Adam Montana predicts the RV rate

There’s a lot of speculation on the Iraqi Dinar, and one of the most confusing and uncertain aspects of the final outcome is: The Rate. We constantly hear people making predictions and taking guesses… but what is the Iraqi Dinar rate actually going to be?!

Hi Everyone. I’m Adam Montana, and I’m going to do something I have largely avoided for the past few years… I’m going to give you my analysis of a potential rate on the future (and pending!) ReValuation of the Iraqi Dinar.

For those that don’t know me, here’s a quick breakdown of “Adam Montana”. My background is in business and investing. I have been invested in the Dinar for many years. I started a blog a few years ago to help my friends and family keep up with the news coming out of Iraq, and that blog created quite a stir in the currency speculation crowd! It started out getting a couple of visits per day, then 40-50 visits per day,, then 400-500, then 4000-5000, and it kept growing… pretty soon it was too much to handle the daily questions, so I wrote a book, and called it “Real RV Intel”. I also started a newsletter, and send out pretty regular emails to those that are subscribed to it.

The book was well received, and thousands of people have benefitted from it – I’ve heard from hundreds of you, and the feedback is always positive! That’s a pretty amazing thing in itself, but eventually I decided to expand the community and was born.

Now the book is in thousands of happy customers hands, the newsletter reaches several tens of thousands of “Dinarians” across the US and the globe, and is home to a community of over 35,000 members! These members are responsible for some of the most intelligent commentary, the most intriguing news finds, and most incredible insight to be found anywhere. Between the three parts of the Dinar News Network (the blog, the Dinar News newsletter, and make up the majority of what is now known as the “Dinar News Network”)… let’s just say these sites keep me plenty busy!

Well, these same tens of thousands of members that make up the most intelligent and active Dinar sites on the entire internet are also responsible for racking up thousands of dollars in bills for me each month! :) Luckily, the VIP members contribute enough dollars to cover these costs, and then some. I am able to use those extra dollars to devote time to them, and also the entire community, and also prepare for an eventual RV of the Iraqi Dinar and offer unique Post RV investment opportunities that you will not find ANYWHERE else – I’ve been working on some of these opportunities since before the average “Guru” even heard of the Dinar!

Speaking of Post RV investment opportunities, it should also be noted that I did take and pass the Series 65 exam in order to qualify to legally be able to present these opportunities to the VIP members… I am very excited for that day to come, and if you’re not a VIP member I highly recommend you join! Here’s the link, if you need it:

Now, you know who I am… you know I’m at least intelligent enough to pass the hardest financial test available to anyone willing to take it… you know me by reputation and by my actions, if you’ve been a member for long… so let’s move past that stuff.

Let’s get to the meat, shall we? The RATE. :)

There are plenty of theories on what the rate of the revalued Iraqi Dinar will be, and they honestly range from pennies to dollars… my friends, that is a HUGE difference in ROI if you hold several million Dinar! Why, if the rate is several dollars, then your holdings could equal several million USD! If the rate is in the pennies, then your investment is potentially worth several tens of thousands of dollars… BIG swing there, right?

I’m going to list a couple of speculated rates and the reasons behind them, then I’ll tell you what I think is most likely.

Speculated rates:


Based on Kuwaiti Dinar.

It’s been said that the rate must equal their neighboring Kuwaiti Dinar rate, which would put the Dinar at $3+. Many people speculate that the Iraqi’s are a prideful people, and it would be a slap in the face to have a revalued currency be less than Kuwaits.

Based on dropping the 0’s

It’s mentioned many times in the news that the 0’s could be dropped, which would mean one of two things:

1. The 0’s are dropped from the bills, which essentially puts most investors at a break even return. Nothing gained, nothing lost.

2. The 0’s are dropped from the exchange rate, which is currently .00086 (Dinars are worth about 1170 IQD per 1USD, or an exchange of .00086). This means your dinars are worth .86USD per Dinar – in other words, a 10,000 IQD note is exchanged for $8,600 minus spread and bank fees. (If you don’t understand the “spread”, or you think there will be no spread, PLEASE read my free Cash In Guide. It’s located here: )

Based on “equal to the USD”

We see articles all the time that reference the US Dollar, stating that the CBI wants the IQD to be equal to the USD. An easy assumption is to simply RV at 1:1, making a 10,000IQD note worth $10,000.

Based on “they can’t RV low or investors will buy too much!”

Some people state they will not cash in for anything less than $1. They state that Iraq would be foolish to RV at a low rate, because then big money will come in and buy up a ton of Dinar before it can go higher. (I intend to prove this theory wrong, FYI.)


My Thoughts:


Keep in mind that I’m trying to keep this as simple as possible. I am going to use hypothetical figures, and I’m going to make my point as quickly as possible… we all have better things to do than listen to an old guy like me ramble on for days, right? 😉

I agree with a few of the speculations above. I think the Iraqi Dinar should have a higher value, and I think we are simply waiting on the HCL or Chapter 7 to be finalized… then it will be “GO” time! But my opinion of the rate goes a little deeper… it includes a “business sense analysis” that I think everyone should be prepared to accept.

Iraq is a business – and the business is natural reserves. Iraq holds a majority of the worlds natural gas and also black gold, also known as “oil”. When Iraq is released from Chapter 7 and the HCL has been settled, they will begin operating their business using the same principals any other successful company uses – the goals being profit, sustainability, and success!

Did I mention profit?

Yes indeed, friends!


The most important concept to understand today is this: The CBI makes money on every auction, and they will continue to do so forever. When the Dinar changes value, the CBI buys it at a lower rate, and then sells it at a higher rate.

The CBI will ALWAYS choose the path that makes them the most money. Keep that in mind as we continue with this paper!

Let’s move forward a few steps and talk about a ReValued dinar. I agree that a lower rate than Kuwait will be a blow to the ego’s of the Iraqis. I agree that it should be on par with the USD, or even higher. I agree that the rate WILL get there… eventually.

When the Iraqi Dinar is ReValued to a higher rate, it will become more desirable to do business in Iraq. Many people will be less hesitant to sign contracts and invest in Iraq. The current Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) should see some major movement… and the CBI (Central Bank of Iraq) is going to make tons of money on the exchanges!

I believe that Iraq can sustain a very stable currency at a rate of $3 or higher, but I don’t think they will immediately jump to that rate even if they ultimately desire it to be so.

Here’s why:

An instantaneous RV to $3.00 will create a ton of wealth – coincidentally, probably about the same amount of wealth that they lost when Saddam Hussein was taken out of power and the value of the Iraqi Dinar plummeted to mere pennies! What’s done is done, though, and we have to look at the situation for what it is today – not what it could have been or should have been.

When the Dinar rises in value and people are ready to “Cash In”, there is only one place that will ultimately buy the Dinar: The CBI.

Since they control the rate and they are the top of the chain, they can set their spread (the fees they charge for cashing in your Dinar) to any rate they want. I’m of the opinion that they will jack that rate up as high as possible in the beginning… and who’s going to say no? The CBI has a monopoly on this market and it is theirs to do with as they please.

A normal foreign currency exchange carries a “spread” of 2-6%. This means if you exchange $1000 worth of a foreign currency, you can expect to receive approximately $940 after the spread is taken out. Those numbers in the middle aren’t important, the only important thing is what you walk away with.

Since the CBI has complete control on the spread, which trickles down through every single banking institution that handles the Dinar, we are at their mercy. Don’t miss this next line:

If the CBI won’t buy your dinar, then you will not be able to cash in.

Take a hypothetical rate of $3.

The CBI can (and probably will) put a hefty spread their buy price – I’ve heard it will be at least 25% if they RV high. This means they will sell the Dinar for $3, but they will buy it for $2.25

Personally, I’d be grateful and overjoyed to see a 25% spread on a $3 RV! Most likely, we will only see about $2.00 per Dinar at a $3 RV by the time it gets in our hands (every party involved will take a little chunk, unless you are physically able to go to the CBI. And you can’t do that. So, just accept it – you’re going to pay a spread.)

Once again, the extra numbers aren’t important right now – the only number that’s important is the $3 and the $2.25, because that’s what the CBI is worried about.

Let’s say there is a billion USD worth of Dinar out there right now, or 1 trillion IQD. The CBI pays $2.25 for every $3 worth of Dinar, then resells it the next day for $3. That’s a profit of $75 billion just on the spread. Not bad, right?

The problem is it cost them 225 billion to do that… and that 225 billion goes right into the “debt” column.

My friends, Iraq isn’t about to go into debt so we can get rich. Therefore, a $3 RV isn’t the answer, and we must look at another possibility.

Take a hypothetical rate of $0.10 (ten cents)

Again,  using the same numbers we have 1 Trillion IQD that needs to be changed out to smaller denominations. The CBI announces the rate at ten cents and also announces that your large notes will be worthless in 90 days.

Every investor would love to hold out for a higher rate, but in this situation you have no choice… you cash out. The CBI will likely use the same spread, so they will buy 1 trillion Dinar at a rate of .10, minus 25% spread, which gives us about $750 for every 10,000IQD note we have… and the CBI makes 250 million in the first 90 days at an expense of only 1 billion. This puts their debt on this transaction at only 750 million… a far cry from the 225 billion in the $3 RV!!!

However, this is only the first step. Now I’ll show you how Iraq can easily wipe that debt out by ReValuing the Dinar at a lower rate initially, then making money as the Dinar increases in value over a relatively short period of time.

What about all the other investors that will now come in to buy up the lower denomination notes, speculating that the Dinar will continue to rise?

I completely agree that this will happen! And the CBI will continue to make money on it. In the above situation, the Dinar is being sold by the CBI at .10USD per 1IQD. After all of the large notes are brought in, it is reasonable to assume twice as much money will be poured back into Dinar by speculators, at .10. Now the CBI is able to sell 2 billion at 10 cents, and they can move the peg on the Dinar up a bit – say, to 15 cents. Investors will cash in for a profit, allowing the CBI to resell at the higher rate and once again make profit.

