June Dinar News – no RV yet for the Iraqi Dinar

June 13th, 2012

Well, no RV yet as of June 13 2012. Here’s a list of articles I’ll reference in today’s chat:

New currency to be implemented over the next two years:

… demanded the formation of a committee to study the hairs or the characters that will be placed on the currency that will be during the next two years. And between a member of the Finance Committee …

Read more: LINK

Kurds push forward with efforts to boot Maliki, but may not have enough signatures:

… said that the President received a request to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister, signed by 160 lawmakers; later 11 lawmakers withdrew their signatures, while 2 others put their requests on hold, making the number of signatures received demanding withdrawal of confidence does not meet the required number…

Read more: LINK

And finally, President Talabani confirms that they don’t have enough votes to oust Maliki:

….He stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) “The blocs failed to accomplish this project through the President, Jalal Talabani, and will fail in case the blocs summon Maliki to the parliament to investigate him.”…

Read more: LINK

That’s it for now, be sure to check the DinarVets.com forums for the weekly chats with Q&A from the members and additional insight to the Iraqi Dinar.

– Adam

Latest headlines: Iraqi Dinar News

May 23rd, 2012

Here’s a quick list of this week’s Iraqi Dinar and political news – I’ll be referencing some of these in my chat this morning. Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Dinar News:

Central: Open the windows of the Rafidain and Rasheed reduce the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar to 4%

Reduced the open windows of selling the dollar in the Rafidain and Rasheed of the low exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar to 4 percent, compared to the exchange rate difference of about two weeks ago.

Read more: http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/118020-central-open-the-windows-of-the-rafidain-and-rasheed-reduce-the-exchange-rate-of-the-dinar-against-the-dollar-to-4/#ixzz1vhEruQZj

MPs: Failed Meeting (5 +1) will be presented to Iraq political and economic shocks .. And the region into a new crisis

Baghdad (news) / report / Zainab Suncor / .. drafts, representing various political blocs on the possibility of prejudice to Iran about its nuclear program and the success of the meeting (5 +1) to be held on Wednesday in Baghdad, warned of the failure as being the meeting will lead to a new crisis in the the region has been subjected Iraq to the shocks of political and economic.

Read more: http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/117789-mps-failed-meeting-5-1-will-be-presented-to-iraq-political-and-economic-shocks-and-the-region-into-a-new-crisis/#ixzz1vhCVkHWk

Vice Chairman of Finance Committee: Mainstreaming system (electronic clearing) in all banks will develop the banking system

Baghdad (news) called on Vice-President of the Finance Committee MP for the Kurdish coalition blocs Ahmed Hassan Faizullah, to the introduction of modern technologies in the work of Iraqi banks to facilitate its functions to serve the citizens of Iraq, indicating that the circulating clearing system electronic all banks will develop the banks. said Faizullah (of the Agency news) said on Monday:

Read more: http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/117775-vice-chairman-of-finance-committee-mainstreaming-system-electronic-clearing-in-all-banks-will-develop-the-banking-system/#ixzz1vhCnyIc8

White members of the bloc demanding 5 +1 meeting urged Kuwait to remove Iraq from Chapter VII

BAGHDAD – Where bloc demanded the white nations Security Council members who will meet on Wednesday in Baghdad urged Kuwait to remove Iraq from Chapter VII. said Secretary-General of the

Read more: http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/117760-white-members-of-the-bloc-demanding-5-1-meeting-urged-kuwait-to-remove-iraq-from-chapter-vii/#ixzz1vhD4oe5l

After covering with 62 billion dollars .. Iraqi dinar due to global financial markets

Economy no comments Portal Iraq, “the follow-up economics editor
Returned to the Iraqi dinar traded in global financial markets after the availability of cover foreign currency exceeding $ 63 billion as a reserve with the Central Bank of Iraq.

Read more: http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/117902-62-billion-coverdinar-due-to-global-financial-markets/#ixzz1vhDQCF5K

The Iraq Stock Exchange: Delete the zeros of the local currency will affect the level of stock trading

BAGHDAD / news center for the Iraqi Media Network – Authority confirmed Iraq Stock Exchange that the deletion of zeros from the local currency hurt at the current stage the level of stock trading in the Iraqi market for securities.

Read more: http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/117892-the-iraq-stock-exchange-delete-the-zeros-of-the-local-currency-will-affect-the-level-of-stock-trading/#ixzz1vhDaJ3Di

Financial Expert: consistently low expectations of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar in the coming days

Baghdad (news) attributed the financial expert, Hussein Allawi, the star, the low exchange rate of the dollar against Iraqi dinar between (1222-1223) of the policy that I follow the central bank offer (your customer), and the role of the Iraqi media, and expected continued decline in the dollar against the Iraqi dinar. said the star (of the Agency news) said on Tuesday:

Read more: http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/117896-financial-expert-consistently-low-expectations-of-the-iraqi-dinar-against-the-dollar-in-the-coming-days/#ixzz1vhDoQIw7

Atmosphere is appropriate to legislate oil law, says parliamentary committee

ERBIL, May 22 (AKnews) – Iraq’s parliamentary oil and energy committee said that now is the time to legislate the oil and gas law, adding that only the State of Law Coalition and Hussain al-Shahristani’s Independent bloc have hindered agreement on the law during the past few months.

