ride, when it happens we can then share the long awaited rewards. thank you for your tireless efforts on all of our behalf, and the wisdom of your advice. may pease be with you always

  111. Stan says:

    There is a lot of good things I could say about your effort to keep us informated. Thanks a lot!

  112. ubadinar says:

    adam,great job,i purchase my dinard back on 2004,and i have never miss a nite off sleap,when i purchased my dinar i always knew that this was at least 8 years of wait,hope i and wrong,good luck to all .just waiting for the day.keep up the good work adam,thanks for all your help.

  113. Barbara says:

    I check my phone every morning..lol. Thanks for all you’ve done…You didn’t have to but you do and I appreciate you.:)

  114. glory says:

    thank you very much for debunked the rumors that cause to much pain, frustration and anxiety to All !
    I am with you 100 % !

  115. Wayne says:

    I always read the rumors! I don”t believe any of them! But I just have to read what is being said. Some are so misguided they make me laugh, others are just too good to be true. Keep up the GREAT JOB Adam. I’m in this game until the end

  116. David Hall says:

    Thanks for the ” Debunk ” alerts you post.
    I look forward to seeing your comments and K98’s in the Iraq news section and when I need a good laugh , I read some of the ” Rumor ” section.
    I also really enjoy the chat on Wednesday nights.
    Have a Great Weekend and Congradulations for the new addition in your Family tree ( nephew or neice ? )

    ” In it for the long haul ”
    Saved !

  117. Martin says:

    Adam, usually people that hear about this and HAVE NOT invested in DINARS are spreading rumours.I have seen it many times in other letters and blogs about other things. We have invested in this because we belief in the DINARS and be with you till the end.
    GO RV!!

  118. Jacki Smith says:

    Adam,Thank you for another great post. Appreciate the non-hype common sense information you provide. Your wisdom is appreciated.

  119. Lee says:

    Just read what gram06(sue) wrote, Thst is exsctly my thoughts. Thank’s much!Ilook forward to your e-mails

  120. Smoke and mirrors says:

    Anyone ever notice Adam only responds to comments about joining his VIP? Just saying

  121. Hpydawg says:

    Thanks Adam. I’ve been hearing the rumors for 7 years also, and the people who believe them don’t really understand what’s going on. Thank you for taking the interest in all of the rest of us who believe in you. It will happen and we will be ready!
    Larry I pity you.

  122. Adam,
    First and formost Thank You for all of your hard work.
    Rumors are what they are I read them looking for maybe the relates to what I found in the News section. That is when I determine if the intel is close to being some what correct. However there are some that take this to heart and some make nasty comments about what some percive. I invested enough to have a good return but not break my budget.
    I guess that is the differance and the recations you might get from differant folks. Again THANKS for the hard work.

    GO RV BABY Sonny

  123. Jim R says:

    Adam thanks for clearing some of the rumors but I see you didn’t say anything about the RV with the Zero’s dropped.

  124. Kerry says:

    Thanks for the Info not really listening to the rumors and just happy that I have dinars to sell when they RV Thanks Kerry

  125. steve o says:

    if you ever get any info. at all from okie oil something or other, please tell him to please get a day job and to stop bothering us with his useless, never accurate, dribble. he must really be bored all day to come up with the junk he posts. please don’t post anything from him, it is never ever right!!

  126. Ron says:

    I am really pleased to have some one credible to get info from. Thanks, Ron

  127. carolyn11 says:

    Thank you so much Adam for all the time you have put into this. I want to get your book & be a wise investor.I’ve been in this alittle over a year and use to read all the intell and got really tired of it, every once in awhile I’d read one and get sucked right back into it.But no more I’ll just read yours from now on.

  128. Joel says:

    Adam, I completely agree with you! I am a newbies and I read all the info all the time! I get a kick out of how many people cut away at any comments that the newbies leaves. Yet it is the ones that have been on awhile that put on the misleading info and make the stink. They seem to forget Rumors are Rumors and everyone is just trying to contribute info!

  129. Michael Rozbitsky says:

    Adam, As you can tell by the above responses, you message was greatly appreciated and came at a time when you as the creator of this site helped bring some levity and clarity to this trying time for many who are your members. Thanks and many blessings. I promise not to type in capital letter again, until rv occurs.

  130. Robbin says:

    Thanks for keping us grounded Adam, I am waiting for your e-mail.

  131. Patricia says:

    I try not to listen to all the BS,and say mmhhmm,ya I’ll believe when I’m told It’s time to cash in,you are the only one that I read! Some of my family members keep telling stuff and I say ya mmhhmm,it’ll be nice,and change the subject!

  132. Betty says:

    Hi Adam,
    We only read the rumors that the Rumor Mongers put out just for laughs. Ed and I know the RV will happen when its time for it to happen. We have confidence in you, and we are happily waiting. Thank you….Betty.

  133. Vincent says:

    Thanks for all your hard work and keeping us on the right track.