Of course, not all investors will cash in at 15 cents. For the sake of argument, let’s say half of the investors sell out at that point. The CBI pays 0.1125USD per dinar (A profit of 12.5% for the investors!!!) and resells that billion for 15 cents – securing a profit of 375 million.

The CBI’s “debt” on the original RV is now down to 375 million… do you see how this is working? The CBI is able to make up the “loss” on the original RV simply by continuing to hold auctions and allowing more and more people to profit on the increasing value.

At this point, in our hypothetical situation of a 10 cent RV, the CBI has covered half of it’s loss with only one “repeg”. They can continue to profit all the way up to the final rate of $1, $2, $3, or higher – as long as investors are willing to buy the Dinar, they can keep moving it up.

And the way things are going over there… why wouldn’t we keep buying? I know I plan on doing so!

In conclusion, I want to caution everyone to be careful with this investment. As good as things look, we never know when some hairbrained Arab is going to pull the pin on a grenade or something silly like that. Only buy what you can afford to lose, and always consult a professional before making investment decisions.

I hope you found this article to be helpful!

Best regards and WARMEST RV wishes,

– Adam Montana

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212 Responses to “Adam Montana predicts the RV rate”

  1. Will says:

    I did not see a rate. Did I miss it? Just speculation about several rates.

  2. Robbin Smart says:

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for publishing your concepts and research. Gives me something interesting to think about. Simply stated and understood.

  3. marke says:

    Adam how can they pay contractors at a 10 cents value?

    Rumers that they have been payed at a 3.25 value.

    Can you amagine getting at a sallery of 50 bucks an hour for two weeks pay how many dinars or dollars would he be payed?



  4. Andy says:

    Clever Clever Mr. Adam! You illustrated the possibilities, but I do not recall seeing YOUR opinion (prediction) of what you feel the new rate will be!

    Great analysis by the way.

  5. Jack says:

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for the insight and possiblities. I hope that each of us will realise that this is a real blessing in many ways.

    I hope you will continue to provide us with these timely updates, and that all will come together for many who have invested much into the IQD.

    Have a super day and take care of your family first and foremost.

    Thanks, Jack

  6. chavachic says:

    So from your discussion on the rate, anyone holding the $25K IQD will basically be screwed. Because at that rate, we can cash in (or we will have to cash in) and even if we want to reinvest the money, the cost of getting a lower currency will be higher so it will take a little more effort and time and the profit will not be what we first we given to imagine it would be.

    I am a little confused at this point as it has killed my logic and what to do with the gifted dinars to help those they were gifted to the best choice in cashing in. Of course I plan on cashing in with the party that I purchased the dinar from, but still it is once again a point of why I dislike what money does to people. It is not the money but the control and greed that money instills in people. Not a good thing.

    Am I on the right train of thought?

  7. Sandra Wolf says:

    Adam, would you say it is a good idea to not cash in everything if the rate is going to go up? Rather than buying more dinar at a higher rate as its value increases?

  8. Eileen says:

    On the other hand, Iraq has a lot of contracts to be paid for, some of which, it appears, have been getting paid the revalued rate since July. They have F-14s ordered. Are they going to pay for F-14s with money that is worth 10 cents on the dollar? I guess it is possible, but it will take them a long time to come up to par with Kuwait at that rate.

  9. Baghdad Bill says:

    Another “why would they” post from a reader–Why would they place a value on their currency that would preclude them from obtaining that which they need to grow quickly to their rightful place in world commerce. A higher rating would allow development of oil and other natural resources. It would pay for the Big Macs and Herman Cain pizzas. It would reduce the option for Russia, China, US, etc. to buy up the country and its resources for pennies on the dinar.

    Once again, I marvel at your thought pattern and hop that you have other items of interest to keep you occupied. I knew that I should not have read your lenghtly post.
    Baghdad Bill

    • Adam Montana says:

      Baghdad, I think you missed the point. Best wishes to you just the same.

      • mr7bf7economicresearcher says:

        Yes, Adam, the majority of these people, do not having any applied education in this investment field and do not understand the depth of your qualified analysis.
        Many also are dangerous promoters, promoting false speculation to promote thier selling interest(s)!
        The tremendous number of this kind of false Dinar Revaluation promoter(s) post flase information for selfish gratification and seeking idiolization! They also attract a large number of vulnerable followers! We know that group very well and many of the sub KING PIN Leaders!
        Your analysis has the highest rating of reality to this subject of Iraq Dinar Revaluations – as already has been repeatedly CBI & GOI announced as from the Reports of the Approved GOI ACTION as a LEGAL Government approved Parliamentary ACT!

  10. Mary says:

    I’m a VIP. You said it will be mandatory to cash in our large 25K notes within the 90 day (open window) period at the speculated $0 .10 RV rate? If so, do we reinvest that profit buying more dinar at the higher rate and keep repeating that process until you make a decent profit? I wouldn’t make much profit with the amount of dinar I now hold, under a mil, (850 K) after expenses (taxes included) at $.10

    • Adam Montana says:

      Hi Mary,

      First – thanks for your support! I tip my hat to you and all the VIP members, and I look forward to meeting you after the RV.

      To answer your question: if we MUST cash out, then we have no choice. We hope that we will be given the opportunities to ride the value all the way up, but there’s no way to be sure that will happen. At this time we’re simply waiting!

      Best regards.

    • nolosshere says:

      Mary – No 90 day requirement for cash out. It will take longer than that just to collect the dinar off the streets. If so that would leave them well over 2 yrs to get the 000’s removed. Sorry I don’t buy that one bit. This is all the same information circulating around that Okie and other self proclaimed “gurus” have propagated.

      By the way, save your money and stop subscribing as VIP. It’s a gimmick to get you to be loyal to one group and it narrows you vision. Browse around a lot of other sites and you will begin to see the pattern of alleged ‘intel’. Concentrate on the news coming from Iraq although there are some flaky stories and the news from CBI, USTreasury, IMF that you can actually read and see on tv. You’ll be surprised how far off a lot of the information put out is.

      Good luck to you!!!

  11. Jim says:


    Your thesis is well thought out and presended in a very logical manner.
    In my opinion, you are very close to the mark

  12. Doctor K says:

    I’ll take ten cents pr dinar in a heartbeat

  13. Did I miss something? How could they be in debt in any amount for exchange. They get the spread…but they also get the dinar…???

  14. Hugh Smith says:

    Yours is the most intelligent take on the Iraqi Dinar I’ve read. I don’t like it but I am afraid you are right. That’s the problem with greed we start counting our chickens before they are born. I know the CBI and Iraq need to make money fast and this is a great way to do it. So thanks again for your thinking. I knew you would catch a lot of flack for the $0.10 prediction but if you get in the kitchen you will get the heat.

  15. PJ says:

    As always, vague on the rate, and reasons have been heard many many times by many others, nothing new here.
    Keep the faith guys, even the leaders stumble all the way to the ground, the bigger they are the faster they fall.

  16. guest says:

    Actually what i think will happen is when the dollar goes belly up then the dinar will be revalued. Meaning whatever we hold in dinar’s won’t be worth squat in american dollar’s.

  17. Charles says:


    Thanks, Charles

  18. mike par says:

    Thank-you for the insightful and credible analysis. Have you evaluated the asset monetization theory? Namely, an rv rate predicated upon a long term deal to exchange IQD for oil at fixed (and deeply discounted) rate, thereby allowing Iraq to fund the rv in the absence of debt creation?

  19. Marq says:

    It has been .10 since day one with Adam, he hasn’t changed his opinion
    at all if you have been paying attention. I agree with his assessment for Iraq and CBI, why go higher at first when it can grow gradually, and the market will grow also at a natural pace. It won’t be hard on their system,
    thought the government of Iraq is looney most of the time. Going from Dictatorship to democracy takes time, mostly for people who actually are NOT sure that this is in their best interest…

  20. Shawn says:

    Adam, can you clarify the definition of a large note vs the small denomination we can hold on to?

    • nolosshere says:

      Get this… the whole theory about having to exchange in 90 days is not even an issue. This is more smoke and mirrors. Simply find a bank that you can open a foreign currency account with when it RV’s at $.10 as Adam claims and deposit your dinar there. Now you have the equivalent amount of dinar you own now in a bank account but in dinar value so you lose nothing. This way you don’t have to hold onto the paper and worry that it will be worthless. Then watch the rate and exchange to US Dollars when you’re happy with a rate increase in the future.

      NOW if IQD RI’s (Re-Instates) with will be at the $3.22 or $3.33 rate whatever it was and I’d say I’ll call it a day then. I’m super happy then.

      Just additional options you can consider.

  21. Ginger says:

    I have been investing in the dinar for 3 years and I am a member of your site. I appreciate the work you have put into this investment as I feel it benefits us all. You mentioned the wealth that the Iraqi people lost when Saddam Hussein was taken out of power. Can you tell me how much dinar they originally exchanged for a 25,000 note?

    Thank you!

  22. mike white says:

    curious about a threat/possibliiy to wipe out three zeros of the 25,000 denomination IRDs
    Is this practical?
    Can we just hold them and expect the country to have to honor them eventually?

  23. q says:

    this is complete nonsense

  24. Bill says:

    Great analysis. But what if the UN will not release remaining Articles of Sanctions in December’s upcoming Chapter VII review? Since the IDQ is being promoted to help reboot the global economy, couldn’t the UN mandate a higher RV rate behind the scenes before signing off on remaining sanctions? My point is the RV is not likely to take place until Iraq can control its own financial destiny, and that won’t happen until all UN sanctions are lifted. Put another way, the UN is in a position to keep sanctions on Iraq UNTIL the CBI RV’s its currency at a rate the UN likes.

    • thatoneguy says:

      Not a far fetched assessment. But i disagree that the IQD is being promoted as a remedy for the world economy. Yes it will help… a little, but it’s not gonna totally bail out the USD/Euro, etc. The RV will give the world economy a much needed boost, but at the end of the day, it’s all about keeping the rich, rich, and us little guys will finally have some capital to go forth with whatever ventures we choose.

      Great article, Adam. The modest $.10 is probable. You do have many sources and an education in investments, but man, I think I can speak for the most of us hoping it comes out at least a buck using the “de-dollarization” argument.