Read more: http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/117913-atmosphere-is-appropriate-to-legislate-oil-law-says-parliamentary-committee/#ixzz1vhDzxcEE

Report: President Talabani, Barzani handed his resignation to the need to use …

Him President Jalal Talabani, a resignation from office to the President of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Massoud Barzani, and in which he expressed his willingness to leave his post and use it as leverage in the existing problems between Baghdad and Erbil….

Read more: http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/118019-report-president-talabani-barzani-handed-his-resignation-to-the-need-to-use-when-extended/#ixzz1vhED1soS

World Bank puts his plan to run Iraq’s economic affairs for the next 4 years

Baghdad: JD said the World Bank prepared a plan for the next four years with regard to economic affairs of Iraq, and will identify areas of cooperation according to the priorities of the Iraqi government.

Read more: http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/118026-world-bank-puts-his-plan-to-run-iraqs-economic-affairs-for-the-next-4-years/#ixzz1vhEehhD7


Dinar Myth Busting Time!

May 17th, 2012
Adam here again! It’s been a pretty slow week or two in the Dinar news
section, but it looks like things are about to start picking up again.
I’m hoping to have some great news to share soon, but for now it’s
just a waiting game.

Since you’ve taken the time to read this email, let’s talk about some
Dinar “myths” that have been kind of bugging me lately.
Here we go!

Myth 1: “Bank screens” are good sources for “intel”.

This is one of the silliest bits of nonsense you will ever hear, but
you will indeed hear it.

Friends , when the rate changes it will be done in one swift motion and
there will be no “bugs” or “glitches”, and quite simply: nobody is
looking at “bank screens” to see the rate change. If you hear anyone
say that, just smile and nod… and go somewhere else.

Myth 2: Bank X will “lock in” your rate if you use our “code”.

No bank or dealer in the world will “lock in” a rate. When you show up
with your Dinar, and it is authenticated, you will get compensated at
the current exchange rate.

Think about this. If the rate changes to $1 and you call to “lock in”
a rate, but when you get to the bank the rate has dropped to .50 – is
the bank going to take a FIFTY PERCENT loss? I don’t think so!
And on the other side of the coin, if the rate comes out at .50, but
when you get to the bank the rate has risen to $1…

… are you going to take .50?

Again, I don’t think so!

Summary: When you hear people talking about “locking a rate”, just
smile and nod… and then go somewhere else.

Myth 3: A (Nevada, Wyoming, etc) LLC can help you save on taxes.

Well, this is sort of true. If you have a domestic (local to your
country) corporation, you should be able to use it to take some
(reasonable) deductions during the present tax year. However, at the
end of the year all of the profits flow through to you and unless you
like paying taxes twice… you are going to pay your taxes almost as if
you had never formed a corporation in the first place. For example, if
a company makes a million dollars in one year, they can either
distribute that money to the shareholders or the company can hold it.
If the company holds it, the profit is still reported and taxed at a
high rate. Since the profit is taxed at a high rate… what’s the point?

Quite simply, it’s pointless… but many attorneys will still
encourage you to set up an LLC, a Spendthrift Trust, a Foundation,
an  Irrevocable Trust, and on and on and on… just so they can bill
you for their time. Unfortunately, none of these are adequate for
asset protection in our situation as Dinarians.

(Hint: If you want a SOLID asset protection plan, join my VIP group. I
promise it will be the best $49 you ever spent!
Go here: http://iqd.me/l/order  )

Myth 4: The Dinar is a Scam

Sigh… ok, there is some merit to this one as well. If you were
promised you’d wake up a millionaire… you were lied to, misled, or you
were talking to someone that was simply wrong. But let’s take a minute
to be realistic here… we are talking about the current actual currency
of a foreign nation. This foreign nation has gajillions of dollars of
potential based on their current economic growth, political progress,
and natural resources. This currency, the Iraqi Dinar, has gone up in
value since it dramatically crashed, and in all likelihood will
continue to do so. In fact, it has the potential to dramatically
increase in value! The Iraqi Dinar may not increase 1000% overnight,
but in my opinion… it’s going to keep going up, and in this day and
age I like the sound of that. More importantly… I like the potential
to not only make good money, but to make a LOT of good money.

It’s like having a lottery ticket that never expires!
Summary – the Dinar is not a scam, it is a currency. If you hold
authentic notes, you have not been “scammed”.

Myth 5: … ah, nevermind. That’s enough myths for one day.
LOL! I could go on and on with these “myths”, but I think you get the
idea by now. If you’re serious about the investment and protecting
your future wealth, I look forward to seeing you in my VIP group. If
you’re not the type to join VIP, don’t worry – I’ll still send you
these free emails. And when the rate changes, you can be sure you’ll
hear about it first from me.

