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I’ve been spending a LOT of time in the VIP section and working on a few of my many projects, so I apologize for neglecting this Iraqi Dinar blog… but here I am with an update, and I look forward to your comments below!

Some of what I am about to say is going to upset some people, so I apologize in advance. Then again, I always told you I’m only going to tell you what I really feel, so if you’re looking for “feel good” fluff, perhaps this isn’t the right Dinar site for you.

I’ve been saying for months that Iraq needs to be more “self sufficient” before the RV can happen. In other words, they need the ability to sell oil and operate as a fully functioning business (<—- that is the HCL) and they also need the ability to possess WMDs and the liberty to use them if necessary (<—- that is Chapter 7).

We are on the VERGE of these things happening… but like a chess game, it takes time for the game to settle itself.

Perhaps one of the most important moves to recently be announced is, like it or not, a MAJOR withdrawal of US Troops from Iraq. MAJOR, as in leaving only 3000 US troops.

Three thousand.

Think about this… Iraq is making some great headway, but they are NOT capable of protecting themselves from a full invasion from another country… like Iran.

Iran is sitting right next to Iraq, drooling all over itself. Iran has nuclear weapons and would like nothing more than to own all the oil in Iraq… and we all know that Iraq can’t defend itself without a fully functioning military and the right to use equal force against an invading country like Iran.

If Iran comes in with WMDs, how does Iraq protect itself?

At the moment, it does so with the help of the US, UN, and other occupying forces.

But, what about when the US draws down to only three thousand troops?! Iraq is a sitting duck… unless they are given their toys back.

When I say “toys”, I mean the right to keep the “big guns”. Let me spell it out a little further…

I’m talking about Chapter 7. Currently, almost all of the United Nations Chapter 7 sanctions have been lifted…ALMOST! The few remaining sanctions prohibit Iraq from possessing WMDs, which some would say is good… but it’snot good. It’s not good when there is the very real threat of a neighboring country who DOES have WMDs attacking, killing, and taking control of the country and it’s assets.

This isn’t “happy happy joy” time, friends… this is reality.

If the US draws down to 3000 troops and Iraq does not have sufficient firepower to hold Iran at bay, Iran WILL invade. Millions of Iraqis WILL die. And Iran WILL take over alllllllllll that oil… does ANYONE in the world think that’s a good idea?

I don’t think so.

Guess what, though? Don’t get distracted by the noise, look at the big picture… this is a great chess move. In fact, this is nearing the “end game”, where the UN has NO CHOICE but to release the final restrictions against Iraq… so they can PROTECT themselves.

It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to see how this is playing out. It does, however, take a little patience. Things are moving forward, steadily and surely… our job is simply to be prepared and be patient.

I wish you a wonderful day, a great week, and until next time…


– Adam Montana

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P.P.S. Leave your comments below, I’m interested to hear YOUR take on this development!

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  1. Adam Montana says:

    Oh, and lastly… if you’re not a VIP, you owe it to yourself to find out what VIP offers. Look at this link:

    See you in VIP!

    • Keith says:

      Can you tell me why everyone is so excited about the IQD revalue when alll I here is a redomination or rebase by removing the zeros. If this redominates and they remove the three zeros this will not make us any money. And it it revalues after the redomination the yield would be very low. It appears we will not be getting a windfall return. I hope my understanding is wrong, please let me know your opinion as this is very confusing.


      • Melanie0618 says:

        Keith, I am no expert but I can pass along the explaination I have received from a friend who is optimistic. Perhaps it will help you, and someone can correct me if the information I have received is wrong. My friend said removing the zeros will be the same as when the US stopped printing $1000.00 bills. The bills were still honored at their full value, but were phased out.

        • KJ says:

          that’s wrong Melanie…Once a “NEW” currency is implemented with a complete different structure, look, and monetary value the the best you would be able to do is swap in the old for the new. However, since they are dropping the three zeros from the “currency” not the IQD, you will only get back the “NEW” currency bills. For example, 25,000 dinar will now be 25 dinar. Essentially, you wouldn’t be able to get the value of 25,000 dinar as your comparison with our $1,000 dollar bill. That bill can still be cashed in America because we “haven’t” changed currencies. The only way dinar investors will prosper is if both currencies are allowed to maintain side by side until the old is completely out of circulation. From what Dr. Shabibi and his advisers have said is that they are planning on implanting a structure comparative to Turkey when they lopped their currency and had a decent transition. Even though the IQD is planning on staying the same, as “most” all the CBI advisers have stated (at least for now), then it is highly unlikely they will RV at the same time they introduce the new currency; though it’s still a possibility. It all boils down to what the CBI and “the powers that be” decide when it’s time to implement the new currency. Just another example for you as to your $1000 dollar bill theory. Iraqi people cannot cash in the Suddam Hussein bills because they changed the currency (over time it was no longer usable).

      • John Herbert says:

        You are probably right, that we won’t see 1000/1 returns. If they revalue after the restructuring (raising zeros), we all stand to double or triple our investments; that’s pretty good by today’s standards, but not what most speculators have hoped for. Like always, you’ll have to spend big to get a big return (100’s of millions of dinar).

      • mahmoud says:

        That is right, CBI never said about RV, but shabibi always said “REDENOMINATION” or deleting zeros.

    • peepingtom says:

      i agree with your logic and i just hope the USA has some sort of control as to when all this is really supposed to happen…..3000 troops is like committing suicide for our troops…so I hope our commander in chief relies on his generals for truth…..or do you think this is a political move for Obama to get the left of left back in the fold???
      I would like to see Iraq have WMD so that they can protect themselves…..lots of oil makes people crazy with greed…..I like what Trump had to say WE DESERVE SOME PAYBACK FOR GETTING RID OF SADDAM…..

      • Natalie says:

        just read article on cnn saying that it would also be up to Iraq to determine if they still needed troops!The 3,000 they said was NOT a definite number!!!

    • Josie says:

      I just read on the latest Iraq Dinar that Central Bank of Iraq will be deleting 3 zeros and new denominations will be made. This is currently for signing for final approval. Pls. comment on this and how will this affect the current Iraq dollars we have?

      • Ken says:

        Please submit a link to your article. I have no reason to dis-trust you, but I would sure like to read that for myself.
        Thank you,

    • IF, in capital letters, IF this administration, would leave Iraq w/o Chapter 7, in other words unprotected (and w/o condoms), the oil/gas resources that were once property of Iraq will soon be called Iranian resources.
      It is indeed unfortunate that some political advisers to this administration are the world’s only surviving brain donors.
      PS: Check for VIP “is in the mail”. Honestly!

    • thomas says:

      I agree. I think it would be irresponsible of the u.s. to completely withdraw without making certain Iraq can defend itself against the threat of Iran. They (Iran) have the ability to ruin our investment. Patience is the key in this game. There is much at stake and in order for everyone to reap the benefits of this investment everything has to play out properly and methodically. God Bless and go RV!!!! Thanks for all you do.

    • Melanie0618 says:

      I have been investing in reserves month by month because of all the bad advice out there from those shouting 24-48 hours. I can’t afford to do this any more. I suggest that anyone interested in this investment purchase however much IQD they can afford and just sit on it and wait. I’m kicking myself in the butt because this was my first initial thought when I was introduced to the investment, but the information I was getting seemed so urgent that I went against my better judgment and bought the 30 day contract instead. I have wasted some money, but the lesson is learned. I’m holding a half million and that is good enough for me. I think I will try to acquire a modest amount of Vietnamese Dong as well. I’m ready to hold on to my IQD, relax, and wait.

      • Melanie0618 says:

        PS. and I want to thank Adam Montana for publishing a modest and reasonable interpretation of events that has helped me make better decisions. Thank you!

      • Adam Montana says:

        Melanie, I am sorry to hear you invested on a Reserve plan – I tell EVERYONE that I meet or talk to: don’t do it! Invest what you can afford to lose, and be happy with the gains you didn’t know you could have. Play it like it’s a lottery. :)

    • Philip says:

      First, Iran has been blown up as a big treat by corporate media. There has been 0 proof that either Iran or Iraq has WMD. I am not saying that they pose no threat, but they certainly do not pose the threat we have been told by corp. media dirt. I agree with you about pulling the troops out. But lets pull all of them out and bring them home to defend our borders. Also, the dinar RV is a gamble because it is ultimately controlled by the IMF. which means the Banksters call the shots. I know the official site says the government controls as well, but who controls the government? The Banksters per the IMF……….

    • Ryan E says:

      Ok Folks,

      How many countries has the US left after we’ve invaded? Only one: Grenada. We are never leaving Iraq. This idea is disinformation. We have the largest embassy in the world in Iraq, holding 50,000 people. Who do you think will make up that 50,000? Advisors, contractors, mercenaries, civilians, etc.? What do you think? Consider all the countries we’ve invaded since WWII — Germany, Japan, Korea, Viet Nam, Afghanistan, etc. — we have 1.5 million soldiers stationed in over 5,000 locations around the world. Congressman Kucinich reported that statistic. So, again, I think we are never leaving Iraq despite what the media says. Secondly, who set this whole thing up? Think about it. The RV will occur when they say, not when some puppet functionaries decide it will. Let’s ask the Bush Administration when it will happen.

    • Donnie says:

      Keep on mind the U.S. has carrier groups in the golf of Oman, not even 90 miles from Iran.

    • Joseph McCalib says:

      JUst a quick comment on the possible rate. The Iraq people have NO trust in the dinar. So I believe it must rv at 2.00 or more for the Iraq people to take their money seriously. At even dollar amounts, to keep it simple.

    • Mike says:

      I’m a Newbie. Only been in the Dinar world for 6mons. I understand that the old timers are ready for this RV to happen. I check out Dinar Recaps & the Call Squad regularly. There’s all kinds of info out there. From what I can tell Adams info is just as good & more accurate than anybody Else’s. Adam said after Ramadan & Ramadan is over. It won’t happen till it happens. GO RV.


    • Paul says:


      First off, I joined your site one year ago, but became a VIP member today. That may tell you something about my hesitency to accept opinions, but instead to gather intel and do my best to make sense of it all.

      Regarding your blog, there is a lot of political pressure to bring our troops home. Since Obama has been unable to keep any campaign promises to date, it seems he has latched onto this, likely posturing for re-election campaigns. I only hope that he doesn’t delay the RV to suit his personal political purposes, putting himself before the needs of many Iraqi people and of course those speculators around the world.

      I have mixed feelings about pulling out the troops. I’m sure that we can all agree that Iraq should stand on their own at some point and also that the USA has gone above and beyond to support the rebirth of a nation, with freedom and democracy never before realized. To be honest, I really expected that the USA would set up base camp there permanently as we did in Germany so many years ago. I think that would be a good strategy for protecting Liberty both in the Middle East as well as here at home.


      • Monique says:

        I agree Paul. The US should establish much longer term goals in Iraq with military presence. As for Obama, he is only out for himself and the cronies that assisted him in running for president. He’s proven himself as one who gives ‘lip service’ to get what he wants. Welcome to VIP, you won’t be disappointed.

        • BR549 says:

          Well, I guess we all manage to garner facts enough to support our own belief system, about anything really. This isn’t saying that anyone here is wrong in their thinking about Iran, but I disagree about Iran’s intention to invade Iraq. The tensions between them in the past reminded me of how to get a lobster to come come of his lair; ….. put a lobster of equal size in front of it.

          I never saw Iran as desirous of Iraq’s oil or any other resources, at least not enough to justify such a hatred, however, their cultural differences would certainly be enough to support a lengthy war.

          As far as our troops being over there, those troops are considered expendable sacrificial pawns by those higher political forces that are still convincing naive taxpayers of some trumped up philosophical ideal. As long as those forces can still convince the American people to be willing to pay for it and sacrifice their sons and daughters, it will continue. What we are finding however, is that this is no different than Viet Nam; the lies were the same, the motives were the same, and while someone had stated that we had a presence in every country we had occupied (except Granada), that isn’t isn’t true of Viet Nam. When that war was over, we had no presence in Viet Nam like we had maintained in other countries and it was only much later that we had been allowed to somewhat normalize relations with them.

          My concern would not be about Iran barging in to fill the void, but China.

    • Michael Ely says:

      I agree and hope they do the right thing,aslong as Obama don’t screwit up! LOL. I don’t much like the redomination but what can youdo.

    • Ronald "Ron" SK Mitchell says:

      —–Original Message—–

      To Whom It May Concern…Please during you busy schedule could you inform me as to when the foreign currency, Iraq Dinar shows a posted re-valuation rate in your bank and what’s it’s conversion rate to US Dollars.

      Thank You for your time and effort in this matter,

      GOD RICHLY BLESS You & Your Entire Family…

      This is from BOA in Florida.

      Dear Ronald SK Mitchell:

      Thank you for contacting Bank of America Foreign Exchange.

      Bank of America does not exchange Iraqi Dinars.
      There are no plans to offer consumer exchange services in Iraqi currency.


      Bank of America Foreign Currency

    • Avona says:

      I think we need to pray for Iraq – peace and prosperity. After all, their peace and prosperity is ours as well. I know many of us are christians so let us remember them when we pray. Oh, and pray for patience Lord…and give it to us now!!LOL!

    • TIM ELLIOTT says:

      i got involved looking at the dinar-rv thing thru a friend that purchased some dinar.

      i dont believe there will ever be a rv period.

      it makes no sense

    • jovanryne says:

      Dear Adam, what struck me when reading your post is that you never once mention the fact that the spiritual Hierarchy and the members of the Galactic Federation of the Light will prevent any more weapons of mass destruction to be used on this planet …. so why worry? The Divine Plan will come to pass and no Iranian (or any other person for that matter) can stop what has been decreed from the Higher Realms … Peace! Jonathan

    • Ronald "Ron" SK Mitchell says:

      Question???…Allegedly CBI has something like 38 Billion US Dollars in the bank, given the number of people out there with Iraq Dinar ready to cash in when it RV’s, even at a 1 to 1 ratio, do you think there would be enough money to cover?

      • KJ says:

        that’s funny because the US treasury supposedly holds anywhere from 3-6 trillion Iraqi dinar…lol That should tell people something!

    • jeanie says:

      Adam, I think that everything you’ve said makes perfect sense. I agree

      that we all just need to be patient. Thanks Jeanie

  2. Tony says:

    This is of course is just your opinion, right.

  3. nicole says:

    Thank you so much for being honest and so informative. Much love to you and yours:-)

  4. jgreene says:

    extremely stupid move to pull out troops from Iraq now…we should be pulling troops out of Europe and building military compounds in Iraq to protect our (US) investment….but what else has Obama done that has made any sense???

      • Danielle says:

        Strongly agree

      • Dennis says:

        Absolutely agree with you!

        • Cathy says:

          Think of the 3000 U.S. Troops that will be left behind. I think they are going to be in GREAT danger – far more than they are in now! Pull out ALL or leave a large enough number of troops to truely impact the security.

          Obama is an IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!

          • brjohans says:

            Agreed, obama is an idiot!!!

          • Melanie0618 says:

            Obama acts without serving the interests of real people. He might not be an idiot, but he is a dangerous lunatic, and I hope the American people will have enough sense to oust him and elect someone independently who will serve the people. The Republican/Democrat paradigm projects an illusion of choice, but politicians on both sides are serving corporate America. Pass this information on and urge people to look for more independent candidates to support. If enough of us act, we will have our way.

          • ME says:

            It’s not Obama’s choice, he doesn’t run anything. stop hating on the first black president. i thought times have changed guess they haven’t.

          • Deni says:

            To ME: Why oh why does that race card always have to be thrown around? Usually a person that sits back and learns, I am simply tired of that rhetoric. President Obama is President Obama…it doesn’t matter if he is the first purple polka-dotted president. Last I checked he was black AND white!

            Let’s just judge on campaign promises….are they met or not met? How about we have a Congress and Senate that is not conducive to getting much of anything done. On the other hand, President Obama seems to appear as a spender with no way of paying. Just my opinion….Sheesh.

          • TwMc says:

            Your opinion is just that your opinion. To call the President(by the way his is yours’ too)an idiot is somewhat idiotic of you. When he took office this country was no better off and you(probably republican or just racist) wanted change from the mess George Bush had made of this Country with his Weapons Of Mass Destructions, fighting a war in Iraq for the oil instead of taking care of Bin Laden in a totally different country. Leaving America to fight in two wars we could not afford to be in sending our young men to die on foriegn soil. President Obama has had to spend most of his time in office trying to clean that mess up. The dissalution of the middle class, the increase of taxes on the poor, while the rich use loopholes. Families being torn apart because of war, finances, job loss, exporting jobs, talking to people in Peru about problems at a store in Calif. These were all dropped on President Obama and I think the Republican threw Sara Palin and Cain out there because they knew even you would not elect them. So they had no answer for the mess they created and threw up their hands to blame it on whom ever Democrats ran for office. Forgive me for this rant, but I’m tired of people blaming instead of supporting OUR PRESIDENT AND I MEAN OUR PRESIDENT.