  25. barry says:

    A ten cent rate? This is what I waited 3 years for?????

    • Fawn says:

      I know what a kick in the pants the only ones who have made a massive amount of money are the ones who sell them to everyone

    • thatoneguy says:

      Seriously, barry? Gee wiz. I feel your angst after spread, taxes, other fees. But that still is quite the exponential gain. Yes?

      • Rick says:

        THree Years? Barry, Some of us have been holding since 2004. I’ll gladly take $.10 and smile all the way to the bank. I don’t need to be a multi millionaire, I just want to be a little more comfortable.

  26. Richard Siewert says:

    Excellent article – great food for thought. Here’s where I’m stuck: 1) If the IQD rv’s at say .10, won’t that still make the USD a preferred currency? Where’s the incentive for the average citizen to switch? 2) Setting a time limit on cashing in the big bills would also affect the average citizen. I can’t see where they could accomplish such a feat in 90 days (speculation, I understand) without having a revolution on their hands. 3) IF they could accomplish an initial low RV along with a turn-in time limit, I for one would immediately convert my larger bills to new smaller ones and wait until it hit the say $3.00+ mark. I’m thinking most investors would do the same thus defeating their “step” profit process. What makes most sense to me is to see a re-value at slightly more or equal to the USD with an exchange time limit and a slow value appreciation. That would make the people a lot more eager to make the change, not “break the bank” and still have some investor incentive as they slowly grow the value as the ecomomy grows. So, I guess I’m one of the hopeful .86 to 1.00 people. Love your insights – keep them coming please.

    • dacraigo says:

      The incentive for an Iraqi local to stop using US dollars would be Iraq being a sovereign nation, using a singular currency. Right now Iraq is a dual currency economy. Think about it, you can’t go into Walmart in the states and buy things with a euro. You would have to exchange it for local currency, as soon as Iraq stops allowing the USD in everyday Iraqi life they will have to use IQD, no matter the rate, hope this helps.

    • thatoneguy says:

      Great angle. This is where having some IQD parked in a Warka savings account would be VERY nice. I’m on that path myself, even planning on selling some of my physical currency to fund it. 10% CD’s and an already lucrative ISX still keeps my chops wet!

    • nolosshere says:

      I agree with your step 3)…. It would certainly be worth the additional cost IF it really came down to that but I do not believe it will.

      • Dr. D says:

        nolosshere, remember the arabs, iraqis can do what ever they want with the big & small denominations. You might not be able to buy smaller denoms !

    • Japeth Roho says:

      I agree Richard, at 10 cents the average Joe six pack Iraqi would still greatly desire US $’s over Dinar, and if speculators are going to make money the CBI would need the ‘herd’ to desire the Dinar over the buck in the country. If they do not it will only cause a black market in US $’s to crop up like in other places and Iraq will go to 3rd world status. Dacraigo has a great point, but the only thing wrong with it, is that the US $ is the currency where all other currencies are ‘pegged too’, in otherwords we are like Ancient Rome and our currency is desriable ‘everywhere’… yes Richard I must agree with you, if Iraq really, really wants their currency to stand head and shoulders over the dollar by getting their own people to desire it, they will ‘have too’ come up with someting better than 10 cents?

  27. Brian says:

    If they do require you to change in your large notes, I suspect that would not affect those that hold and have their investment in Warka account?

  28. Joy Waycaster says:

    Very interesting read. Question: at a .10 rate, could we trade our 25k for lower denomations, avoid the spread, and hold hopefully for higher rate? Thanks for all you do for us . You are very much appreciated. go RV Happy Thanksgiving

    • nolosshere says:

      There will be a considerable amount of cost exchanging from 25k note for say 250 dinar note. Look at the prices out there now. They are hard to get a hold of and cost about 3-4x of the 25k note.

  29. Beeftip says:

    If they want to get the large notes (25K) out of circulation, what denomination of the existing currency will become the largest bill in circulation? Basically, what IQD note should i have to cash in later hoping for a better rate?

  30. Garrett says:

    I’d pay all my bills with .10 cent RV and maybe a little extra for a car. Then sit and wait for it to go up because after all the waiting I’ve done what’s another year or two?

  31. Garrett says:

    So they will wait until all old bills become invalid to increase currency higher to prevent double dipping?

    • nolosshere says:

      I don’t see what massive gain they would have by doing that. People will just get foreign currency accounts and let is sit until rates get better. $.10 sounds foolish. Who is going to do business with a country when their currency is only worth $.10? I think not… That to me does not sound like a good representation of a nation known as the “Wealthiest Nation in the World” when they have all of that huge wealth underground.

  32. Rossenbos says:

    I think you’re close with your reasoning, but I think you are wrong calling it “debt” when the CBI buys dinar. It’s stock. It’s not debt. You make the mistake of confusing expenses with debt. Yes, they pay 225 Bio in your example but they will have stock of that value. The spread will be whatever it is, but in fractional banking they can take that income and when they turn it into reserves the value will be 9x that. There is a lot of quality in this thesis, but I think you are missing the point here and there.

    I 100% agree with you on the “Iraq is a business” statement and the CBI is the HQ. Not the GOI. I believe for psychological reasons they will go $ for dinar as they are able – easily – to fund the exchange.

    This will allow them to 1) cash in as much dinars as possible and 2) get the Iraqi people and the investors to quickly adapt to the new value. They’ll hit 3.30$ in a couple of years, although the US$ may not be the same by then, haha…

    • TED SAYS says:


    • Cotton says:

      Adam, What if a person opened a account at the CBI or Warka and has their dinar already setting over there? In the bank. Drawing interest.

  33. mark says:

    once looking into this & doing my “siphering”, i started buying more dinar expecting the low rate {which i’m still happy with}. I’m still hoping we can cash in & reinvest in dinar with our “found” money. our plan is to pay off debt & wait for big picture down the line[i’m lucky i like my job , so i dont mind waiting }if we cant reinvest we are still a lot better off then we were ,, THANKS

  34. Eric says:

    Thanks Adam
    I think your right on the process but think the start rate is low because the Iraqis want their people off the USD and on the IQD so to start out that low would not push Iraqis to use IQD over the USD

  35. Johnny Wiggins says:

    My question is ,if they want the people of Iraq to change over to the dinar do you really think a value of .10 will entice them to move away from the dollar. and at the rate of .10 would you need to worry about getting a financial tax attorney. unless you have 100m Dinar I’m for one can not buy into a .10 value you may be right but I hope to GOD you are off by .80 or more

  36. Vlad says:

    I have a Q: What would happen if I have CBI account and VR anounced tomorrow? Will I be able to “cash out” or stay and waite for better rate?

  37. TED SAYS says:


  38. mark j. smiley says:

    Fantastic analysis! I’d definitely be happy to see .10 and it’s very reassuring to see that what’s best for them will benefit us dinar investors as well.

  39. Don Ho says:

    Your more of an embacle than I thought you were!!! Folks, do NOT think for a second this freaken clown is anywhere near being correct.

    • Mak63 says:

      Then grace us with your opinion, hoe.

    • Brandon says:

      Not sure what an embacle is. Imbecile is the word you are looking for. Before you start calling names, I would ensure you know how to spell them. Now, you just look like an “embacle” and the message you are trying to pass, not that there was one of any value, will be ignored due to your illiteracy. Have a super day.

      • DrHow2 says:

        I agree with you Brandon. If one wants to attack at least use some ammunition and know your weapons (word spellings).

  40. Grandyco says:

    Thanks for the long explanation. However, I see some holes in the story. Iraq holds 80-90% of all dinars… so only 10-20-% is out on the street and much of that is owned by the Iraqi people. Regardless what the rate is, the iraqi holdings to debt will always be the same percentage. The higher the price of the dinar the richer the country is. Our small percentage of holdings is meaningless is the grand scheme of things. We are nothing but small potatoes to them and it doesn’t affect their decisions at all. Also, we must remember that they are not in total control of the RV. The decision will be made by the world bank and IMF. It is their goal to pull the world out of this crisis state by revaluing many currencies… one of which is Iraq. For them to come out with 10 cents is problematic for the world economy. The ones we really have to worry about is the UST or the US Banks. They want us to cash in early so they can hold out for the greater price. Also, the only thing that will keep Iraq stable is if the iraqis are as well off as the kuwatis. Making the iraqis wealthy is the only thing that that will bring stability and defeat Al-kada. look for a rate to start at 3 plus. My prediction. However, you may be right about the skimming.

    • Japeth Roho says:

      In total agreement with you. CBI’s stated goal is to make Iraqi Currency numero Uno. Just look at Kuwait (and as Adam points out) these are very prideful and do not cotton to furriners, if they are to be taken seriously by the world community they must come in with something far better than 10 cents, if they do not locals will continue to ‘lust’ for the $. I think the CBI would be cutting their thoarts at that rate and all this would be for nought…. at least 1 for 1…. at a minimum.

  41. JimBo says:

    Go RV :::
    The Investment into a Renewed Currencies is Happening when the Total Reset of the World occurs – Do Not see a simple answer cause there is not ONE answer.
    All answers must come from the Treasuries in all Countries.
    Value at ten cents is ridiculous – the Dinar requires Value to Make Iraq operate and to Pay It’s Debts – so look for $3 + after all the US Treasury valued it there with their Trillions bought.
    Each currency in the World will have a shocker – Hold On.
    Try $5-7 as a real speculation – remember it is not a single event.

  42. dacraigo says:


    First off I really enjoyed reading your thesis, very well written, with very good and very valid points, however. in reading your hypothetical situation of a $3.00 RV, you pointed out hypothetically that the CBI would make 75 billion off of a spread but would have 250billion in losses, which is not correct using your formula. If you buy something at $2.25 and sell it for $3.00 you made back your original purchase and came out ahead by .75 their is no loss their only gain. Unless I missed something, could you please elaborate?


    I am not arguing with your view point, I agree with your projected rate, just kind of wondering if you were typing too fast and missed this during proof reading lol.