Warmest RV Regards,

Adam Montana

P.S. If you have any questions about anything “Dinar”, please feel
free to post them in the weekly Q&A thread! You can find it in this
section of DV: http://iqd.me/l/chats
P.P.S. Feel free to leave your comments below. Stay respectful, thanks! :)

Boots on the Ground interview, Iraqi Dinar

April 12th, 2012
Hello Dinar Readers!
I’m very pleased to present an exclusive interview done by one of our awesome forum moderators, Ward Welch. He was able to correspond with foreign correspondent Raber Aziz and get the answers below.

Interview with Raber Aziz:

“removing of the three zeros from the Iraqi Dinar and its effects”

By Ward Welch
April 12, 2012
Ward Welch: Mr. Aziz, thank you very much for taking my questions today.
For years now we’ve been hearing about the CBI’s plan to “remove the zeros” from the Iraqi Dinar and equalize the value of the IQD with the other major currencies of the world, including the American Dollar.
With the success of the recent Arab summit in Baghdad, and the imminent release of Iraq from the United Nations sanctions (Chapter 7), what are your thoughts concerning this subject?
Raber Aziz: I think the removing of the zeros will have its own benefits and consequences for the country alike. It will be good for Iraq to remove the zeros because this address; when the Iraqi dinar is strong in the face of US dollars it will help keep inflation down as much as possible. It will also facilitate, for Iraq, economic cooperation with the international banks as it will increase the international confidence and credibility of it the new Iraqi Dinar. Also, it will reduce the size of the bank notes in circulation and will simplify Iraq’s payment system.
But the having a new and strong Dinar is expected to have consequences as well. one of the consequences will be money laundering. The CBI has said the zero-removing process, which is expected to take place in September as it has announced, will see the bank  re-print 30tr dinars ($26bn) and the process of switching currency will last a full year where both the old and new currencies will be dealt in the market. This is too long a period and could witness lots of money laundering, as well as fraud.
Ward Welch With Iraq taking its place in the world as a completely sovereign nation and a major power in the Arab world, how can Iraq continue to trade with the world using a highly undervalued currency? Certainly the impetus of the GOI and the CBI must be to rectify this condition very soon or risk losing billions of dollars (trillions of IQD) in foreign investments in Iraq.
Raber Aziz: Iraq cannot continue to trade with the world using the current undervalued currency. Iraq’s current money, printed after the 2003 US-led war, is 150 times bigger in quantity than the Swiss edition of the Iraqi Dinar used in the country. Iraq’s smallest bill used in the markets is the 250 Dinar bill (approximately US$0.2) and this is definitely not a good currency for the country that sells over 2 million bpd of oil (over 6 billion US Dollar per day). Besides, Iraq is planning to increase its oil production to reach at least 6 million bpd in the next few years and ultimately 12 million bpd. That’s even three times and six times the size of Iraq’s current revenues. This will mean Iraq’s annual revenues will hit US$210 in the coming days and over US$400 billion ultimately. And for this, Iraq requires a currency with strong value in the world market.

Ward Welch: With this new economic power in hand, will this increase the desire of Kurdistan to gain complete independence and sovereignty?
Raber Aziz  The desire of the Kurds to become independent is, and has always been, there with or without the economic power in hand. Every single Kurd dreams of an independent Kurdistan state. Though economic boom is a factor for any nation to proclaim independence, in the case of Kurdistan there are other factors that determine whether the Kurds want to be independent from Iraq or not. The first of these factors will be an international recognition of a Kurdish state. Who is ready to recognize a Kurdish state in north of Iraq? Kurds first need guarantees that if they proclaim independence their state will be recognized on an international level and be protected by some of the world’s super powers, among them the US. Another factor will be the Kurds’ relations with the regional nations. Kurdistan, I mean the greater Kurdistan that spans Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran, and the Kurdish part of Iraq as well, is a landlocked country. Kurdistan cannot survive without strong friendly relations with these countries in case they wanted to become independent.
Ward Welch: How will this rebirth of economic power in Iraq effect the relationship between the political blocks? (Will the new wealth encourage them to put religious, secular, and tribal differences aside and truly work together?)
Raber Aziz:  I don’t think that it will result in the political blocs putting their differences aside. Iraq’s Prime Minister Mr Nouri al-Maliki who has been controlling power over the past few years has unfortunately been playing on a very sensitive cord, namely sectarianism. He has appointed many of his Shiite Dawa Party officials as ministers or high-ranking officials in the government and has been running many other ministerial and senior positions like the ministries of interior, defense, national security as acting minister despite him being the PM. He has been rejecting candidates of the rival al-Iraqiya list, the main Sunni bloc in Iraq, for the empty ministries each time with a different excuse since the end of 2010 when the political blocs finally, after an 8-month impasse came to a power-sharing deal, in Erbil, to form the new cabinet. And, last year, his Shiite dominated government started removing Sunni academics on charges of belonging to the former Baath Party. They detained about 600 former Iraqi army officials on charges of planning a coup by the end of 2011 when the last US troop left Iraq, and also started hunting down other top Sunni leaders in the country on terror charges, among them VP Tariq al-Hashimi for involvement in 150 armed attacks. Therefore, it is not easy to undo these, and thus the sectarian disputes which are in fact the core of the political disputes as well, will remain.
Ward Welch:   Thank you very much for your valuable time sir.
Raber Y. Aziz is a Kurdish journalist and blogger from Erbil, the capital of the semi-autonomous Kurdish Region. He works for AKnews as English News Editor and is formerly their Managing Editor. You can follow his blog at http://kurdishobserver.blogspot.com/