          • KJ says:

            ME: No one is hating the “mixed” president. Millions of people in this country voted him…well, supposedly. I personally believe he is simply a puppet for the “powers that be” who control the entire world’s movements. He does spend quite a good bit of his time on vacation! lol Hence, why the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. Essentially, it mirrors history such as 2k years ago, around Jesus’s time, when the Roman revolt ousted the Jews in 70 ad. It’s all about Power and Control now matter how one spins it. Not race, not agenda, and not even politics. It’s simply about the Power/Control of the entire World. FACT!!!

      • Adam:
        I renewed my VIP subscription in August, 2011. However, I cannot seem to get on the VIP site. Can you check into this.
        Thank You.
        Doloras Smith

    • Vic says:

      …..There is an odd ball in Iraq, the imam call SADR and he is already having his followers kill any Americans they see…..He has further threatened that, if the US don’t get out of Iraq on the day they promised, he has promised more bloodshed to Americans…..This guy should have been assassinated a long time ago…..So, the US has to weigh what to do and what was promised we would do so no American blood is shed. It is a tough decision……..

  5. Ibrahim says:

    In my opinion, Iraq need to really be independent and free from “o” .before implementing the RV.
    They have to accomplish all outstanding matter such as HCL,outstanding matter with Kuwait,member of WTO,etc….till everything settled, RV is only rumors….
    They have to also ensure stability of economy and resolve inflation issue soonest possible…..
    The “o” approval is still indirectly required….
    To investor, we can only hope everything settled and RV soon….

    • tport says:

      Your response is strictly your opinion. There is no direct basis in fact. I’m sure you will not be able to verify most of your comments with any article or link, especially the “o” comment. This also goes for AM’s comments. He is doing his usual “now what can possibly delay the RV at this point” analysis and giving us all the potential delay scenerios. That’s OK, but I don’t like reading negative fiction any more (actually less) than positive fiction. I find this type of newsletter a total waste of everyone’s time. Just my opinion and its as worthless as anyone elses who have no direct facts on the subject.

      • Mike says:

        If your down on AM and his comments then why are you here? I’m sure you have other places you would be much happier with. Or is this your way of getting attention. SAVE US FROM THE STUPIDITY. Remember that AM. Now you know who I am.

      • KJ says:

        tport….I’m supporting Ibrahim post. There’s nothing to “back up” because there is nothing stating an RV! Idiot…

  6. Phillip says:

    Your thought process makes total sense to me. Why would Iraq want to revalue before these restrictions are lifted? They wouldn’t! If they revalued before they could defend themselves, Iran or anyone else that had the ability to do so, would come in and take their newly revalued money and their oil. No country in their right mind would be that dumb. They must be able to defend all that new found wealth.

    • tport says:

      Your comment is absolutely ridiculus! This “deletion of the OOO’s” is being mandated by the CBI for control of the fragile economy in Iraq. Iraq needs investment deparately and will not get it without a fully functioning financial sector which includes a fully international currency. Iran doesn’t need to “invade” Iraq in order to partner up with them and reap some of the benefits of their new economy. Iran would be “spanked” so hard by the world of nations that they would be the next country needing to come back from near total destruction. You need to stop following and lead with your own mind to conclusions that make sense to the rest of the dinar-investing world.

  7. Rockitned says:

    Adam, I am happy that you appear to be attempting to be more transparent because you have no more credibility than Okie Oil Man… I cannot even confidently tell anyone about this investment because no one seems sincere and the intel is just stupid and comes off as a bunch of lies. It will take a while before anybody believes anything you have to say. I see your website as entertainment only, like junk mail, junk tv, a dummas reality show. I hope this gives you a clue that people don’t like being toyed with and you should do yourself a favor and just list all your crap as shit you don’t believe!!!

    • blux says:

      What has Adam Honestly ever said to take away his credibility? If you don’t like him, then why are you subscribed to his email, or even on the site?
      Okie has no street cred, but he’s another story..
      Adam on the other hand puts together the best information possible for andyone whether they are VIP or not…You must not like him because he’s not spilling dates and rates every week for someone like you to run out and buy more Dinar..
      Look, if you did the homework, you would see everything he says is right or close as compared to my own opinions..
      So why don’t you scoot along to OKIES website and leave all the serious investors encouraged.
      Thanks Adam


    • Dinar Lady says:

      If you do not like what Adam and Okie have to say WHY are you on

      calls and websites? We are all tired of your NEGATIVITY!!!!

      • Bumper64 says:

        I agree

      • rbyrd says:

        Adam must have said something that sparked an interest in what he had to say, or you would not have been on here reading. I for one truely appreciate Adam and what he does for all members. If it wasn’t for him taking the time to learn all the information and then giving it to us, none of us would probably know what to do next. So, if you don’t like what he has to say, go find you someone that is going to tell you, what you want to hear, and shut up on this site. We don’t need you.
        Thanks for everything you do Adam!

    • BadCobra says:

      Seriously? Not intending to pick a fight, honest, but…

      I don’t know Adam except through DV. Never met the man. However, that you transpose the “intel” spewed by the likes of Okie, onto the character of Adam might speak volumes about your own character/intelligence and ability to weed logic and truth from satire and lunacy. I don’t tell others about this investment either, but I don’t blame Adam (or DV) for that course of action; this investment is HIGHLY speculative, high-risk/high potential reward, and many would think me crazy or get involved with too much and I’d lose friendships over this deal. It is a long haul, pure and simple, and NOBODY knows what’s going to happen. So, for those interested, we come together and “speculate”, and some outright lie and deceive–it’s up to you to tell the difference.

      In the 3+ years I have been in this investment, and most of that time participated on DV, I have never heard Adam:
      1) Utter any date or rate for an RV/RI/RD (other than answer flurries of questions and give his speculative thoughts, but NEVER any solid so-called rate/date)
      2) Say anything without making it abundantly clear it was his opinion and his assessment of this speculative investment, though based on vigorous research and investment of time and resources
      3) Say anything which any person of sound mind would consider to be unprofessional, rude, illegitimate, or un-credible.

      That Adam ALLOWS for a rumor section should not be confused with him supporting and condoning those behaviors which are obviously less than transparent and honest,…

      Just saying,…

      • Adam Montana says:

        thanks BadCobra, I was just reflecting on how many times I’ve seen you comment… it shows that some do pay attention! (and some just form conclusions, I guess 😀 )

      • Trish says:

        Well said!

      • Randy says:

        3+ years…hmmm. still a rookie. I’ve been at this Dinar thing since ’03. I’ve sat back, watched and listen to everyone make their own speculation as to when they would hit. It seems to me that Adam gets everyone hyped up on “what’s going to happen next” when in fact it’s his own speculation. What I HAVE seen is how Adam tries extensively to get you to buy his book and join the “VIP” membership. All to his own financial gain at yours and my expense. He’s making money no matter what happens to the Dinars. The Dinars will hit but it’s going to take years. Where Adam gets his info is beyond me. To be able to enter Iraq you need a visa and a reason/sponsor to get the visa. I’m certain that they don’t allow anyone other than Iraqis in on their meetings. All this talk about the military and Iran has been out there for over 2 years now with the SOFA agreement which is made public and can be found on the internet where, as far as I’m concerned, is where Adam gets hisso called ‘inside information”. The bottom line is this…don’t believe what someone says about the Dinars when their story changes week to week. Oh yes, one other thing…be sure to sign up for the next “VIP” so that you too will get the latest updates before the Iraqis do.

        • Adam Montana says:

          Randy, I never claimed to have inside information… where are you getting YOUR information? LOL! I’m certain you have better things to do than surf the web complaining about book sales, please go away. :)

  8. Aaron says:

    Great post I can hold out until this investment forever if need be not worried at all. Thanks, Adam for the information

    • Donald J says:

      I keep up with the current news, and can wait until this pays off. I sit quietly just watching Forex, and keeping informed on other Global activities.
      There are many Pumpers and Bashers out there, so comical. I appreciate Adams emails.
      Thank you,
      4-2 Kittys

  9. RVLADY says:

    What is a rocket surgeon?

  10. Matt Johnson says:


    If a country like Iran were to invade Iraq (Heaven forbid…), what do you hypothesize the result for the Iraqi Dinar would be, would it cease to exist as a valid currency? Or do you believe Iran would convert the dinars over somehow (this is assuming that there would be Iraqi survivors with dinars that they’d be wanting to use if possible)…

    • EDM says:

      What if Iraq gets invaded by Aliens… Geez gimme a break, no way in zeus’s butthole does Iran invade Iraq regardless of the US presence in Iraq.. Come on people can’t you think for yourself.. I have been invested in this for a very long time as I was a part of the initial invasion into Iraq by US forces and have done five combat tours there. In that time, every month or so there is constantly someone preaching “here it is this is the week” in fact I remember last year AM saying he was positive it would be then.. Hopefully it does hit, lets all hope.. Truthfully though I have been in this investment long enough to know that this week is no different than all the rest where everyone was freaking out.. Oh and Adam come on dude, this investment is waiting on Iraq’s right to own WMD’s.. give me a break, you really must be hard pressed to come up with BS these days.. No way is Iraq ever allowed to own WMD’s.. Ridiculous.. After comments like that and seeing how people jump on your band wagon with the oh your so smart and right crap really just goes to show how many people really are just sheep… Semper Fidelis

      • Ken says:

        What about WMD,s? Does that have to be Nuke’s? Does it have to be mustard gas. Why can’t it be a fully functioning army, navy and, air force. I tend to agree that the UN will not overtly give Iraq a green light for nuclear or chemical weapons, but surely we must allow them to have some serious fire power when they become a fully functioning government again.
        What say you all about the WMD thing?

      • hulahottie says:

        I agree that Iran will NEVER do anything in IRAQ, least of all with nuclear weapons. Come on; give it some thought…. there you go get that grey matter firing. Hmmmm, you say…. if they nuke the hell out of Iraq the whole darn place is uninhabitable for thousands of years and there goes all the “oil profits” out the freaking window! The Muslims might react on culture and instinct to protect their families and procure more land and resources, but stupid they are not. That is a job for the sheeple of America… how ’bout another super size soda to help you swallow how apethetic and pathetic the Wal – Martians of AMerica are. Goes down smooth don’t it, just like Fox News!

  11. Chick Williams says:

    All that has been said is common knowledge…think about the economic realization of Iraq…there has been so much loss of lives by both side and if you think the US, China, Russia and the like would be stupid enough to allow or even tolerate a toilet bowl Iran to invade Iraq without a massive war…your not thinking straight…look 3,000 troops…keep it real…how about 30k …maybe not boots but CIA…Ops..etc…once this cheap suit is out of our WH then the world will have respect for our ability to wipe Iran ass with a few laser bombs right up their ass…too much money behind this war of 7 + years…stability is their, we are so close…more crime in DC and Detroit. Phila etc than all of Iraq…give me a break and start a positive approach…even if you have some bad news,,keep us positive..or get out of the game…we live on dreams..Montanan

  12. TonyDownTheShore says:

    I hope our troops stay till Iraq can protect themselves.

    I read that the pull out of the troops is not true

    I read it on msn news

  13. Vince says:

    Im willing to pay my fair share of taxs and everyone else should also. This would help our econemy and it really wouldnt hurt anyone if the have there ducks in a row. ?

  14. Marek says:

    Hi Adam,

    I could not agree more with your assessment if the US withdraws troops. I suspect that if the RV does not occur before that then it will never occur.
    On the other hand what is to prevent other nations, like Russia or China, to step in militarily? I know they are happy to do business with Iran but it wouldn’t hurt them to play Iraq off against Iran and show the world what great humanitarians they are!

  15. kenred says:

    Adam, What effect does the world’s deteriorating economy, especially in America, have on the dinar? If in 2012, after the scoundrels are cleared out of Washington, the U.S. economy begins to return to what it is capable of will this action greatly affect the Iraqi dinar?

  16. Doctor K says:

    Good honest information Adam.

  17. Cheryl says:

    I have found you to be right on on most of your intel. Thank you and always respect your opinion.

  18. Dr Jean says:

    I agree with much of what you say. All the Gurus out there are saying tomorrow, next week, etc.

    Cannot see it happening while still under Chap. 7. some folks do not do their homework and just follow the goats like a flock of sheep.

  19. Sandy says:

    Either Iraq is a fully functioning country, able to defend itself and do business with other countries, or it is not. We can’t have it both ways. It was Saddam Hussein we didn’t trust, not the Iraqi people. The Iraqi people have stepped forward and are trying to become an autonomous country again. Lets not tie their hands behind their backs.

  20. Natalie says:

    Thanks for the updates Adam :) Excited to watch it all unfold!

  21. Rick says:

    Thanks Adam. All seems to make sense, seems like they are trying to get to that point, except a couple of the key players can’t seem to get on the same page or even in the same section of the library! And more importantly good luck tom your Packers tomorrow night!

  22. Richard Breveglieri says:

    Dear Br. Adam ..why should we get mad at each other over the Dinar? You and I flip the coin but the Lord is the one who makes the decision..Proverbs WE have no power or might but our eyes are on Him…As to date He has silenced all prophetic words on the revaluation…not one brother left that knows when and how much…We all desire to know the mind of God but we also know that none can be trusted with deep revelation but to use it to their own benifit..Our hearts are evil and desperately wicked above all else until that day…Jer. …Truly Jesus brought us the good news and not anything else Bro . Richard

  23. Syed Ali says:

    Iraq attacked Iran when he was not a match to Iranian fire power, (US, Saudis, Kuwaitis and Gulf States supported the war).
    If Iran attacks that will be one excuse the world will be waiting for to attack Iran, including Israel.
    US 3000 soldiers are enough as biggest base is in Qatar and Naval base in Bahrain covers the whole Gulf region.
    Let President fix the house, charity starts from the house, stop aiding to those who can live without our aid and fix our financial problems.
    As far as Iraqi Dinars, I have big investment there, but I think there will be hardly any return, feel lucky if you can get your money back.
    Iraqis (as I thought will come out with new currency) rate will match with the old rates and for short time, in which period if you cashed in you will be able to get your money back, otherwise 100% loss.

  24. David says:

    I have been very excited about this investment latley with all of the intel coming out. However I am concerned that what I hear the CBI saying is that they will RD instead of RV. This concerns me because after doing extensive research these two things are very different. The CBI never stated they would RV. They keep saying they will RD, therefore dropping the three zeroes from the 25K denom making it 25 instead. How is it that these two events keep getting tangled together like they are the same when in fact they are not. I think people are getting this confused causing a frenzy among the masses, so to speak. When they RD based on past RD’s from other countries around them, like Turkey, the 25k denom at some point in time will become worthless unless exchanged for the new denom that will take its place. I just think the event that is taking place at the moment is an RD not an RV and I think its our responsibility to make sure we inform the people these are two seperate events. Thank you.

  25. CaptSpiffy says:

    A Rocket Surgeon??? He’s the guy who superglues the
    wings back on after your rocket hit the ground.

  26. Juggernaut says:

    Sir Adam,
    i dont think thats is not going to be the way thing go,I do like the way you think.Whats going to happen is we will have around 6000 boots on the ground.And yes we need to move off some of the camps that have air movement so the Iraq can move by air.this will help them in every way.I think Dec will be good time for all with or with out dinars.

  27. 4Horsn2 says:

    Thanks for the info, and yes, it makes since. Steady as she goes…heres hoping that someday, we will all be a little better off.

    Semper Fi!

  28. Richard Breveglieri says:

    Do I understand that mild word of God’s thuth has to be modified to suite and please man ? RCB

  29. Adam i don’t really know what to say but this I always remain the same, There is always a risk in everything we do in this life, But I would not miss this one. Think about this people out there , If this thing go’s, you will be set for a wile. I still have a job for now “.PS” Adam what you do with this Is a good thing.

  30. Elizabeth says:

    I totally agree that Iraq will be a sitting duck. All those countries know is how we can get richer . Easiest way knock over a unprotected country.