    • Adam Montana says:

      dacraigo, they have to come up with that money to pay out in the first place. In this scenario they are not sitting on enough liquid cash to cover all of the speculation, therefore it would become debt that they will have to repay via future oil sales etc.

      Hope that helps :)

      • dacraigo says:

        I thought about that almost as soon as I asked it, plus what I was implying was the CBI turning around and reselling the dinar coming in which isn’t the case, big duh on my part. Thanks for the reply BTW.

  43. Cajun Dago says:

    Dear Adam’
    I will try n hope this get thru. I’ve been with u along time. When u offered VIP I tried to get in. When u offered cash in guide I tried to get in. But it never happened. I have never got a reply ever. But I stayed with u since 05. I worked in Iraq for 4 yrs. I purchase my dinar,5 mil(25000 notes) in Kuwait from an exchange with receipts for my purchase. I sat back, listened, observed, and researched. I would like to read your guide. I’m not a greedy person. I’m looking to set up my kids n grandbaby. Thanks for all your input. I’m up to par on pretty much everything except the best options for cashing in and with/thru who. Help if you can squeeze me in. Thx again. Greatly appreciate your work an efforts.

  44. Fawn says:

    Okay not to be sounding mean or anything but – could it that with a possible rate of .10 would cause people to run out and buy more ? Because they would not be making the huge money exchange. So it kinda makes one wonder about any rate that is out there . People ran out and bought more because of the 3.00 plus and now going to run out because of a 10. Rate. Then about the time table for exchange for the 25k notes – so to me that’s saying that you would have no choice but to exchange. I have been invested for years and have stopped buying and have encouraged my fiends to stop also- no one knows when or if this will happen or at what rate. Go ahead and delete or get mad but – I like many others are seeing a pattern here. Next we will hear is if it doesn’t happen by dec then next year etc etc . I’m glad for all the information out there but I have lost faith in this investment and very glad that I haven’t bought more.

    • Japeth Roho says:

      Personally I do not think 10 cents would make people go buy more, especially the local Iraqi, they would just lose faith in thier currency and buy more dollars which coincidentally would make Iraqi wealth leave the country and wind up in our currency.

  45. evangelfan says:

    This is the first rational, lucid explanation of how something like this would have to happen. I never understood how people could believe that the CBI could RV the dinar at several dollars overnight? How could they possibly service that? Your .10 and up explanation is basically what I’ve always told people that asked. They set a rate that they can immediatey service, and then have room to increase the rate to keep the demand going. Again, in my mind, this is the only way they can do it.

    I think I can speak for the masses in saying ANY move at all will be a great day in this country, and for this country. Hopefully leading to a small payback on our huge and costly investment there.

  46. Free says:


    Having been in this deal from start, and having heard it all over all these years, mostly guru bull $hit, it was refreshing to read a more honest reveiw whereby the $3.00 plus is only a dream, and the .10 is more reality. Personally, I have always felt it would revert to former value before invasion when it was .32, but no one knows for sure, not even these shacki Iraqi’s. Talk is cheap, action is priceless, too bad we have had too much talk and not any action to date.

  47. GT5Junkie says:

    1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000) * exchange rate of 10 cents (0.10 USD) is 100 billion (100,000,000,000), not 1 billion. Their total “debt” would be 75 billion, not 750 million.

  48. Fawn says:

    Oh I know my post will be kicked off and I will most likey be kick out of dinar vets too but at this point I really dont care

  49. Jeff S says:

    If they drop the 0’s form .00086 that makes it $1.162 USD, using the same formula to get the $3.64 for the KWD. That is .2746

  50. Norbert says:

    Hi Adam,

    excellent and the 10 Cents is absolute possible – least from the Business Standpoint. My Question: How do you reinvest in Iraq from Canada? Do you know any bank here will do it? Thanks Adam you open the eyes from many, many Peoples. Like it or not.

  51. Regis says:


    Thanks for the insight. My question is, should their be an RV, regardless of the rate, could one invest their paper IDQ into the Iraqi Stock Market to secure it’s worth at the current rate? Of course, any stock market is volitile, although as the rate steps up from the initial RV to $1, $2, $3, etc, your investment would increase accordingly without any loss other than the normal ups and downs of the stock market… Am I close or is the ship speeding away as I stand on the dock???


  52. nolosshere says:

    It is merely Adam’s opinion so it’s just more speculation. Again no one knows. Personally at .10 even for a very short term does not work economically AND they didn’t come this far to come out with a penny stock rate. No way, no how!!! I’m not speculating, it is my opinion.

    • Stargazer55 says:

      So, Adam’s opinion is only speculation & yours isn’t? Please inform us as to what is in YOUR resume that makes your opinion more valuable and why you haven’t launched a site of your own.

  53. Dinarwish says:

    If the RV is at .10, how would the unsophisticated investor roll over the dinar into the new rates over and over again?

  54. jnavarro says:

    dosent Iraq have to be in better shap before they think about the rv? and when do you think they will make smaller notes and coins, wont that have to happen first

  55. thatoneguy says:

    Thanks for posting your analysis, Adam. Very feasible prediction, backed with sound reasoning. Still got my fingers, feet, eyes and anything else crossed that we some better, but this is all about Iraq. We’re just lucky to be where we are, with what we have. Thanks again.

  56. Tevedous Hurd says:

    I don’t hold that much of the dinar, but I do have the larger bills(25K). I want to buy more but after reading so many negative things about the dinar I an afraid to buy more. I want a million and I have half a million. If I buy more want I get more larger bills that will not be worth my time if it rv at .10? In plan words what do I have with half a million? Thanks

  57. Chichief says:

    If it goes $0.10 on my 6 million dinar I’ll gladly take $400,000. Hell, I’ll take $300,000. GO RV!!

  58. Barbara says:

    I for one would be very happy with a 10 cent RV at first. The way I have looked at this from the very beginning, any amount more than what I paid for it, I am a winner. I also will be re – investing if I had the opportunity and wait for the big one! Thanks Adam! Great info!

  59. ALEX E says:

    Most info that didn’t leave me scratching my head. Thanks for all the info Adam. I actually feel kinda good about my investment now…kinda. :)

  60. rich in tx says:

    it’s not going to RV people. it’s going to go up gradually with the economy.

  61. nolosshere says:

    US Treasury is not going to be happy with the tax revenues of an RV at $.10 as opposed to a minimum of $1.00 but more realistically $3.+. Don’t forget who really controls this behind the scenes.

  62. nolosshere says:

    Read this article that came out today of the removal of 000 currency.

    Economist: Likely no contention from banks in case of deleting zeros from currency

  63. steve says:

    4+ yrs of same ol’ same ol’ …hopefully my kids will at least benefit from this

  64. wmilo says:

    Please have the courtesy to tag you illustrious disertation with IMO..because that is all it is…there is ample information to support and entire different senario so please do set yourself as the all knowing one..just my feelings…boy I sure feel better … how about you…Bill

  65. Barry says:

    I agree. Have always thought that would be the way they do it. Don’t know for sure the rate, but they will give you a time limit an buy it back at a super low rate then the rise will begin. Not a darn thing you are going to be able to do about it but reinvest an hope for the best. Barry

  66. Rossenbos… you said what I was pointing out… it’s not a negative to exchange the dinar in any way for the CBI… I don’t know much but sometimes my common sense makes sense…

  67. Lou says:

    Well, if we have to hold on $.10 per dinars with a time frame to cash in every dinars in the world while the CBI will turn around and increase the dinars by $.15 for only a $.5 cents profit; would it be better to buy stock from company investing in Iraq where your profit margin is based on the success company and the Iraqi economy instead relying on the CBI with their funny marketing scam.

  68. Glen says:

    I like the way you took the high hopes of people and made them think small. All the other rumors on the web push for everyone to think big, buy more Dinar, hurry hurry its running out. BS. My hopes on all of this ride on a one time investment, and if it happens it happens if it doesn’t it doesn’t. People need to stop dwelling on the high rate, its making you stress too much. Just chill and work on your plan B in case it doesn’t work out. If it RV’s higher then its a bonus.

  69. Jason Hall says:

    Adam, thanks for a great read. Very encouraging, especially with all of the fears being massaged online, lately.

    I, honestly had not been able to visualize exactly how they would make their money back since I personally hadn’t seen it written out so…user friendly.

    Yes, Sir. Indeed it was meat and potatoes and well worth the wait.

    Side note: Thanks for a read on your evolution of the forum. Your time, your efforts, ….your patience….all greatly appreciated.

  70. Don Rackemann says:

    Thank you Adam for the simple clarity on the administration of a complex currency. It has anticipated many, until now, unanswered questions!

  71. mamat says:

    Thank you Mr Adam for this useful information, hope and waiting for RV to take place very soon, thanks and regards to you

  72. Those of you who are complaining knew when you invested in the Iraqi Dinar, this could go either way. We could all end up a hell of a lot better off……or not. There’s always going to be a level of risk involved when investing in foreign currency, particularly in an unstable economy as Iraq. It’s certainly not up to Adam what the RV will end up at, and he has put himself out there to keep us more in the loop than we would be otherwise. He never had to do any of his newsletters, emails and blogs. So, bitching at him is unwarranted. Vent at the UN sanctions and the CBI, and anyone else who has a say in how this turns out. Adam is just the messenger.

  73. Pierre says:

    Ah my good friend, just another truthful bit of info from the guru master himself. As always the master has been in this for a very long time and all should heed his thoughts, as I will and always have. Thanks againg Adam for the outstanding info. Go RV.

  74. Randa says:

    Thanks for your hard work Adam. I am hoping for a much higher RV than .10. It never hurts to hope!! Thanks again. Randa

  75. Dean says:

    When do you see this happen???

  76. Abarvets says:

    Thank you for the thesis! It is greatly appreciated. A great amount of food for thought and debate. Enjoy seeing all sides to cover ones bases. Thank you for your time and effort.

  77. Michael T says:

    Very educational. Basically they can continue to profit from a staggered, slowly increasing RV more than a one hit high RV. Glad I have enough reserve to go through a slow process of cashing in, say enough if it only comes in at .10USD then over proceeding months/year gets to it’s final $2-$3 mark (providing as you said, no one lobs a grenade into their capital).