  134. John Grider says:

    Thanks Adam, for all that you do!! I have compared my investment to a trip to Las Vegas. I didn’t invest anything I didn’t have and I don’t listen to rumors!! One fourth of my investment is in the Warka Bank, as a back up plan and I am not in any hurry. I am one of the 5 or 6, of the 40,000 newsletter subscribers, that did benefit, from this.

  135. BeLinda says:

    I haven’t been in this very long, I admit. However; I have been brought where I am today to be a part of this monumental plan of God’s. I am truly blessed to be able to participate! I do not get excited or upset over any of the rumors or intel because I know it is going to happen, it is on His schedule not ours!….Psalms 46:10 Be still and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth!…. Psalms 27:14 Wait on the Lord: Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord!….Psalms 37:34 Wait on the Lord, and keep His way, and He shall exalt thee to inherit the land: when the wicked are cut off, thou shalt see it!….Psalms 40:1 I waited patiently for the Lord; and He inclined unto me, and heard my cry!….Be patient and trust that God knows what He is doing! The transfer of wealth will happen! All my love in Christ, zebralover39

  136. SECRET ADMIRER says:

    Thank you Adam for taking your time to explain it to me and all of us here and I enjoy reading it. So, From now on, I won’t be confused with all the rumor out there. By the way, I would like to ask you about ” do you know any Dinar Dealers in singapore?If you do, would you please tell me the contact person, address, phone number, Email or website. Thank you very much for you kind attention and I would be very much appreciated if you can give me the answer to my question about Dinar dealers in singapore.

  137. limzhiqiang says:

    how long will be rv dinar iraq,if rv all the world can change right.how about 25000dinar iraq if rv can use or not??????

  138. Richard says:

    Well “Said” Bravo Adam. Now just let us all know when it RV and we’ll ALL be happy. I spend 3 yrs there, in Kuwait and Iraq. Almost alost my life in Iraq, but I’m still here. And now I’m waiting just like everyone else. Thanks for the updates.

  139. bob says:

    wow hurry up and get his vip membership…. whatta joke if he really cared so much he wouldnt charge so much for vip “every 3 months”.. adam’s the biggest scam on the dinar.. no one wants this not to RV as much as adam then he’s out of business. i doubt he even owns dinar…

  140. kari says:

    Sobering thoughts, Adam.
    I will now take my Iraqui Dinars out of my little handbag where I put them to go to the bank first thing Monday morning. Waiting for the good news you are sure to bring some day soon,
    best regards, Kari

  141. Mred63 says:

    I will be ready whenever the RV materializes…Tip; don’t spend it before you have it, either in your hand or bank… Thanks Adam, (G.B)

  142. Mark Miller says:

    I believe we will make money on our investment, I just find it hard to wrap my hands around the fact that if you invest $1,000, you will make $3+ million. I hope I am wrong, but there are too many people with too much of this stuff for us to all be wealthy.

  143. V-Man says:

    I believe that a couple of Messengers should be banned. The ones who names start with O and end with N and the one that starts with A and ends with A shoukd be banned. How many people have they put in a bad positionn because of there predictions. Nothing they have said is true. I believe there ship at sea has sank. Thanks for the truth.

  144. Tim Seaney says:

    Well said! You are exactly right. I will only believe it when I here it from you or see it. I am in it for the longhaul. It will happen when it happens. Thank you for the hard work you have put in to this.

  145. Alan D says:

    Thank you for lifting some of the fog concerning RV. Facts made into truth is all I ask for to make proper decisions.

    Thank you Adam

  146. shirley says:

    Adam, we appreciate all your hard work and diligence. Thanks for taking the time to help us know what is actually going on.

  147. Mike says:

    Thanks Adam for your straightforward leadership in this investment. Truly this is a investment. It will happen when the Lord desires it to. Thanks again and be blessed in all you do.

  148. Patrick says:

    Thanks Adam! For cutting through all the *&#$ out there and getting right to the point. I am VIP so I don’t even look at the rumor pages. I don’t even know you but I feel I can count on you for REAL information. A real testament to your person!

    Thanks again man!

  149. Laura says:

    Thanks Adam, I look at dinarvets for laughs and to ask questions of VIPs and OSI members, but this is the only site I look at for real information..I’m a VIP/OSI/OGIT and set up for text so nothing else really matters. I’m very thankful for everything you do.

  150. Stephen Schmidt says:

    Adam, thank you for your input on the Dinar. I for one am very frustrated with the Rumor’s Section and all the know it alls so to speak. There are one or two that make sense and I will read but most of them are out of control. I am 56 and spent 04 in Iraq where I first invested in the Dinar. I know it will be a long haul and my wife and I have invested what we can, not breakinng the bank. I wish people in the chat room would just leave it be until you let us know. But it is what it is and really try not to go there anymore or just pop in to see who wrote what and leave. Patience is a virtue, something I learn in my 22 years of service to this country. I appreciate your work and hope to here from you when you have more positive innfo.