  31. Jerry says:

    I think ur rite on Adam, I dont like the possable out come of the troops being pulled back as that in a way was our protection on the investment. But so be it. Am looking for an end to this thing also. Keep up the good work and know ur no doubt getting tired of all this also. So lets hope for the best and just get on with life and wait to see the out come. Will be looking for more news later and hope its good news, Take care Adam

  32. Carmen says:

    I respect your opinion and the information that you have given. I trully believe that Iran would immediately invade Iraq if it is given the chance. We have to make sure that this does not happen and leaving such a small amount of troops, will leave this country unprotected. Iraq has to get itself ready before they can become a self sufficient country and it will take them a long time before they are completely capable of doing this. All we have to do is be patient, because if we have been waiting this long for an RV, a little longer is not going to harm us. Thank you for your opinion and letting us know what we have to look for.

  33. Vince says:

    Thank you for the information.
    I was thinking that our collection time could be soon, but apparently another large stone blocking the road.
    It’s sad but real. The troops are coming home, and a complete country is going to be exposed to a strong neighbor which must likely won’t hesitate to overpower and take advantage of the circumstances.
    I feel that I better ready myself for the possible worst scenario with my little investment.
    Thank you one more time.

  34. Spud says:

    Two things.
    1st- I have seen reports that the US government denise the reports of the troop withdraw leaving 3000 of them in Iraq.

    2nd- If Iran does invade Iraq, would this not be an exuse for the US to go too war with Iran? Many have speculated that the US has it sights set on Iran. We do currently have Iran surround by our millitary forces. Take a look at the map. Notice where Iraq and Afagnistan are in relation to Iran. When those troops leave Iraq, I doubt the will all just come home.

  35. Robert says:

    My opinion is that although it is good to look at things logically and with common sense, this event has so much going on behind the scenes that may not be logical or common sense. There is a lot we don’t know and you cant fill in the blanks with logic or common sense because there is a lot of intent behind this based in greed, pride, ego which are the antithesis of logic and common sense.

  36. delta22 says:

    Yes I agree with your assesment,but I also suspect a feint. With all the Arab finance ministers meeting in Dubai I recall Iraq being the GCC’s fairhaired boy fighting the persians in the 80’s.They all supported Sadamm with money. Well I can see a possible sucker move in the US withdrawind and letting Iran make the mistake of rolling across the border. We arn’t but an hour away so if called upon we could be there to administer the spanking Iran is begging for. Just a thought.

  37. storehouse says:

    My feelings are mutual.

    Adam you should give members a word picture of “a country is like a corporation.” Iraq is like a business that is in chapter 11 not 7!

    The USA is going to be a chapter 7! because of its gross oversize and top heavy officers (congress,admin,government employees) are taking the booty; “investors-tax payers! like Enron…

  38. Eva Gairabetoff says:

    Does Dinar Banker have their certificates to operate in Illinois yet?

  39. Paitin says:

    Hi Adam,

    You theory seems plausible. Although, we don’t have many facts to base any projections on. It seems to me that much of what is posted (not by you) is garbled and translated poorly. Lots of hopefulness, wishfulness, and yes pumping but it is hard to weed out truth.

    As far as the troops, my son works for a company that contracts out the instruction for the repair of military equipment and he’s been informed that the target date for major withdrawal is 2014. As in most things, we should follow the money. And they have a full load of contracts.

    Now that being said, they will ALWAYS be doing work internationally.

  40. bob says:

    if you study the book of revelation you will know that Babylon (iraq) becomes a global financial giant. for that to happen the dinar has to rv and all sanctions have to be lifted. it’s coming

  41. DEO says:

    If only everyone would think like you Adam,we might be OK , but only GOD has the power to do whats right . REMEMBER HE”S IN CONTROLE

  42. Adam I want to tell everyone Iraq Does need to protect themself’

  43. Dandee says:

    when I was a child, it wasn’t the actual “present”….. it was the anticipation of the holiday itself. It was the getting up early or maybe not sleeping much at all.

    There has been more traffic on the web since November than the prior 6 years combined. For a while I had my dinar in my reading room with other “out of country” bills I’d accumulated. There was a point when they came off the wall and went into my safety deposit box.

    We hear “today”. Then we hear “tomorrow for sure”. Then we hear “next Tuesday, no Thursday, no wait, Monday”.

    SOMEDAY, SOMEONE will be right. Doesn’t matter who.

    But isn’t the ride fun? :o)

    Cashing out isn’t difficult. I’ve done it with out of country pay checks for 9 years. I was charged a flat fee at my bank. I’ve verified that is what will happen again. You get a paper receipt – because there isn’t anything to actually credit to your account (so I’d suggest you have the BANK make copies of your bills and you can each initial them). The Brinks truck picks them up, they go to the Treasury bldg and from that point it becomes an electronic transaction. The Fed’s then wire the credit to my bank and they credit my account and call me to say the funds have been posted. They’ll offer to mail my receipt but I’m guessing I’ll break the speed of light record getting there to pick it up and have my funds wired out to my investments. Simple as that……

    IF you have your investments lined up prior and your financial planner person knows exactly what you want done with your money.

    Ta daaaaa

    I’m a sittin
    and I’m a waitin!!

  44. Juggernaut says:

    Thank you so much for letting me be honest with you all.dont hold anything over me.Someone told me that the dinar was coming out in Dec,some one from the DC area told me it was so lets just keep your hands on your head for now.Old Friends are Gold! New friends are diamonds! If you get a diamond, don’t forget the gold! Because to hold a diamond you always need a base of gold and just remember Prayer is not a “spare wheel” that you pull out when in trouble, but it is a “steering wheel” that directs the right path.
    So why is a car’s WINDSHIELD so large and the Rear view Mirror so small? Because our PAST is not as important as our FUTURE. So look Ahead and Move on.
    Friendship is like a BOOK. It takes a few seconds to burn, but it takes years to write.
    All things in life are temporary. If going well, enjoy it, it will not last forever. If going wrong, don’t worry, it can’t last long either. Praise the LORD life with Jesus is everlasting.Often when we lose hope and think this is the end, the LORD smiles from above and says, “relax, its just a bend, not the end”!
    When the LORD solves your problems, you have faith in HIS abilities; when the LORD doesn’t solve your problems HE has faith in your abilities.
    A blind person asked St. Anthony: “ Can there be anything worse than losing eye sight? He replied: “Yes, losing your vision!”
    When you pray for others, God listens to you and blesses them, and sometimes, when you are safe and happy, remember that someone has prayed for you.
    WORRYING does not take away tomorrow’s troubles, IT TAKES AWAY TODAY’S Peace!

  45. T Kelly says:

    I agree, very concise and accurate. I take every thing as it comes. The only Iraqi that I follow is Dr. Shabbibi. He has his people’s best interests at the forefront. Follow his words and actions. Thank you for all you do.
    Tom Kelly

  46. Don says:

    I agree with everything you have said. I would hope that the UN can see the same scenario you have described and would be willing to release them from Chapter 7. I think this would encourage the RV. Also, with the article recently from the Iraqi Government telling the US to send them their fighter jets, they to must be thinking about protecting themselves.
    With all the great articles coming out from the CBI and Dr. Shabibi being in London to day to share with the world about the wealth and riches of Iraq, we have to be very close to an RV.

    Thanks for your support,

  47. PF says:

    This is the sort of realistic assessments that need to accompany an investment of this kind. It’s well grounded.

    Fact is, lots of get-rich-quick fools are in this hoping they’ll have hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars next month.

    I NEVER saw this as that sort of investment. I’m happy to see such people disappearing and their silly ideas no longer being offered.

    The truth is, Iraq is a very long way from true well-rounded independence. Its currency is part of that. The only people who should participate or stay in this investment are those who can wait and not worry if they’re not millionaires next spring. Such things just do not happen.

    So thanks for a realistic assessment. If it makes anyone mad, it’s probably someone who’s upset they didn’t get rich last summer.

  48. ctoddy says:

    I don’t agree on the WMD. The goal of the UN is that MOST countries aren’t able to have them. Think about it, the only reason Iran has them is because they are not following the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Other than Nuclear the only other real WMDs are chemical weapons which are “outlawed” anyway.

    So bottom line, even if they remove the final sanctions, Iraq will still not have WMD.

  49. Man_Kind says:

    Down sizing to 3000 troops, very bad idea ! Let’s just hope Chpt. 7 does get lifted so Iraq can put fighters in the air and big guns on the ground. Last thing we need is a Ringo Starr look-a-like scum bag invading Iraq after all the sacrifices our Troops have made.
    Thanks for the update Adam !

  50. Barry Evans says:

    One thing you failed to mention is that this threat will be with Iraq whether they RV or not. They can’t let Iran interfere with their commerce and they will live with this threat for years to come. The more commerce they bring the more there will be interested parties that will want to protect it. No, they need to be on an even keel with the rest of the countries and act as a country with a future or there will be no future.

    Iraq has accumilated an immense amount of contracts, ready to put people from foriegn lands to work and letting Iran dictate things will allow Iran their way without firing a shot.

    Put these contracts in effect and you will see a change in attitude from people that want to leave.

  51. Anotherinvestor says:

    Just a question, if usa pull out of iraq and give Sanction for WMD’s, then whats stopping Iraq scrapping the current currency and making some new currency of there own. After all thats what happened when saddam fell. ??

  52. Gayla says:

    I really want this RV. I really need this RV but not at the cost of the whole world going to pot. I will continue to be patient and pray for God’s will. What else are we going to do? In the mean time I will gather information and make decissions that are in the best interest of me and my family. I appreciate the information that is offered to me. I can decide for myself what is crap or not.

    • tport says:

      “…the whole world going to pot.” What in the world could this possibly mean? As I read what you stated, If this dinar RVs to early before everything that Adam mentions, the whole world will go to pot. Is that correct? You need to stop drinking the Kool-Aid and start thinking like a true investor. Let me give you an example: The USA is so broke right now and we should be going to “pot”. Iraq is debt-free (basically speaking for a country) and has $58 billion in their currency reserves. They have a functioning govt and all the possible advice that can be offered by nations of the world. By improving the economy continously every day and making it stronger, the foundation for a better future for the Iraqi people is being laid daily. So where do you get the idea that if this RVs in the very near future (which Shabibi said he would do in the first part of May 2011) that it would “cost the whole world to go to pot.” The more I read, the more unbelievable the AM love-fest comments get. Note must assurdly that I have nothing against AM. I think he has done a heck of a job with this investment, but I just cannot agree with comments that don’t make any economic sense.

  53. Herman says:

    Thank you Adam for the update. I had a bad feeling you were going to deliver us this news. You’re not the only one that is stating that. I’ve done some research almost a few weeks ago & yes, Iraq does have to defend itself as a country & the way to do that is for the US troops to leave Iraq, but before they do many things need to fall into place. The down side is, I don’t think there’s a date in site on when that will happen.

    Yes, the news is both good & bad, & yes we need to have patience, but also we must be positive. Soon we’ll see a lot of good this will come, for all of us.

  54. Shawn says:

    I think he means Rocket Skientist. I think pulling troops is stupid as we have rarely if ever done this in countries we have helped. Strategically it’s not smart but then we don’t know what is really transpiriing.The shelling of Iraqi borders by Iran and Turkey???? How many troops will be replaced with “contractors” etc. I think we will have a presence in Iraq and hopefully this stupid adminstration we have in Washington won’t give up the farm for the thousands of Amercian families who have sacrificed so much to help others. Go Freedom, Go RV, Thank you Adam for providing your services to us all!

    • Adam Montana says:

      No, I actually meant “rocket surgeon”. Sometimes I find it entertaining to see who is actually paying attention.

      And to be honest, a rocket surgeon would have to be pretty smart… so my point remains the same lol!

  55. monica says:

    Once HCl is in place and Ch7 has been lifted then and only then, in my opinion, will anything move forward. Let’s just hope this happens sooner than later.

    • tport says:

      I agree with the HCL comment. Even Ali from Dinar Trade (remember him?) said several that when you the passage of the HCL law, you will then see the RV. But, I don’t agree with Chapter 7. There is a camp of investors that believe that Iraq needs to RV prior to complete removal from Chapter 7. This would allow “The Plan” to reach “the end”, which would be completed after the RV then full removal from Chapter 7. With the other way around, the UN would have no control over the required chain of events for the completion of “The Plan”, which, by the way, is what you have invested in. Know your investment.

  56. Rich says:

    Listen folks all thats going to happen is lop 3 zeros off and thats it. Do you really think its going to revalue even 10 cents on the dinar? NOT. Otherwise the Iraq’s would be hoarding their dinars. It would mean all Iraq’s are millionares over night. I sold my dinars and bought silver, much better investment.

    • David says:

      Rich….I agree. This is an RD situation. Not an RV situation. Not one time has the CBI stated they will re-evaluate thier currency. They have said they will re-denominate their currency by loping off the 3 zeros. I think people are mis informed. These are two seperate occurances all together.

      • Adam Montana says:

        Why would they announce the intention to RV, unless they WANT to lose money? Maybe they will, maybe they won’t… but they definitely won’t “announce” it! They would be foolish to. Thanks for the comment. :)

        • David says:

          Okay……but we cannot assume that just because they don’t announce it that it is some how tied to RD because its not.

        • tport says:

          This entire commentary is spoken like “True Dinar Vet-arians”! None of it makes any financial sense at all! Without your own group, I’m not sure who you would entertain? Unbelievable!

    • Danny S says:

      Lol! Excellent choice patience.
      You are going to be so happy when you find out that you were wrong.

      Fact is, investing is not for ANYONE with a weak spirit, or stomach.
      Don’t worry, Obama will take care of you.

  57. BadCobra says:

    Hi Adam-

    Thanks for keeping it real–that is why I stay with DV! I enjoy the humor and frivolity of the Rumors section like most, but you have bona-fide news and real, down-to-earth honest opinion on the site as well. Keep it up!

    Regarding this blog, I couldn’t agree more. You nailed exactly what has been bothering me since I heard the announcement of our “planned” drawdown. I only hope that this little chess match works out well for the Iraqi’s best interest, and not for Iran!

    Anyone who does not understand or believe in the very real threat posed by Iran is burying their head in the sand. Iraq must be allowed to protect itself, and the United States along with a few dozen other countries which have invested so much blood and treasure, should be prepared to come to Iraq’s aid if an when it becomes necessary–historically most nations do not honor generosity and kindness but see that as weakness to be exploited, and that is certainly true of ME nations. Being nice to Iran has gotten nowhere good for anyone; they will only understand and respect strength. It is astounding to me that once again our president is disregarding the sound advice of his top military leaders, but again, maybe that is part of the “plan” and chess game?

  58. wealthbytrade says:

    The Kurds are the only ones that want the US to stay past 2011, and rightfully so! They’re the ones still getting bombed! Initially this news was upsetting. However, it forces the hand of the GOI and the UN. Iran WILL NOT be allowed to invade.

    Regarding Chapter 7: it’s the line of demarcation between Iraq and Kuwait, and the return of the Kuwaiti dead and their artifacts. I just read an article that was published back in April that stated that a line of demarcation was determined and agreed upon between the 2 countries and that Iraq had made attempts to send back what they had of Kuwait’s. So if this is true, what’s the hold up?

    • Adam Montana says:

      wealthybytrade, Chapter 7 was originally implemented to “tie the hands” of the entire country – parts of the sanctions require Iraq to repay the country of Kuwait for crimes against humanity, and parts restrict Iraqs ability to have a fully functioning military. I put the relevant parts of the UN Sanctions in my book, you can get it at or as a VIP you can download it for free at

  59. Thanks Adam, for the news. I hope this issue gets settle soon.


  60. Mach Cobra says:

    Adam, I really don’t think you are thinking cleary! It is not a good thing to draw down that far perhaps, but Iran knows they don’t have their bluff on anyone. They also know that the UN will be back in a flash if need be. Iran will not use nukes either imo, no friggin way as other Countries don’t have to be there to fire back. I agree Iran wants to own them but it won’t happen and the powers of the World won’t allow that because of the VAST wealth Iraq has. I think we all need to forget about IRAN as it is a mute point. Sorry if this doesn’t set well with you, but needed said.

  61. Kobi says:

    Do you actually believe the entire WORLD would just sit by and watch Iran invade Iraq at this point? If the UN lifts all the sanctions, do you seriously believe it would relieve them of all responsibility by doing so? I doubt it. There are also too many “other big countries” with considerable investment in the new Iraq to allow an invasion. Come on…time to stop with all the “fear talk”…I think we’re ALL tired of being manipulated by it, I see “fear” being a tired old excuse used to “control” people. Time to move on!!!

    • Adam Montana says:

      Kobi, no – I don’t think the world will sit by and watch that happen. But it WILL happen if Iraq is left defenseless, so what is the obvious answer? Give Iraq defense, aka remove Chapter 7.

