Adam Montana September 24 2014

Hey hey it’s hump day!

We had a little glitch on the site last week, but all is well again. Here’s the weekly!

Good morning everyone – today is Wednesday, September 24

You might not believe this at first, and you probably need to sit
down before you read this next sentence…

Parliament actually moved a date UP for possibly the first time
in recorded history! Link:

Even crazier than that groundbreaking, record setting, earth
shattering news is this… THEY ACTUALLY DID IT!

But wait, it gets better!

On the table today or tomorrow is the Budget, which is always a
big pain in the neck… but check THIS out… Read more on Dinarvets:

Adam Montana weekly Sept 17 2014

Here’s the first part of the weekly update:

Good morning DinarVets!

Let’s get right to the good stuff – I’ve been saying for a long time that we need to see the HCL completed or see some serious action on it before we could get too excited about Iraq raising the value of their currency…

Have you been reading the news this week? Holy Moly there’s a lot of activity on the HCL right now!

Check this out:

In a nutshell: the HCL is HOT right now. Barzani (Kurdistan’s top dog) is heading to Baghdad within…

Read the entire post:

Adam Montana weekly Sept 10 2014

I wasn’t able to update this blog page from my phone, but here is what was posted this week (the Q&A is on page 6 or 7):

Good morning everyone!

I’m posting from my mobile device right now (in between meetings), so the q&a will be handled later… The good news right now is I don’t have to do anything too complicated today – there’s nothing but good news to share!

The GOI is fully seated AND FUNCTIONING with the exception of the ministries of interior and defense. Those are the only remaining seats to fill, and they are slated to be done within a week.

The UN is singing praises on their progress, for the first time in recent history they are getting things done on schedule, and this baby is MOVING!

I am hearing extremely encouraging news from…

Read more:

Adam Montana Weekly from Sept 3 2014

Here’s what was posted on the forums:

Good morning everyone!


We’re just a couple weeks past the election of Iraq’s new President and

the picking of the new Prime Minister, and as you might be reading from

other sources… the new PM is getting stuff done! This might be the first

time in over a decade that the government will be seated on time, and it

actually looks like they might actually beat the deadline!


The biggest news of the week is probably the replacement of Turkei as

head of the CBI – the new name to watch for is Ali al-Allaq. I absolutely

LOVE LOVE LOVE this move – the CBI is really the only entity that can

make an RV of the currency official, and at the pace Iraq is moving right

now we are sitting in a GOOD spot to finally see it happen!


At this time we are waiting to see the GOI completed (happening quick,

possibly as soon as…

Read more: back online!

Sorry for the downtime friends, we are back up!

More info:

Site temporarily down

As many of you are aware, we’ve had some downtime on the site this
weekend. and hundreds of other sites on the internet
are currently getting hit with DDOS attacks.

Apparently, running the largest dinar news network on the planet has
given us enough visibility to attract the attention of some computer nerds
that simply want to watch things burn. :P

Then again, it’s possible that our site was just randomly targeted… we are
nowhere near the size of some other sites that have been taken offline by
these new attacks. (Bitly, Meetup, Shutterstock, Wix, Moz, Mailchimp,
and more.)

First and foremost, we want to assure you that no data has been
compromised. Particularly for you VIP members, you can rest assured
that your information is still safe.

Secondly, this email should assure you that even though the website
isn’t available, we are still on the watch for important dinar news and our
ability to communicate with you is still intact. Should any major news be
announced during this temporary downtime, we will communicate via

Third, for the VIP members – our Post RV VIP services are hosted on a
completely different server which is still 100% functional. For obvious
reasons, that server and addresses are being kept top-secret at this time.

And finally – the downtime is temporary. We have a solution being implemented
as I write this, and we don’t expect the downtime to last more than a couple

That’s it for now! You’ll get another email once we are back online.

Best regards,

Adam Montana

New Dinar update!

Hey everyone!

It was just brought to my attention that I haven’t updated this blog in a while – sorry about that!

I do weekly chats at – everyone should be a member over there. It’s free and we have an awesome community.

Here is my latest chat as of January 30, 2013:

(I do at least one chat a week there, but I don’t plan on updating this site every time… so head on over and see what’s new!)

For you VIP members, here is the latest VIP email as of the same date:


See you over on!

– Adam

DinarVets currently NOT down for maintenance

Sorry everyone, I forgot to update this blog post!

Dinarvets is doing just fine, it has been back up for some time now.


– Adam

Yesterdays chat…. exciting times!

did you catch my chat yesterday?