Latest Dinar chat 2012

March 28th, 2012

Hey everyone, I know I haven’t updated this blog lately. I’ve been SWAMPED with work in the VIP section and outside of my dinar sites. (Crazy, right? Adam actually has a life outside of Dinar?! LOL!)

Anyhow, please check DianrVets for my latest chat – I gave all of my most recent news and opinions in it. Here’s the link: http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/111771-adams-official-chat-32812


My latest Dianr News chat is here

February 29th, 2012

I do this every week on Wednesday.

Here’s the first part of the chat:


[Adam Montana] Wow, full house!
[Adam Montana] Makes sense given the situation
[Adam Montana] just a forewarning, I AM expecting a call this morning from an attorney. It’s important, I will have to take it
[Adam Montana] but that’s not supposed to happen till noon so I should be ok
[Adam Montana] There’s a lot of questions this week about Warka

[Adam Montana] all we know at this point is from translated articles mostly
[Adam Montana] and we all know those can be misleading and confusing

[Adam Montana] so until I know more concretely, I am going to refrain from making an updated comment on them
[Adam Montana] my long-time stance on Warka and the rumors that surround Warka is “don’t worry about it” and “don’t invest more than you can afford to lose”
[Adam Montana] those should be obvious , but I guess some people need to be told more than once
[Adam Montana] other than Warka, we have a great chat lined up… it’s LEAPDAY and March 1 has been BIG in the Dinar world! Of course, all we can do is wait and see… but I’m sure I’m not the only one with crossed fingers
[Adam Montana] ok, kcw, ready when you are!
[kcw] bb2 First of all,Thanks, I have received by VIP wallet card. How is it looking on Post RV negotiations. Do you think the ministers will be seated before The Arab Summit?
[Adam Montana] bb2 glad you got it! Those things are going to make life MUCH easier for VIPs after the RV, I’m glad we were able to make that happen. Negotiations are a constant thing, they always will be – the bottom line is I don’t waste time on things that don’t benefit us
[Adam Montana] so the answer is “GOOD”
[Adam Montana] Will the ministers be seated before the Arab Summit? It would make SENSE for this to happen, but I honestly don’t have a solid answer for you other than that
[Adam Montana] I hope so, but it’s not absolutely necessary for our goals here.
[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] neandinar Adam do you think there is time for Iraq to get things in order prior to the summit or is our window more likely Sept? Thanks for your time!
[Adam Montana] I do think there is time! There has been PLENTY of time already, and I have to point out that they aren’t going to lay things out for us to see before they RV… some things will be done in private to keep a massive run on the Dinar from happening
[Adam Montana] with that said, I’m still on the “anytime from now to September!” Train.
[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] cgbrown The rate of exchange was so small 1170 to 1166 …..what benefit did the Iraq people gain in this move.
[Adam Montana] good question, but I don’t know if you will like the answer. What did the average Iraqi gain? NOTHING at this time…. but I think it shows that the CBI is in complete control and if nothing else, it was a statement to the world that they can and will change the rate when and how they want
[Adam Montana] Those 4 little pips didn’t put anything extra in Iraqs pocket, but they did it of their own accord and they did it without a hitch. First a little move…. then a big one, hopefully!
[Adam Montana] next please
[kcw] robbby Hi Adam, What do YOU think about several articles coming out with the 1,000 old dinar to 1 new dinar rate?
[Adam Montana] That’s a standard redenomination article. Don’t expect a huge warning that “the dinar is going to increase but please don’t buy more”. If this thing is going to happen, it will happen suddenly and without much warning
[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] jv1054 I received my VIP wallet sized card thanks to Sara. I was unable to resize any of my pics and she did it for me. Adam, Sara is always there when I need her and God knows I am usually needy when it comes to computer knowledge. Tank you for having her there and available always….Joe V
[Adam Montana] jv I’m glad you got it. Sara is indeed a blessing to us!
[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] securityguy I know this has been covered before but I can’t find it. One more time if you would for the blockheads like me. If the Exchange Rate is 1 to 1 ( 1 IQD= 1 USD ) how will it appear on the CBI Site? Likewise, if the Exchange Rate is 1 IQD = .86 USD Thanking you in advance. A slow learner.
[Adam Montana] securityguy, thats a good question
[Adam Montana] Keep in mind that there is two listings: Sell and Buy
[Adam Montana] in a perfect world it would be listed as “1” and “1”, but keep in mind the “spread”
[Adam Montana] if you don’t understand “spread”, please grab the free “Cash In Guide” at http://dinarnews.net/cashinguide.php
[Adam Montana] MOST LIKELY the spread is going to be high, so it will say “Sell 1 Buy 0.75″ or something like that
[Adam Montana] again, if that doesn’t make sense – you need to educate yourself. My Cash In Guide is linked at the bottom of this site. It’s free.
[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] TimS Adam… What does “removing the three zeros” specifically mean… removing the bills from circulation with 3 zeros on them, removing the 3 zeros from the exchange rate of .00086 or something completely different?
[Adam Montana] It could be either, but I think we all know that Iraq isn’t going to “advertise” the RV. So the 0’s talk is usually simply a reference to redenominating or l0pping
[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] skitealwedrop What’s the status of the so called passing of the budget? I’m curious.
[Adam Montana] Well, as of yesterday they had passed 98% of it! There are rumors right now that the budget is completed and we may be seeing it in the Gazzette any time now!
[Adam Montana] so I’m anxious to get this chat done and go read the article
[Adam Montana] next please!