      • bluebonnet240 says:

        Adam, we have friends that are among the US troops over in Iraq and they have seen first hand that the Iraq people have been allowed to cash in their dinars finally about a week ago. The US soldiers that sent this over have witnessed this and they feel that we will be able to turn ours in soon. What have you found out about this?
        Thank you

        • tport says:

          I applaud everyone on this commentary. Well stated and well done! It finally makes some sense. Now if someone could verify bluebonnet240’s comment, then we all can go home “happy”!

  62. Man_Kind says:

    You have to become a Rocket Surgeon before you can become a Rocket Scientist ! lol : )

  63. Terry says:

    I, too believe this a very bad move. None of the military leaders like it. Actually I haven’t heard of anyone that thinks it is a good idea with the exception of the WH. It would be a terrible shame after investing so many lives to have it end like this. The last I heard, the final dicision has not been made. Perhaps this was a trial baloon and feedback from enough people will change their mind.

  64. Dennis says:

    It is what it is and if we have to wait, then we do. It is an investment and that is what we bought in for. Sometimes it just takes a little patience and time. :-))

  65. brodybob says:

    What is your opinion on deleting the 3 zeros? Lets just say it RV’s 1 to 1. Won’t that make our million worth 1000? Seems to me they don’t have the money and are not going to want to pay all of us top dollar for our investment. Thus the deleting of zeros before RV and us possible cashing in for less then our initial investment.

    • tport says:

      Please just read some of the economic history on this investment before asking this type of question. This has been answered, analyzed and debated for years now and most investors know where they stand on this investment. I’ll give you a hint, it’s not in the direction your brain is taking you!

  66. alohajim says:

    We have our largest embassy in the world in Iraq, I dont think we need thousands of people there to stamp passports! No doubt we are keeping and Eagle Eye on Iran, and we can protect Iraq from a Carrier or 2 anywhere in the neighborhood.
    A rocket surgeon is like a brain scientist.

  67. gosche says:

    Sounds like everything is back to square one. No one knows when or even if there will be an RV. If Iran invades Iraq our investment will be worthless. What happened between August 1 and September 1? In early August you were very optimistic; now you are saying that the RV still maybe a long way off.

  68. Robert G says:

    I see that the Dinar Trader is no longer buying or selling Iraqi Dinars:

    What does this mean? They guaranteed they would buy back Dinars they sold…I do not read this a positive omen.

    • robinfromiraq says:

      I think they are taking a break because they know how busy they will be when the RV happens. they made enough money on the exchange rate selling the dinars to us, so they can take an extended vacation.
      they may also know that some banks, already invested and established in Iraq, like HBSC, will take in the cash Dinars and if so the traders wont be making money on the swap out. but, there are other dealers still selling.

  69. brjohans says:

    I am not worried about Iran attacking Iraq. Just our naval presence in that region would stop anything Iran could muster in an attack. Iran and Iraq fought to a bloody stalemate in the 80’s, and look how we dealt with Iraq in the 90’s. A war measured in hours not years or months. Besides we, the US, have a finger on the trigger with Iran in the cross hairs just waiting for a reason to pull the trigger. A decision that would be made by our gov’t not just obama. heck, even obama ok’d the killing of osama bin laden. Iran will be settled like the other countries of the middle east and north Africa…just a matter of time. No way we, the US, will let the invesmsnt we have in Iraq go bad…no way. We need to be looking at the HCL, private sector rights both humanitarian and business, etc. not Iran. Lets please stick to the facts and not get everyones panties in a wod.

  70. Randy says:

    I have family living in Iraq that would suck and it is possible but like you said Adam this is a chess game and I’m pretty sure the UN will not let that happen.

    Thank You

  71. FBCATP says:

    Asw I have said before, not until next year after the troops have been foolishly wthdrawn.

  72. dlcooke says:

    I don’t give a shit what they do if the LOP is done before the RV. That means
    we will all lose 3 to 4 hundred dollars on every million. Then this was a bad
    investment and they jest ****ed all the American with our own money.

  73. Michael J. Chaparro says:

    I believe that even if we withdraw our troops from Iraq that does not necessarily mean that Iraq is going to be left alone. If Iran ever decided to make such a bold move as to invade Iraq using WMD’s or conventional weapons to control its neighbor and its resources, that would a world wide disaster of apocalyptic consequences. Why? because I am 100% sure that the powers of the world (US, France, England, Germany, Canada and others) would not take lightly for a hostile nation to take over one of the biggest deposits of oil in the world and do nothing about it. Also let’s don’t forget the immense military power of Israel which is not going to be idle on this scenario allowing something like this thing to happen in their backyard.
    I know that if history has tough us anything, the possibility of total destruction in itself might not be a deterrent for irrational governments to believe that an aggression like that would go unanswered, after all we are talking about Iran and its radical leaders.

  74. David AuCoin says:

    This idea of worying about the possibility of Iran invading Iraq is not well considered. Here’s why? Just because the U.S. is drawing down isn’t leaving Iraq defenseless. Iran knows full well that the U.S. and Israel are looking for an excuse to attack Iran they are not stupid. Iran wouldn’t attack Iraq because it is totaly unnecessary. They already have enough political influence in Iraq to secure most of their objectives and they haven’t sufficently developed any nuclear capeability. Remember the U.S. has more military might in one air craft carrier then most countries in the world have in their entire militaries.
    Israel may be tiny but its military built by the best that America has in weaponry is second only to the U.S. and possibly China. So Israel would use Iran’s attack upon Iraq has a pretense to do a preemptive attack on Iran. Iran simply isn’t ready to confront the U.S. and Israel and possibly Nato.

    The best thing that Iraq can do right now is to RV their Dinar because the best way to encourage public susport for the government is to put valuable curency into the hands of its citizens. When people have money they don’t want to die. With valuable money in their pockets the general population will turn on the insurgents because they don’t want to wory about being blown up now that they feel empowered with a valuable curency.
    Well for what it is worth that’s is my thinking as regards this subject.

  75. physicsteach says:

    Well, I agree with what you write; however, my view is more dismal. Obama has an agenda, IMO. He is intentionally shifting the power in the Middle East, enhancing the Muslim radical elements – looking at Egypt, Libya, and what he is doing ‘to’ Israel. Iraq is just one more step in that direction. Europe is failing economically, as is the US. We have abandoned our allies and could not now entreat countries to form alliances as they (all other countries) see how we have treated our former allies. We are heading, again IMO, toward a Caliphate – whereby the Muslums may do as they previously have done through the centuries, build a mosque over our religious (financial?) edifices – to glorify their conquests.
    If anyone doubts the direction Obama is heading, read the fascinating book – “Where’s the Birth Certificate” Corsi – It is about much, much more than anyone’s birth certificate or certificate of live birth – or ….
    We are in for a very, very rocky ride. again IMO.

    • brjohans says:

      We have to remember that obama is just the president and not a dictator. The muslims have what they have in the US because of special interest groups and it all started before obama was president. The more we allow these special interest groups to take God out of our country, the more we will falter. No way US will ever let anything happen to Israel. Iraq has a lot of issues to work out within their own country before an RV. Once those issues are resolved the dinar will RV. That is just basic business sense and the reason I am in this investment. Go back to the UNSC comments from Dec 15, 2010, there you have the Iraq issues and no RV until those are settled…no matter what okie says.

  76. dmanf13 says:


    You asked for my feedback- so here goes. First, I find your declaration that Iran has nuclear weapons a bit discerning. Experts throughout the world say that they don’t. Yes, they may have the ability to create ‘dirty bombs’ with a nuclear core, but their ability to blanket the skies with nukes is doubtful. Next, I find your statement that Iran WILL invade Iraq questionable… the military strengths of the Western world would certainly step in and I don’t believe Iran wants to paint a target on their back- they might try assasination and political coup, but military aggression… not to sure of that. So, doubting the core of your implications- I come to the RV. Yes, I would agree it’s hard to believe Iraq can RV with the unrest still in the country- Military general stated recently that there are still 14 attacks per day occurring in country (rifle fired, road bomb exploding, etc), political chaos is still evident and people are still suffering; however, with that said- it would seem that the RV might give them the income to correct some of these problems by creating benefits for their citizens, generating a stronger, better equipped military, and quieting some of the political strife. I’ve heard both sides of the issue and simply don’t know. I do know that if you have a contact with the CBI (as I’ve seen posted many times) or any other legitimate contact, it would seem easy to get and post information concerning the date rather than these innuendoes that imply everything but say nothing. I don’t personally believe you have any contacts- rather, I look at you as a post-RV source… but, once again, you have done absolutely nothing to support that except say that you’ve been working for years… who knows and who believes? Ultimately, I believe you’re just like all the other ‘gurus’- imply knowledge but actually give nothing except ‘great things coming’. Words are easy to say but unless they have substance underlying them, they mean absolutely zero. That’s what I think of your preceding comments.

  77. Joe Rosey says:

    Yes your argument has merit but, it would be interested to know how Germany has advanced to where it is and we are still there. I think they have WMD and there money has a stronge levelness to it so why could we not have more then 3,ooo troops there and they still be an Independent country.? In Iraq.

    • brjohans says:

      We were dealing with Russia and then the Soviet Union which is why we stayed in Germany. That is a completely different story than Iran. Plus we now have much more advanced weapons which require less “boots on the ground”. Look at how we almost ended the Taliban in Afgan with very few boots on the ground at first. We had the Northern Alliance lead us to where the bad guys were and then put a laser on them and called in airstrikes. We stopped that tactic and the Taliban came back and then we went back in with a bunch of boots on the ground. Believe me, our militaty does not need a lot of boots on the ground to be successful, especially when we have troops else where in the middle east. I see 3000 troops as a good thing as the UN won’t leave Iraq defenseless so they should be getting green light to defend themselves which means no more Chapter 7. One less issue before RV!!!

  78. steve says:

    The reason we went into Iraq in the first place is because we thought they had weapons of mass destruction. They did not. If you think we would allow them to have wmd after we lost eight thousand american soldiers you are nuts. It is not going to play out like that. We are going to pull out our troups and let Iraq police their own country, at that time the dinar will rv. It will be just like all the other countries we invaded and destroyed their economy. It took about ten years for their currency to rv. I don’t see Iraq’s dinar developing any sooner. We still have about two years to wait.

    • tport says:

      I certainly don’t agree with your estimate of time in RVing their currency (because Shabibi has stated otherwise publicly). But the rest of your comment is right on imo. I must say though in honor of our fighting forces that they are not actors (troups), but actual soldiers; otherwise known as troops.

  79. robinfromiraq says:

    this has proved more than ever that people making money off Dinar speculation really don’t know much about Iraq. Iran is already in Iraq, supplying massive weapons to insurgents including missiles and IEDs, we have proved it and they targeted US troops last month. you can hear that on the news. Iran is very politically influential, Al Sadir (radical Shiite Cleric hiding in Iran with help of Iran gov.,and his followers have great weight in political and are the main terrorists in Iraq)
    Iran is NOT going to target Iraq militarily. that is ridiculous. they will use politics, money to set up bases in Iraq to attack Israel easier. They are taking over politically and with Big money, opening concrete plants and other industries and investment. they just opened a big banking system there with help of Turkey. with their new bank, they will probably encourage the reval of the dinar and stabilization of the money. Iran has billions invested already.

  80. Paul S says:

    It’s hard for me to imagine that you would put American boys and girls to possibly die in battle to save Iraq from Iran and for what? Just so we can make some money? I also can’t believe all the people above who agree with this stupidity.

  81. lee says:

    Adam thank you for keeping the hope up with these posts. I will have to take issue with your analysis of the situation though, as Iraq never had WMD to begin with, the thought that the US would let Iran invade and take over Iraq is laughable. The Western world would love to have a reason to bring Iran into a fight! The entire Western world + Israel would love for them to present that opportunity!

    Iran might be a fundamentalist/extremist nation but it is not foolish! Now I know there are some in Congress that are calling for more troops to be left in Iraq, but if you haven’t noticed, we have some competing interests and political dog fights at home right now.

    I would think what we should be asking for is to come out of Afghanistan and Pakistan to back fill the troop removal from Iraq, but we must start to withdraw from Iraq.

  82. Doug says:

    Hello Adam,,
    This is such a cat and mouse game for us all ,, Iran is just waiting
    to cross that border no doubt,, However: China and Korea may be waiting in the wing..Were not the only ones,,
    An its time the rest of the world starts doing a little more helping out as for
    as guarding the Oil. I do not think Iran wants to use Nuclear on Iraq. it would
    ruin all the oil and make a mess that would be bad for Iran,, yes I do believe
    were close to a new currency but things have to be done before hand Im speakng of Hcl ,Erbil, I want to thank you for all you do on research and for not being one of the guru Clowns .. So good to alway s hear from you, God Bless

  83. v16spark says:

    I read this earlier this morning, and then I watched Fox News, Ollie North was talking about reducing the troops to 3000 and how it is another mistake by the current administration…he said 40,000 troops running for the border open the door for Iran. Let’s hope and pray the powers that be make the right decisions for Irag

    • Adam Montana says:

      It IS a mistake by the current administration, one of many. Unless the current administration is attempting to destroy our country… then it is only one of few. Because most of this administration’s decisions have been right on target for destroying our country.

  84. Adrian Barnett says:

    I really don’t want to know all the micro news, I only want to know when we can sell our dinars for a good price.

    • Adam Montana says:

      You are in the minority, then! Most people want to know about every little change. I have a suggestion for you – unsubscribe from all sites related to dinar, but use our text messaging service – it’s less than $10 and you never have to look at another dinar site until you get the text message. Sign up here:

  85. Baghdad Bill says:

    Adam-I have read posts from those having an interest in the Dinar for well over a year. Whenever I see your name connected to a post, I am absolutely assured that it will have a negative tone to it.

    I would wager that the best day of your life was when you found out that there was no Santa Claus, and the second best day was when you went to school and told all of the other kids.

    Please let me know, if I am mistaken. Just take a minute to think back to that No Santa moment-forever drinking from the glass that is half empty.

  86. Terrance Beamon says:

    I agree with you 100%. Thanks for the weekly updates. I am prepared to sit and play this chess game as long as it takes.

  87. Mark Stannard says:

    I understand what you are saying, but how do I not pay so much tax when I am holding my Dinar in my safe? Is there any way now, Or am I just going to have to bite the bullet?
    Thank you.

    • Adam Montana says:

      I surely hope you’re a VIP member! We have actual attorney information and legitimate strategies in the VIP that many people are using for their real lives at this very moment… VIP isn’t just about future benefits.

  88. Bob says:

    Adam I read someplace a long time ago that they would not revalue until after everything was done, that included our military being gone. I agree with you. I have know for a long time that we had to leave there country first. I have been in this since 2004, like every one else I would love to see it done yesterday. Just wish it sounded more creditable on all these web site. Can’t even get loved ones to invest because of all the misinformation.

    • tport says:

      I hope you haven’t read someone’s opinion and thought it was fact in regard to the US military requirement of being “gone” before an RV occuring. Only an Iraqi religious leader would say something so foolish.

  89. Merry1 says:

    No, I don’t think they will only leave 3000 troops in Iraq. But I think the threat of that is going to get them what they want. HCL will not be passed either. Maliki is in bed with Iran, and that my friends is how he stole the election.

    No Rv without redenomination first. The best I can see happening now or in the near future is breaking even, some may even make a little depending when they bought their dinar.

    Life is a gamble and nothing ventured nothing gained. I’m content to see this play out no matter what the future brings.
    One Last thing, Adam is a business man, I’ve been following the site for several years, and he is very careful not to name a rate or date, to my knowledge he never has and in fact at one time he was very clear that the possibility of making only 10% on your money was a very real possibility. For me that would be enough, I never expected more. But Adam has not alligned himself with the so called guru’s Okie, and the rest. He actually banned a few from the site when it looked as if they were pumping. So think what you will and believe what you must, for me I believe nothing but my own research and that says to me there will be no revalue except on a gradual climb when and if the currency ever goes international.

  90. LarryC says:

    By the way, Ditto to dmanf13 I feel the same way

  91. Chassisman says:

    Thank you Adam! I have been in this for almost 1 year. I was told about it from good friends and the “other” websites. It didnt take long to figure out that they predict on thursdays that we will cash out on mondays. I was lucky to find Dv. I would rather somoene tell me the truth or that I pissed away all my money ( wont be the last I blow in my lifetime) Than to to lie to me everyweek. I am a realist on this and hoping for a dime straight RV. That would be a blessing. I do appreciate all that you do and most important your honesty through out this.