  151. Toqeer says:

    Adam I really appreciate your efforts you have done a good work, My question is, what kind of policies world bank is doing for Iraq?

    After budget of US has been approved by the both parties of US, in that budget how much for Iraq.


  152. cj says:

    This is for “BOB”
    Adam has spent lots of time and effort to educate himself on the dinar investment. He is there 24 hrs a day to answer question and give advice. In my opinion His knowledge is worth more then his fee. Would you expect to go to a tax professional and not pay for the service? I DON’T THINK SO!! If you do not want or need the service then don’t join.
    He has a great website to access information, opinions and in-sights of other’s for “FREE.”!!! Please do not bash Adam for charging for his VIP site, it is and will be a benefit for all who are members and chose to join.
    I support Adam.

  153. GT_from_AK says:


    Thank you for taking the time to send this email. Because you provide this kind of info, is why I am a VIP memeber.

  154. Michael Ingram says:

    I am a believer in the investment we have all made, and it will take time to reap the rewards but they will be great. Thank you for all of your hard work and time you put in to keeping us all informed.

  155. C71 says:


    What a great “debunking”. As always, you manage to bring a renewed perspective to those of us who look at this as what it is, a long term investment.

    I look at my dinar investment as just that “a long term investment” – only this one without a solid prospectus. As in any investment there is always a certain risk, one that I and my wife were willing, and most important, ABLE to take – no OMG what do we do if it does not RV. We will not become “tangled” in the web of the latest intel, the latest boots on the ground, or “my connections are telling me”……… We will wait for the official word not the rumor.

    We routinely check the different sites and try and gain what knowledge we can, but one has to remember we are investing where this new Iraqi government is just that “a very young and a very new government”. We tell ourselves daily that, what the Iraqi people are trying to do in a few years,took us, the United States, over two hundred years and two internal wars before we got it right, and I am not sure we have it perfected yet.

    Rumors are just that rumors and can be somewhat entertaining if not taken seriously. The best entertainment however is when my wife read a rumor and take a few minutes and t fantasize about what we will do when RV occurs. We have “no holds barred discussions and the adventures we talk about, the making good investment choices, the not having to go to work each morning are worth the investment alone. It has been a great ride and promises to be even better.

    Thanks again for your sage advice and counsel.

  156. theneoguy says:

    thanks for tne info adam,iusually only depend on you for info and bypass the bs.i will be looking forward to your chat wed. regards, the neoguy.

  157. Vickie says:

    Adam, Thanks for all your hard work and helping us all get a grip on it. While I know you will Text when it happens, we seem to gravitate to rumors to see what we may be missing. In truth we are not missing anything, accept a life. Now it is time to turn back to the real world and get busy with today. Thanks again, as always.

  158. aspromised says:

    Thanks Adam for this post. Your passion for this investment is contagious!
    My suggestion is that the Rumor section should be deleted

  159. Toni says:

    HI Adam, Thankyou for the facts and all the effort you’ve put into this. Its nice to have a little something under the mattress for a rainy day and thats how I’ve viewed this investment. I will work like I’ve always done and hope that this RV happens sooner than later. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to invest and the ability to do so. I await the RV!!

  160. Michael and Magdaline Jackson says:

    Hello Adam,

    We have been convinced from the time that we decided to invest in Iraq’s future and our dreams that this is a blessing from God and we are steadfast in faith that in His hands it IS a VICTORY.

    Thank you for your dedication.

    Best Regards,

    Michael and Magdaline Jackson

  161. Mary Wolfe says:

    Thanks Adam, Always a releif when someone helps debunk rumors and gives peace of mind.
    Still never received the book I ordered last Dec. It was confirmed and I was supposed to download it. I do not want to do that. I want the book in my hand and mailed to may address.
    To re-iterate:
    Item 594413 Irqi Dinar:Real RV Intel v 1. $29.95

    I paid for it on my Am. Ex. bill but have never received it. Very Sad. Mary Wolfe

    • Adam Montana says:

      Mary Wolfe, the book is a digital product – there are no hard copies. I give free updates to the book as important information changes, and this would be impossible with a physical product. Thanks for understanding!

  162. Tom J says:

    Adam, Thanks for all the hard work you do to keep us informed.
    I bought 5ml. in 05 and just wait and see what happens. Why should the dinar news be any different than any other world news we hear?
    Read carefully what Adam writes he doesn’t jerk us around? Relax people and let it happen.

  163. Dave says:

    I have been buying our Dinar thru SafeDinar.com I assume that is a safe site, can someone help me out.

  164. SECRET ADMIRER says:

    Thank you Adam for taking your time to explain it to me and all of us here and I enjoy reading it. So, From now on, I won’t be confused with all the rumor out there. By the way, I would like to ask you about ” do you know any Dinar Dealers in singapore?If you do, would you please tell me the contact person, address, phone number, Email or website. Thank you very much for you kind attention and I would be very much appreciated if you can give me the answer to my question about Dinar dealers in singapore.