Read more: http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/107764-adams-official-chat-22912/#ixzz1nnZHSxcZ

First update of 2012! Dinar News.

January 4th, 2012

First – Happy New Year! I hope your holiday was safe, you were

surrounded by loved ones, and your 2012 is off to a great start!


I have good news and bad news.


Bad news: The Dinar didn’t RV in 2011, and as of today it has not RV’d in 2012.


Well, you probably knew that, so let’s move on.


Good news: Where do I start?!


Iraq made so much amazing forward progress last year I could

spend hours listing the details. I could literally go on for pages

and pages!


Here is a short list of some current FACTUAL news articles. (You

don’t get any of that “my brother knows a banker” stuff from me.

Love it or leave it!)


1. The US troops are out of Iraq, home safe. (To our troops: THANK

YOU for your service!)


2. We have an official draft of the HCL. Link: http://iqd.me/l/14b


(With any luck, it will be posted in the Gazette shortly!)


3. Another good article about the gas law: http://iqd.me/l/149


4. IMF and Iraq are in agreement on the Iraqi budget. Link: http://iqd.me/l/14a


5. We have news that Iraq is ready to boost their production by

900,000 barrels PER DAY. Link: http://iqd.me/l/145


6. Ministry of Foreign Affairs is discussing Chapter 7… TODAY.

Link: http://iqd.me/l/146


7. They know that they are facing inflation unless they figure

some stuff out. Link: http://iqd.me/l/147


8. Another good article on Chapter7: http://iqd.me/l/148


What does all this tell us? It tells us Iraq is on the verge of taking

that one last step forward. It tells us this as plain as day, in my



With all this good news out there, I am going to offer a limited

time discount to join my VIP group. In my VIP group, you are going

to have access to ALL of the Post RV investments I’ve put together

for after the RV, access to all of the professionals I have personally

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So, to ring in the new year with a great deal, I encourage you all to

take advantage of a 20% coupon. This will apply to ANY VIP upgrade,

even the Platinum Lifetime VIP! At this time, we are also able to throw

in a free 1000 Dinar Note along with your Platinum Certificate.


Go Iraq, Go HCL, Go Chapter 7, GO RV!!!!!!


Here’s that discount:


Link: http://iqd.me/l/order


Code: 20for2012


Once you are a VIP member, go to the following link and enter your

phone number. When the RV is announced, you will get a text

message alerting you to check your email.


I will be sending all VIP members a constantly updated list of banks

cashing us in, where to use your VIP Certificate to get the best rate,

the latest on any tax laws or cash in issues, and much more.


Here’s that link: http://iqd.me/l/text


(Note: All members can enter their phone number, but only VIPs and

Platinum VIP members will get the text.)


Last but not least… here’s my most recent chat from this morning: http://iqd.me/l/14c


Happy New Year, everyone!




– Adam Montana



Statement by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde on Iraq

December 13th, 2011


Statement by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde on Iraq
Press Release No. 11/465
December 13, 2011
Ms. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), issued the following statement after a meeting with H.E. Nouri Al-Maliki, Prime Minister of Iraq in Washington today:
“It was a pleasure to meet Prime Minister Al-Maliki today. Over the past several years, Iraq and the International Monetary Fund have engaged in a very successful partnership, anchored by successive IMF-supported economic programs. This partnership has facilitated substantial debt relief and helped achieve macroeconomic stability, including a strong dinar, low inflation, and a resumption of economic growth, in a very challenging political and security environment.
“Prudent fiscal policies are essential to maintaining macroeconomic stability and fostering inclusive growth. In this context, I am very encouraged by the government’s new budget proposal for 2012 that was recently submitted to the Iraqi Council of Representatives. The proposal aims to restrain the growth of current spending, thus freeing up resources for infrastructure investment and social support, while limiting the size of the budget deficit. The proposed budget would allow the current Stand-By Arrangement (SBA) to continue to provide a safety net to the budget in case oil revenues were to fall sharply.
“Promoting policies that lead to more inclusive growth is central to our engagement with Iraq. We are working closely with the Iraqi government to rebuild its essential economic institutions to help improve economic management and public service delivery. The current SBA offers a framework for Iraq’s structural reform agenda, by promoting better public financial management, including the management of Iraq’s hydrocarbon resources, and developing a financial sector that can support private sector activity and job creation. We look forward to further progress in these areas.
“We remain committed to helping Iraq in its efforts to foster sustained and inclusive economic growth, generate viable employment opportunities, and improve living standards for all Iraqis. An IMF staff mission is scheduled to meet the authorities in January to discuss progress under the program and next steps.”

