When you come into money – Be Smart.

Whether you come into riches by Dinar Revaluation or other means, many of us are not very smart about what to do with our money when we get it. Fortunes are won in the lottery all the time, and you hear about those same people being broke within years. Is that what you want your story to be?

Here are some tips that should help you manage your money when you get it.

First, think like the rich! Saving money is not just for people on a budget – didn’t you ever notice some of the richest people are penny pinchers? That’s because they understand the value of their Currency, whether it’s USD, IQD, or gold bars. Here’s a good way to save money and watch for more investments:

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(More ways to save money will be added as they become available. Here are some common sense ideas to protect yourself, your wealth, and your sanity when you come into money.)

  1. Change your number, make sure the new number is unlisted. If you don’t, every Tom Dick and Harry will be knocking down your door when they find out about your new circumstances.
  2. Contact an attorney that specializes in taxes and trust accounts.
  3. Set up your family trust(s).
  4. Contact your bank(s) and set up POD accounts.
  5. Do not deal with banks that have derivatives and hedge funds.
  6. Set up CDARS accounts.
  7. Pay off ALL debt.
  8. Fix everything that needs repair.
  9. Upgrade your personal, home, auto and umbrella insurance.
  10. (Consider ransom insurance too!)
  11. Set aside enough liquid funds for you to survive for 2-3 years. This should account for every expense you have on a monthly basis – don’t go short!
  12. Invest in precious metals (like gold & silver).
  13. Go to seminars to learn to make money through SMART investments.
  15. Pick your friends wisely.
  16. Someone will be “watching you” so you’ll want to do the following:
    1. Be very low key (non-descript).
    2. Don’t flaunt your newly obtained wealth.
    3. Open up a secure Email address.
    4. Get a new cell phone number; cancel the old one.
    5. Get a P.O. Box
    6. Put a security system in your house.
    7. Install high security Medco bolt locks.
    8. Install reflective film on your home windows.
    9. Consider building a safe room.
    10. Get training in self-defense / firearms.
    11. Use PGP (or better) encryption on your computer and Email.
    12. Don’t trust anyone … keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

33 Responses to “When you come into money – Be Smart.”

  1. avatar Arlene says:

    Thank you so much for the information – I appreciate the feedback on something of great interest to me.

  2. avatar Sharon says:

    Thanks so much! Very helpful and great info!
    You are great!!!

  3. avatar Leroy King says:

    First the info is greatly appreciated.I would like your advise on what kind of trust for a single person and who do I contact to set up an appointment once the Dinar RV”s.I reside in Galena Park,Tx.77547 Thank you so much for your service and whatever info you can provide.Look forward to hearing from you.Keep up the good work.

    • avatar Adam Montana says:

      Leroy, you don’t want to wait until after the RV – you need to get something started NOW. Otherwise, you’re looking at tax evasion! I provide the VIP members with some very affordable and SOLID options to cover this need – if you’re not a VIP, JOIN NOW. It will be the best few dollars you EVER spent.

  4. avatar Alison Galbraith says:

    I would really like to hook up with someone in Canada who can give us similar advise but everything that pertains to Canada…..thanks for this…….very helpful!!

  5. avatar marlene says:

    according to your recent info on what the rv will probably be, most of us are holding large notes which have to be sold within 90 days at the predicted low starting rate. So, how do we immediately buy back in at that rate? That’s the only way we are going to make large sums of money. Sit on it until it get out of cents and into dollars. So, how do I do that?

  6. avatar Dr. Frank L. Rice says:

    Thank you for this valuable information. I agree with all of you assessments. what are the time frames in Revaluation of the Dinar?
    Thanks again.

  7. avatar Eak says:

    What is a CDARS Account?

  8. do you think they are going to drop the zeros,off the money?

    • avatar sladerpaul says:

      i hope they drop the zeros right now i believe it is 000.86 is the dinar. wipe them zeros out and we will be lookin good.

  9. avatar Anuar Abdullah says:

    Dear Adam,

    I am a regular follower into your IDS news and I am noticed it will really informative. It is help me more confidence to wait the IQD for RV in due time. I know that the exact time for RV still secret but your as the expert person have the ideas on what will happen and the value of RV when the time is coming.

    Awaiting the great news from you.