    Adam, why you haven’t answered my question?Cause I have been waiting for your answer. Please, answer my question Mr. Adam. Thank’s Adam I will be appreciated.

  165. Brett says:

    Just wanted to first THANK YOU Adam for your efforts. You are deffinetely my go to guy…I was curious if you had ever heard that the U.S> had loaded up pallet after pallet of Dinar’s on C5A cargo planes. And then Pres. Bush made the comment that the war would’nt cost us ONE DAMM DIME??? Wonder if great mines thank alike!!! C-YA

  166. old guy says:

    [Sarcasm]Surely the dinar RV is posted on wiki leaks!!
    No? Then it must be even more classified than wiki leaks can detect!! [/sarcasm]
    If Jesus himself appeared in front of all investors to tell them the dinar is a scam, some moron would immediately discredit him as a mirage created by Satan designed to rob you from future riches!
    If anyone wants the truth bad enough, get an education in business or economics.
    Through basic knowledge in those fields, you’ll see the dinar pumpers stories are all complete lies designed solely to sell more dinar.
    Don’t believe me? Fine, be a statistic.
    I come here because there are tons of articles from Iraq in one location. Easy research, easy reading to base my ISX investment decisions upon.
    There is also the comical factor of watching the uninformed dreamers dedicate themselves to the dinar like an extremist dedicates him/herself to suicide for the benefit of thier religion.
    Nothing or no one can convince them otherwise. Eyes closed, full steam ahead, to the death.
    Is it wrong to want to hang around and watch the inevitable splat when believers finally hit the zero lop wall?
    Is Pat Robertson paying attention to the Dinar? Did anyone actually hear PR say the above. If so, shut up Pat, if not shut up Pat.

  167. old guy says:

    I shouldn’t talk to myself but I do. To the Old Guy comment. You shouldn’t post things that you can’t varify.

  168. Theresa says:

    Looking forward to that email saying go cash in. Thanks for being out there and sharing.

  169. Henry J. says:

    I really want to believe something like the Rv could happen but, come on folks. Who thinks that a person or persons will push a button so to speak and make over one million people filty rich. No way, it’s just human nature. The same reason our congress won’t take care of aging Americans better. Just think what it would do to the dollar value and maybe our economy which is already faltering because of nothing but pure greed. No one is going to make you rich and no one is going to turn a million Dinar into 3 million U.S. dollars for a meer investment of a thousand dollars. Scam, not really, but very very very long shot. I would say you stand a better chance of winning the lottery or even a better chance of Bill Gates knocking on your door and saying, here’s 5 million, thanks for using Micro Soft. Do I have any Dinar? Yes I do but my hopes are really getting dim when I finally came to my senses.

  170. Mark says:

    Adam thanks we are in for the long haul.

  171. jerry jensen says:

    when we cash in,aware of the declining dollar…wouldn’t it be
    worth looking at buying a couple of the offered foreign curriencies? or is there any protection there ???? thanks,Jer’

  172. David Richardson says:

    Adam, I believe everything you say about these wasters, as that is what they are! Adam I am trying to have a 1 2 1 with you with reference to after rv investments. I have sighned up for VIP but am new to this whole game and not very computer literate. Can you let me know how to e-mail you or skype or something? Tks for all your personal investment in time and learning that you pass on to us. Great. Thanks again.

  173. riskycolt says:

    We are watching you Adam. Yours is the only intel , or articals we read. We read the news on vets and whatever there is to read in VIP. We have been invested in the Dinar going on 8 yrs. I know it is going ti RV but it is on their time and Gods not oours. Thanks for everything you do.

  174. sugar boogie says:

    What happens to the value of the dinar when all hell breaks out throughout the Middle East in a nuclear war involving Israel – and also mostly likely
    the U.S. – with the chaos that will follow ?

  175. Gene says:

    Hi Adam! It sounds like you’ve done your homework. I haven’t heard from you in a while and just reading your email really builds the excitment that the RV may be right around the corner. Please keep me informed and may God Bless You.

  176. HopinToo says:

    What your thought in regards to deletion of three zeros fr the IQD?…TQ

  177. believing says:

    Thanks, common sense can be learned.

  178. terry says:

    Thought you might like this new infomation I just got.

