First update of 2012! Dinar News.

First – Happy New Year! I hope your holiday was safe, you were

surrounded by loved ones, and your 2012 is off to a great start!


I have good news and bad news.


Bad news: The Dinar didn’t RV in 2011, and as of today it has not RV’d in 2012.


Well, you probably knew that, so let’s move on.


Good news: Where do I start?!


Iraq made so much amazing forward progress last year I could

spend hours listing the details. I could literally go on for pages

and pages!


Here is a short list of some current FACTUAL news articles. (You

don’t get any of that “my brother knows a banker” stuff from me.

Love it or leave it!)


1. The US troops are out of Iraq, home safe. (To our troops: THANK

YOU for your service!)


2. We have an official draft of the HCL. Link:


(With any luck, it will be posted in the Gazette shortly!)


3. Another good article about the gas law:


4. IMF and Iraq are in agreement on the Iraqi budget. Link:


5. We have news that Iraq is ready to boost their production by

900,000 barrels PER DAY. Link:


6. Ministry of Foreign Affairs is discussing Chapter 7… TODAY.



7. They know that they are facing inflation unless they figure

some stuff out. Link:


8. Another good article on Chapter7:


What does all this tell us? It tells us Iraq is on the verge of taking

that one last step forward. It tells us this as plain as day, in my



With all this good news out there, I am going to offer a limited

time discount to join my VIP group. In my VIP group, you are going

to have access to ALL of the Post RV investments I’ve put together

for after the RV, access to all of the professionals I have personally

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So, to ring in the new year with a great deal, I encourage you all to

take advantage of a 20% coupon. This will apply to ANY VIP upgrade,

even the Platinum Lifetime VIP! At this time, we are also able to throw

in a free 1000 Dinar Note along with your Platinum Certificate.


Go Iraq, Go HCL, Go Chapter 7, GO RV!!!!!!


Here’s that discount:




Code: 20for2012


Once you are a VIP member, go to the following link and enter your

phone number. When the RV is announced, you will get a text

message alerting you to check your email.


I will be sending all VIP members a constantly updated list of banks

cashing us in, where to use your VIP Certificate to get the best rate,

the latest on any tax laws or cash in issues, and much more.


Here’s that link:


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Last but not least… here’s my most recent chat from this morning:


Happy New Year, everyone!




– Adam Montana



5 Responses to “First update of 2012! Dinar News.”

  1. Alfian Mohammad says:

    Hi Adam!
    I’m from Malaysia now I’m collectter Iraq dinar is that true or not about Iraq RV and dinar Iraq will be increase in shortly … When I looked at just hoppin news the ID anytime will go up….

  2. Ben says:

    Does anyone know a time frame of when the Dinar will RV

  3. jon says:

    it will go up tomorrow!!!!

  4. deron says:

    do not be fooled!!! even if Iraq dinar was anything like Kuwaits…. you couldn’t cash them in Kuwait… unless you were a resident… But What About Kuwait?

    Promoters of the IQD like to compare Iraq now to post-Gulf War Kuwait — but this is comparing apples to oranges.

    Before the Gulf War, Kuwait had a stable government and its foreign investments generated more income for its economy than its oil did. After the war, despite losing a third of its pre-war investment portfolio (over $100 billion USD), Kuwait still had a solvent economy, a stable government, and an intact infrastructure. Of course its currency increased.

    In comparison, Iraq entered the war with a $125 billion USD debt, has almost no infrastructure, no stable government, and no other foreign income except its oil — the vulnerability and unpredictability of which we have already pointed out. The outlook for its economy and the IQD is grim for the foreseeable future.

    In late 2004, the US was successful in convincing some foreign creditors to “forgive” some of Iraq’s debt. However, debt forgiveness is seldom a blessing, and generally comes at a very heavy price. Other countries whose foreign debts have been “forgiven” have found it nearly impossible to generate any foreign investment afterwards. Think about it: how would you feel about investing in Iraq again if you lost your entire investment (i.e. you “forgave” it) last time?

    If it Sounds Too Good to be True…

    Ask yourself one question: if the Iraq Dinar is such a hot commodity, why would anyone in the know be willing to sell it to you? If you thought that the IQD was going to multiply in worth by hundreds of thousands of percent, would you sell it? Of course not — you’d be too busy buying as much of it as you could.

    But if you thought that the IQD was going to go down in value over time, well, then you might start trying to convince people that it was a “great deal” so that you could get rid of all of yours before it nose dives.

    Remember the old saying: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be careful!

    Updated: 16 July 2006.

    It has been mentioned in certain circles that once Iraq has finally rid itself of the US presence, Iraq may cease to use the current Provisional Currency that has been sold in bulk all over the world and develop its own currency(s), therefore rendering all Provisional Dinars worthless. That is only “opinion” on one possible scenario.

  5. Rell says:

    Adam, where have you been the last 2 months??

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