This is just a heads up… fair warning, you could call it… that
your last chance to get in my VIP group at a discount ends
in just THREE days.
Want to know why? The answer is simple… but I think I did
a good job of explaining it in my chat yesterday.
(If you don’t care to read the chat, but want to get that discount…
here’s how. Go to, pick your package,
and enter the discount code “newsletter20″ exactly how you
see it here.)
With Ramadan coming to an end, I have high hopes for a
very exciting couple weeks!
Here’s how it went down in the chat room:
OFFICIAL CHAT: Dinar Vets, August 18 2012
[Adam Montana] morning everyone! Happy 15th of August, just 
3-4 days away from the end of Ramadan
[Adam Montana] Here’s my official feeling… things have been 
going GREAT lately, and I think there is a great chance for 
something to happen in the next 6 weeks… so with that said, 
the current discount on VIP is OVER as of the end of Ramadan
[Adam Montana] if things keep going the way they are, I will be
 CLOSING the doors on VIP shortly after that – most likely within 
a few days.
[Adam Montana] Quite frankly, we have a great VIP group 
and I look forward to working with them after the RV. We 
don’t need to dilute the ranks with last minute joiners… so if 
you had considered joining, now is possibly your last 
[Adam Montana] with that said – let’s do some questions! It’s 
been a slow week in actual “news”, with Ramadan going on… 
exactly as I said it would be. The list this week is pretty short
[Adam Montana] kcw, ready when you are! 

[kcw] MNPhila Adam, thank you for and everything you do. In the past, you predicted a “ten cent RV.” In a recent email, you stated that you were told by people whom you truly respect that the ten cent RV was way off base and that they thought the RV would be much higher. Do those trusted individuals still believe in an RV that is higher than ten cents? Thanks!

[Adam Montana] I am indeed hearing good argument for a rate 

higher than .10 
[Adam Montana] to bring this chat back down to earth for a second… 
they could RV at $1, $.10, or anywhere in between and we will all be 
happy. They could even RV a little lower than that and I think we will 
be happy, and if it’s higher then GREAT! All the speculation in the 
world won’t change the eventual rate, so let’s all remember to stay 
grounded, patient, and thankful for the blessings we ALREADY have.
[Adam Montana] next please! 

[kcw] Rowena Nickson Adam, I have a concern about giving my dinar to an attorney to give to another attorney to cash in for me. If memory serves me – it has been said that we should not let them out of our posession until we see that they are delarue certified. We bought the pkt so we do not need to leave the US to cash in. I have faith in you based on the years I have been reading your posts and chats and joining your site. It is my opinion you are trying to help all of us to the very best of your ability and for that I thank you. Please elaborate on this process for us. I am aware that all things should be clear once the RV occurs, but like you said we need to be prepared. Thank you for your hard work and looking out for those of us who are not in-the-know!! Rowena Nickson

[Adam Montana] ok this is an OSI question, but I know some people 

aren’t in the OSI section but still hear rumors about the strategies… 
so I’ll answer here in open chat. 
[Adam Montana] First, I agree ONE HUNDRED PERCENT that you 
should not separate yourself from your Dinar, you should maintain 
control in all situations. 
[Adam Montana] the situation you are talking about is a CORPORATE 
matter, which removes you personally from the transaction, but you 
are still able to be right there at the table/counter/exchange 
[Adam Montana] 
[Adam Montana] I know a lot of people will read that last part and 
wonder what I’m talking about… we’re getting close to the end of 
this ride, so I’ll just spill a little bit 
[Adam Montana] as a VIP member here at, you get 
access to a ton of resources – one of which is a solid strategy to 
SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the taxes you will have to pay after the RV, 
and also protect your investment(s) from lawsuits, seizures, and 
[Adam Montana] next please! 

[kcw] simple Been away from Dinar material for quite awhile… Economically, what one factor prevents Iraq from dropping the zeroes this year?

[Adam Montana] There is no “one” factor – this situation is not 

that simple. It’s a complex matter in which you must consider
 the BIG picture, not just little items.
[Adam Montana] On the whole, I see Iraq as becoming more and 
more stable and solvent, which leads me to believe that they are 
in a position to have a stronger currency. 
[Adam Montana] next please! 

[kcw] coorslite21 Adam My understanding is that in order for Iraq to RV the IQD they need to first have a stabile Government, and a stabile country…..I realize they have made progress on this……however with the continued car bombings and violence……and with the instability there seems to be within the GOI and even the unstable ground Maliki seems to be on……do you really think Iraq is ready for this ascension to becoming a part of the world financial community??..

[Adam Montana] You have a good point, but I think you may be

 focused on the media’s preference to report on the sensational 
stories (the few bombings that happen) rather than the unsensational 
(*yawn* Iraq still moving forward, stable, happy joy *yawn*…..)
[Adam Montana] overall, violence is down DRAMATICALLY and stability
 is UP. The media still needs to sell papers and advertisements, so of 
course they will focus on the negative.
[Adam Montana] Moral of the story: don’t trust the media
[Adam Montana] next please! 

[kcw] M.Duke Question for you Adam I would like some information on the OSI that the groupe has and what it takes to invest . I am sort of new to this stuff ,thank you for all the help

[Adam Montana] Check the pinned topics in the VIP section
[Adam Montana] There is no current need to “invest” in anything 

other than your time and education.
[Adam Montana] next please! 