  78. pontiyak says:

    I beleive your basic theory to be correct and sound. But also beleive that to RV at too low of a rate brings in a hoard of currency speculators. They are a unfortunate evil to deal with, but they can be somewhat held at bay with an RV of between .50 & 1.00. ( these numbers based on Iraqs current GDP (oil) sales. Then I think your ladder effect can start to come into play, as the oil output increases over the next few years.
    I understand your point, that the money (our riches) have to come from somewhere, after any level of RV. Iraq does not currently have that amount of money in hand to pay us all out. It needs to be an incremental process, based on oil sales, and monetary liquidity.


  79. Rasica says:

    Adam thanx for the hard work! It is very logical if one presumes the natural business cycle of supply/demand.

    I have another spin for this, or should I say perhaps Rothschild has another spin for this.

    Rothschild owns the Fed Reserve & the CBI. The Feds aka; U.S. Treasury bought dinars to jump start the new IQD. They have a lot there stacked in their vaults.

    I could spend a lot of time explaining my view on how Rothschild’s manipulation of Central Banks in each country and the ‘derivative market’ to sink/indebt the whole world for his total banking control. Suffice to say this is fact.

    I believe he has up his sleeve the card to initially RV the IQD quit high. Why? He’s running out of time to save his New World Order scheme of total banking control. The E.U. is falling apart now and too many people in the U.S. have wised up.

    2012 is the year that will make or break Rothschild (by his pipe dreams), but I think it is over now and needs to run its course. He is in no way giving up because it will mean the ruins of him. Its make or break time.

    If he maintains a high value on the initial RV, he can claim a lot of money by making the Iraqis (FROM THE START) indebted to buy back those archived IQDs at The Fed Reserve.

    It is my opinion now, that he does NOT have the time/luxury of churning/auctioning the value up incrementally. It is my belief that this method is what is now causing so much angst in Iraq. They may not want this done in such an accelerated fashion.

    The troops are not really leaving Iraq – they are being renamed and are being drawn back to the Kuwaiti border.

    Rothschild is under the gun to start coming clean on all the ‘derivatives’ he has dumped into Nation States by bubbling and fiat money bailouts. This has always been the British Banking Method of deception by Keynesian Economics.

    Iceland and Russia have already kicked them out of their respective nations. We need to do the same here in the U.S.

    That said, their revalue does not need to be tied to their GDP/GNP which may realistically be around $.10, but to their ‘expected worth’. Thus, he may revalue based upon the ‘DERIVED’ value to come aka; another ‘derivative scheme’.

    This solves many of his time constraint global woes of trying to make NWO work. After all he’s the man behind the NWO and he owns the CBI.

    Therefore, Rothschild will then bring about a higher RV shadowed by all the other reasons you have mentioned in your post. Like being at least as high or higher than Kuwait. If he feels more confident, he may come out higher and show this high ‘derived’ value as the plus on The Fed Reserve books to prop up Obama’s image in their continuation of the NWO drive.

    I have been thinking along these lines for a long time in relation to the unfolding global economic situations. After all, Rothschild is the king of ‘derivatives’ aka; fictional real value.

    If he does do it this way, I would recommend that everyone invest as quickly as possible into ‘real value’ like land, silver, or gold. Because who knows, the IQD could be later devalued when this charlatan is bought down.

  80. Edward Neel says:

    Very interesting, I hope you are close regarding your opinion… I also hope that the Bloody Iranians don’t screw up everthing we have been waiting for by occupying Iraq when the US departs…

  81. mikeA says:

    Hello Adam! and all the rest of the dinar investors:
    I am new to all of this! I greatly appreciate all the dinar news that you have passed on to me and people like me. I am not that well versed in the financial market but I do hope that the dinar does RV a little higher than .10usd. My question is: How can the Iraqi people start using the dinar when the USD is still valued higher? Thanks for all the work that you are doing Adam!

  82. Roberto says:

    Thank you for the analysis. You prefaced the discussion on the .10 rate with the label hypothetical rate. So therefore are using the .10 rate to illustrate, support and validate your analysis or is .10 your prediction for the initial rate. Please clarify.

  83. dinardave says:


    This is the currency of a nation, not a penny stock. This will be done under the supervision of the IMF and probably the World Bank. I doubt if they will be allowed to place all kinds of wacky values on the IQD just to make more money on it. Also, in your $3 example where the CBI goes into $225 billion debt, they will get that money back almost immediately – not like they will carry $225 billion debt for a year – probably not even a week or 2. I believe they will RV at a rate as close to Kuwait as possible and within the limits set by the IMF. I believe that will be around $3.

    • Adam Montana says:

      i understand your point, but there is another factor – the market. If the RV is announced at $3, where is the money going to come from when the CBI wants to resell their Dinar to make that profit?

      I know I won’t be buying any more when it’s at $3, will you? Probably not. So the CBI ends up stuck with all that currency, nobody wants to buy it because they already made their money!

      If they bring it out at a dime, I am positive people will keep buying and allow the CBI to recoup their initial loss. The same is not true at $3.

      Thanks for the comment. :)

  84. Steve says:

    Still wondering how the math translates when we consider that the last time I saw the CBI websites’ spreadsheet, the figures there indicated some 40 TRILLION dinar as the total amount in existence…. ALL of which acquires the new value. At 10 cents, that’s 4 TRILLION USD worth, and they’d have to be able to back that up with reserves at whatever fractional reserve policy they end up with, which I have to presume will be less stringent than the 100% policy in place today. Assuming they get to 10%, that cuts their reserve requirement to 400 BILLION USD, of which they have only 10%. Thus it seems likely that without a specific contract that guarantees them an immediate $360 BILLION USD, how on earth do they get the necessary reserves? I’d like to believe that monetizing their oil and/or natural gas reserves is the only possible option, so the question is, how quickly can they accumulate $360 BILLION in excess cash via such monetezation, and who on earth has that kind of capital readily available that’s going to invest it in oil? Just asking, folks…. but I’d be guessing China and/or India…. I just wonder if I’m being realistic, or if there are any not so obvious flaws in my thinking?

    • Steve says:

      Another couple of thoughts – $360 BILLION USD buys 3.5 BILLION BBLS of OIL at $100/BBL, which at 2 million BBL/day output, would represent that same output for roughly 5 straight years… might that be a tad too much oil for anyone to invest in ? And can they get down to just 10% on reserves ? What if they end up at 25% ? These are the math reasons that I’ve had for the last several years for thinking that getting past a nickel has practical real-world consequences that could cause problems of scale… and of course, the price of oil has had trouble staying anywhere near the same price for any length of time, lately. I’d really like to hear some similar analysis and understand what, if any, of these lines of thought aren’t fully baked for reasons that will become obvious the moment I hear someone make their case… Anyone?

  85. Eddah says:

    Adam, you are brilliant. I feel I am able to trust you and that is all that matters. You are a man of integrity and you have been sowing your seeds lavishly when you have been sharing with us. The Bible says those who saw lavishly they will reap lavishly and those who saw sparingly they will reap sparingly.

    I am praying that God rewards you lavishly for all you have been doing for us. Even though some of the information you have given is going over our heads, I am so happy that you are so kind as to share your wisdom with us. God bless you and your family, mightily.

  86. Barry Nemet says:

    I heard from a general friend of mine that Obama has 57 million in dinar notes. If it revalues like you say then the Iragi Gov’t will have to pay Obama in oil and it will be enough to pay off the nat’l debt which will get him relected. Especially if it happens in August of 2012.

    • bubbe says:

      Do your math again! Some of the Dinar vets have that much!

      Are you saying President Obama has 57 million……..or are you speaking about the US??

      Obama can get re-elected with the bumbling republicans continually making a fool of themselves.

      • Billy Thomasee says:

        You are right Obama has well over 3Billion dinar.. it will have to be around $3 to pay off the debt.. If you will all remember Mr Bush,, THIS WAR WILL PAY FOR IT SELF…. this is how it will be done, and Mr Obama will be reelected.. but not till Jan or Feb…Yes it the US..

        • Billy Thomasee says:

          one other thing Prime Minister MALIKI is in Washington today. Hope he is asking for release from Chapter 7… we all know Mr Obama will be in NC this week to end the WAR. RV first of the Yr.

  87. Chase says:

    Adam, I can definitely see the RV coming out much lower then what most “gurus” are saying. I expect it to make a climb towards the $3 or better mark. However, i don’t think your analysis is entirely correct, or maybe I am just reading it wrong.
    You say if revalued at $3, then CBI will likely pay $2.25 per dinar, leaving them with a deficit of -$2.25 per dinar. However, once they sell that dinar for $3, it wipes out the deficit and leaves a profit of $.75 per dinar. Obviously, as long as they can still sell what they buy, then no matter what the RV comes out at, they will make a profit.
    The only way there could be a deficit with the RV, is if the currency immediately drops in value after the RV and imminent sell off. No matter what, because of the spread, every dinar they purchase back would hold 25% more value then what they are buying it for. Please, correct me if i am wrong…

    • Tim S says:

      I still don’t get how everyone thinks the dinar can go back up to $3+ ????? I hear because that’s where it once was or they have pride and won’t settle for anything less than Kuiwait…..what does either of those two things have to do with a country’s currncy value? NOTHING! There was approx. 30 billion dinar in circulation when it was worth $3+….now there is approx. 30 trillion dinar in circulation. We have basically the same natural resource conditions today that we had back then…..what has changed where everyone realistically thinks Iraq can back $90us trillion worth of dinar as apposed to the $90us billion they only had to back before????? And don’t give me that fractional banking BS either, fractional banking has been around a long time and the theories talked about in the “plan” are not complete, truthful or based on any documented fact. Iraq cannot sustain a rate increase of $89.91us trillion that makes any real sense to me?

      • Chase says:

        I am not to sure what fractional banking would have to do with this. To say that it couldn’t hold a value for $3 for the reasons you stated, would mean it could never hold that value, am i wrong? How could Kuwait have such a highly rated currency, and how much in circulation is there of the Kuwait dinar? Where can i find this info? I don’t mean to criticize your position, i am just bouncing ideas around, trying to make sense of it all.