11-2-11 official Wednesday chat

November 2nd, 2011

[Adam Montana] so good morning everyone!
[Adam Montana] There is a long list of questions from the members this morning
[Adam Montana] first, a quick summary
[Adam Montana] we all know parliament is on a break right now
[Adam Montana] and technically nothing should be getting done
[Adam Montana] but we also know Iraq does everything backwards
[Adam Montana] and when they SHOULD get things done, nothing happens
[Adam Montana] mostly due to political issues – in other words, the big kids spend too much time fighting to accomplish big things
[Adam Montana] what a lot of the news articles are telling us at this time, however
[Adam Montana] is that although parliament is on break, they are still moving towards completing the HCL
[Adam Montana] and I know for a fact that this can be pushed through with a simple meeting and a few signatures
[Adam Montana] regarding the rate and the actual implementation
[Adam Montana] there is a question about the IMF from one of he members that I’ll answer in a few minutes – so stand by for that
[Adam Montana] If you’re on the email newsletter, you probably got that email i sent a few days ago
[Adam Montana] (newsletter is here: http://dinarnews.net/news )
[Adam Montana] I sent out my thesis last week on why i feel the rate should be closer to a dime than anything else
[Adam Montana] then I sent out a newsletter stating that I’m well aware I could be wrong
[Adam Montana] I apologize if that confused anyone
[Adam Montana] I still think it’s very possible that the rate will only be a dime
[Adam Montana] ( :lol: “only” 1000% return… I’m not going to cry about it!)
[Adam Montana] but my next email’s purpose was to let you all know that my “prediction” of a .10 RV is only my opinion based on my research and contact’s information
[Adam Montana] others that I talk to say it could be a heck of a lot higher, up to a dollar
[Adam Montana] but NOBODY I talk to – well, at least in the group of people that actually have brains – NONE of them think it would ever be over a dollar
[Adam Montana] at least not at first
[Adam Montana] the consensus is basically that if it were to come out at a high rate (in my opinion, anything over a dime is high)
[Adam Montana] it would at best be on par with the dollar, to quickly transfer future transactions AWAY from the USD
[Adam Montana] and start using the IQD
[Adam Montana] that’s my top end analysis… don’t let me forget to use the famous words: “In My Opinion’ :lol:
[Adam Montana] ok the other email that went out was about VIP
[Adam Montana] If you don’t like hearing about VIP, go ahead and log off now 
[Adam Montana] I stated that all short term VIP memberships would be discontinued
[Adam Montana] and I kind of mis-worded that
[Adam Montana] NOBODY will lose a current VIP membership
[Adam Montana] i would NEVER do that
[Adam Montana] what I meant was in the future you won’t be able to sign up for short term memberships
[Adam Montana] at this time you can still grab a three month VIP membership
[Adam Montana] and even get a 25% discount for a limited time
[Adam Montana] at this link: http://iqd.me/l/order
[Adam Montana] using the code “special25″
[Adam Montana] ok, now that I hopefully ran all the freeloaders off
[Adam Montana] kcw, do you have some questions for me?

[kcw] oleman Ok I want to be first to ask. What is your new thought on the (rate)? 

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Adam Montana predicts the RV rate

October 26th, 2011

There’s a lot of speculation on the Iraqi Dinar, and one of the most confusing and uncertain aspects of the final outcome is: The Rate. We constantly hear people making predictions and taking guesses… but what is the Iraqi Dinar rate actually going to be?!

Hi Everyone. I’m Adam Montana, and I’m going to do something I have largely avoided for the past few years… I’m going to give you my analysis of a potential rate on the future (and pending!) ReValuation of the Iraqi Dinar.

For those that don’t know me, here’s a quick breakdown of “Adam Montana”. My background is in business and investing. I have been invested in the Dinar for many years. I started a blog a few years ago to help my friends and family keep up with the news coming out of Iraq, and that blog created quite a stir in the currency speculation crowd! It started out getting a couple of visits per day, then 40-50 visits per day,, then 400-500, then 4000-5000, and it kept growing… pretty soon it was too much to handle the daily questions, so I wrote a book, and called it “Real RV Intel”. I also started a newsletter, and send out pretty regular emails to those that are subscribed to it.

The book was well received, and thousands of people have benefitted from it – I’ve heard from hundreds of you, and the feedback is always positive! That’s a pretty amazing thing in itself, but eventually I decided to expand the community and DinarVets.com was born.