  92. Liz says:

    Thank you, Adam… I think those of us who know what ‘investing’ is all about, appreciate your updates, good or bad.

  93. John Vandenberge says:

    Hi Adam, I certainly appreciate all you have done and are doing. Thanks.

  94. peepingtom says:

    EVEN IF WH wants to withdraw troops from Iraq I believe it has to agreed upon by Iraq in a certain timeframe…..sooooo Obama likes to hear himself talk…..blah blah blah is what I hear him say……

  95. D. Larin says:

    comments submitted. Sent in.

  96. Malia says:

    The Iraqi people need protection and they need the ability to buy necessities. Iraq is a very rich country but no doubt they are still working through the issues that will be in their best interest. I am in this “exchange” to profit but lets not loose sight that these are human beings making monumental changes. Many of our brave men and women have been instrumental in the plight of Iraq. I hope we see it through and the Iraqis have a stable government to protect them and an economy that will support them. God Bless us all.

  97. Cami says:

    I have enough invested into this and I’ve waited 6 years, I will be more than patient to wait it out longer so everything is done right for the Iraqi people and me as an investor. I won’t lie by saying I’m happy, after all the hype that said everything was done and ready to RV, but I waited this long a few more weeks or perhaps months won’t hurt. Anyway, I don’t have a choice. Go RV!

  98. D. Larin says:

    Iraq having WMDs is not an issue. They will probably never, or not
    in the near future, have WMDs. The world does not need another minor
    country to have nukes to police. “Non-proliferation” is the UN intent.

    Iraq is a protectorate of the US and NATO and doesn’t need increased
    armed forces for its protection. Iran has never (never) attacked any
    country and would be insane to attack Iraq and give the NATO wolves
    the excuse to nuke their country, invade it and divide it up.

    The 3000 troops mean nothing as we’ve probably increased the professional mercenary troops, ex-Seals, by 10,000 in compensation and not made that information known.

    Iran is a threat to NATO and the US because it may sell oil with its own
    currency and because is has its own central bank.

  99. sprinklerking says:

    I think that the removeal of troops is not going to happen until the Iraqi’s get delivery of there F16 and learn how to fly them and other weapons!!!!! I think its a smoke screan to kept violence down!!! And as far as the RATE goes there is a CODE just invert 3.68=8.63 an there you have the real RATE!!!!! Blessings are coming to all even the ones not invvested because we all belive there TRULY IS MOOR HAPPINESS IN GIVING THEN IN RECEIVING !!!!!!

  100. Cosmo says:

    Adam, to withdraw troops while Iran looks on may be more than providing a reason to lift Chapter 7 for Iraq. I think we may be playing this chess game in order to draw Iran in to attempt a conquest. The minute their forces amass on the border we’ll be targeting not only those forces but also every war waging asset Iran has within their borders. Then oops someone made a not very smart decision to cross over into Iraq and WHAM!!! We got them after Iraq begs us to help. In truth, it’s very likely the Russians will advise them strongly to stay put and lay their little guns down and all will be fine. Just my opinion.


  101. Eddie says:

    Before I made my first dinar investment, I considered the very thing Adam is discussing. We already knew about the intended withdrawal of US troops. However, I recalled our history of ‘conquests’ in the 20th century. The US has never left a war zone unprotected and devastated. This was encouraging. It seemed to bode well for Iraq’s eventual prosperity, similar to Vietnam, Germany, South Korea, etc.

    The risk to me was that our current President has not seemed to follow the historical precedents, which have flowed from the US being an exceptional nation. Still, the upside potential made it worth while, if only for the excitement and entertainment value for me.

    I feel that as long as there are 3,000 US troops in Iraq we can be confident that no one will invade it. If we pull out altogether, I will start worrying about my small investment in IQD.

  102. Tibson j says:

    This here dinar RV is close , any ideas what the rate & taxes will be up here in the great white north?? ,& any other Canadians out there o. The dinar train ?? , Adam great info , thank u, I wish okie would be right atleast once in his life , it’s good 2 dream , but that’s all okie dose . Adam thank 4 the updates , cheers from CANADA

  103. jc says:

    Would Iran really go after Iraq knowing there are still 3000 soldiers left there? Would that not engage America with Iran if even one hair was messed up on an American soldier?

  104. tony says:

    Adam tell me what’s going on, I bought 800 dollars worth of dinars last year value 475,000. I just checked the market 475,000 dinars is now worth 406 us dollars WHAT HAPPEN

  105. Slick says:

    Thanks for your input. The reality of the matter deserves to be heard and you are spot on regarding the lion being ready to pounce. World affairs are in turmoil and there are several lions lying in wait for the opportunity to make their move. Patience and diligence are required for survival. Great analogy and stated very well!

  106. Bob says:

    I am not sure what it is that is said that should have me or anyone else upset. I am assuming it is the fact that there could be some time delay in removing Chapter 7 or letting the cat and mouse games of US, UN, Iraq, and Iran p RV play out. In other words, the RV is not on the immediate horizon as I was beginning to believe. It is quite a roller coaster ride and it is hard to decipher truth from fiction, at least with respect to immediate activity.
    As far as Iran, I would hope history would not be allowd to repeat itself. Wasn’t Iraq’s original invasion of Kuwait the start of this recent mess 20 years ago? The world is too monetary and oil dependent, I think, to let the Iraq assets get away. At least I sure hope!

    Thanks for update.

  107. jed coryell says:

    I am afraid for Iraq if this happens but as far as Obama, I think he sort of has no choice. It’s all about his promises and what the US people want. Most people want him to leave and in their eyes save the money. A lot of people still think it was a mistake to invade and don’t care. Just bring our troops home.

    I think it would be a mistake to leave and saw it as the correct move to go in, IMO

  108. MONGO says:

    There is a bigger picture to consider, bigger than the RV, the realignment of all middle east countries under the Muslim brotherhood that will march to the drumbeat of the 12th Imam. Christians look for Jesus,Jews await the Messiah and Muslims await the 12th Imam. A united States of the Middle East if you please, with one currency, Iraqi Dinar. Ahmadinejad is paving the way to usher in the 12th Imam when he arrives on the scene. He will stop at nothing to bring the muslim countries together as one. I think Obama will facilitate Ahmadinejads goals ….after all O is a muslim

  109. omegabea says:

    When I heard about the 3,000 troops my first thought was…finally Iraq will be forced to take control and be free to create the country they want. I take it as good news, just don’t be discouraged by the process…

  110. paul says:

    Thanks Adam for communicating with us &the work you do for us.
    Iraq was the one who attacked Iran.
    Iran does not have nukes.
    Like many involved in Dinar so much misinfo from ME.
    Pump &selling oil I agree with you.
    Till the RV we wait.

  111. Robert Wells says:

    Adam, I suppose what the real question is how does this affect the RV. I see it this way, you can’t have an army if you can’t pay for one. Must RV first then buy bullets, bombs and boots. As of June 30th of this year there was 46,000 U.S. troops in Iraq. Bringing home 3000 (6.5%) really isn’t that significant. We’re not back to square one, we never got out of square one.
    Iraq To Do List:
    1. Approve Minister of Defense, seated and pulling the strings.
    2. Sign the damn HCL.
    3. Get UNSC Chap 7 lifted.
    4. Shop for an army, navy and air force.
    5. Check WMD Dollar Store for bargains.

  112. Danny says:

    I totally disagree with what Adam is saying….I feel like we will see the rv sometime this month!

  113. Charles says:

    Which came first, the chicken or the egg? . . . . . Which will come first, Chapter 7 lifted or the RV?

    My thoughts are:
    Iraq can’t buy WMD’s with a worthless currency. If I ruled the world, here is how I would do it.
    1. RV the dinar to a value that other countries want
    2. Order/buy WMD’s with the RVed dinar
    3. Chapter 7 lifted
    4. WMD’s deliverd – US Troops train Iraqi troops use of WMD’s
    5. US Troops pullout

    However, Iraq could buy anything they want with OIL. . . . No RV needed. . . . . OR. . . . .They could sell oil for other country $$$$’s that is worth something. Then they could use that money to buy anything or use it to pay contractors. . . . . Still no need for a quick RV. If this happens, then the RV will be a slow climb up (or down) according to how the country (Iraq) is prospering. It will be like the stock market. We watch it and decide when we want to cash in. That would make it a slower cash in and not a rush on banks as would happen with a sudden RV rise all at once .

  114. Goldminer says:

    Adam… I haven’t read through the comments above. I believe release from Chapter 7 is the reward for the RV authorization by CBI and GOI. In other words, Chapter 7 is held hostage until Iraq follows through with their financial reorganization. I believe the government is now seated, the HCL is now complete and the ERBIL agreement is now active as of 24 hours ago. So with the pieces of the puzzle in place, I believe that we are now ready to see the RV occur. Amount and exact date is cloudy but Iraq is now ready. In addtion, they have article after article educating the average citizen that the three zeros are disappearing. Iraqi’s are already aware that three zero currency circulation is greatly decreased. So… with the banking community recapitalized, Thomson Reuters in place, the population ready, we should see a powerful ME currency in a very short time.

  115. Fishing says:

    We will alway have a present in that
    Part of the world,ie Kuwait. And we know
    Don’t believe everything u read.

  116. Joseph Verderese says:

    As soon as I heard the news of this devestating draw down, the first thing I thought was Iran’s door opener. This administration supposedly running our country is on a mission thats not in the best interest of the USA. Dinar or no dinar this is the worst news we could get that there will only be 3000 sitting ducks left behind at the end of 2011. All those lives and all that time and money squandered. I would give up all my dinar for one penny for that not to happen. Why??? I am more interested in my children’s safety than I am my wallet.

  117. mark says:

    think about this for a minute. Iran wants the oil. they are not going to use nukes near the oil fields. this will make the area un useable for many years. we do not allow japan to have nukes. but we do allow them to have nuclear power stations. all of this is likely to occur in Iraq once everything settles down. If Iraq develops a moderate military force for self defence. they should be ok. if Iran tries anything they can then call for help from the UN, and other willing nations as happened in Libya.

    • Adam Montana says:

      What do you do when someone has a gun to your head? Ok, they want the combination to your safe… do you give it to them? Or do you say “If I die I take the combo with me and they don’t win!”
      … Well?

      It’s obvious…
      NO, you give them the combo. Guess what? Iran has a gun. Iraq doesn’t.

      • EDM says:

        What if Iraq gets invaded by Aliens Adam… Geez gimme a break, no way in zeus’s butthole does Iran invade Iraq regardless of the US presence in Iraq.. Come on people can’t you think for yourself.. I have been invested in this for a very long time as I was a part of the initial invasion into Iraq by US forces and have done five combat tours there. In that time, every month or so there is constantly someone preaching “here it is this is the week” in fact I remember last year AM saying he was positive it would be then.. Hopefully it does hit, lets all hope.. Truthfully though I have been in this investment long enough to know that this week is no different than all the rest where everyone was freaking out.. Oh and Adam come on dude, this investment is waiting on Iraq’s right to own WMD’s.. give me a break, you really must be hard pressed to come up with BS these days.. No way is Iraq ever allowed to own WMD’s.. Ridiculous.. After comments like that and seeing how people jump on your band wagon with the oh your so smart and right crap really just goes to show how many people really are just sheep… Semper Fidelis

    • Bildeberg Perry says:

      Iran has no nukes. Quit listening to the Zionist profiteers about these lies.

      • brjohans says:

        People, Iran will never openly attack anyone. They, like all the other extemist muslims are cowards. They will hide in the shadows and use whatevber means they can get their crap stained hands on to blow up innocent people. It is called terrorism and the only way they know how to fight…as cowards. Iran is already in Iraq fighting with IUD’s and car bombs causing terror. We do not need boots on the ground to fight terror…let our special ops and intelligence deal with the cowardly terroists and please stay focused on what truly has to occur before an RV…GOI, HCL, nothing to do with troops or Iran.

        • snowglobe says:

          yup yup yup this is what I think too.

          Iran is no dummy…They already have Sadir in there and Maliki as well….this is happening now folks

  118. Jim says:

    Adam I say this coming listening to Donald Trump! I hate to say this but the end is near for our investment! Glad I didn’t buy more!

  119. Jack says:

    Thanks everyone for your views. I appreciate Adam, even though he is getting hit by all sides today. I pray and hope all of us will realize the blessings of health and strength, and that we must encourage one another. I do hope after 6 years or more of this investment, that we are able to see some success with the RV. I now need to digest all of the inputs from each of you, and hope I can continue to feel this was a wise investment, which at the time, I feel that it is. Thanks Jack

    • brjohans says:

      I’m sure Adam is ok with getting hit by all sides. He strikes me as the type that made his comment fully expecting the replies and none of them have effected him negativley.

  120. c smith says:

    went to chase bank and 5/3 bank and got same response so must be true will not sell dinar anymore because banks cannot seel dinar for the purpose of investment which this is. They was selling dinar for the purpose of travling or doing bussiness abroad untill banks got wind of us citizens buying for speculation so they stopped selling altogeter as they are not in the busssiness of investment which is regulated by the goverment. but did buy from safedinar paid by cod and got money next day very good and fast service and was able to all by phone. go rv!!

  121. Rick says:

    Opinions are like armoits, EVERYONE has two!!! Here’s the deal, you have Okie offering his “intel” for free. Adam, on the other hand, is CONSTANTLY peddling something. Here’s what I do. I subscribe to Adam to see if I get what I’m paying for; AND I listen to Okie et. al. and chew really really hard. THEN I spit out the bones.

    Emotionally, I needed this yesterday. I’m a white male in his mid fifties with an MBA who has been out of work for the better part of a year. Savings is almost gone and no one is hiring guys like me. I’m not in a “favored” class… WHOLE ‘nother subject.

    Intellectually, it’ll get here when it get’s here. God knows my circumstance and we talk a lot. I trust him to provide for me and my family as he provides for the “birds of the air and the beasts of the field.” Faith is a challenging and difficult thing.

    Further, when one reads between the lines, almost everyone is saying the same thing; not IF, but WHEn seems to be the issue.

    Iraq MUSt have a currency worth more than dirt to play in the big show. Period. WMDs takes cash. Defense takes cash. Their economy takes cash.

    I live in an important part of the USA as it relates to oil and I’m here to tell you, IMHO as they say, there’s NO WAY we, the USA is going to invest the LIVES and dollars into Iraq without a reasonable return.

    Logic tells me that all of this HCL, Erbil, etc is cart beforfe the horse. ALL of these things require cash to be supported. But then again, like everyone else, I have a couple of “arm pits!”

    (BTW, what’s a rocket surgeon?)

  122. JEFF SIMS says:


  123. Barbara says:

    Thanks as always Adam. Like you, I’m thinking it’s a political move for lifting of Chapter 7. Safety for our troops and the people of Iraq will be the concern of many. Surely Iran knows that the eyes of the world will be upon Iraq…. but we are dealing with different cultures and they are unpredictable. My prayers will be with them.

  124. Andre says:

    I still do not see any thing happening on the RV until the second quarter of 2012. I have worked in Iraq for 5 years and the ruling powers like to contol. Trust me the ruling bodies care very little for the little people. I pray that I am very wrong. But as a adviser to the Iraqi government. I see the US and ruler care for the oil. Iraq has the riches grade of oil in the world. And when they start grilling then they will have more oil then SA.

    • lee says:

      Andre nice reply! As someone that has worked there for some time, a couple of questions, you made reference to the ruling powers and their need for control. 1. How do they see the US withdrawing and 2. Isn’t it true that the ruling members now reflect more of the ethic groups in Iraq? 3. Which group now controls the ruling group? I hope this makes sense! Thanks

  125. Bildeberg Perry says:

    This is total BS. Iran is NOT a threat to Iraq. Adam, you seem to come from the school of Bush. Not too smart and full of lies.

  126. lee says:

    Does anyone honestly believe we are actually leaving Iraq? We have built the largest Embassy in the world in Iraq!!! We are not going to just leave it there for the Iranians.

    • Czechmate says:

      I personally am not too concerned about Iran. They should fully realize tha if they tried to invade iraq for it’s oil they would be reduced to cinders in a very short time compliments of the USA. Obama is a bigger threat to Iraqi security than is Iran because he is completely inept and could not make the decision to pull the trigger on iran if necessary.