    Iraq Central Bank to Remove Three Zeroes from Iraqi Dinar
    13 April 2011 ( Al SumariaTV )
    Iraq’s Central Bank announced on Tuesday that the project of Iraqi Dinar re-denomination consisting of removing three zeroes is close to completion.
    The re-denomination project is believed to be a strategic plan that will be passed to the ministerial council and Parliament once complete.
    The plan to remove three zeroes from the Iraqi Dinar is a strategic plan that the central bank is currently finalizing, Central Bank’s advisor Mothahhar Mohammed Saleh said in a statement to Alsumaria News.
    This plan aims to alleviate transactions cost and help people carry less money, Saleh said noting that Iraq seeks to produce 6 to 12 oil barrels which is expected to increase the value of Iraqi dinar and boost development, he said.
    Iraq’s central Bank has managed during the past five years to reduce inflation rates from 34% to 3 or 4% and stabilize Iraqi Dinar exchange, the Central Bank’s adviser told Alsumaria News.
    Statements of Banks Led to Non-completion of Last Year Calculations
    13 April 2011 ( Iraq Directory )
    Advisor of central bank Modher Mohammed Salih said Friday that the reason of delayed final financial calculations for the year of 2010 was the lag of banks in submitting the calculative statements which the financial calculations largely depend upon.
    Salih clarified that the central bank will accomplish the financial calculations in June and this will develop Iraq ability to continue moving on the right economic direction and avoid any weakness in the economic structure.
    Salih pointed that the final financial calculations are very important where through relying on them we can know the building of financial indications , assets, exchange rate and interest rate.

    NIC: 186 Billion US Dollars to Implement Investment Projects in Iraq Till 2014
    13 April 2011 ( Iraq Directory )
    Iraqi National investment committee said that 186 billion US dollars are allocated to implement projects in all Iraqi governorates within the five-year plan which started on 2010 till 2014.
    On the sidelines of his participation in trade and investment forum which was held in Baghdad chairman of the investment body Sami Alaaragy said that 186 billion US dollars are allocated to implement projects in all Iraqi governorates within the five-year plan which started on 2010 till 2014.
    Alaaragy added saying that 100 billion US dollars will be taken from the state general budget while other investment projects worth of 86 billion US dollars will be offered to private sector, and he pointed that the Iraqi government is working on increasing the annual allocations for the investment projects within the five-year plan from the general budget during the coming years after the increase of oil exportations.
    Alaaragy clarified during the forum which many Iraqi businessmen attended that there are 10 economic sectors offered for businessmen to do projects in , and he added saying that the government is working on building number of refineries in four governorates with estimated cost of 25 million US dollars in addition to building oil and gas pipelines all over the country.
    Alaaragy emphasized that Iraq needs to build 24 modern hospitals with capacity of 400 bed for each hospital , and 1140 health care center , and 5000 school , in addition to building one million housing units within the national housing project. And he pointed that the Iraqi government sought to prepare the legal and legitimate environment for investment which makes it is projects (Iraq projects) investor attracting.
    Alaaragy emphasized that the projects which will be implemented in Iraq will use thousands of Iraqi workers especially in housing projects.