Now the book is in thousands of happy customers hands, the newsletter reaches several tens of thousands of “Dinarians” across the US and the globe, and DinarVets.com is home to a community of over 35,000 members! These members are responsible for some of the most intelligent commentary, the most intriguing news finds, and most incredible insight to be found anywhere. Between the three parts of the Dinar News Network (the blog DinarSpeculation.com, the Dinar News newsletter, and DinarVets.com make up the majority of what is now known as the “Dinar News Network”)… let’s just say these sites keep me plenty busy!

Well, these same tens of thousands of members that make up the most intelligent and active Dinar sites on the entire internet are also responsible for racking up thousands of dollars in bills for me each month! :) Luckily, the VIP members contribute enough dollars to cover these costs, and then some. I am able to use those extra dollars to devote time to them, and also the entire community, and also prepare for an eventual RV of the Iraqi Dinar and offer unique Post RV investment opportunities that you will not find ANYWHERE else – I’ve been working on some of these opportunities since before the average “Guru” even heard of the Dinar!

Speaking of Post RV investment opportunities, it should also be noted that I did take and pass the Series 65 exam in order to qualify to legally be able to present these opportunities to the VIP members… I am very excited for that day to come, and if you’re not a VIP member I highly recommend you join! Here’s the link, if you need it: http://iqd.me/l/order

Now, you know who I am… you know I’m at least intelligent enough to pass the hardest financial test available to anyone willing to take it… you know me by reputation and by my actions, if you’ve been a member for long… so let’s move past that stuff.

Let’s get to the meat, shall we? The RATE. :)

There are plenty of theories on what the rate of the revalued Iraqi Dinar will be, and they honestly range from pennies to dollars… my friends, that is a HUGE difference in ROI if you hold several million Dinar! Why, if the rate is several dollars, then your holdings could equal several million USD! If the rate is in the pennies, then your investment is potentially worth several tens of thousands of dollars… BIG swing there, right?

I’m going to list a couple of speculated rates and the reasons behind them, then I’ll tell you what I think is most likely.

Speculated rates:


Based on Kuwaiti Dinar.

It’s been said that the rate must equal their neighboring Kuwaiti Dinar rate, which would put the Dinar at $3+. Many people speculate that the Iraqi’s are a prideful people, and it would be a slap in the face to have a revalued currency be less than Kuwaits.

Based on dropping the 0’s

It’s mentioned many times in the news that the 0’s could be dropped, which would mean one of two things:

1. The 0’s are dropped from the bills, which essentially puts most investors at a break even return. Nothing gained, nothing lost.

2. The 0’s are dropped from the exchange rate, which is currently .00086 (Dinars are worth about 1170 IQD per 1USD, or an exchange of .00086). This means your dinars are worth .86USD per Dinar – in other words, a 10,000 IQD note is exchanged for $8,600 minus spread and bank fees. (If you don’t understand the “spread”, or you think there will be no spread, PLEASE read my free Cash In Guide. It’s located here: http://dinarnews.net/cashinguide.php )

Based on “equal to the USD”

We see articles all the time that reference the US Dollar, stating that the CBI wants the IQD to be equal to the USD. An easy assumption is to simply RV at 1:1, making a 10,000IQD note worth $10,000.

Based on “they can’t RV low or investors will buy too much!”

Some people state they will not cash in for anything less than $1. They state that Iraq would be foolish to RV at a low rate, because then big money will come in and buy up a ton of Dinar before it can go higher. (I intend to prove this theory wrong, FYI.)


My Thoughts:


Keep in mind that I’m trying to keep this as simple as possible. I am going to use hypothetical figures, and I’m going to make my point as quickly as possible… we all have better things to do than listen to an old guy like me ramble on for days, right? ;)

I agree with a few of the speculations above. I think the Iraqi Dinar should have a higher value, and I think we are simply waiting on the HCL or Chapter 7 to be finalized… then it will be “GO” time! But my opinion of the rate goes a little deeper… it includes a “business sense analysis” that I think everyone should be prepared to accept.

Iraq is a business – and the business is natural reserves. Iraq holds a majority of the worlds natural gas and also black gold, also known as “oil”. When Iraq is released from Chapter 7 and the HCL has been settled, they will begin operating their business using the same principals any other successful company uses – the goals being profit, sustainability, and success!

Did I mention profit?

Yes indeed, friends!


The most important concept to understand today is this: The CBI makes money on every auction, and they will continue to do so forever. When the Dinar changes value, the CBI buys it at a lower rate, and then sells it at a higher rate.

The CBI will ALWAYS choose the path that makes them the most money. Keep that in mind as we continue with this paper!

Let’s move forward a few steps and talk about a ReValued dinar. I agree that a lower rate than Kuwait will be a blow to the ego’s of the Iraqis. I agree that it should be on par with the USD, or even higher. I agree that the rate WILL get there… eventually.

When the Iraqi Dinar is ReValued to a higher rate, it will become more desirable to do business in Iraq. Many people will be less hesitant to sign contracts and invest in Iraq. The current Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) should see some major movement… and the CBI (Central Bank of Iraq) is going to make tons of money on the exchanges!