  127. BEC says:

    I have been a Dinar holder since Oct. ’10. I have am a member of the website so I recieve the updates and emails like everyone else. I take the time to read posts and responces. I can’t claim to be as informed as many or most of you.
    What I would like to point out is that I remember back when I first purchased my Dinar I would read daily of the speculations that “On this day…the Dinar will RV”,”the new rate will be …” It’s been almost a year now and by my calculations the Dinar should have RV’d several hundred times. Well it hasn’t. Adam, being as informed as you are why now is this thought of Iraqs ability to defend itself or the “current state” of the country becoming an issue? Looking back it seems as if it should have been as much if not more of an issue a year ago.
    I have chosen to limit the amount time and energy I spend following the Dinar. I still have the same amount I purchased a year ago and am patiently awaiting the text informing me when it does RV.
    I guess I’m growing sceptical due to time, new issues/reasons why it can’t RV now, and the fact I’m not a rocket surgeon (what is that BTW?)

  128. hc jones says:

    i posted earlier and it looks like it was submitted/posted… i hope whoever manages this blog is not picking and choosing what to or not to post…

  129. Dan says:

    For all those who think Iraq should have WMD, please think that through. It is NOT a good idea now, nor will it ever be. No one is going to be invading Iraq. That is an opinion many have and it is flawed. I would rather flush my (erroneous) investment in the Iraqi Dinar down the toilet than see an unstable country (and muslim country to boot) with WMD. It may be several years years or more before we see any true stability in Iraq, but eventually it will get there. Doesn’t mean there dinar will be worth anything even then though…

  130. hc jones says:

    what is “awaiting moderation”?

  131. TLM says:

    As one who has been in Iraq since May 2004 I bring some first hand knowledge. The pull out of the U.S. troops is part of an agreement between Iraq and the U.S. This was a mutual agreement as to make happy both body’s of their respective governments. Iraq knows it needs support and many Iraq’s I work with do not want to see the U.S. leave. But in order for U.S. troops to stay the Iraq government must ask for this, and with this will come a SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) so as to govern what role these troops would play provide protections, and guidance for the troops.

    With the whole dropping of the zero’s I have been hearing this from Iraq’s since 2009, and many times it was believed it would happen within the week. Then nothing would happen. Do I believe it will happen yes as they need to bring the face value down to something more realistic. The 25,000 dinar and the rest are not even used when talking amount. If I am asking for payment I tell them it costs 25 dinar or 5 dinar and they know without question it is a 25,000/5,000 dinar note. They don’t view these notes as thousand dinar notes. And as I have told family that I have passed dinar onto if it even RV’s at .30 cents on the dollar with a million you still walk away with $300,000 per million. That type return on a current value of roughly $1,200 per million in my book is pretty darn good. And so that’s my take on all this.

  132. Tropicana says:

    I was thinking to invest in Brazil.
    There is anything that you would like to give a thought?
    I appeciate all the work you have done to help all of us the Dinarvets family.

  133. Daryle says:

    IMHO there are too many US companies there or in the process of moving there to leave Iraq unsecured. It won’t happen!

  134. Kevin says:

    Hi Fellow investors, I guess I have been impatient as much as the next guy/gal in terms of wanting an RV to happen soon. We all have been patiently waiting for the peices to fall into to place to possible bring us some relief from this recession. There has been a push for a “New world order”, “One world curreny”, which has been discussed. 07 Sep 2009, In a radical report, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has said the system of currencies and capital rules which binds the world economy is not working properly, and was largely responsible for the financial and economic crises. The dollar should be replaced with a global currency, the United Nations has said, proposing the biggest overhaul of the world’s monetary system since the Second World War. Even thou I want this RV really bad, I’m sitting on 350,000 Dinar that I was hoping would RV dollar for Dollar. It just may not be in the cards.

  135. beedeebeedee says:

    I have read an article that the U.S. had sold Iraq some F-16 aircraft they are getting some military equipment such as tanks and troop carriers also from the U.S. it’s not the cadillac version but it is equipment to start to rebuild their military. Iran would be foolish to use WMD the radiation fall out would render the wells useless because u wouldn’t be able to go in and work them, plus it could possibly travel back to their own country. The U.S. would never allow Iran to try to take over that country we have some what of oil right there now and also to many countries involved in trying to rebuild Iraq.
    On thier currency the state dept.document “THE FUTURE OF IRAQ PROJECT’ states that the new currency has to return to the 1970 level which was $3.00 or better i have been invested in Iraq for over 7 years now having purchased over 300,000,000 iraqi dinars and i believe they will once again regain stature in the world and be a thriving economy.All these guru’s that post have good info but really u have to discern between the good and the bad read for entertainment and do some research of your own that’s how you’ll become satisfied to know this was a good investment or not.

  136. ArtistsandWriters says:

    It is more than just Iraq’s national security and the lifting of the remainder of the United Nitwits’ Chapter VII sanctions.

    Nothing will happen at all in aid of the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar until and unless the four Special Drawing Rights partners of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) give it their blessing to do so. THEY control the estimable values of the world’s legitimate currencies.

    Look to Washington, first, and not Baghdad for your answers.

  137. vissfam says:

    This makes much more sense to me than all the chats and chitter chatter from people like Okie and RichQueen whose prognostications led to full complete circles with no results. Over and over again it has been said that the RV has happened and that it will be global by midnight, all to fall to the ground as false. I like Adam’s take on this as it makes SENSE and it does not lead to fallacies.

  138. omegabea says:

    I venture to say if we had a loved one serving in Iraq, we would be thanking God that they are coming home. In the Kingdom there is no more war only peace. We are in the process of bringing peace to the Earth. The Middle East people are demanding freedom from tyrants. Religious walls are coming down and it carries a lot of pain with it. Jesus had to endure a lot of pain but his death bought me my freedom. I think we should expect to have all our troops coming home. Why do we need bases in Japan and in Germany?I’m not judging anyone for their opinions, but just a reminder from another perspective. We are transitioning into a new era, the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

  139. baker_gr says:

    I was told over a year ago by a friend that I need to run to the bank and get money to her that day, because the investment will end that day and i will not be able to buy anymore, that it should rv this weekend and i will be able to quit my job. that was june of 2010 i am real glad that i did not quite my job. I read the blogs everyday and I to am waiting for this to rv. but I only read your takes on this. thank you Adam

  140. dnvrntv says:

    My two grandsons are in the Army. The oldest of these brothers served in Iraq and Afganistan. He just returned from Afganistan, and is having trouble with PTS. The younger grandson is in Afganistan and will return in October. I am very proud of both of them, and pray for their safety and recovery of PTS. Please remember all the men and women serving our country, and along with your prayers for the DV, please keep them in your prayers. I have heard both of them express the same reaction to US removal of troups from Iraq. As a grandmother, I have mixed feelings about keeping troups in both Iraq and Afganistan. God Bless America

  141. dnvrntv says:

    Sorry, I meant to say RV instead of RD.

  142. dr r says:

    am sitting reading all these blogs and am starting to think I should have started my own website about the dinar- than i would have realized some profit. The old adage if it is too good to believe it it is applies here. i bought dinar because an educated dependable source told me that haliburton bought 2.5 billion dollars worth and thought maybe something would happen. Adam Montana’s advice about treating this like a lottery is true. Put the dinar into a safety-deposit box and forget it- if a miracle happens it would be great for all of us but at this point am not that hopefuly. Even heard a rumour that President Obama was going to cash it all in and pay off debt as 2.5 billion equals trillions if it does RV. When I bought it i knew I would either make a killing or have expensive toilet paper so i think of it as a lottery ticket with no expiration as my CPA advised me. The only thing that would excite me is to see it on Forex exchange rates. The other sites are sales sites although Adam Montana never advised to buy but is clever on his website fees aka vip memborship. I wish us all luck but who knows with that country.

  143. elle says:

    Where is MY post???

    • Adam Montana says:

      elle, if you have something to say about the article, please do so and I will happily approve it, like I did with the over 300 relevant comments you see here. I’m not approving your comment when you just want to talk trash.

  144. Adam thanks for all you do…Will be setting up my VIP with you soon.
    I don’t have a lot invested but am considering increasing the Dinar
    I hold.

    Speaking to the withdrawal. Our president is doing what he promised early on prior to his election. He must to get those of us that supported him to
    do it again. If Iran makes a stupid mistake like that of what your concerned about they will be bombed by remote control into the stone age.

    Would there be damage done to Iraq, I’m sure…would it, could it put off
    the RV, maybe not, it could actually speed it up. Who really knows?

    But boots on the ground when countries go into the type of war against
    each other that you are projecting, well they won’t be needed in the type of all out assault that your concerned about IMMHO. Keep up the great work.

  145. mark says:

    These aren’t updates of real news. They are opted in spams in a good sense. Anyway, I first got my dinars back in 2007…. Good point about not leaving the region. Natural resources are up for grabs. Anyone still think the train, any train, will come in in the midst of the present global situation!!? Maybe it’ll clear up by the weekend….

  146. Wane says:

    I agree. That is what got us in trouble in Afganistan and alloed the Taliban to come in and why they were all pissed at us which lead to 9/11 and the Taliban tyranny in Afganistan. We pulled out afterRussia left and said oh well, thanks for the help but you are on your own now.

    We can’t do that here. I hope we have learned from the past. I do’t know about nukes but they do need to be able to have the big stuff to defend themselves.

    I think the UN needs to have enough forces there to help them transition until they are ready.

    As far as payback, that’s a 2 edged sword. We did go in and did destroy a lot and yes, we got rid of a murdering, raping, torturing regime so…. Yes we dd what the UN should have done long ago and took bribes and all from Saddam to let him stay in power but how is that different from a lot of other countries that has the same kind of regime?

    Anyway, getting off topic. I agree and they do need to defend themselves but we should not pull out until they are ready. I want RV real bad but not at the expense of Iraq getting wiped out after all we have done and all the lives that have been lost. It would be a dishonor to all those that gave thier lives to help put Iraq back to a decent country protected from the likes of Saddam and Osama.

  147. D'Ready says:

    I think I appreciate your military concern, BUT why is this just coming out now?
    Do us all a favor and tell us – “will the Dinar ACTUALLY ReValue” ?

    Thanx for all you do?

  148. John Massey says:

    Hi Adam,

    I am a VIP member but cannot access the VIP account.

    CAN YOU HELP ME????? Thanks,

    John M.

  149. mike says:

    This lines up with what my friend told me. He is deplyed in Iraq. His interpreter told him rv wont come until the troops come home. It doesnt seem to make sense but thats what he told my military friend two days ago. Fortunately it is only a few months away. Hoping he is wrong but rv for sure coming.

    • ArtistsandWriters says:


      I hope you’re right, but I really do not believe that the revaluation of the IQD will be a function of the repatriation of American troops from the Euphrates Valley.

      With my IQD1million still in my sock drawer, it’s the SDR, Bretton Woods boys who will ultimately still call the shots.

      Unfortunately, the only things we can “bank” on are the bankers.

  150. Jim says:

    P.S. I don’t see this thing happening until there is a Republican in the White House.

  151. John Herbert says:

    First of all, even if we pull our troops from Iraq, that doesn’t mean that they are unprotected. The UN, along with the rest of the world would come to their aid in a heartbeat. Iran wouldn’t dare such a stupid move. Iran does NOT have nukes yet; they are still collecting the components to build one, and are purifying the plutonium for one. Second of all, that is dwarfed by the 30,000 ready nuclear warheads already in existence (29,800 owned by the U.S. and Russia). Iran would not dare invade or use nukes; they’re simply out gunned.

    Now for the investment side…They are going to drop three zeros from their currency before they revalue. They will revalue at some point after, giving us 2-3 times our investment in the process. That’s not bad considering the times, and considered a great investment. We are unlikely to see 1000/1 return as many speculators would like. The dinar is still a good investment in my assessment, and I plan to spend all that I can afford until the time comes. Happy investing….peace.

  152. Esther Faust says:

    I so agree with Joseph Verderese. The ride alone has been worth the cost, but to see the world a safer place for my grandkids would be the iceing on the cake. My greatest concern, is all the damage “O” is doing to our country. He certainly seems to have an agenda to destroy this nation from the inside, while we are watching the outside. IMHO this country is under far greater attack than all the others put together “no shots fired”.

  153. hemecity says:

    Whew! Reading all of the above was torture. Adam, I see only realistic good in your message. To my knowledge, you have emphasized that the IQD itself is NOT a scam, neither will it realistically turn $1,000 into a million, at least in the nearer term. To me, it is just diversifying my financial risks in a foreign currency. I’ll take any gains with gratitude, and accept any losses as part of investing. It doesn’t seem we can conclusively decipher this RD/RV debacle, so I’ll let the chips fall where they will.

    Thanks for your efforts and keeping us posted.

    hemecity, rocket pathologist

  154. Rita D says:

    Adam, I’m always interested about what you have to say. When I bought them, I didn’t think that it will happen overnight but on the same token,I really hope that I won’t lose them either. I lost enough in investments on the net.
    Do I understand right, that if Iran takes over Iraq, we lose everything?
    I never play more than I can afford but the return would work wonders, I hope and pray that it will happen for me and most people that need that money .
    Anyway, thank you for all the info you send, I appreciate it always.

  155. I think you may be right about Iran, How ever I also beleave the Galactic Federation would not allow it. Maybe you do not believe in the ET’s Out there. if not how do you explain all the sightings lately.

  156. There is a lot more at stake here than the Dinar RV every thing else is tied to it.

  157. Gaet028 says:

    Thanks Adam for the post Lets sit tight and wait to see what will happen in the future…


  158. RichB says:

    Iran would NOT invade Iraq. At least not in the near future. The US is already itchin’ to go into Iran. An invasion by Iran into Iraq would bring the hammer down on them before they got one klick across the border. Also, most experts DO NOT believe Iran has nuclear capabilities at this time. I DO believe that Iran may be involved in starting the next war in the Middle East which will probably be the fulfillment of Ezekiel chap. 38-39. I think we are at least a couple years from that event, probably 2014-2015 range due to the unusual eclipses that will happen during Jewish feast days in those years. Not looking forward to it personally.

  159. Walter Drevas says:

    This will happen when all the pieces are in place and not according to our schedule. I am still very encouraged and hopeful. I can be patient.

  160. Eric says:

    My dad was in the Navy for 20 years (Counter Intelligence) and he told me there is always a Back up plan for a Back up plan for a Back up plan & on and on. If I had to guess maybe their doing this for reason.If IRAN makes a move they can SAY LOOK IRAQ couldnt stop them.It took the UN,USA,England & so on to put IRAN back in it’s place. Now the world can see we need to stay there until their totally capable and we feel that will take? 20+ years.

  161. bill herbst says:

    absolutly…the USA from day one has set up iraq for iran to walk across the border, and take them over…mailiki has been rubbing elbows with them for 5 years…if they dont resist, they will perish…they sure fight like dogs with the US soldiers…but they got no balls against iran…fact

  162. Rashad says:

    I think you need to investigate a little bit more if you think that Iran has free reign just because we don’t have 50 -60 thousand troops in Iraq. There are nine US military bases surrounding Iran, and the oil is too important to too many countries. Therefore, it won’t be too hard to get UN approval to do the same thing in Iran as was done to Iraq, make them a democratic country. Don’t be fooled, Iran knows what you don’t know and they will respect that. It will be a bad move because the people inside Iran want a better governing body as well as many other oppressed countries in the region.

  163. Jen RV says:

    Hi everyone, hoping someone can shed a bit of light here for me, I’ve read bits of this thread and you guys seem so much more clued in than I do. Being in Ireland, I wouldn’t have half the rolling information that you might have in the US, and my only source of updates is AM’s newsletters (and for this I thank you!). I purchased a very small amount, well very small compared to the millions that I’m sure you guys are sitting on, and I’m waiting for my 47,250IQD to revalue. I’m a student and if this was to go to the predicted, or much hoped for, 3:1 or even 1:1, then it would help me complete my education, pay off what I borrowed to get into university and start my career with a nice little nest egg of a few thousand euro. Might get a nice second hand car or a hell of a holiday out of it. I invested back in 2007 and have religiously read all the newsletters that come to my inbox but still I need a bit of a “dinar for dummies” explanation.
    Firstly, does anyone know how likely it would be that in the event of a big RV, would I be able to change my notes in Irish banks or would I have to go to the UK or the US to do it? Obviously this wouldn’t be a problem if I was going over to get my thousands, but it would be much handier to do it locally.
    Secondly, regarding the removal of zeros. Is this because the large notes such as the 25000 and 10000 will now be worth 25 and 10 respectively, because it would be too hard to deal in them once the RV happens? And if this is the case then would the 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 notes be worth cents? or would they stay the same? Luckily I only have one 25000 and one 10000 and the rest are in smaller denoms, so by my rough calculations, I would be left with around 14000 if the rate was 1:1 and the larger notes were LOP’d. Still a good amount for a student!
    I’d appreciate it if anyone could reply to this comment to enlighten me. Obviously I’m hoping for the soonest, biggest RV possible, I “invested” (€40 isn’t much of an investment) 4 years ago and although kept trying to be realistic the whole time, I now find myself getting very optimistic and giddy when I think of the possibilities. And I feel so happy for my fellow investors who have life-changing amounts of dinar. Go RV! And bravo Adam Montana!