  88. Jonathan says:

    Thank you sir for the well written explanation.

  89. scootdog says:

    CYA, christ! i can throw scenerios out all day.

  90. Adam;
    Here is hoping for a $3.00 rate ! With the CBI
    deductions etc., maybe $2.25 net ?
    I’ll just be happy with a fair & decent profit ! Very few investors become
    rich w/such a low initial investment. Probable the .10 rate is more realistic !
    Thanks again for all of your views & keep those cards & letters coming.
    O Yes, Go RV ! …Delos

  91. Tim S says:


    I also passed the series 65 exam some 30+ years ago and was in the brokerage business for 15 years. That’s been over a long time now, but if my memory serves me correct….I don’t see why everyone shouldn’t be able to ride the dinar wave as it increases in value over time? If the dinar RV’s and we are allowed to cash in, that would mean banks that allow us to cash in have a way to turn the dinar around themselves. This would mean the dinar is being traded on the world currency markets. Follow me here….if the dinar is traded on the currency markets no one “must” exchange their dinar at a bank! You should be able to open a currency account at a brokerage firm and deposit your dinar. The brokerage firm will have to get rid of the big bills if there is a time limit for exchange, but your position on the firms books (your account statement) will reflect the amount of dinar you deposited and it will have a corresponding $$ market value which will reflect the brokerage firms spread being taken out. You should then be able to ride your currency position for however long you wish and until you actually sell your dinar, you do not realize a profit….therefore you don’t incur a tax liability until you sell the position or a part of it. You can sell some or all at anytime as the value increases. Is there anything wrong with my thinking here????

  92. Japeth Roho says:

    Anything less than 1 for 1 by CBI will be seen as a JOKE in the world community. The entire reason for this new currency is for their fellow countrymen to desire dinar over $, not going to happen at a measly 10 cents. Of course I would cash in at that rate, but none of my hard earned cash would go back into this investment, but if they do 1 for 1 or even higher, then I would put every penny back into this investment because then the world would know the CBI is serious about making Iraq the number 1 country.

  93. Dr. D says:

    ADAM, you predicted the .10 but what about a predection on the TIME FRAME ?
    God Bless YOU

  94. Renomac says:

    Right, Adam
    Timing, when do you predict it will happen ?
    .10 sounds ok, but when ? ? ?

    Thanks for the super job Adam

  95. Rudy george says:

    can some on give a scenario as to what would .10 RV be on a $25,000 Dinar note be worth, also on removing the zeros, as you can see I am not very knowledgeable with this, the bottom line, what would $1 million dinar be worth,also would a $3 RV be 30 times the .10 RV? if I don”t ask I won”t find out. only stupid people don”t ask what seems so easy to understand for intelligent people Rudy

  96. Terry Braegger says:

    Thank you Adam for this explanation of the RV & all that you do. I think alot of our greed is not going to help. I’d rather make a little than nothing. Thanks again for all that you do.

  97. Mark Stewart says:

    I understand completely because $.10-$.30 is what I have thought for 4 years and your explanation is clear to those who are investors or have invested in the past.

    Those who don’t understand your explanation don’t understand economics 101 and probably got into this investment thinking they would make huge profits with little outlays of $. The guru’s sold them a bill of goods, they were believed because most people are ignorant when it comes to investments.

    Thanks for all you do Adam.

  98. Darlene Leonard says:

    Dear Adam,

    On behalf of those of us who are V.I.P. (as well as the general Dinarvets Community), THANK YOU for your very informative and comprehensive article. We are most grateful for the extensive time and knowledge you invest to provide us with the VERY BEST, up-to-date insight into our IQD investments and expectations.

    I’d like to share a COMMENT, followed by a VITAL QUESTION. I would assume the majority of Dinar investors have purchased 25,000 IQD notes due to their favorable cost and availability. Your article clearly predicted that the C.B.I. will MOST LIKELY begin with an initial rate of .10 / IQD, and DEVALUE the HIGHER IQD denominations to ZERO in 90 days.

    Are you referring to the 25,000 IQD NOTES which would be rated as “worthless” within 90 days? If so, WHICH IQD notes would you recommend to be SAFER / EXEMPT from the 90-day C.B.I. devaluation? We want to RETAIN a portion of our IQD notes to AWAIT the HIGHER RV — do you believe the 10,000 IQD would be EXEMPT from the 90-day devaluation — if NOT, what LESSER DENOMINATION IQD notes would you recommend?

    Thank you for your time.

    Best Regards,
    DinarBlessings :)
    V.I.P. Member

    • Adam Montana says:

      Hi DinarBlessings,

      In that scenario there will be NO notes that are safer than the other. They would demand all notes turned in, and exchanged for other currency or other denominations.

      That’s something a lot of people don’t get – some people say “Oh if it comes out at a dime I won’t cash in!!!” Well, if the CBI says “yes you are”, then you will have no choice but to take the dime and be happy you got anything at all. :)

  99. Lee Howell says:

    Adam, Your Hypo of a $3.00 rate –Your lets say; did not cost 225 billion if as you say: they sell it the next day for $3.00 They have their 75 billion profit, plus they get the $2.25 Back no debt for iraq. My Math doesn’t add up like yours????

  100. Papacrackers says:

    All I know is at .10 cents, it’s more money than I’ve ever had! Adam, I hope as a VIP member that you will keep us all in the loop so we can keep “re-investing” not only in the buying more dinar process but in recomendations for investments in the ISX. Thanks again Adam for not getting frustrated with us and “quitting”.

  101. azsunnin says:

    Thanks for your speculation Adam. People sure get emotional about this subject don’t they. It’s an investment and by it’s very nature it’s a risk. If you break even you’re a winner. If you have enormous returns you got lucky. I’m a Platinum VIP. I didn’t join because of blind faith in Adam. I joined for the perks. I get an email when the RV happens and don’t have to know everything about CBI etcetera. I have more important things to do than to follow something that I have no control over. Adam has set up exchange points in various cities with much better returns than who you bought your Dinar from due to the banks making more money on the spread from volume. I’m sure the difference in the exchage rate will more than pay for my VIP membership and my membership dues help Adam help me and others. Paying him to make me more money doesn’t seem quite so bad.

    My prediction:
    I will be turning in my Dinar someday for some dollars; and so will you.

    Thanks again Adam.

  102. realestatenow1 says:

    Adam, I want to thank you for this thesis of the rate, you have explained it in a way that anyone can understand. I appreciate it very much, because when the time come for the RV cashin, I will understand what to expect from the bank, and I will not feel like they are trying to pull the wool over my eyes. I feel that I can count on you to help if I would have any further question and I will know that you will have the right answer for me.
    Look forward to reading what your comments are in Dinar Recaps aswell. Have a good evening, and again THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. vandemack1 says:

    Hey Adam, being that we cannot go to the CBI to exchange to smaller bills where do we go?

    • Adam Montana says:

      If you’re in my VIP group, you go to our VIP partner banks so you get the best return on your money!!!

      Otherwise, you go to whichever banks are trading the Dinar. At this time there are not many doing so, but that will quickly change once the Dinar changes value.

  104. icfaith says:

    I have seen many rates and dates predicted and go by. Obviously to date, no one has been correct.

    I think the date is so plainly seen, it almost smacks us in the face.

    Clue 1. Shabibi has said he prefers to revalue the dinar at the beginning of a fiscal year.

    Clue 2. Shabib has just stated that when the troops have left the dinar will raise in value.

    Well, its obvious, the fiscal year for Iraq begins in January.

    And its obvious, our troops will be out of Iraq by the end of the year.

    So, going by what Shabibi has stated, it should happen at the beginning of January 2012.

    Probably not what you want to hear but hey, we are talking 65 days away. Not so far off.

    Now in regards to the rate. Sorry Adam, your $0.10 theory just doesn’t cut the mustard. Sounds all professional and all and I understand you have gone by this rate since I first started reading your posts. Not something new to see as you are going by Sonny’s thoughts or agreeing with them. Each to their own.

    Yes, I agree that Iraq is a prideful lot of folks. And in no way, shape or form will come out lees than what they could come out if they simply RI which by the way would be around $2.80.

    Given this, and the increase in their economy since 2003, I earnestly believe they will be close to Kuwait. The cost to fund the RV is in no way how you are seeing it Adam. There is alot more they can do to pay out the dinars coning in than having an auction. By the way will not exists after the RV.

    So my speculated RV rate is $3.86 and the speculated date of RV is January 25th.

    Whether you agree or not, matters not to me. Nor am I trying to depress anyone or make anyone happy. This is for me. God bless to all.

  105. mstrluke says:

    I believe you have said in the past (if I am recalling incorrectly, I apologize) that if time comes to cash in, one could “change in instead”…meaning take a 25K IQD note to the bank and come out with (5)5K IQD notes. I have always thought this to be the case. With that said, even a limited time to “cash in”, really means nothing…just go get “change”. At a $0.10 RV you could then sit on your 5K IQD notes until it the value rose to say $2.00, correct? Why are so many people worried about a limited time to cash in once the RV is announced? Are there any possible scenarios where this would not hold true in your opinion. I plan on either this or cashing in all and taking the proceeds and immediately buying all the dinar back via Forex, etc and waiting it out there.

    Thanks for all your do…and for attempting to rid DV of all the crap…i’ve read for months and never posted due to the atmosphere some create.


  106. roadbird says:

    Adam, exellent paper! What is considered low denomination now? I have 25k, 10k and 5k. If I could sell and rebuy, what would be the best denom to buy?

  107. It makes tremendous sense. I will look forward to seeing your post RV investment strategies in the not too distant future.

  108. Grandyco says:

    Excellent point from “nolosshere”
    The US Gov is bitting at the bit for a high rv to receive the taxes.