  10. avatar Shannon says:

    Thank you so much for this! I have been looking all over the place for a list like this! :)

  11. avatar Joe says:

    Marlene that is my question as well…. How do we reinvest… Does any denar sales org sell small bills . If so where…. Pls reply Adam

  12. avatar Amanda Elliott says:

    Hello and greetings from the the UK…..

    PLease advise if advice given is applicable to British Law????

    If not , please would you able to forward contacts that would be useful to UK Dinarians?????

    Much appriciation……. and grattitude!!!

    Amanda Elliottt

  13. avatar Ary says:

    I would to thank to u about all info.. i am very appreciated it.. TQ so much..

  14. avatar Pyang says:

    Love this. Thanks for the heads up.

  15. avatar mike mahan says:

    Hi Adam,
    I just found this website today and have lots of questions. I am a retired AF Vet and one of my friends called me about 2 months ago and told me to buy Dinars and only buy what I can afford. I bought 500,000 for 600 and then I started calling banks in NC to see who exchange the Dinars and I have only found a handful. I need a book called “How To Spend Your Money Wisely”, I have tried to study the market but and investing and it is just confusing to me. I am a ground pounder so not the brightest light in the harbour. If I sign up for this VP Group are you saying you will walk me through everything I need to do and not knowing how much the RV will be are you suggesting we go ahead do all the things you have listed above. Thanks

  16. avatar Terry says:

    Great info! I appreciate all the time you put into this. I do have a pretty good plan, but of couse it will depend on what the rate comes in at. I have an attorney to set up my trusts, an accountant, investment counselor and PO Box. Everything is dependent on the rate and date.
    Not much will change high or low. I will move very slowly so it is not obvious my life has changed drastic. Thanks again!

  17. avatar mz.magpie says:

    I luv Montana! thanx for the info!

  18. avatar Keith G says:

    Having just completed my taxes, my accountant stated the I RS is cracking down on ALL foreign bank accounts. Can you respond to that? I don’t want to be on the IR S radar. Thanks

    • avatar Adam Montana says:

      The IRS can’t crack down on “all foreign bank accounts”, because they don’t have jurisdiction over the world. If you’re in my VIP-OSI group, there is a lot of great information in there.

  19. avatar Nana says:

    Hi Adam: Gotta admit I have had a plan that I put together 5 years ago when I first became an investor.
    True, when this becomes a reality I will be in pretty good shape.
    As a Canadian, I learned many years ago (having owned my own business for 40 years) distancing yourself from “Chartered Banks” is a solid financial move. I deal only with credit unions. I have listed a number of local endeavors I would like to support.
    However, these groups will not receive a “donation” in the sense of the word, as we all know that once the money is spent,it is gone. Designating “interest earned” to these various groups (ie: Local food bank, Habitat for Humanity, Women in crisis) gives them an annual income that they budget with. The principal is never deminished. I would also like to support the “Children” of the War Amps, & Institute for the Blind, only on the condition that not a single penny goes to “Administration”. If that can’t be done, then, sorry you lose.
    My Dad taught me a great lesson, The sweetest money you can ever have, is money you didn’t have to work for. When this investment materializes, we will all have riches beyond anything we could ever dream of. Never, Never, spend it. Make it work for you, and you will ease the burden for so many that are struggling, not to mention you will be comfortable the rest of your life. The awesome thing is, the bulk of your return will still be intact and will continue to work for your family. My 3 sons, 6 Grandchildren, 2 Great Grandchildren.
    That kinda covers it.
    Thank you for your time, Adam

  20. avatar roik says:

    I joined VIP platinum and am having a hard time getting around the site and getting questions answered. Can you direct me to what I should be in ?

  21. avatar Roy Bynum says:

    I have tried several times recently to get on the VIP bandwagon … But to no avail… My passwords don’t work so I’m shot down right away. I own 1.4 million dinar which isn’t much for e big dogs but it offers hope to a family that is really beaten down.

    Could you help me get this done…as I said I am the little man in the financial realms but not in my character… I say it I do it… My word is my bond, the Lord my God is my strength and sustenance…
    Roy T Bynum, Jr. (Poboyroy)

  22. avatar Rob says:

    Thank you for the info

  23. avatar Roger says:

    Live long and prosper on this good advise…thanks for the info

  24. avatar Glenn Carroll says:

    I am in Australia , so when it all happens can i just take my Dinar to a bank and cash it in ?

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