  164. kip drewrey says:

    What I know from Iraq comes from a family member serving there, there is much progress in Iraq more cars, paved streets, trash collection service and people taking holiday to northern kurdish region from Iraq, locally there is still bombings much less than a year ago but still a lot.

    Headway is being made between Kuwaite on two fronts one on the Kuwaite mega port and the port Iraq is stepping up to build with no conflict between either country. the chapter 7 agreement between the two is still being worked out and I believe nearly resolved.

    Yes the military from US is pulling out, however subcontractors are filling the slot-quietly. Congress really dosen’t want you to know this. because they can All say there are no US military in Iraq. It is all Political.

    I have invested in the Iraq Dinar because I believe the Bible. As seen in Revelations about Iraq which is really (Babylon). I believe this is the time they are moving toward their greatness which has to come before their fall.

    People in Iraq want Freedom, running water, food, shopping, education and fun just like everyone and they themselves are fighting for that against the terrorist, they are solving their problem and they are fixing their infastructure and they are more united.

    It is changing now and slow as it seems they are making Quality progress and they are not quiting.

    When the RV I have no answer, I just know it is coming.

  165. Hurruprv says:

    So wuts stopping them from getting released from chap 7 now, getting WMDs now?

    • Adam Montana says:

      That’s probably the best question I’ve seen all day! Thank you for posing it. To answer, the UN has held off on lifting the restrictions because Iraq wasn’t capable of maintaining stability until recently. In the last 7 years we have seen an amazing progress for the country of Iraq, and I think we can all rest assured that the Sanctions will be lifted completely in short order. Thanks for the question!

  166. Steve says:

    I purchased millions six years ago. The way this is going, I wouldn’t doubt that they lop off 4 zeros and we owe them money.
    As Ralph Kramden said, ” Another get rich scheme that went Kaputt !

    An old geezer told me, that area has and always will be a dump.

    Lop off three zeros, then re value to 3 dollars and change against our dollar, which means we held this all the time for a little over two times
    our investment, big deal, I could have done that at the track.
    And what kills me is all the people that still think they will be millionaires.
    Seriously, my biggest hope is that the U.S. makes it big out of this and the economy turns to the bright side. Remember what Bush said, ” We are not going to pay for this war. “

  167. LarryC says:

    ” I welcome your comments” BS Adam and Mods BS! You took it out. Not relevent? What a joke!

    • Adam Montana says:

      LarryC if you have something to say about the article, please do so and I will happily approve it, like I did with the over 300 relevant comments you see here. I’m not approving your comment when you just want to talk trash.

  168. Susie says:

    Hi Adam, I hope you are doing well also.
    It’s a tough call. I find it difficult to come to grips over the U.S. pulling out of Iraq like this. However, the Iraqi’s are being trained and I do believe we would have their backs as well. Should Iran attack, don’t you think we would be all over it?

    I think most of us are in for the long haul. They have much to learn and clean up and re-think in their strategies. We can wish them well and be patient.

    Thanks for your updates! Susie

  169. Fred Brooks says:

    Thanks for the information Adam. I read where some of the people laid it on line how they feel about thing and about you. I think people are tried of reading what they read in the rumor section saying it going to happen on certin dates and then it does not happen. I am here in Texas and I do not know if you have connections over there maybe you do. I have realtive in Dubi that work for Exxon Mobile and he does all the oil contract between them and iraq and he tells me there is a lot of company over there doing business with iraq but he never hear anything about iraq revauling their money. I would have thought that iraq would have revalue by now but it have not happen. I really look forward to hearing from you Adam when you send out emails I am sure you want it to revale also. so maybe one day by the will of God I will get a email from you saying it revalue. Thanks Fred Brooks

  170. Mike R says:

    One question does come to mind. What about the twenty bases we have surrounding Iran?

  171. Anthony says:

    I for one do not beleve that the US will leave Iraq out to dry,not after all the lives and millions that have been spent there.The US has too much invested to throw it all away.Our WMD’s are not that far away from their borders.Our planes are only minutes away so theimportant thing is to think positive.Based on the developement that is inprocess and the developement of the oil fields , everything seems to be running in te right direction.
    In God We Trust

  172. dino says:

    hi adam,every one,,,well whats next,,i guess its wait and more wait, good luck to every one , i ,ve know some folks who bought dinar and waiting to cash out , well its been 5 yrs and they are only getting more and more grey on their head,wow what a trip,, any how , this is what i read about the dinar, the news is on another site, good luck to all of us and adam thanks 4 still being there 4 all us,,,,

  173. Larry Parker says:

    Hello Adam,
    I am seeing most all the other commentors on the Dinar stating the HCL and the Chapter 7 are completed and only waiting now for the RV. What information do you have different from theirs that leads you to believe both have not been completed. I don’t understand how the reports can be 180 degrees apart???? Please help me out on this one.
    Thank you,

    • Adam Montana says:

      Larry, it’s exactly this simple: Stop listening to anyone who says “it’s done” in any way, shape, or form. The HCL is almost resolved, and Chapter 7 is almost completely lifted. Stay on the newsletter or in VIP – when either of those items are actually done, I will let you know and provide factual evidence to back up the claim.

  174. sparksnavy says:


    I agree with you completely–I read about the 3000 troop drawdown and it is rediculous!But,what can one expect from our Marxist/Socialist President,and an admitted one too!

    But,like others, I am a little concerned about the lopping of the zeros and the coming? new currency with the kurdish language added to it!

    What do you know about this?

    Keep up the good work Adam and know I know how hard you are working to line up everything when politics involved it sometimes is just a guessing game,unfortunately!One doesn’t always knows which way the wind is going to blow!


  175. Pierre says:


    I’m with you 100% as to the waiting game. I’ve invested for the future and I don’t believe it has happened as yet. I am waiting very patiently and pe coins together to get my business name then to proceed with future savings of taxes. As a VIP member I am in it for the duration. Thanks for all you hard work and dedication for our future.

  176. Sharon Needles says:

    You BREAK it – You FIX it!
    The U.S.A. will NEVER leave Iraq nor do they want us to.
    Only MONEY and LOTS of it can Cure what ails Iraq!
    Corruption or No Corruption can stop the benefits Iraq will reap from
    a sizable RV – it’s the ONLY thing that can FIX it!
    with a Sizable RV – .25 ~ $1.00 WOULD be what I call Sizable!
    Pray for Those you Love – NOT the Things you Love!

  177. mamat says:

    Thanks Adam,
    l dont know much about this situation, l can only pray and hope that RV will come soon for us to enjoy some of the money we should get, hopefully the RV will really benefits us all, but am also suspicious the RV will not come real and the IQD we are holding now will be just like old newspapers and sell it to money collectors for a few barks.
    Anyway, thanks for the information given.

  178. Cool says:

    Adam, you havent done enough homework- Iraq will Rv very soon and it dosent matter what conditions are present…wether troops stay or go or if they sell oil next month…theres a much bigger picture. Its called trillions….and the 4 major share holders are the Usa, China, Russia and Europe, as the whole economy world wide pretty much makes Iraq look good per capita as the rest of the world has placed their bet on Iraq to “be the one”…So Mark my words…RV really soon! watch and learn. Cool.

  179. Matt says:

    I was just thinking, that if it RV’s at even one dallar that would make most Iragis millionairs do to the high inflation, and with weapons so easily available and IED’s relatively inexpensive wouldn’t that make it more of a threat to turn a bunch of terrorist into millionair’s overnight.. let me know what you think…

  180. Frank says:

    Only problem is, What? 7 years. I am still keeping my fingers cross. The currency is not Kuwait.

  181. Mopar Man says:

    The Dinar issue is nothing but a bunch of sorry **** bull ****. Everyone has been scammed. Sell back all of your ******* Dinars.

  182. Steven2117 says:

    Hi Guys,

    In 2003 with the new Iraq dinars getting into circulation, the CBI asked for buyers for the dinars from out side Iraq so Iraq could get some Hard curencey (curencey on the Forex) to start rebuilding Iraq, they wanted us to buy thier new dinars
    The largest holder of dinars outside of Iraq is the US Government, do you remember Bush saying that this war will pay for itself
    The CBI conducts, foreign exchange auctions most days, to help ensure the new curencey is stable, this process helps to determine the exchange rate
    The name Dinar comes from the Greek word for money
    This is from Hugh Tant III from the White House in 2003
    all of the countries that let Iraq of with most of Iraqs debt to them all got a shed load of dinars

    Look at and save this site as it has more upto date info on Iraq with more news sections to read, it will keep you reading for hours I have many site for info but this one is by far the best I have come across over the years

    Now for the look at disinformation/smoke & mirrors
    According to Reuters on the 11th Feb 2010 Iraq expects to redenominate its dinar currency by knocking three zeros off the nominal value of bank notes to facilitate currency transactions
    The Rothschild family owns Reuters, this is the same Rothschild family that owns the CBI, history is about to repeat itself once again,
    remember earlier that the Rothchilds ancesters purchased all the colonial currency they could find and at the same time they had their network of people declaring how worthless the currency was, soon afterwords Alexander Hamilton restored the value to the colonial currency
    The same thing is happening today, the Rothchilds are setting up their network of agents and friends with as much dinar and bonds as possible via the stock market and acquistions, and at the same time they say the currency will redenominate and is worthless through their media complex, places like reuters and AP provide the Rothschilds with their own personal forums, then when the time is right Shabibi will revalue the dinar

    If you checked on the above links and watched the video in the last link you know that the Rothschids also own the Royal Dutch Shell. look at the oil contracts in Iraq that have been given to Shell, look at the 17 Billiuon gas contract signed by Shell
    In conclusion
    When we consider an Iraqi RV we need to look at the really big picture. There is more at stack here than a war torn country that suffered under a brutal dictatorship and is merely trying to emerge from this economic ruin, We are dealing with global interests that want to establish a foothold in this region. The global elite wants to dominate this regoin and establish their control over its recourses. The dinar is a toll to do just that.
    Check out the US debt clock on,
    The above is one guys veiw on the Iraq situation, take it for what it is, read and research for yourself instead of being spoon fed crap info from people who know next to nothing about the entire situation, dinat chat sites are full of people who have a few hundred thousand dinar and then spend all their time talking utter bollocks about an RV every week, its always next week, do they say way it did not RV, na they just get right on with the next rumor that it will RV next week, at this rate they will be right one day, even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day

    Melanie, Vietnam is a comunist country like China and will keep its currency low against the rest of the world to keep their exports cheap, I got ride of all my Vietnam dong years ago when the penny droped

    Oh and lets not forget, George sneaky bastard Soros has got something to do in the Iraq CBI, very fishy

    I think we are at a stage in the dinar that is sorting out the men from the boys, like Warren Buffet said, Be greedy when others are fearfull and be fearfull when others are greedy

    25,000 becomes 25, they will have to RV at least to $2 a dinar otherwise the dinar will be worthless you cant buy naff al in Iraq for 25 dinar so the 25 becomes $50 and a million becomes $2,000 and Im sure it will go up in value from the $2

    If you cant watch your investment loose 50% and not panic you should not be in this deal go buy something safe like National saveing certificates

    Or sell your dinars and get them into an Iraqi bank then it dont matter what they do your moneys going to be Ok, get into the ISX as well then you have your arse covered as many ways as you can, buy shares in the State owned comps that have a % of shares in the privet hands

    Anyone telling you they have an in with someone in the Iraqi Government or the CBI and can get you the RV news a week before anyone else or that you will get a better exchange rate than anyone else
    is blowinga a load of smoke up your butt

    Have a nice day

  183. mark says:

    What others say;

    “The Big Boys Steer Clear of the Dinar”

    “At this year’s Global Currency Expo, five different currency experts recommended you buy and hold the Chinese renminbi for the next 10 years (that includes yours truly).

    (By the way, not one expert at our sold-out currency conference recommended you buy the Iraqi dinar – and these guys are the top of their fields.)”

    Much more on this and the game is up. “After all, “revaluing the currency” didn’t help anyone holding the Turkish lira a few years back.”


  184. RDorRV says:


    We are all in this for one thing and one thing only. MONEY and lots of it.

    The argument RD (LOP) versus RV continues to rage.

    If RD then we all better dump our dreams, lick our wounds and go find ourselves something else to dream about.

    If RV then we are all in for a miracle at some unknown point in time.

    Given we are in this forum and in this investment for one thing only “MONEY”..we need to decide whether its RV or RD.

    Adam’s VIP arena promises ways to mitigate taxation risk and asset protection for which Adam chooses to charge a fee through VIP membership.

    So Adam the only question I want you to answer for me with your detailed justification is is this an RD or an RV?

    If you favour RD then what purpose your VIP arena since we will all have little or nothing to protect from Uncle Sam.

    Please answer this question.

    I’ll abstain from all other political, pumper versus bashing, AM versus Okie bickering that consumes wasteful energy.

    I just want to know if this is an investment worth hanging onto if not for my benefit but the benefit of my children and grandchildren.

    Good Day to you all.

  185. Tico says:

    Adam, you are only looking at one perspective, drawign the US tropps down. There are NATO personnel in this oucntry too…yes I am in iraq right now and they are here. Do not think NATO will have myopic vision when it comes to Iraq and its allies all over the country. Personanlly, I do not think it is doom and gloom, let’s shy away from that. You sound a bit precipitous in your initial analysis of the situation.

  186. limrick777 says:

    aint no such thing as a rocket surgeon just rocket scientist and rocketman

  187. patrick says:

    I want to state a few things, i have been at this dinar thing for quite awhile ( not getting in the ” i can spit farther contest”)… i have watched many many many sites that give their own opinion on the situation with the Dinar. Adam is by far the best… person to listen to…. his information is very keyed in… and he doesn’t package it in a fancy bow either… its straight forward and to the point. With that being said… all this VIP and book pushing is getting somewhat old and makes me wonder sometimes if the information given on random dates are more for a book push or member push. i’m not trying to fault you adam by any means! we all have to earn a living and if you research into this as much as i think you do… you should make some money for doing the work for us. But i do hope that it never gets in the way of the true information and the true news on the actual dinar. Adam, don’t take this personal… its been a really long road… lots of doubt all the time… you by far are the only one i truly listen to.

    • Adam Montana says:

      Patrick, if I’m the only one you listen to it truly amazes me that you aren’t willing to support my work by buying a book or signing up for VIP. Thank you for the compliments, and keep in mind that if it weren’t for the VIPs who support my work, I wouldn’t have nearly as much time to share with you. Then you’d be stuck with all the other clowns that predict an RV every week… imagine how much fun you’d have complaining about THAT situation! LOL! :)

  188. Bethany says:

    I have a quick question regarding the protection of Iraq. It was just announced that Pres. Obama is removing most of our troops from iraq by the end of the year, leaving only 3000 troops. Does this have anything to do with the RV?

  189. ENP says:


    Very good analysis! I wholeheartedly agree. The subject you raised has not been addressed too much in the forums to date.

  190. Victor says:

    Well said grass hoppa. There is so much information coming out right now regarding the rv of the IQD. But I truly believe the speech Obama is making tonight will have an immediate impact on the rv, according to what I have been reading.

  191. dinarrat says:

    I appreciate your site Adam and I am glad for the sanity you bring to this forum. As I read through many of the comments I would say the following:

    I hope the dinar will rv and I do not think it will play out as optimistically as most hope, including myself.

    The reasons are simple. 1. Although Iraq is grateful to be out from Saddam there is no overreaching loyalty to the US. 2. Iraq will do what is best for Iraq. 3. What works best for Iraq? RV the currency and pay out big money. Not likely. A more practical approach is to lop the zeros, create a new coinage for small change, reprint some necessary changes in the currency to accommodate the lop, exchange the old with the new at 1000 to 1, then peg the new currency to anther currency (probably not the US Dollar). This will create a small RV (Max about 300%) (ex: 1 million dinar(old) =3000 after lop. This is the most favorable condition under a lop and the rv could be much lower.) This process will be much cheaper to Iraq than any other option. 4. There is a real division between the government and the people. Keep them happy enough to not revolt, but not much more. The leaders do not seem to relate to the people other than political posturing and occasionally throwing the people a bone every now and then. Either you are rich and paid attention to or you are not and then just appeased.