[kcw] skitealwedrop Hey Adam, Due to the never ending Muslim holiday that we are experiencing I suspect that you have no new information to report regarding our investment. If you do please tell us. I’m curious to know your thoughts regarding the R and R ticket. I’m pumped. Without expounding on my thoughts, I’m curios to know yours. A smart cheese head in DC is not a bad thing in my opinion. Thanks in advance. Ski

[Adam Montana] Well, the “neverending” holiday is ending in a 

few days, so I’ll pass on that part. Regarding the “R and R” ticket… 
the more I learn about Ryan, the more I like him. Although I am 
undecided and have yet to come up with what I will call my “official” 
opinion, as a business owner I know I like spreadsheets that don’t 
end in RED. So, I’m looking forward to movement in that direction 
no matter who brings it. Ryan seems like a good candidate for that 
purpose, regardless of Obamas Birth Certificate or Romneys Tax 
Returns – in my opinion, those are both moot points. What IS important 
is fiscal responsibility for the future of our nation.
[Adam Montana] (Thanks for getting me on a rant!  )
[Adam Montana] next please! 

[kcw] go4profit Hello, Adam. Thank you for your insights and the balanced wisdom that you bring to this investment. In light of recent economic news that Iraq is now the #2 producer of crude, that they have had the largest wheat production in 30 years, and given that sanctions against Iran seem to be declining their economy can you tell me how or if you think these factors might impact an RV? It seems that these events are leading to a growing economy among the OPEC nations, which cannot hurt. Anxiously awaiting the end of this long holiday and more anxiously awaiting and RV

[Adam Montana] Iraq is officially a reserve-wealthy nation? Oh, 

surprise surprise! I love how the l0psters hate to admit they have 
massive wealth… this little fact is indeed positive for us and it only 
serves to further my faith in the Iraqi Dinar
[Adam Montana] that was it for this week! I hope you’re all enjoying 
what’s left of summer, hang tight while Ramadan is wrapping up, 
and as always…. GOOOO RVVVVVV!!!!!

As you can see, I’m pretty excited! I know a lot of other people out there
are excited too, for a lot of reasons… so this is pretty much it.
Definitely your last chance to get a discount on VIP, and quite possibly
your last chance to join VIP period.
Once that RV is here… the doors close.
For good., discount code newsletter20
This discount offer is over as of Sunday, which is also the end of Ramadan.
Coincidence? Not at all.
It’s time for Iraq to get things rockin, and I like our chances for “very soon’!
Warmest RV regards, everyone!
- Adam Montana

Iraqi Dinar News pre-Ramadan

Hey everyone! Here’s a short list of articles I referenced in chat today. (Here’s the link to the recent weekly chat: )

With Ramadan right around the corner, it looks like we are back to “hurry up and wait” mode. Let’s stay positive to see some action after Ramadan!

Central Bank: speculative cost of the project to delete the zeros up to 172 billion dinars

BAGHDAD / JD / .. the Iraqi Central Bank estimated cost speculative project to delete the zeros from the currency up to 172 billion dinars .. The study by a private project delete the zeros received / JD / copy: The total cost of speculative to project the deletion of zeros up to a hundred and seventy-two billion dinars, “.. the bank said in his study that the wages of transport and insurance of the role of copyright to the Baghdad International Airport up to (140), calculated on the basis of the ratio between the highest and lowest price (90-189) billion dinars from the presentations made by companies .. He added that “the cost of speculative Stamping coins of the new currency of…

Read more: LINK


Najafi is working to unify the visions of Representatives about the oil and gas law and the Kurdish national movement optimistic

Ruled out of the Kurdistan Alliance meeting to be House Speaker Osama Najafi heads of parliamentary blocs on Sunday, dedicated to pass important laws and settle disputes, revealing that the meeting was limited to study the law of oil and gas only.

As pointed out Nujaifi urged that the Legal Committee and the Committee on Energy in parliament to unite their proposals in…
Read more: LINK
Three main points hinder adoption of oil and gas law, says parliamentary committee

BAGHDAD, July 16 (AKnews) – The oil and energy committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives stated Monday that three main points hinder the adoption of the controversial oil and gas law related to the ownership of the oil wealth and its management.

Committee member Furat al-Sharei said: “The Kurdistan Blocs Coalition (KBC) and Iraqiya List support the management of oil wealth…

Read more: LINK
Low rate of inflation in June and the annual rise in its index by 6%

BAGHDAD / JD / .. revealed the Ministry of Planning reported a decline in new indicators of inflation during the month of June compared with the month of May the previous year, with increased indicators annual rate of 6%.
The ministry said in a statement received / JD / copy of it: that the inflation index fell by (2%) during the month of June compared with May, who had witnessed a decline (1.3%) compared to April 2012….

Read more: LINK
Deputy for Iraq: the great teacher (in reference to America) is not pleased with the enactment of the law of oil and gas in Iraq
MP for the Iraqi List Mutashar Samarrai said the age of oil and gas law will ensure that identify abusers on the rights of the Iraqi people, adding that the lack of enactment of this law would open the door to the looting of the date of Iraq. Samarrai said in a statement to Agence {Euphrates News} on Tuesday that “the great master (referring to America) is not pleased with the enactment of the law of oil and gas in Iraq and wants to keep Iraq a poor country, “noting that” there are forces present in the world and everyone knows you want the Iraqi people to remain a poor country is the richest country in the world….

Read more: LINK


That’s it for this week – best regards, everyone!


– Adam