8-30-11 Dinar News newsletter

This was sent to all members of the site:

This is a special DinarVets newsletter brought
to you by the end of Ramadan. If you’re new to
the site, welcome! If you are not so new, I hope
you took my advice and stepped away from things
this past month… nothing significant or
spectacular happened during Ramadan, as usual.

HOWEVER! That is now officially over and we can
start looking for some big news shortly. Many
signs are pointing to a quick release of Chapter 7
and an even quicker resolve to another big issue
known as HCL (Hydro Carbon Law).

Stay tuned for more news on that. In the meantime,
could you use a laugh?

If so, I have GREAT NEWS!

One of our moderators (popularly known as the
“Pink Piggy”) is giving away free stuff, and you
have a chance to get it! Simply post a joke in
this thread: http://iqd.me/l/pigcontest2

The Joke with the most “+” marks by midnight August
31 wins! Head on over and get a few laughs, and vote
by clicking the “+” marks on your favorite jokes!

One last note – I ran a discount on VIP recently.
It was kind of a pain to process the discount VIP
subscriptions, but the members really appreciated it
and many asked if I would run it again.

I am going to do so but ONLY for a very short time!

Grab a 20% discount on your VIP subscription OR renewal
by clicking the link below and using the code below.

Link: http://iqd.me/l/order
Code: newsletter20


1. I can’t apply this to past orders.

2. This discount is good for ALL VIP upgrades and
renewalls, even the lifetime option!

3. This offer is OVER when we come back from Labor Day
holiday. I expect to be busy with much more important
stuff by then…

… such as, hopefully, working with VIP members on
POST RV investments and cashing in!

So, get some laughs: http://iqd.me/l/pigcontest2

Save some cash:

And I’ll talk to you later, hopefully with real RV news!

Warmest regards,

Adam Montana

P.S. VIP members, I’ll be sending a separate email to
VIPs ONLY this weekend – I’ve got a few things to share.

Keep an eye out!

Read more: http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/81853-83011-newsletter-discount-offered/#ixzz1We1RnRgs

10 Responses to “8-30-11 Dinar News newsletter”

  1. Natalie says:

    I just talked to main Chase bank in Houston. I was told by the bank managager that he was told they will never be allowed to cash in Iraqi dinar!They are banned??????? Can someone please answer as to why this is?He stated he has had several calls on the same questions i asked! once again he said never.

  2. Natalie says:

    Funny there still says 0 comments

  3. Paul says:

    There are zero (0)banks in the state (Hawaii) where I live who say they will be taken Iraqi Dinar. Buying Dinar has turned out to be a bad investment except for the individuals selling/promoting the sale of Dinar.

  4. patrick says:

    I agree with paul… i have been watching this for years now and every post is the same thing… its going to happen soon “but this week i have a special for VIP membership” i don’t think its a scam.. i think it will rv, but at which rate i have no clue and neither do these people… they just want your money and will tell you anything to get it.

  5. Brian says:

    I agree Natalie. I can’t imagine an RV happening where there are substantial gains. They will probably drop the three zeros and a lot of people will lose money and hopefully this country will turn things around where things are manageable. The Iraqi people are not going to bed one night and wake up the next with their money jumping up in value. It’s just not realistic.

  6. Chase says:

    Saw news today that we are lowering troop amount to 3000 in Iraq, could this be an early sign of a complete reversal of Chapter 7?

  7. James says:

    I suspect the job of our soldiers left there if Iran attacks Iraq is to die so that the US can whip up public support for a full scale war with Iran for killing our soldiers. In essence they may be a human shield. Not a pretty job to intentionally sacrifice oneself, but bravely the soldiers are willing to do it.

    I myself would prefer we take all the soldiers out out as soon as possible, perhaps when Iraq has it’s defenses up.

  8. Phillip says:

    I do have 1 more comment about this. It makes sense that Iraq needs to be able to protect itself. On the one hand, I would think that they would wait until they have WMD, or at least a dang good defense of some kind, before they RV. It would not make sence for them to RV and not have a way to defend themselves. So I would think that they would wait. WMD takes time to build. So even after the sanctions are lifted allowing them to defend themselves, they have to them build WMD, their army etc… This could take months or even years.

    But on the other hand, they could revalue. Then they could afford to buy any WMD, or defense they want. Why reinvent the wheel when you can just buy a ready made defense?

    So which scenario is more likely? Dont know. Not my country. Anyone else have any thoughts?

  9. carol bexley says:

    I just can not comprehend this dinar stuff. Can’t anyone see that this has been going on for years and years and has never gone up in value. I have a very important source of info. No such thing happening. How do all these “so called gurus” print info that is false? Please, please. I know you all get paid to do this, but if it were really real, why has it not happened in the years people have been investing?

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