    I realize this is my opinion and many will take offense to it. My purpose is to give what I believe is a realistic outcome from this long term investment. From an investors point of view, this is highly risky, with minimal return ratios as probable. I am invested in the dinar moderately heavy and did not want to believe the lop until it was submitted to parliament, then I saw it as the best possibility for Iraq.

    Had I really studied and looked at this instead of all the hype from years ago, I would not have invested thousands, since I could take much of that and get better returns in a shorter period.

    I would like to add that the dinar does give one intrinsic value that I have not seen mentioned which does make me feel better about holding the currency. When the US Dollar is removed from the oil standard, the dollar will seriously devalue. This will result in the US credit rating dropping some more along with the inability to repay our debt promptly. At which point, holding foreign currency instead of US Dollars will be a blessing (similar to gold and silver bullion). Of course the same could be said for many other currencies.

    Last, there are those who will attack my ideas by attacking me. I am a US Citizen, a veteran, and a patriot. I just don’t allow that to cloud my judgment about where we are headed.

    A good book to read about where we are headed is AfterShock” the coming financial meltdown. This book has some good insights, though not very popular. Usually the truth is not, unfortunately. I also derive no monetary benefit from recommending this book. Just trying to help people. Read and draw your own conclusions.

  192. Mopar Man says:

    So velly solly for using so-called curse words. The reality of a world wide scam by this Dinar thing is that which most of you refuse to acknowledge.
    You hope against hope….you cannot make a dollar out of 15 cents.

  193. John says:


    good post. I have lived and worked in Iraq and the Middle East for many years and I agree with your assessment that Iran will jump on the chance to invade Iraq and take their oil and another essential natural resource in the Middle East – water (as well as great farmland). My concern would be that even if Iraq is given the green light to (once again) possess WMD, that they would not have time to develop them before America pulls out and Iran could invade. Also, with our current pro-Islamic, anti-American adminstration in the US, the chance that we would protect Iraq is minimal. Otherwise, we can hope and pray for a positive RV that benefits investors and the Iraqi people.

  194. Jeff Marshall says:

    Hi Adam,

    Everything you said probably is true. It is understandable that they need to protect there country. When they supposively didn’t have WMD when Sadam Huisan ran things and had Iran scared, but what does that have to do with the oil? Iran want’s the oil, not the money, so what does that have to do with the RV?

    Thank You,
    Jeff M.

  195. quietlearner says:

    Can certainly understand your concerns in regards to the Iran threat, however, I am under the impression that there were two key elements to insuring that the Iraqis could defend against such an attack. In reviewing the Ebril agreement which has been implemented in both spirit and text, and the GOI voluntary seating. My understanding is that since these two items have been implemented, under the United Nations own rules, Iraq shall enjoy complete and total protection from any threats to National Security. I believe that PM Maliki’s entire hold out for the GOI was to insure that a Saddam Huesien would never occur again. I believe that this was an incredibly bold move and it took some serious political maneuvering on his part. I would encourage you to take a look at this scenario again and see if you don’t see what I’m seeing. I hope I am correct in the assumption that any threating move towards Iraq by anyone would bring the Wrath of the UN instantly.

  196. Jimboceasar says:

    Am reading your info to digest! I see someone has picked-up on your “Rocket Surgeon” comment! Just for info, I am incorporated as Sub-chapter “S”, in my state for last 10 yrs. Right now, I am contemplating transferring my held Dinars, into an WARKA savings account! Have heard media reporting possible troop drawdown to 3000 next year. Have we, in this country, gone completely mad!!! Have we, in this country, now totally subscribe to LUNACY!!! Has our leadership (Awk!) totally forgotten the vast investment of men, money, & resources toward the goal we set out to achieve only a decade ago! Do you think our President & His Administration doesn’t know about the gazillions of Iraqi Dinar they own? What planet, is our President from, do you think he’s an Alien? At this time, do you think that we go up in smoke next Dec. 2012, right after the election?


  197. gyarbrough says:

    OK i know we are not suppose to talk religion but read Revelation, chapter 18 and decide for yourself. As for as Adam is concern he has been right a lot of the time and he does not give rate or date. Thank You Adam for that.
    As for as removing out troops i really hope they don’t do that and just leave a few that would not be a good thing. I remember something about the Priminister(when he was over here) saying something about announcing something after there holiday so let us just wait and see what that something is. I really think it might take 2 – 3 years for Iraq to come back to where they were before the war of 3 plus. Maybe not but what ever it is we have invested in this and need to see it all they way through

  198. TobiasinKuwait says:

    I been working with the military in Iraq and Kuwait and Qatar and Dubai for 7 yrs now. I’m currently in Kuwait on the military base. There is NO WAY that Iran will attack Iraq. This article is not fully informed. The administration is currently talking to Kuwait officials to increase the number of US Military troops in Kuwait as back up. It takes a military unit thats on stand by only a couple hours to enter Iraq from Kuwait and settle any conflicts on the ground. As you know Kuwait is right in the bottom of both Iraq and Iran. We have patriot missiles, fighter jets, and air defense systems facing Iran FROM Kuwait just in case they decide to be slick. Iran is protected even with out troops in Iraq! U dont have to have WMD in Iraq to protect Iraq. The US Military is in Turkey, Isreal, Kuwait, and Bahrain. ALL these countries surround IRAQ and IRAN. Not to forget that we also have battle ships and aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf all facing IRAN. So the withdrawal of troops from Iraq in my eyes will not provoke another country to attack.

  199. Warren In VA says:

    Mr. Montana, I don’t understand why you are worried about Iraq being invaded by Iran. It already is. PM Nouri al-Maliki is allied with Syria and Iran already. Let’s not forget The Shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr is back from exile from Iran and is a very powerful religous leader. Both the PM and the celeric leader hate the US. So to keep a long winded article short the US has given Iran a new country. The worst thing that has happened is the re-election of Nouri al-Maliki. I purchased Dinar 6 years ago without research. Knowing what I know now, I would’ve never made the high risk purchase. If I make a couple of grand on my 1.2 mil IQD I’ll be relieved. There’s just too much IQD in circulation to make any real windfall profit. Thank you for your time and effort. Take Care

  200. X19 says:

    I don’t care what anyone else thinks or says.
    Our nation has helped Iraq to eliminate a murderous dictatorial regime at great costs and I expect to be richly rewarded for capitlizing them.

    My firm expectation is $65,000,000. If I don’t get it I will respond by introducing a power system that will make oil obsolete before Iraq can stabilize.

  201. Adam; Sorry to hear the negative news about the dinar ! Just purchased an
    additional 1,200,00 dinars but would still do it again eventhough things
    look doubtful in Iraq now ! Maybe RV will still happen soon ! Thanks very much for your dinar news as I always look forward to it !

  202. Michael Matthew says:

    Thanks for the intel Adam. It’s much appreciated. To everyone (like Bro. Richard) reading this, making comments or not, there is some info you need to know.
    1. The Trinity “Doctrine” is a false doctrine implemented by men in the 3rd century. This was admitted by Pope Benedict XVI. (among other “religious” encyclepedias, etc.) 1 should be able to figure this out when they look at what The Messiah said. “You can blaspheme My Father’s name, you can blaspheme My name, but You cannot blaspheme the Holy (Set Apart) Spirit (Ruach Ha Kodesh)” If all 3 were 1 & the same it would be impossible to blaspheme 1 & not the other 2, which would make Yahoshua out to be a liar.
    2. The Messiahs name is Yahoshua & NOT Jesus! Names DO NOT GET TRANSLATED! Acts 26:14,15 says, Paul(then Sual) heard a loud voice in the Hebrew language. & when Saul asked, “Master who are you?” (not Lord, i’ll get to that in a minute) The Bible says, “I am Jesus”. This is impossible for 2 reasons. a) THERE IS NO “J” IN HEBREW!! & b) The letter “J” as it exists today in english, as a consonant, DID NOT EXIST AT ALL 500 YEARS AGO, LET ALONE 2000+ years ago!!! don’t believe me? look up a 1611 King James Bible! there are NO Js!! The creator’s name is IAH in Psalm 68:4 & Isaiah 12:2, & His Son’s name is Iesus. THESE NAMES ARE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. & unless we are willing to call THE CREATOR OF HEAVEN & EARTH & HIS SON LIARS, we should call them by their correct names. EXODUS 20:7 says do not take the NAME of YAH in vain. which means do not make it worthless. If we don’t use it, we automatically make it worthless. It does not says NAMES & there is not 1 scripture that says it does not matter what you call Him. The rest of EX.20:7 says none will be held guitless, or blemeless who brings His name to naught. Read The Book of Malachi to see how important His name is to Him.
    Now…points regarding what we call Him now, “God” & “Lord”: God is singular “El” in Hebrew of Gods (Elohim) which are the Angels that left their original domain to be worshipped by man. These are known to us as fallen Angels who Abba YAH created, so He cannot be one. He is THE MOST HIGH! & “Lord” in Hebrew is BAAL!! Read the old testament Deut., Numbers, Kings, Chronicles, Jeremiah, etc. to see how often His people (Ysraylites) were either turning to BaaL, or Fighting the prophets of BaaL! BaaL is a false “God” like Vulcan, Apollo, Zues, Thor, etc. We are to worship & follow The Most High YAH, in the name of His Son Yahoshua The Messiah, only! & As far as Yahoshua saying, “I & My Father are one.” He meant on one accord. The same way in Genesis Yah tells us that a man should leave his parents & cleave to a women & they are to be come one flesh. He does not mean meld into 1 being, but to be on one accord.
    Please read your scriptures people. Don’t listen to agents who are paid to lie to you regarding what the scriptures mean. Ask the Father to reveal them to you. Each individual will be held accountable for what they believe & who they chose to follow when their judgement comes.
    Shalom & YAH bless. take care all & call on YAH in Yahoshua’s name.

  203. J.E. says:

    I don’t know what all this talk is about iraq being invaded by Iran??? Even when the u.s. does withdrawl our troops, we have thousands of troops in the surrounding countries. NOT to mention the Persion Gulf aircraft carriers and destroyes. This subject is obsolete to me and i don’t know why I just wasted my time. The R>V> WILL happen asap cause SHABIBI is pist and wants this to happen more than anyone. He him self said the wealth in iraq ‘belongs to the iraqi people’. And there isn’t gonna be a LOP.. all you lop talkers dont know a thing.

  204. TobiasinKuwait says:

    I’m a American working in the Middle East for 7 years now. We expats out here have easy access to PLENTY of Iraqi Dinar at all the banks and exchange dealers on every street corner here in Fahaheel neighberhood around me…BUT whats shocking to me right now is that as of LAST NIGHT I started to get calls from coworkers who went to their dealers to buy more, and the dealer said sorry we are SOLD OUT, then they went to approx 5-6 other exchange places and they also said 2 things, sorry we are SOLD OUT or sorry we NOT selling them anymore. I did not believe them, so I got dressed and went there with my roomate who is heavy into the dinar, and sure enough after 90min of walking down half a dozen blocks and checking 8 diff exchange places I finally found one that had the iraqi dinar on hand, but the problem at this exchange was that there was a line in front of me, and I watched as local Kuwaiti citizens, British expats, and American expats bought stacks of IQD that stuffed envelopes to the fullest! One guy had so much that he needed a grocery bag cause he could not hold it all. The hype out here in Kuwait is REAL and Ive never seen these places run low or run out of IQD. Iraq just signed 98 billion contract with shell oil a few days ago. Plus my roomate is in security and when he worked in Baghdad in 2010 he said he was part of the excort team for Condelizza Rice who left back to America with black foot locker full of Iraqi Dinar for her personal stash! This might be a scam to all of you in America who have to deal with these Gurus and their lies on some websites, but im on the ground here and in 7yrs working out here I have never seen this much hype, talk, or anxiousness around me! Im not PAID by anyone to type this, im a real expat and u can add me on FB under TOBIAS BARBIR where u will see all my photos from around the world and the middle east since I came here in 2004 when I also bought my first 100,000 IQD and been waiting ever since! I pray al this will put smiles on our faces, and even if it does not hit at a high level and just goes to a few pennies, we all will STILL gain a positive profit from our investment! Wish u all well…im off to Afghanistan next! Unless the RV hits before I fly….LOL

  205. David Briant says:

    Hi Adam,

    Thank you very much for this informative email and I totally agree with your assessment. I always thought to myself what Iraq would do after all the US troops leave and what the UN would do to help them and you said it allow them the weapons to protect themselves. Still we all hope the RV is soon!


  206. JEFF SIMS says:

    can anyone tell me where we are at with this investment and are we going into 2012

  207. mopr man says:

    All I hear or read is nothing but alot of psyco-babble as well as alot of opinions, so-call, that are woefully short on substance. Is there anyone who knows anything about this Dinar crap? It’s true that I,as well as so many of you, just speculate at this time. There are numerous folks out there in reality land that need real answers NOW!!!!

  208. mopar man says:

    you’ve all heard that anything that is too good to be true probably is. The powers that be,that control the global wealth will devise another wicked method to see to it that we Americans get just crumbs when all is said and done.

  209. Tony T says:

    I am a rocket surgeon, I graduated from the NASA SCHOOL OF MEDICINE. Go rv…

  210. Steven2117 says:

    Baghdad—The central bank has announced a large increase in the countrys foreign currency reserves
    Mudher Muhammad Salih an adviser to central bank govenor Sinan al-Shabbi said that on the 6th September the banks reserves, are now at $58 Billion Dollars
    Salih added that the bank had recently succeded in controling the inflation rate
    He said the CBI would continue to obtain different foreign currencies and increase its overall amount of foreign currency reserves in order to protect the value of the Iraqi dinar, which he said was a main goal of the bank
    Iraqs foreign currency reserves are 45% in Dollars,45% in Euros, and 10% in British Pounds
    Iraqs Baghdad based Central Bank, which is an independent institution, has branhes in Bassra, Sulaymaniah, Irbil, and Mosul
    Now we have the CBI Independent owend by the Rothchilds and has George sneaky bastard in there somewhere, now George gave Obama a load of funds to help get him win the election, things are at present looking not so good to get a second term in the Whitehouse, BUT if the Dinar RVs soon ish before the next election the sun will shine out of his arse and can then clain all the glory as the Government has a large stash of dinars that will pull the US out of the debt crap that it is in at the moment
    This is just the way I see things may happen, its NOT set in stone

  211. Paul says:

    Iran has Nuclear weapons?
    If we believe this how much of the article should we believe?
    The media spin the truth>>>

  212. Aurelio says:

    My buddy made me buy dinars and for 7 years he has been telling me the RV is going to happen next week!! I mounted my dinars on a large picture frame and i plan to sell then on my next cruise at the art gallery, people there are just as gullible..LMAO

  213. JEFF SIMS says:

    Here we are Sept 19, 2011. still no rv..looks like we are going into 2012.

  214. Paul says:

    In November 2009 I received an email from my good friend who told me to buy Dinar right way before the Dinar RVed which was expectedto hapeen within the next week or so. Since November 2009, I have been receiving about two/three emails each month from my friend saying the Dinar will RV within the next two/three days. Iam stillm waiting for that one email from my friend which says the Dinar has RVed and I can take my Dinar to the local bank and trade the Dinar for $$.

  215. laughingoutloud says:

    I find it amusing that people come to speculation wqbsites looking for answers.. We are just looking at news sources, personal sources, and gut intuitions.. No one has a crystal ball and my 8 ball keeps saying “ask again later” the rv will or won’t happen wit it happens or doesn’t happen.. Quit fretting.. Get a job live within your means.. And deal.. Its speculation for a reason.. Peace

  216. JEFF SIMS says:


  217. Investalizer says:

    What will happen to the value of the NID if the world currency shifts from the US Dollar to another country’s currency? Certainly the value of the dollar will tank. Does this mean there is a potential to have a negative return on our purchased dinar?

  218. amiap says:

    adam montana is a punk! Blehhhhh!

  219. Danny says:

    I have read alot of related articles stating that iraq will delete three zeroes from it’s currency by 2013. If this does happen it makes me believe that their currency will never revalue at a decent rate and we have wasted our time and energy on this investment. Any comments?

  220. Bob Dorman says:

    We armed the hill folks in Afghanistan to fend off the Russians. Look what happened. Don’t arm other countries, especially ones with hot-headed Muslims bent on killing infidels, with any weapons, let alone nukes. These desert SOBs don’t have the mental or spiritual clarity to be responsible with such weapons. The value of the Dinar is not worth a nuclear war.

  221. Sarah says:

    Any updates Adam? It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard anything.

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