    Donald Trump: Iraq Oil Will Make Us a Fortune
    13 April 2011 ( International Business Times )
    Donald Trump said Iraq oil can make the US “a fortune,” in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.
    Iraq, currently occupied by US forces, has $15 trillion in oil reserves, second behind only Saudi Arabia, said Trump.
    If the US were to get its hands on some of that oil, it could make money and pay back its allies like the UK for their involvement in the Iraqi invasion and occupation, he said.
    Trump mentioned that the US financial cost of invading and occupying Iraq totals $1.5 trillion.
    To justify taking Iraqi oil, Trump said if the US were to simply leave Iraq, Iran will invade and take over the country. Letting the oil fall to Iran would be a bad idea, according to Trump.
    If the US takes control of Iraqi oil, Trump said he would give some of the oil revenues to Iraq and some of it to the US and its allies.
    On Libya, Trump said the US has already spent billions of dollars on the civil war there. However, the US isn’t likely to see a drop of oil from the efforts.
    Platts Survey: OPEC Pumps 29.17 Million Barrels of Oil Per Day in March
    13 April 2011 ( Platts )
    Crude Oil Production Fell 630,000 Barrels Per Day From February; Fails to Offset Libya Loss
    The 12-member Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries’ (OPEC) crude oil production output plunged by 630,000 barrels per day (b/d) in March to average 29.17 million b/d, according to a just-released Platts survey of OPEC and oil industry officials and analysts. Higher volumes from several member states failed to cover the loss of 930,000 b/d of Libyan supply, the survey showed.
    Excluding Iraq, which does not participate in OPEC output agreements, production from the 11 members bound by notional quotas (OPEC-11) fell by 580,000 b/d to 26.52 million b/d in March from 27.1 million b/d in February.
    Libyan production, which had already fallen to 1.39 million b/d from 1.58 million b/d in February, was estimated to have averaged around 460,000 b/d over March.
    “Even the simple counting of barrels shows how difficult it will be for the market to recover from the loss of so much Libyan crude,” said John Kingston, Platts global director of news. “Beyond that, the quality of the crude coming out of Libya is one of the highest in the world, with very good yields on the transportation fuels, particularly diesel, which the world needs. So one barrel of crude from another OPEC country doesn’t neatly replace one barrel of Libyan crude. The market will need to see a decline in demand to balance, and we are seeing signs of that reaction to higher prices ongoing.”
    OPEC kingpin Saudi Arabia pumped an average 9 million b/d, a 300,000 b/d boost from February levels. With the kingdom claiming 12.5 million b/d of capacity, this leaves Saudi Arabia with some 3.5 million b/d of spare capacity.
    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) also increased production, by 100,000 b/d to an estimated 2.5 million b/d, while Kuwait boosted output by 70,000 b/d to 2.4 million b/d, the survey found.
    Angola ramped up production to 1.7 million b/d from 1.65 million b/d in February.
    But production fell in Nigeria, due in part to maintenance at the Bonga field, with the country’s total volumes declining to 2 million b/d from 2.16 million b/d in February.
    Venezuelan output fell by 20,000 b/d to 2.21 million b/d. Iraqi production fell by 50,000 b/d to 2.65 million b/d from 2.7 million b/d in February.
    Iranian production was steady. However, industry sources said Iran was holding significant volumes of floating storage because of marketing difficulties. It was not clear whether this was crude only or a mix of crude, condensates and fuel oil. One industry source said 15 VLCCs (very large crude carriers) were being used.
    OPEC has a notional output target of 24.845 million b/d for the 11 members bound by quotas. The latest estimates of OPEC-11 output show that, as a result of the plunge in Libyan supply, the volume of overproduction has been reduced to 1.675 million b/d
    For production numbers by country, click http://www.platts.com/NewsFeature/2011/opec/prod_table.
    You may be prompted for a cost-free one-time-only log-in registration.
    Platts OPEC and oil experts are available for media interviews; please consult Platts Media Center to schedule an interview. For other oil, energy and related information, visit Platts online at http://www.platts.com.
    About Platts: Platts, a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies (NYSE: MHP), is a leading global provider of energy, petrochemicals and metals information. With a century of business experience, Platts serves customers across more than 150 countries. An independent provider, Platts serves the oil, natural gas, electricity, emissions, nuclear power, coal, petrochemical, shipping, and metals markets from 17 offices worldwide. Platts’ real-time news, pricing, analytical services and conferences help markets operate with transparency and efficiency. Traders, risk managers, analysts, and industry leaders depend upon Platts to help them make better business decisions. Additional information is available at http://www.platts.com.
    About The McGraw-Hill Companies: Founded in 1888, The McGraw-Hill Companies is a leading global financial information and education company that helps professionals and students succeed in the Knowledge Economy. Leading brands include Standard & Poor’s, McGraw-Hill Education, Platts energy information services and J.D. Power and Associates. The Corporation has approximately 21,000 employees with more than 280 offices in 40 countries. Sales in 2010 were $6.2 billion. Additional information is available at http://www.mcgraw-hill.com.
    SOURCE Platts
    Oil Police Struggle to Protect Iraq’s ‘black Gold’
    13 April 2011 ( AFP )
    As war-ravaged Iraq ramps up crude oil production to reach an ambitious goal of a nearly five-fold increase by 2017, it is scrambling to face the parallel challenge of protecting oil facilities.
    Oil Police, with the wide responsibility of guarding every aspect from fields and personnel to refineries and petrol stations, is struggling with shortages of equipment and funds, as well as the manpower specified in the goverment’s five-year plan.
    “We are short of about 12,000 police officers,” complained General Hamid Ibrahim, the head of the police force. He currently commands a force of 30,000 men, 8,000 of them low-paid contracted workers without the higher wages and benefits of tenured employees.
    “We are forced to hire contract workers because the finance ministry has not provided the funding to hire tenured employees,” he said.
    Sabah Hussein puts his life on the line five days a week as a contract worker with the force, earning 255 dollars a month. He drives a cab on weekends to make ends meet.
    The disillusioned 21-year-old, who has been with the force for three years, said his pay is half that of a tenured employee. He said he was awaiting tenure, which would double his pay, but was not optimistic.
    “I hope to get tenure, but I think they are only promises,” he said during an inspection of a pipeline passing through Nahrwan, an agricultural area 20 kilometres (12.5 miles) southeast of Baghdad, and part of a nationwide network that stretches for 7,500 kilometres (4,700 miles).
    “If I am hurt on the job, my contract provides no compensation,” he complained, pointing to a route overlooking the Diyala River where three of his colleagues died in an attack about three months ago.
    Iraq’s declared oil reserves of 143 billion barrels are among the world’s largest, and crude generates 90 percent of revenues.
    The government plans to boost the current modest production of 2.6 million barrels-per-day to six million bpd in 2014 and 12 million bpd by 2017.
    But an International Monetary Fund report last month expressed doubts over Iraq’s ability to reach that goal, saying production was more likely to reach about five million bpd by 2017.
    General Sabah al-Saidi, who is responsible for oil security in eight provinces in central Iraq, explained that the force relied on patrols to inspect facilities like pipelines because it did not have equipment such as sensors or cameras, or helicopters for air surveillance.
    “We do things the old-fashioned way,” he quipped.
    In certain remote regions, the force has to rely on the army to help carry out its protection tasks. Without helicopters, the force also cannot quickly send reinforcements to such areas.
    One of the force’s responsibilities is to ensure that oil is not being secretly siphoned from pipelines. But Saidi said that thieves sometimes used sophisticated methods of punching into the ducts and laying down underground hoses that could stretch several kilometres (miles), and were difficult to detect without modern equipment.
    The oil police was created in the 1950s, but disbanded after the 2003 US-led invasion together with all other security services, amid fears they were manned by men loyal to the ousted dictator Saddam Hussein.
    Attacks against vital oil installations have declined in recent years, as Iraq struggles to recover from the aftermath of the invasion, including an al-Qaeda insurgency that targets vital installations such as oil facilities.
    But attacks still take place.
    An attack in late February halted production at the Baiji refinery, Iraq’s largest, for five days. Early last month, another attack shut down a vital export pipeline connecting to the Turkish port of Ceyhan for six days.
    The oil police are recruited from communities close to the facilities, in order to involve local people in the protection of the country’s precious resource.
    But that did not stop the Baiji refinery attack north of Baghdad, which Ibrahim indicated took place with inside information.
    Oil force units are stationed in concrete shacks at regular intervals alongside pipelines. They go for patrols to ensure the pipes remain secure.
    “Without patrols there would be theft,” said Sabri Ghafar, a colonel with the force. “Oil is a very precious resource.”