  109. Grandyco says:

    In fact s high rv benefits everyone except those that want to destroy the iraqi country

  110. Monielynn says:

    Just Want 2 Sat Thanks 4 All Ur Hard Work U Put N 2 This Site & Always Trying 2 Give Us The Best Information Without Feeding Us BS. With That Being Said, Seriously R We Back @ .10 Again lol. N Last Weeks Chat U Said U Were Very Happy 2 B A Dinar Investor Saying U Thought It Was Going 2 B More Than Doubled What U Had Expected. U Have Been Saying .10 4 Awhile Now So Come On Why Didn’t U Start @ At Least .21 lol. And Everyone Tells Me Only A Women Can Change Their Minds That Much, Now I Know Better lol JK SMILE. Thanks Again 4 ALL U & The MODS Do 4 US. Can’t Wait Till Post RV 2 Meet U & Everyone Else … Go RV

    P.S. Adam It’s Still Not 2 Late 2 Change From .10 2 .21 … Just Saying lol

  111. Misy says:

    Has anyone noticed the announcement on the CBI website. Invitation awarded to De La Rue to purchase 10 machines? This looks like a positive move to me.

  112. Caye98 says:

    Adam, thank you again for attempting to present/clarify a very real possibility or plausible outcome. Like many investors (perhaps all), I would prefer a higher rate than $0.10, and I am paying particular attention to your disclaimer of “I’m trying to keep this as simple as possible. I am going to use hypothetical figures”, and I think $0.10 is pretty simple to follow. Even that rate gives investors great return on initial cash-in, and the option to reinvest for potentially HUGE returns over the next few years.

    To those who are disappointed and have stated “They can’t buy their beach house” on a $0.10 cash-in, I would offer that they “rent” a beach house or vacation there over the next few years (my plan), and then buy in 2 or 3 years after the value floats up towards $3.

    Even based upon your $0.10 cash-in, and 30% overall spread, by my calculations (based upon currently holding 1M IQD) you can cash-in and take $14,000 cash, and reinvest by buying 600,000 NEW dinars at $0.10. You simply wait 1-3 years and with value climbing to $1-$2 (even with a 30% spread) you NET $400,000-$600,000+/-. If finally floats back to $3.22 you have to $1.35M! Not bad on a $1000 investment. (I also believe 30% is very high on a spread, so much more $ to be had).

    I am in VIP, so I have my tax strategies in place, and look forward to future investment opportunities!

    Adam, THANK YOU for providing me/us all with such excellent (and grounded) opportunities to increase our personal wealth and security, along with whatever philanthropic directions I/we may choose to fund!

  113. Woodsman says:

    Thanks for the very interesting read. What is your speculation on the time line if the rate does take a gradual progressive increase as you’ve written?
    Is there a location I can go to and read on some of your choices you have selected for post rv investments for your VIP members?

  114. Grandyco says:

    Hey TIM S:i like what you said about adeposit at an exchage compamy. Can you rec. One.

  115. Salvador Torres Croussett says:

    Hi Adam: This is Salvador from P.R: Thank You for comment on the Dinar. It was very but very Helpful to me. May God Bless you and your Family, and your Staff. GOD BLESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  116. Joe Rosey says:

    Hey Adam I understand what you have written but, if A few thousand investors like my self just have the larger notes how could we then buy or convert to the smaller notes to make money when they revalue? I always appreciate your thoughts on these matters.

  117. mstrluke says:

    I believe you have said in the past (if I am recalling incorrectly, I apologize if not) that if time comes to cash in, one could “change in instead”…meaning take a 25K IQD note to the bank and come out with (5)5K IQD notes. I have always thought this to be the case. With that said, even a limited time to “cash in”, really means nothing…just go get “change”. At a $0.10 RV you could then sit on your 5K IQD notes until it the value rose to say $2.00, correct? Why are so many people worried about a limited time to cash in once the RV is announced? Are there any possible scenarios where this would not hold true in your opinion. I plan on either this or cashing in all and taking the proceeds and immediately buying all the dinar back via Forex, etc and waiting it out there.

    Thanks for all your do…and for attempting to rid DV of all the crap…i’ve read for months and never posted due to the atmosphere some create.


    i’m glad to see that you are still commenting on these posts. What is your take, Adam, on the questions posed above?

    Thanks again.


  118. Already There says:

    I have always considered you the anti guru guru… Seem to have more facts then hype… Thats why I am wondering if this site is yours? (edit – removed other site link) … So is this your work? It was well written and says a lot of the same stuff about HCL and all that you do… Just wondering

    • Adam Montana says:

      A lot of people mimic my chats and posts, I’m not surprised to hear people are starting entire websites that are similar to mine… but that site is not mine. I have DinarSpeculation and DinarVets.

  119. the wolf says:

    Typical pumper using limited math skills to confuse. How is it that the CBI will make a “profit” off of the dinar increasing in value by 10,000%? It will cost them billions to maintain that value as they will have to purchase all dinar offered at that price. Then your premise that others will buy the IQD at the new rate knowing that selling it back to the CBI will cost them a 25% fee. No one would be buy it based on that kind of exchange spread. Can you name any other central bank in the world that is allowed to have a 25% spread? You left out the most likely scenario and the only one that other countries have done, they will redenominate and end up with a value similar to the US dollar. Which is exactly what they want to accomplish.

    • Adam Montana says:

      I don’t sell Dinar, sir… so I think your comment of “pumper” is unfounded. To address the other issue of “Can you name any other central bank in the world that is allowed to have a 25% spread?” – Here is my answer: Can you name one other country with such an inappropriately valued currency as Iraq? NO. Next question: Can you prove that a 25% spread is illegal or has been denied in the past? NO. Therefore, your comment is speculation just as mine is – so we will simply agree to disagree. I think you are wrong, and you think I am wrong. Have a nice day. :)

  120. Florida Frank says:

    Articles out if Iraq, from many sources, continuously talk about the deletion , removal, etc. of the zeros. Isn’t it plausible to assume that whatever they are speaking of, whether it be removal of the 3 zero currency from circulation or either of the two options you mention, above, the procedure of dropping of the zeros is most likely a foregone conclusion. It is going to happen. In this regard, if you are correct, we have only one of two options to consider, breaking even or exchanging at a rate of 0.86 USD.

  121. Florida Frank says:

    The word “Option” in the last sentence should be replaced with “possible scenarios”

  122. dipstick says:

    I am a vip member, and .10 cents sounds better than no cents and that what we have now

  123. poke salad annie says:

    Like the thinking. But how does a repeg happen when there’s a limit of a 2% float per 90 days? At that rate it would take years to go from 10 cents to 15 cents.
    And they would have to wait a few of years I’ve heard to do another complete RV that didn’t depend on the float.

  124. Mark B says:

    What is everones plan after the RV? Basically, where are you going to exchange and cash out? Are the US banks going to start cashing out/buy Dinars? I have seen post about Chase/US, has anyone actually tried? Do we need to open overseas accounts with US and mail our currency to fund?

  125. Janet says:

    Dear Adam,
    I have onlly been invested for 5 months. In my endeavor to learn about the iqd, my father and brother suggested I pay attention to your contributions because you are one of few who report actual developments, not creative pumping! So, I have followed you and have read all of the information you’ve provided. After reading your note (posted in dinar guru) this morning, I was pleasantly surprised at the read! So along with your honesty, you’ve now proven your loaded with integrity too! Thank You

  126. bonshoom says:

    Excerpt from email Oct. 30th.:
    Perhaps trying to save a bit of his reputation?

    And in this particular case, I’m being told by people that I truly respect…

    … that I’m way off base with my prediction of a “ten cent RV”.

    They think it should be much higher than that.

    Hey, I’m no fool! I will happily admit to being wrong and eat all of the
    crow anyone can shove in my face if I’m wrong on my projected rate!

    After all, it’s only my opinion.

    But I am hearing a lot of persuasive talk from some very smart people
    that makes me think I could be very wrong, and we’ll see that very

    All we can do at this point is wait, right?

    I’m here waiting with you! If I can help you, feel free to use the support desk… and “HERE’S TO ADAM BEING WRONG!!!!”

    Best regards, all –

    Adam Montana

  127. Trudy Suits says:

    Hi Adam,

    Thank you! For what’s it’s worth, thanks for all the research you are doing to help thousands of us! Also for your integrity to give ( and adjust when you feel the need to ) your opinion.

    Question… Any thoughts on what you might now speculate the RV might come in at? I will keep checking your blog on the site to hear a response 

    And, if you have time to comment on the site, I was intrigued with your think through and remarks on the CBI giving holders of large currency denominations a limited time to trade their large bills in before they will not exchange them anymore…. As a newbie dinar investor, because of your remarks, I am thinking of buying some of the smaller denomination notes and trying to judge (for the cost) how small of a note I should purchase.

    Any suggestions on what ” smaller ” denominations will continue to ” float”? As you know, currently there is Abigail difference in the cost to purchase say a 50 denomination dinar versus a 250 denomination dinar currency.


    Us army vet.

  128. very insightful, very believable, thanx for breaking it down it laymens terms adam

    • jimbojw says:

      My question is where does the CBI (Iraq) get the US dollar reserves to pay for the RV?

      I’ve seen figures purporting that there is 25+trillion dinars in circulation but from what I can gather from oil reserves, it appears that Iraq only has about $10 trillion in oil reserves, assuming $100/barrel of oil. (I could have this wrong) However, it will take years for them to get this value out of the ground.

      Even if there is only 10 trillion dinar outside of the country which will be redeemed for US dollars, that’s still $1 trillion at a rate of $0.10. Iraqi doesn’t appear to earn that much foreign currency revenue from its oil and other exports.

      If I understand the RV correctly, CBi purchases the dinar with US dollars. Where do the dollars come from? Lines of credit provided by banks, the IMF, the world Bank??? My understanding is that the Iraqi only has couple of hundred billion dollars in dollar reserves. If there truly is 25 trillion or so in dinars, a $.10 RV would still cost Iraq $2.5 trillion.

      I don’t claim to understand everything correctly, but I would think that the RV rate would be a function of: total dinar outstanding, total affordable reserves.

      I appreciate your balance in these discussions. Would appreciate your comments onthe above.

  129. Robert Knight says:

    Why the does the currency have to be bought by the CBI (Central Bank of Iraq)?

    Wouldn’t the dinar be open to be trade on the Forex and the price of the currency would be determined by the highest bidder?