I believe that Iraq can sustain a very stable currency at a rate of $3 or higher, but I don’t think they will immediately jump to that rate even if they ultimately desire it to be so.

Here’s why:

An instantaneous RV to $3.00 will create a ton of wealth – coincidentally, probably about the same amount of wealth that they lost when Saddam Hussein was taken out of power and the value of the Iraqi Dinar plummeted to mere pennies! What’s done is done, though, and we have to look at the situation for what it is today – not what it could have been or should have been.

When the Dinar rises in value and people are ready to “Cash In”, there is only one place that will ultimately buy the Dinar: The CBI.

Since they control the rate and they are the top of the chain, they can set their spread (the fees they charge for cashing in your Dinar) to any rate they want. I’m of the opinion that they will jack that rate up as high as possible in the beginning… and who’s going to say no? The CBI has a monopoly on this market and it is theirs to do with as they please.

A normal foreign currency exchange carries a “spread” of 2-6%. This means if you exchange $1000 worth of a foreign currency, you can expect to receive approximately $940 after the spread is taken out. Those numbers in the middle aren’t important, the only important thing is what you walk away with.

Since the CBI has complete control on the spread, which trickles down through every single banking institution that handles the Dinar, we are at their mercy. Don’t miss this next line:

If the CBI won’t buy your dinar, then you will not be able to cash in.

Take a hypothetical rate of $3.

The CBI can (and probably will) put a hefty spread their buy price – I’ve heard it will be at least 25% if they RV high. This means they will sell the Dinar for $3, but they will buy it for $2.25

Personally, I’d be grateful and overjoyed to see a 25% spread on a $3 RV! Most likely, we will only see about $2.00 per Dinar at a $3 RV by the time it gets in our hands (every party involved will take a little chunk, unless you are physically able to go to the CBI. And you can’t do that. So, just accept it – you’re going to pay a spread.)

Once again, the extra numbers aren’t important right now – the only number that’s important is the $3 and the $2.25, because that’s what the CBI is worried about.

Let’s say there is a billion USD worth of Dinar out there right now, or 1 trillion IQD. The CBI pays $2.25 for every $3 worth of Dinar, then resells it the next day for $3. That’s a profit of $75 billion just on the spread. Not bad, right?

The problem is it cost them 225 billion to do that… and that 225 billion goes right into the “debt” column.

My friends, Iraq isn’t about to go into debt so we can get rich. Therefore, a $3 RV isn’t the answer, and we must look at another possibility.

Take a hypothetical rate of $0.10 (ten cents)

Again,  using the same numbers we have 1 Trillion IQD that needs to be changed out to smaller denominations. The CBI announces the rate at ten cents and also announces that your large notes will be worthless in 90 days.

Every investor would love to hold out for a higher rate, but in this situation you have no choice… you cash out. The CBI will likely use the same spread, so they will buy 1 trillion Dinar at a rate of .10, minus 25% spread, which gives us about $750 for every 10,000IQD note we have… and the CBI makes 250 million in the first 90 days at an expense of only 1 billion. This puts their debt on this transaction at only 750 million… a far cry from the 225 billion in the $3 RV!!!

However, this is only the first step. Now I’ll show you how Iraq can easily wipe that debt out by ReValuing the Dinar at a lower rate initially, then making money as the Dinar increases in value over a relatively short period of time.

What about all the other investors that will now come in to buy up the lower denomination notes, speculating that the Dinar will continue to rise?

I completely agree that this will happen! And the CBI will continue to make money on it. In the above situation, the Dinar is being sold by the CBI at .10USD per 1IQD. After all of the large notes are brought in, it is reasonable to assume twice as much money will be poured back into Dinar by speculators, at .10. Now the CBI is able to sell 2 billion at 10 cents, and they can move the peg on the Dinar up a bit – say, to 15 cents. Investors will cash in for a profit, allowing the CBI to resell at the higher rate and once again make profit.

Of course, not all investors will cash in at 15 cents. For the sake of argument, let’s say half of the investors sell out at that point. The CBI pays 0.1125USD per dinar (A profit of 12.5% for the investors!!!) and resells that billion for 15 cents – securing a profit of 375 million.

The CBI’s “debt” on the original RV is now down to 375 million… do you see how this is working? The CBI is able to make up the “loss” on the original RV simply by continuing to hold auctions and allowing more and more people to profit on the increasing value.

At this point, in our hypothetical situation of a 10 cent RV, the CBI has covered half of it’s loss with only one “repeg”. They can continue to profit all the way up to the final rate of $1, $2, $3, or higher – as long as investors are willing to buy the Dinar, they can keep moving it up.

And the way things are going over there… why wouldn’t we keep buying? I know I plan on doing so!

In conclusion, I want to caution everyone to be careful with this investment. As good as things look, we never know when some hairbrained Arab is going to pull the pin on a grenade or something silly like that. Only buy what you can afford to lose, and always consult a professional before making investment decisions.

I hope you found this article to be helpful!

Best regards and WARMEST RV wishes,

– Adam Montana

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