  179. hc jones says:

    adam – how much iqd does the us treasury hold?

  180. marc says:

    Terry, you have a lot of info here. would like totalk to you on phone. is this possible? The lop dashes hopes. mark

  181. Bonnie Morris says:

    Is there a difference in the words: Redenominated and Revalue?

  182. S.FITZ says:

    Dear Adam,

    Once again I appreciate your effort ,knowlwdge,patience, persistence/tenacity & the fact that you are willing to share w/those of us not in VIP!! Thank you so very much!!

  183. Barbara says:

    This is the best info I have received in a long time. Can’t wait till you post more facts, Adam!

  184. Anthony says:

    I have the Cash in Guide v1.3

    How do I get a latest version (if there is one)?

  185. cris e says:

    My family and I have been invested in the dinar for almost 6 years now. We are not VIP members due to lack of funds but I must thank you Adam and your team for keeping us as up to date as possible. You guys do a great job, I am wishing for a reval sooner than later. Thanks again keep up the great work.

  186. Michael and Magdaline Jackson says:

    We know what you are saying. We personally feel that there shouldn’t be a blog nor compilation of commentary. All we need is exact applicable information about the Iraqi Dinar in a form of live update feeds.

    The remaining chit chat is a waste of time and emotions.

  187. Anthony says:

    Thank You Adam. I have downloaded the latest version for the Cash-in-Guide.

  188. Iris Andújar says:

    I’m waiting with the certainty that this is going to be real one day.
    When I first invested my money in the dinars I did it because I thought this the way my God wiil bless me financially and I still have the same faith. People we have to stand in our faith, we better not be ambibalent on our faith on God.

  189. Ron says:

    Anything new to say? everything is old news!!!! What is the lastest on the Iraq Dinar$$$$$$$$$

  190. Gaetan Beaulne says:

    Exc info and exc reading material


  191. Ron says:

    All indicators say that the RV has happened and that it will be implemented by the 28th of April which is the last Thursday of the month. Is this intel just another push to get everyone back to the banks. Some dealers have stopped selling Dinars! What is up with that? Are the dealers running out of Dinars? Just can’t keep printing Dinar$$$$$$

  192. sandra fass says:

    im knew to this world …fell head first into rumors ect.. learned a hard lession…now i found you, adam and im more relaxed that you keep us up to date and can follow some one that is truthful and helpful… im just relaxing and letting you guys do the work ..to you all job well done ..go dinar

  193. Benjamin says:

    It seems to me that the surest way to know when the Dinar has RV’d is when DinarTrade,Inc, and other sites that sell Dinar, stop selling at current prices. Am I missing something here?

  194. P. David Hunter says:

    Thanks for all you do Adam. Just stay focussed on the truth and the truth will set us all free to do what we are called to do. Blessings to you my brother. We are praying for you and Iraq.

  195. Ron says:

    Hi Adam, I am a believer of the Dinar and the fact that it will some day RV. However I have a great distaste in my mouth for all the intel that has been coming in at a rapid pace that has no substance. The intel says RV will happen by the last Thursday of the month or by May 1st, well no one has a clue of when this thing will RV and if they did, we would all be very rich. Monday comes and goes and all the people who think they know something have another excuse of why it did not RV and will now predict a new RV date and time. I as well as many other just want the real facts of when and what rate, and there is not one person out there that can provide this information, so for all of you that blog about the RV with false information and hope, stop, because investors do not want to hear the BS anymore, we make decisions based on real facts, no crap written on your coffee break and thrown out there for investors to read!