    • Adam Montana says:

      It should go on the Forex eventually, but in the beginning (and currently) the market is made by the CBI. It will continue to be that way for some time after the Dinar revalues.

  130. Charlie says:

    Why am I not getting emails? I understand you are reversing your predictions on your rate….pls send me the new emails!!

  131. Ray D says:

    Hi Adam Where can I cash in when it HIT!!! I’m a Expat and do not live in the states Thanks Ray

  132. Darren Johnson says:

    Thanks Adam. I for one have truly appreciated your frank and honest approach towards this through the years. With today’s current crisis reading your prediction deflated a lot of people’s hope who followed your post just for information purposes. The thing that I have learned out of this is to understand the bigger picture instead of my little picture of needing my share. Understanding the HCL, the sanctions, the pullout of American forces and the true groups that spearhead the potential RV has calmed my impatience over these last 7 years. Once again thanks for helping me to be realistic about my investment. I really do appreciate the time you have put into your site to keep up abreast with current information. May God continue to Bless you. I believe
    you have many people’s best interest in mind. Regardless of how this pans out, whether it be the RV or the gradual increase through it all I’ve learn in whatever state to be Content.

    Waiting to see next week post! Keep this moving Adam

    DJ in Kuwait from Philly

  133. Lola says:

    cheezz and crakers! is GOOD LOL

  134. Nathan says:

    you keep talking about the revalueation but investors want a date, even an estimated date or timeline of when it will take place.

  135. Imadinglefritz says:

    I disagree with Adam and his 10 Dinar to the dollar prediction. The economics doesn’t work. I have to preface this by stating that I am brand new to this Dinar revaluation debate, so please be kind with your responses…

    If I understand Adam correctly, he believes the Dinar will revalue at 10 Iraqi Dinar per US Dollar and that the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) will gradually ratchet it up to something equivalent to the Kuwaiti Dinar (currently $3.64), where the Iraqi people want their currency valued. If I’m wrong in that assumption, then everyone can ignore the remainder of my opinion.

    I didn’t see where Adam mentioned how long this process would take, but let’s assume that it takes 5 years for it to ratchet from $.10 to $3.64. That means it will have to more than double in value every year to get there in 5 years.

    Now I will put myself in the position of an Iraqi businessman. Let’s assume for the sake of argument that the price of oil at the time of the revaluation is as it is today, roughly $100 per barrel. That means that on revaluation day, he can get 1000 Iraqi Dinar per barrel. If Adam is correct, then the Iraqi businessman can assume that by next year, he will only be able to get 500 Iraqi Dinar per barrel, and two years from now he will get only 250 Iraqi Dinar per barrel, etc., etc. Five years from now, when the Iraqi Dinar is worth $3.64, he will only be getting 27.47 Dinar per barrel.

    From his perspective, it would benefit him the most to create the biggest pipeline on the planet and pump as much oil onto the world market as he could push through it, because the longer he waits, the less money he gets for it. If collectively, all of Iraq’s oil producers did this same thing, then it is quite probable that Iraq could push the price of oil down. How happy does anyone think that the other OPEC countries and US oil producers like Exxon, Conoco, Chevron, etc. will feel if Iraq starts flooding the market with oil and dropping world oil prices? Even if OPEC tries to influence Iraq into limiting production to keep prices relatively high, the fact that the oil will be worth half of this year’s price by next year, will make it very likely for producers to cheat and create a black market for their oil.

    From strictly a supply and demand perspective, as long as Iraq doesn’t push the price of oil below half of its value each year, (I’m not even sure they could produce that much) the most profitable path Iraq can take is to keep pumping at 100% of capacity, and increase capacity as quickly as possible.

    So, for these reasons, I feel the world will press Iraq to find a currency value that is sustainable, and they will try to keep it relatively stable. It will probably fluctuate some in the beginning, but ultimately a stable Iraqi Dinar is what the world wants, and the world market will trump what the CBI wants.

  136. Michel Chauvette says:

    Hi M.Montana,
    if i have a current account in us dollar and iraqi dinar in a bank for example in Amman Jordania, the problem of cashing in is no longer a problem
    Isn’t it?
    Or do i need a bank accout inside the border of the country?

  137. Tom M says:

    Thank you for the excellent information on the possible RV rates.

    Any comments on the US FIT impact on investors exchanging IQD for USD during a rising exchange rate?

  138. kadam says:

    when does iraqi dinar goes up tell me any one.who have know about it.i am very impatinet plz quick reply

  139. ray says:

    has any one forgotten that the USA is bankrupt, the world ecconomy ,the usa is in dept ,
    money soon will be worthless in any currencey ,the same thing happened to england before the GREAT depesion 1920?it was the a
    base line for all curenceys the Eengland pound? ,its banks bankrupted the world , Hitler seen this and 1st world war begun as germany did not like it and also exsterminated all homosexuals,and wanted to creat men and woman normal without flaws,, .?back then the jews were the banking system?they lost there lives and banking wealth ,reason there pissed off today..the BANK
    the best thing for world ecconomy and exschange rate would be to bankrupt the world banks wiping out all depts world wide ,BUT the banks want to create one world currencey .silicon chip every one and have no phyisical money just a bar code.OBAMA has it in his plans for usa?regan had it all have it? ROMAN empire still exists THE UNITED NATIONS is one world army, silicon chip is one currencey,one ruler over whole world and countrys, ITS run by the banks ,the system ,its not the people whom want war its the government and banks whom create the wars men die spin doctors create conflict ,banks profit from arms and war machines ?,the wiki report documents reveal the big picture the dinara or USA $ has no value soon,the usa is in middle east to wipe out the arabs family heads, creating a world order?the USA has tecnologies and things that does not need oil ,fuel, the USA could if chose to be evironmentaly polution free .the USA like any western country relys on the drug trade to create jobs ,hospitals,crime,police,jails, movies,wars ,armys phychiratrists every american needs to function ,it supplys the drug labs to exsperiment on people so doctors can test medicines on YOU..,to prove that go to a doctor get a scrip look to see if you can read it ? then look at signiture of doctor it is always scribble because they dont believe its any good and if your injured by medication its all ways denied ,thats not my hand writing or it was wrong medicines the chemist prescribed ?no blame?vietnam was a polutition and bank war?in the end on thousands dieing the usa people said no more ,its why so many vets seen this bullshit war. ,same with iraque war to test weappons destroy arab families heads even sold them weappons ,…usa just sold f14 to them hoping they will ignite the east neighbours ,he said your a terioust abdul, ahhhhh i bomb you etc

  140. ray..australia says:

    THE BANKS bankrupped the world but government print more money to give them , and reposess your good and resell them , they get 2 times paid??
    they control life ,countries,armys, it was the united nations run by usa that destroyed iraqi dinara ,the bank says you live or die in nations of the world,they never loose ,every person in usa could be living in a house run on magnetic energys, the car driven could be run on water or magetic , every one could be growing own foods ,in systems that work,industry could be robotic .disiese illness could be a thing of yester year as all these things they have ,inventions that do good ,no need of lots of money as living would be nil?
    but banks would not profit so they stop any good thing,
    society can not function without illigal drugs, or oil, all society runs off disfunctional systems , people have sound minds but work in dead end jobs,problems,looking after the afflicted , being self inflicted it makes money for banks ,government polocies can not function if it does not allow illigal drugs in society as it creates jobs jobs, crime,jails,sickness, etc, the west calls muslims or teriousts bad, but they dont have drugs, any crime is death , delt with, banks do not like them because they can not make any money out of there system,

    bankrupt the banks i say before they create another war

  141. Cheryl Camm says:

    Adam I have.been a member for guit.some time andhave.never found the need to coment up until n tow I just want to.take.the time too. Truely say for thank you fot taking the time out to explain your views on the RV. It was in laidmans terms which made it very clear to understand.

  142. Billy Thomasee says:

    Well we all know the Prime Minister Maliki is in Washington today. we know its about troop withdrawal, If you all remember Mr Bush said this war will pay for it self…How can it at .10,,, it cant…we hope the U S A will release Iraq from chapter7 as well today…Iraq can not compeat with the world at .10.. It has been said the U.S. has 3 billion Dinar… at 10 that will not pay for this Damn inside people say it will have to be dollar for dollar. for the rest of the world to take Iraq serious.

  143. Adam! you have done a good job! let God do his work now! if we get rich we do,if not it was worth a try!God bless, the way families are struggling it would be so sweet.

  144. Banderson says:

    Thank you Adam!!!
    After reading your page I finally walked away with the feeling that Ive heard from someone who knows what he is printing.
    All speculation aside I am a happy investor but some of the rumors are
    completely ridiculous.
    Once again thanx, keep up the good work. Its nice to have someone on the little guys side. any way we could get more info on monopoly buyer?

  145. usaok says:

    look at yourselves when it happends ir happends give adam a break he does not have a cristal ball nor do any of us right .. sit back watch tv and you will see when it happends. be real and keep yourselves in check… i hv been waiting 3 yrs now.. but i understand life goes on with or without this.. focus on our country and the direction we r heading… down the covert obama path of socialism .. that is far more important than cashing in our dinarrrrrr. wake up folks… as my russian friend says,,,, you r becoming what we were , a goverment dependent brainwashed society .. obama and his cronies are very methotical and percise… mark my words …. its comming…. an old marine …

  146. Gideon Thompson says:

    What about the Warka Bank Accounts. If you have IQD’s in a Warka Bank Account, is it safe to say you can wait as long as it takes for the RV to go to $3? I understand I may get stuck with the dinars in my safety deposit box, but what of the dinars I own in Warka where I wired USD to Iraq? It was deposited in my Warka Bank Account in Iraq and converted to IQD? Is that money okay and free from the CBI’s control. Can’t I just transfer IQD’s to USD’s and withdraw using an ATM?

  147. Ellen says:

    I read on one of these blogs dated Oct 11 that we have 90 days to trade in our large Dinar in 25,000 and 10,000 bills for the smaller bills. Does that mean if we have not done so by January ? , 2012 that our large billed Dinar are worthless?

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