  196. Ron says:

    Everyone is worried about the RV, I would worry about CBI dropping the zeros off the Dinar, not a nominal shift of the decimal place by three zeros to potentially make the Dinar rate 1.17. I am talking about dropping 3 zeros off a 25,000 bill that would now be worth 25 dollars, however you are not trading your 25,000 dollar bill in for 1000 (25) dollar bills, CBI is now telling you, your 25,000 is worth 25, you are now officially screwed and by the time you ship your Dinar back to your friendly currency dealer, you just lost money on the investment. Is any one concerned about this scenario!!!!

  197. SLT says:

    sure like to hear some new info!
    Out of a job, hoping for RV soon!

  198. Ron says:

    All intel has been quite, there is a reason for this. The intel came to its climax, all the rumours of an RV have been exhausted! What else can people write about it. There are only so many ways you can put a spin on the RV. Well it did not RV and everyone is now asking themselves, now what? My prediction on the RV, it is going to be a long time before we see a return on our money.

  199. Jason says:

    Hey Adam! Have you heard anymore new on the dinar? I have several kids, and I am a single father. I was hoping to get some kind of return soon. I lost my job a couple months ago and I sunk a good portion of my savings in the dinar hoping your great advise would buy me some time and help recover some of the bills from my oldest daughters cancer treatments. I am previous military and have the skills to survive, but without money I am afraid of running out of time and losing everything. All your advise makes sense to me and I feel you have the inside track. Thanks again for your big heart and willingness to help people you don’t even know.

  200. navecoll says:

    Thanks Adam,I have read some much stuff lately, makes my head spin, (oh, wait I’m blonde) anyway, thanks for the great post. I will wait for the ever important e-mail. Thanks.

  201. CuriousJoe says:

    are we going to hear any new info this month?

  202. Eddie says:

    Iraq is not Kuwait, so comparison is not warranted. Progress is slower in Iraq, so I add 3-5 years to my expectations for it, compared to Kuwait. But I remain OPTIMISTIC they will ramp up and do well. Too many interested parties to have it fail.

  203. jessica says:

    I m malaysian , i buying Dinna for one year ,just waiting good news dinna can going up unti one dollar dinna change to one dollar
    Us ,it is possible? TQ

  204. rmsantos6 says:


  205. Henry J. says:

    People, people, don’t invest any funds that you cannot spare because there is a 99% probability that this is one of the biggest scams in a while. Read the archives of post going back to 2003. They are saying the same thing they are saying today. RV soon, blah blah blah. Read a post where person goes to bank, mentions having Dinar, banker calls president and tells person they are going to be rich, we want your business. Like a fool, I decided to go to my bank and mention Dinar. They looked at me like I was crazy. Only one person I talked to had ever even heard of it and the bank V.P., whom I knew remotely just laughed. I hope I’m wrong because I invested into Dinar with money I could spare and not miss. Sure would like to be rich, but not quitting my job yet.

  206. bucktrax says:


    IMF Suggests Stable Iraqi Dinar:

    IMF, International Monetary Fund, IQD, iraqi dinar, Redenomination, revaluation

    A report on Monday by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) suggests that the Iraqi dinar is currently fairly valued at 1170 dinars to the US dollar:

    “The CBI [Central Bank of Iraq] will continue to aim at keeping inflation low, predominantly by maintaining a stable exchange rate. The low level and the relative stability of inflation do not suggest any significant over- or under-valuation of the Iraqi dinar. Also, a stable exchange rate continues to provide a solid anchor for the public’s expectations in an otherwise highly uncertain environment and in an economy with a very low level of financial intermediation.”

  207. make-the-money says:

    the situation on Iraq now is absolutely different from Kuwait. the situayion on kuwait cannot be used as a measurement when talking about IQD RV.when the Gulf war happen, Kuwait were invaded by Iraq led by former leader, the late SH. at that time Iraq brought back KWD to Iraq and replace KWD with IQD. that’s when the KWD value plummet to the bottom. now, the IQD plummet because of the invasion of USA in Iraq.

  208. Sherry says:

    Thanks for the info!

  209. Thank you for your letter to Fred.
    I read your letters to Fred and others, when forwarded to me.

    I would like to be on your mailing list if possible,
    Thank you.

  210. George Kornelsen says:

    Thank you for the info and your best effort to bring the info to massas who really care to hear the truth.

  211. Murf says:

    love all these arm chair proffesionals….. sounded like a plausable investment, but only time will tell…. good luck to all and to all a good night….now sing along with me “were in the money, were in the money”

  212. David From New York says:

    I made this investment because my health has not been so well. I really need this investment to make me whole again. Does any one have any idea with all the chatter and talks will this happen any time soon. I have been waiting so long.
    I have been sick because of Sept 11,2001 and have been really struggling and need this to make a difference in my life for my Wife and my daughter and my self.

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